Black Feathers

Black Feathers It is the Black Dawn a time of environmental apocalypse the earth wracked and dying It is the Bright Day a time long generations hence when a peace has descended across the world In each era a ch

  • Title: Black Feathers
  • Author: Joseph D'Lacey
  • ISBN: 9780857663450
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is the Black Dawn, a time of environmental apocalypse, the earth wracked and dying.It is the Bright Day, a time long generations hence, when a peace has descended across the world.In each era, a child shall be chosen Their task is to find a dark messiah known only as the Crowman But is he our saviour or the final incarnation of evil File Under Fantasy The CrowmanIt is the Black Dawn, a time of environmental apocalypse, the earth wracked and dying.It is the Bright Day, a time long generations hence, when a peace has descended across the world.In each era, a child shall be chosen Their task is to find a dark messiah known only as the Crowman But is he our saviour or the final incarnation of evil File Under Fantasy The Crowman Joined Through Time The Last Keeper The Journey Begins

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    1. who knew joseph d'lacey had chops??see, i have come across his name before. in fact, i own both andbecause they looked like such good/bad horror novels: cannibalism and creepiness, and i figured when i needed a dose of splatter-horror, they would be there waiting for me.but i may have misjudged. because this book is actually good-good, not some campy b-movie book that is junk food for the brain. and looking more closely at his other books, seeing them labeled as "eco-horror," this book begins to [...]

    2. In a time much like ours, the world is falling apart and Gordon Black is on the run for reasons he doesn't completely understand. In the far future, a girl named Megan Maurice finds herself chosen to learn the Crowman's story. Is the Crowman the world's savior or its destroyer? And what is the connection between Gordon and the Crowman?Wow. If I knew how great this book was going to be when I bought it, I wouldn't have let it linger on my to-read pile for so long.Black Feathers tells two stories, [...]

    3. An eerie, almost disturbing dystopian reminiscent of books such as my much-hated earlier read, The Hunger Games, however I would say that Black Feathers is a huge improvement on the concept, and it has some really great characters.

    4. “When the final days came, it was said that Satan walked the Earth in the guise of a crow. Those who feared him called him Scarecrow or sometimes Black Jack. I know him as the Crowman”This excerpt is from the very first line of the novel.With regard to this creature with black feathered wings and sharp lethal beak I have had many a harrowing encounter. There was, let me mention first, this movie The Birds by a master of the dark Alfred Hitchcock and then there was appearing of this black fea [...]

    5. In this novel we follow two stories, going back and forth between one and another. One features Gordon Black, whose birth into a world much like ours heralds the beginning of the end. Society makes its descension into the "Black Dawn", an era marked by environmental and economic collapse, poverty, starvation, and anarchy. The second story takes place hundreds of years later, focusing on Megan Maurice, a girl living in a future where humanity's level of technology has effectively reverted back to [...]

    6. I loved this book so much and just realized I never posted my review. If you like fantasy and apocalyptic books, then you should read this book. Black Feathers is a beautifully young adult story set in England at the time of an apocalypse. This books looks at what people do to survive but yet there is also an interesting mythology. I am often not impressed with world building in an apocalypse novel -- I am reading it for the story of how people survive. But this book impressed me. Interwoven int [...]

    7. For a book in which very little actually happens in terms of plot development, Black Feathers was a fantastic read. It's the story of twin journeys, separated by untold years, and intersecting at the moment of the apocalypse which lies between them. What Joseph D'Lacey has crafted here is a story that's equal parts Stephen King and Robert McCammon, but with an environmental message at its heart, as opposed to a spiritual one. It's dark and it's grim, but it's also magical . . . wondrous, even.Th [...]

    8. See this review and others like it at BadassBookReviews!4.5 stars - Joint Review with ReginaThe main characters, Gordon and Megan - Gordon and Megan each have their own journey to adulthood and responsibility to accomplish in this book. Even though they live in different time periods, their lives and destinies overlap and their survival really depends upon the other.Christal: Megan and Gordon were wonderful characters. Though I was drawn a little more to Megan throughout the book, I think the gr [...]

    9. I hadn't really paid attention to Joseph D'Lacey's Black Feathers until Angry Robot revealed its cover and it intrigued me enough to check out the synopsis again. At which point it really grabbed my attention and I was pleased to get my hands on an ARC. Black Feathers is both an apocalyptic tale and a post-apocalyptic narrative, due to the two temporal strands that are woven together. I found myself equally caught up in both of them and I couldn't tell you which my favourite story arc was.The ap [...]

    10. The birth of Gordon Black signifies the end of the world. Year after year following his birth, the world slides into more and more poverty and destruction. People call it the Black Dawn and the Crowman becomes its symbol. Whether the Crowman is a harbinger of the final end or the saviour of the world, no one is certain, but when the Ward goes after a teenaged Gordon, they are certain that the Crowman must be stopped by any means and that Gordon, tasked by his family to find the Crowman, must be [...]

    11. This is an advance reader copy that I snagged from Netgalley. I think the book will be released sometime in March/April 2013. From this point on, there will be spoilers.Gordon Black's birth signals the beginning of the end for the world. As each year passes, the world falls further into economic and environmental upheaval. Tired of the abuses committed against her Mother Earth rebels and begins to purge her lands of the people who harm her, leaving only those who give back as much as they take. [...]

    12. This is an odd book. I'm pretty sure it’s good, but I’m not sure I liked it. It took me far longer to read Black Feathers than I usually take to read any book. Part of that was because I spent more time focused on other things over the past few weeks. Most of it, I think was avoidance. Joseph D’Lacey’s writing is good; don’t get me wrong. But I was never in a hurry to return to this world.Black Feathers is an amalgam of older-style dystopian YA of The Giver’s generation and new-style [...]

    13. "When the final days come, it was said that Satan walked the Earth in the guise of a crow. Those who feared him called him Scarecrow or sometimes Black Jack. I know him as the Crowman."Black Feathers is a modern fable in which Gordon Black's birth, signals an end to our modern way of life.The Crow Man by ~chichu-chanBlack Feathers begins at the end. In an attempt to save herself, the earth is in upheaval, ridding herself of a great swathe of humanity, "like a dog shaking off fleas." There are fi [...]

    14. This first installment of D'Lacey's Duology is part eco-terror, part dark fantasy, and parts pre and post apocalyptic horror.The tale takes place in two times; one is the Black Dawn (close to our current time), where we follow the travels of fourteen year-old Gordon as the planet is in ecological collapse and his family have been taken by a growing, sinister new government. The second is in the future (known as the Bright Day), which deals with a young girl named Megan dealing with the aftermath [...]

    15. Gordon is born in October 2000, strange things happen and his parents seem to treat him different from his two sisters. As he hits teenage years, the world is crumbling - people are starving, the weather is destroying the earth, people have lost respect for the earth and take all she gives for granted. Many years in the future (you never find out how many), a girl sees the Crowman which means she has been marked as a Keeper - the Keepers tell the story of Gordon Black, a child linked to the Crow [...]

    16. If you've ever wondered what the result would be like if Neil Gaiman wrote a post-apocalyptic fable that attempted to rehabilitate the character of Damien Thorn, look no further than Black Feathers.Gordon Black, one of the two protagonists of Black Feathers, is not precisely Damien, but the circumstances of and mysteries surrounding his birth are just as ominous and prophecy-burdened as that famous son-of-the-devil, and one would spend a lot of the story wondering if he couldn't really be just a [...]

    17. You can find the full review over at my blog:shadowhawksshade.wordpressShadowhawk reviews the first in a new post-apocalyptic fantasy series from Angry Robot Books.“Spectacular is the word I’d use to describe the novel. Nothing else can capture the reading experience.” ~The Founding FieldsPost-apocalyptic fiction isn’t really my thing, and for a simple reason: it’s just never really interested me all that much. However, reading D’Lacey’s latest has turned around me thinking for a b [...]

    18. This review has taken rather a long time to make it's way onto the site. There is a reason for this, and it's a good one. Two days after buying this book, I found out that yes I was indeed going to interview Joe Hill in front of a live audience. This meant that there was no way I could do this book the service it deserved until I got that out of the way. So |Saturday morning I took the book down from the shelf and headed out to one of those places where I could fill my body live giving sugary co [...]

    19. Potential! Actualized! This is a pretty swell book. It tells two stories concurrently; that of Gordon, born into current-ish day England where everything is going to hell, and that of Megan, a young girl living in the peaceful future.Gordon Black’s world is short on fuel, food, and hope. A controlling government entity called the Ward smothers dissent, rounding up people who disagree with their ominous worldview & shuffling them off to foreboding substations from which no one returns. The [...]

    20. Typical you wait years for a Joseph D'Lacey book and then three come along at once. Following hot on the heels of the excellent Snake Eyes and Blood Fugue, Black Feathers is the first volume in a proposed duology and it's the book I have been waiting for D'Lacey to write, let me explain.Black Feathers tells the tale of two adolescent children, Gordon Black and Megan Maurice who are entwined in a journey despite occupying different periods of time. A prophecy tells of the Crowman, "a dark man is [...]

    21. First up, I have to say that I was not in a right state of mind to read the story. We are moving in 8 weeks (to a different country), so I am very anxious and it is hard for me to really concentrate on anything. I did had some difficulties following the prose, and had to reread some parts (English is not my first language). But never less it grabbed me and it was beautiful written. It wasn't so much about the action but really more about the development about two young people faced with an extra [...]

    22. Urban fantasy and legend meet the post apocalyptic in BLACK FEATHERS created from the wickedly dark imagination of author Joseph D’Lacey. This new world takes all that it’s been given; decimating the populace and crumbling the society that has so scarred its land for as long as time can remember. Now, rivers overflow, volcanoes spill hot lava, the very crust of Earth splits and soil is borne anew. BLACK FEATHERS leads to a cleansing of the planet where savours are few and survivalists are th [...]

    23. better late than never i guess.4.5 StarsBeautiful dark fantasy!The story is told from two POV and set in two different times. While at times it was rather slow, I enjoyed the way the entire novel was paced, it has a slow steady flow to it. I loved how the two MC, living in different times, experiencing completely different things, still were connected by the same thread and how things slowly unfolded. The two MCs, Megan and Gordon, are both adolescents who are embarking on a journey of change an [...]

    24. I honestly bought this book as a joke. Reading the back, it sounded like some over the top trying-to-be-edgy horror novel, and the author's photo in the back didn't convince me otherwise.So imagine my surprise when this book turned out to be something completely different. Parallel coming of age stories, adventure, fantasyWhat really struck me was how real the two main characters felt. As someone who used to be an avid reader of YA fiction, I feel that this is the first time I've read a teen cha [...]

    25. So we come to Black Feathers by the wonderfully funny (on Twitter!) Joseph D'Lacey a book I've been dying to get around to and finally did! Stephen King, my favourite author, reckons Joseph D'Lacey rocks. Having completed this novel I have to say I'm in utter agreement. He sure does.This is a fable of sorts. A dark fairy tale. Telling two stories, interlinked but in different times, it follows two young people on their journey towards a prophetic future. Megan has an encounter that will change h [...]

    26. Gordon Black and Megan Maurice are from two different times and each has their own story to tell. What connects them is the Crowman, who also goes by the names Blackjack and Scarecrow. Gordon lives in the beginnings of post-apocalyptic England. Climate change, dwindling resources and Man’s general abuse of the environment have caused the fabric of society to start to collapse. Megan lives generations later when people live a simpler existence. What they have in common is that they’re both to [...]

    27. Black Feathers is the first in a dark fantasy trilogy from horror writer Joseph D’Lacey. It has a very interesting setting, being split between two time periods, neither of which is very common in fantasy, and the combination of the two seemed quite unusual to me. There’s a modern-day pre-apocalyptic Britain. Whereas post-apocalypse is a well-trodden sub-genre, the actual build up and early days of the end times is much less common, perhaps featuring more in the thriller genre than fantasy. [...]

    28. 4.5*Absolutely beautiful writing. There was just so much I loved. Only thing is, I felt the worldbuilding was slightly lacking--but that could be because the story takes place in England. Even so, I felt that there was a bit more telling than showing because you know it's chaotic and the world is ending but I didn't have a huge emotional reaction to that based on how the information was presented in the story. However, both story lines were interesting and kept my attention, which is a difficult [...]

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