The Right Side of Wrong

The Right Side of Wrong Burrows ended as drew to a close with Constable Cody Parker s frightening precognition of gathering storm clouds for the tight knit Parker family from Center Springs Texas The dreams proved accu

  • Title: The Right Side of Wrong
  • Author: Reavis Z. Wortham
  • ISBN: 9781464201462
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Burrows ended as 1965 drew to a close with Constable Cody Parker s frightening precognition of gathering storm clouds for the tight knit Parker family from Center Springs, Texas The dreams proved accurate Cody is ambushed and nearly killed on a lonely country road during an unusually heavy snowfall With that attack, the locals begin to worry that The Skinner, from The RBurrows ended as 1965 drew to a close with Constable Cody Parker s frightening precognition of gathering storm clouds for the tight knit Parker family from Center Springs, Texas The dreams proved accurate Cody is ambushed and nearly killed on a lonely country road during an unusually heavy snowfall With that attack, the locals begin to worry that The Skinner, from The Rock Hole, has returned Constable Ned Parker struggles to connect a seemingly unrelated series of murders as his nephew recovers As the summer of 1966 approaches, rock and roll evolves to reflect the increasing unrest in this country and the people of northeast Texas wonder why their once peaceful community has suddenly become a dangerous place to live Ned s pre teen grandchildren, Top and Pepper, are underfoot at every turn The two lawmen, along with the deputy John Washington, cross paths with many colorful characters originally introduced in Wortham s acclaimed Red River series cranky old Judge O.C Rains, the jittery little farmer Isaac Reader, and the Wilson boys Ty Cobb and Jimmy Foxx And then there s the arrival of the mysterious old man named Tom Bell When Cody follows his main suspect across the Rio Grande and into Mexico, Ned understands that to save his nephew, he will have to cross than a river, he will have to cross over to the Right Side of Wrong Humor, suspense, horror, precognition, and Life in the tumultuous 60s are examined with an unflinching eye by the author of the Red River series b A short description of the book, not to exceed 50 words, typically distilled from the longer description This information might be used in catalogues or promotional material Please be sure not to disclose too much In the spring of 1966, Constable Ned Parker tries to connect a string of seemingly unrelated murders in the small community of Center Springs, Texas When Cody Parker tracks their main suspect into Mexico, Ned realizes he ll have to cross over to the Right Side of Wrong to save him.

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    1 thought on “The Right Side of Wrong”

    1. Why, Mr. Wortham, I do believe you have hit your stride. I really believed in Book 1. I struggled with Book 2, for multiple reasons. But I was told to keep going,and I finally have. This one is a solid hit, the place and characters are coming alive!

    2. This third installment of the Red River mysteries is once again a good old fashioned, rip roaring, 1960's, Texas, western. The story combines more modern day western thrills with lawmakers and desperadoes, and great yarns narrated by a couple of pre-teen scalawags. You'll pardon my language, considering I just finished this thoroughly entertaining book! Constable Cody Parker was shot at while driving down a backroad during an unusual Texas snow storm. Badly smashed within his car and a tree, Cod [...]

    3. Yet another fun and entertaining novel in the Red River Mystery Series. Reavis Wortham once again does a great job with a mystery set in Northeast Texas during the 1960s. The Right Side of Wrong is sometimes so intense that the reader will be on the edge of his seat and other times will be falling out of their seats laughing. Wortham does a great job of mixing in several humorous situations into this novel. Constables Ned and Cody Parker and the rest of the gang are faced with another crime wave [...]

    4. This is apparently the third book in this series but I didn't feel lost without having read the others. There was some back story that I had to pick up but it was explained in passing and wasn't that important or hard to piece together to interrupt the flow of the story. I often found myself forgetting what time period the story was set in until someone made a racist comment about a black lawman, and different dining rooms for "coloreds", that always threw me. The mystery is multi-layered and wi [...]

    5. All the good work in recreating Texas of the 1960s is thrown away in a totally absurd ending.opionator.wordpress/2013/1

    6. Every single time Rev comes out with a new book, it has become my favorite! This is most certainly no exception. Gotta read it!

    7. This is third in the Red River mystery series, although they aren't mysteries. I enjoy the characters and the representation of the times - from late fifties through early sixties. The second was a little wordy, this one better. I will definitely read the next one.

    8. Best book in the series so far. I really enjoyed this one which was refreshing as after the second, I wasn't sure I wanted to continue. Looking forward to reading number four.

    9. Reavis Wortham's Red River mystery series continues to solidify its position as one of my favorites. I'm torn between wanting to get caught up (I'm within one book of that goal) and wanting to save Vengeance Is Mine as one of my "go to books" in case I have a string of bad reading luck. Decisions, decisions!In the mean time, I read The Right Side of Wrong much too quickly. I couldn't help myself. It has all the characters I've grown to love: Ned Parker, his wife Miss Becky, his grandson Top, his [...]

    10. The Right Side of Wrong is the third book in the Red River Mystery series. It takes place at the end of 1965 in Center Springs Texas. The Parker family play a central role in the series. Ned Parker recently retired as a Constable but was reinstated by Judge and friend O.C. Rains. Cody Parker, his nephew has been elected Constable. Ned's preteen grandchildren Top and Pepper play a major part in all the books in the series.Cody is ambushed on the way to a call on a snowy night. He is found and res [...]

    11. I'm glad I tried this third book in the series. After the second, I wasn't sure this was a genre I would enjoy. Happily, the author takes us back to real life law and order in 1960's Texas, and south of the border. The Right Side of Wrong is a good mystery with a metaphysical tinge, but also gives the reader something to think about -- is there a right side of wrong?The Parker family continues to solve crimes and entertain the reader. I loved the author's detailed descriptions of things from the [...]

    12. I enjoyed this mystery, set in the mid 1960s in a small Texas town that's much more like the 1930s. The characters are likeable and range in age from the older Constable Ned Parker to his preteen grandson. There's a bit of magic realism in the book, but not enough to be off-putting. Someone is trying to ambush Ned's nephew Cody; they nearly succeed the first time around, getting him to crash his car off an embankment in an unusual snow storm. Then there's the mysterious smelling funny weed, with [...]

    13. I do love this author and this series. Another excellent story told by a superlative storyteller, Reavis Wortham. If you haven't read this series yet published through Poisoned Pen Press then you should.Wortham portrays northern Texas in the 1960s perfectly. You feel as if you have been transported in time. And what a great story! You are so wrapped up in the writing that you forget its a mystery and a crime story. Top and Pepper are as precocious as ever. The story travels a little farther afie [...]

    14. Being from Lamar County Texas. I'm properly chuffed by listening to a book about the area I know so well. Characters are brilliantly written. I almost had to stop listening during the car accident scene because the description it. I was so taken by his way of describing the story because he is a good story teller

    15. Another great book from a great writer! I truly enjoy these books.The story is always engaging, colorful characters and plenty of nostalgia to go with it.After reading this third installment of the series I cannot wait to read the next one! if you are a bibliophile or a reader of mysteries and haven't read a Reavis Wortham novel yet.Do yourself a huge favor and pick one up.You'll be glad you did.

    16. book 3 of the 5 book series and it does not disappoint. Really like the characters and the story line is engaging. On to book 4 - Vengeance is Mine.

    17. I love this series! This is one that I couldn't put down till I finished it. The mix of characters is just right. The action never slows from the beginning to end.

    18. Really two stories, life in a small Texas town in the '60's and a thriller, although the thriller doesn't really kick in until the end.

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