The Second Daughter

The Second Daughter Winner HONORABLE MENTION New England Book Festival You try turning out all right after you overhear your mother wishing you hadn t been born It had started out well Umbrellas tangled A storybook roman

  • Title: The Second Daughter
  • Author: J. Jeffrey
  • ISBN: 9781480043213
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
  • Winner HONORABLE MENTION New England Book Festival You try turning out all right after you overhear your mother wishing you hadn t been born.It had started out well Umbrellas tangled A storybook romance followed A wonderful wedding A beautiful, sweet first daughter They were complete, a family, happy.And then they went and had another daughter.Her charming and witty fWinner HONORABLE MENTION New England Book Festival You try turning out all right after you overhear your mother wishing you hadn t been born.It had started out well Umbrellas tangled A storybook romance followed A wonderful wedding A beautiful, sweet first daughter They were complete, a family, happy.And then they went and had another daughter.Her charming and witty fraud of a father Theodore starts disappearing, then worse, coming back Her once allegedly sweet older sister Regina angrily resents her, and the sisters are at constant war Her poor harried mother Helen is so busy what iffing about the life she might have had that she overlooks the life she is actually having Everyone blames younger daughter Debra for pretty much everything as the family slowly, then quickly, then one day explosively disintegrates Along the way there are secrets and lies, heartbreaks and betrayals, plus the dramatic unexpected death of a central character at a pivotal moment Debra, now a young woman, finds herself living awkwardly alone with her embittered mother when the phone rings and her mother s secret past suddenly crashes back into the present Their life may be about to change forever or rather, perhaps, revert back to what it should have been all along.But not exactly because of that phone call, as it turns out.Because of the remarkable second daughter For what Debra Gale has is unyielding determination What she has is an irrepressible capacity to love And now at last what she has is a chance.The complex dynamics of a changing family Mother, daughters, sisters, and the father who both divides and unifies them That dramatic unexpected death, plus a fair amount of banana cream pie Welcome to The Second Daughter a funny but poignant, unusual but beautiful love story.

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      218 J. Jeffrey
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    1 thought on “The Second Daughter”

    1. As the bookjacket says -- a funny but poignant, unusual but beautiful love story. It's about a disintegrating family, but particularly about the complex relationships between mother, daughters, sisters, and the husband-father who is either the villain or the victim, depending on your perspective; and ultimately it is about the rather good things which arise from the disintegration. There's a rather unexpected reversal at the end, too, which rather affects your interpretation of everything you've [...]

    2. Wow – this book is intense, funny, sad, gut-wrenching and heart-warming all at the same time. I couldn’t put it down and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I finished it. I was compelled to learn more about this dysfunctional family torn apart by the one man’s incredibly immature behavior. I kept thinking “did that really just happen?!” and I had to know what would happen next. Is a heavy subject but written with a good dose of humor/irony which made me smile often and want to [...]

    3. I wasn't feeling this book at first, but I'm not one to stop reading anything so I continued. I'm so happy that I did. I am so in love with this book. It brought out many emotions in me. One minute I was bored, the next I was happy then I was so pissed! Then I went back to happy and yet mad again, lol. No more boredom after I got into the story. I didn't want to stop reading and I really didn't want it to end.I enjoyed the way historical events were thrown into the story line. The sex revolution [...]

    4. This is not your typical novel. The plot is interesting, and the story is well told, but what stands out is the voice, the writing style. It caught me off guard. It was playful and personal without coming off as forced. It's hard to describe without reading the novel yourself, and it takes a few pages to get used to reading sentences phrased as though someone were speaking them (I feel even that isn't an accurate description.). Once I got used to the writing style, though, I was hooked. I was no [...]

    5. This beautifully written account of the Gale family, with all it's ups and downs, kept me riveted until the very last page. The characters are well drawn and believable, making me want to laugh and cry with each of them. I recommend this book to everyone who has ever known a dysfunctional family and dealt with all its complexities. My guess is that the author is a very sensitive, compassionate man with a terrific sense of humor. I loved it!

    6. A journey of a family, the good (rare), the bad (often), that cleverly draws you in. The hardship of a family, a mother who was alone with her children too much and a father absent most of the time. Two daughters who are opposite in most every way. The surprising outcome was an emotionally tribute to the love that survives. Well donebrarything

    7. The book follows the lives of Theodore and Helen Gale from their initial meeting throughout most of their lives. Theodore and Helen begin there married life together and conceive their first daughter Regina, after the birth of their little girl they felt they had a perfect life; things were going quite well for them. Another year passes and they welcome another beautiful baby girl Debra into their crazy lives. Immediately Helen realizes she was not prepared for a second child, and to make matter [...]

    8. I have to admit, The Second Daughter didn’t immediately draw me in. It started out as kind of a slow read for me. I had already read the synopsis, and knew that the story was going to be a good one, so I read on. After a chapter or two, I couldn’t put it down. There was so much going on in this small family’s life that I had to keep reading to see what happened next. J. Jeffrey does a great job of creating a complex story that creates a wide range of emotions for the reader. You swoon over [...]

    9. (note: I just changed the rate for 5 stars because at the second read I've realised a lot of hidden hints I wasn't able to get at the first time)(note II: The second cover is a great deal better than the first one, such an irony!)A great book for people interested in Freudian theories about unconscious mistakes parents make during the years raising children and its consequences on their adult lives. Debra´s efforts to get to the high standards risen by her sister Regina lead to a real domestic [...]

    10. "The Second Daughter" is terrific, weaving the stories of four compelling, flawed and very real family members into an ultimately hopeful and beautifully written parable. A wonderful story of love, betrayal and redemption. Lots of funny details and fascinating supporting characters as well it really is hard to put down! I loved it.

    11. Thank you to and J. Jeffrey for my copy of The Second Daughter.A gifted writer who has done an exceptional job of making the characters so real in this story it will draw you into their lives and their issues.

    12. This book will break you heart. Make sure to have a box of tissues handy when you sit down with it - you'll need it. J. Jeffrey has written such a charmingly engaging and heartbreaking tale in The Second Daughter. It is a superbly rendered blend of love, joy, and humor along with sadness and regret. At its heart, it's a story of life.Helen Faire Gale is a woman who needs her life to be orderly and tidy in all aspects. She leads her life in this manner while preparing for her "long journey to the [...]

    13. Young couple, Helen and Theodore Gale are quite opposites, but maintain a magnetic attraction to each other. What one lacks in the relationship, the other one more than compensates for. After their first daughter, Regina, is born, everything seems to be falling into place for the Gales. That is until their second daughter, Debra, arrives. Life is turned upside down. The family encounters jealousy, death, and financial woes.While growing up, Debra is aware that she is blamed for her family's misf [...]

    14. Readers will instantaneously get sucked into this most peculiar love story just like a brand new Hoover. As the author states, it's a tale of, "family, lies and betrayal", and he captures the characters sentiments to a tee, for he very well should considering it was told to him straight from the horse's mouth. It's a harrowing roller coaster ride of emotions and it is not the book to be read late at night lounging next to your spouse. I even found it difficult to read at work as it was balancing [...]

    15. As you begin this novel, your own problems and thoughts fade and are replaced by the lives inside these pages. You'll be amused and devastated. You'll seethe with anger, and smile with relief. You'll feel slighted and deeply satisfied, relief with a tinge of hopelessness. What you feel is different from me, but one thing that cannot be underestimated is this novel's power to provoke our capacity to feel. The author's hand is uniquely powerful, and yet familiar. We know these characters because t [...]

    16. This book is for any mother, daughter,or sister to read. I could see parts of myself in each of the characters. The harried, exhausted,frustrated new mother. The big sister who just cannot understand why this "thing" has come into their lives. And especially the younger sister, wondering "Just what did I do to make her hate me so much?"The writing is excellent, and the story isn't just following a formula; it has fresh ideas,vivid character descriptions, laugh and cry moments.Only after reading [...]

    17. I really enjoyed reading this book and it sure was hard to put down once I started getting into it. I love books like these only because they are more true to read about everyday problems people deal with. I would like to read other books written by this author.

    18. This sometimes sad and often moving story shows how family life causes our individual worlds to collide, cohabit, co-mingle and, sometimes, coalesce.

    19. Eddie My LoveIn a wonderful doo-wop song from 1956, "Eddie my Love" by the Teen Queens (covered by several other groups), a young girl is in love with a boy who has left her, and she yearns for his return. Here are some of the lyrics: "Eddie, my love,/ I love you so,/How I've wanted for you/ You'll never know/Please, Eddie,/Don't make me wait too long/Oh, Eddie, Eddie, I love you so."Although the song "Eddie my Love" is not mentioned in J. Jeffrey's first novel, "The Second Daughter", the book i [...]

    20. As you might have guessed from the title, The Second Daughter is a generational book. Alden and Edna, Benny and Dottie, come and go, and then the next generation starts its inexorable passage into history. And that next generation was the one born in the 1950s, one with a unique set of events and beliefs about the present and the future, pulling away from the prior one with its peculiar sensibilities.Back when women wore color-coordinated outfits:"And there, at the corner of Seventeenth and Wate [...]

    21. Since this is a tongue in the cheek novel with an in depth look to the Gale family allow me the time to prepare you before hand to get comfortable because you will be there for awhile.Preparation for reading this bookSeveral good cups of coffee or tea or if you prefer your favorite bottle of wine. Nestling into your favorite chair without any interruptions and all depending on the weather make sure you are cuddled, snuggled and pampered with candy or chocolates well in reach to grab and pop into [...]

    22. The subject of "family" is so vast and complex, it gives authors endless material to explore and weave into stories for readers to consume. Large personalities alone are sufficient subjects for great novels; but when an author is able to examine the intricacies of familial relationships and uncover the layers of emotions coexisting on tipping scales between a cast of characters, that is where I am most impressed, intrigued and enriched as a reader. Furthermore, when a novel about family is well [...]

    23. Helen Gale believes her life has been crippled by two monumental mistakes.But she’s only half right.It is hard to imagine her choosing a poorer partner. Theodore Gale is a gluttonous dreamer, and a catastrophic failure as a father and husband. Theodore is an absentee parent even when he’s at home, and he is nothing but a burden in his wife’s life, even before he begins cheating on her. Helen’s second bad choice is her second daughter, Debra, who is nothing like her older sister. Regina i [...]

    24. This is one of those books that is well-written, full of true-to-life characters, and has a good share of twists and turns. I would say that this book definitely would have widespread appeal, and there is probably something for everyone. You will find history, romance, a little bit of intrigue, some humor, tragedy, and psychological introspection. There were many times I wanted to shake some sense into the characters, and I also discussed several of the issues with my mom. I realize that sibling [...]

    25. The Second Daughter by J. JeffreySPOILER ALERT!!!What starts out as a mildly cute romantic comedy quickly turns into a harsh, negative and depressing story. Two sisters hate each other, or rather the older sister hates the younger, the mother blames the second daughter for ruining family harmony and the father proves to be a louse. In the end it is the ill-treated daughter who lovingly cares for her mother, but in my opinion that is not enough to redeem the story.Why did I dislike the book so?I [...]

    26. The Second Daughter is an interesting read. The author has a unique voice and writing style. Although the plot centers around one family and is thus largely a domestic tale, its message is universal. I really liked how J. Jeffrey left the setting and specific dates vague, while still providing a general context for what was occuring historically and culturally at the time. Rather than a distraction or taking away from the story, it added an unconventional element. As a reader, it provided perspe [...]

    27. Omg I loved this book it's so beautifully written it will make you laugh and make you cry. It really explains the love in a beautiful relationship between mother and daughter. I was a complete wreck in places it really did effect me emotionally . It did nt immediately draw me in from the start but please keep reading it is a complete must read that will stay with you well after its finished. And the ending is so beautiful I really was nt expecting that at all . All in all an amazing book one whi [...]

    28. True, it is a love story. But not your typical love story. And it will make you cry and giggle, sometimes at the same time. Full review: The Second Daughter Book Review.

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