Dear Thing

Dear Thing Claire and Ben are the perfect couple But behind the glossy fa ade they ve been desperately trying and failing to have a baby for years Now the stress and feelings of loss are taking their toll on t

  • Title: Dear Thing
  • Author: Julie Cohen
  • ISBN: 9780593070826
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Claire and Ben are the perfect couple But behind the glossy fa ade, they ve been desperately trying and failing to have a baby for years Now, the stress and feelings of loss are taking their toll on their marriage Claire s ready to give up hope and get on with her life, but Ben is not And then Ben s best friend, Romily, offers to conceive via artificial inseminatioClaire and Ben are the perfect couple But behind the glossy fa ade, they ve been desperately trying and failing to have a baby for years Now, the stress and feelings of loss are taking their toll on their marriage Claire s ready to give up hope and get on with her life, but Ben is not And then Ben s best friend, Romily, offers to conceive via artificial insemination and carry the baby for them.Romily acts in good faith, believing it will be easy to be a surrogate She s already a single mother, and has no desire for any children Except that being pregnant with Ben s child stirs up all sorts of emotions in her, including one she s kept hidden for a very long time Ben s the only man she s ever loved.Two mothers and one baby who belongs to both of them, and which only one of them can keep.

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    1. Dear Thing is an absolutely beautiful story about all the things that go right and wrong when you try to have a baby through a surrogate mother.Claire and Ben have been trying to have a baby for years, have spent lots of time and money on IVF treatments, but no go. When Claire is on the verge of losing hope altogether, it is Ben's best friend Romily who promptly offers up her womb. The thing is, Romily isn't entirely selfless, because she's been in love with Ben for years. Cue a fair bit of dram [...]

    2. If I’m completely honest, I chose this book because I fell in love with the front cover (clearly I have a thing for blankets and cuddly toys). When it came to reading it, I put it off for a few weeks, as I really wasn’t sure if it was for me. As I don’t have children, a part of me wondered how I would manage to connect with this book.Dear Thing is a beautiful, emotional and intense read. At one point I couldn’t read the words through my own tears.This book was almost impossible to put do [...]

    3. Cheryl Rae Tiegs, an American model, actress, designer, author, and entrepreneur, has once said, "But when I would see the surrogate, my first instinct, my first reaction would be jealousy, because she was doing what I wanted to do." Dear Thing by Julie Cohen, is a tale about a mother who no longer wants to be a mother and another mother who is desperately trying to be a 'mother' for the first time. Their paths cross when one becomes the surrogate of the other, owing to the fact that, they both [...]

    4. This book is BEAUTIFUL and is brilliantly written.A must read if you are looking for something innocent and cute~

    5. It is such a sweet story between a couple wanting for a baby! This story is so touching! A perfect weekend read! Julie Cohen does her magic again!!

    6. Although I struggled to understand how a woman could agree to be a surrogate, carry and child and then give it up, this story hooked me emotionally. Romily, single mother to Posie, has been best friends with Ben since university days. Even his marriage to Claire has not changed that. Ben and Claire thought they knew how the story went, fall in love, get married and have kids. But then Claire could not carry a baby to term. They try everything including IVF all to no avail. Claire wants to give u [...]

    7. I was a good reads first reads winner of this giveaway."Dear Thing" by Julie Cohen . Romily and Claire have been friends for years. Claire has been trying to have a baby for years she has gone through many painful procedures that failed. Romily offers to be a surrogate for Claire and her husband Ben. Romily has secretly loved Ben since college. She thinks this can be an easy thing to do.Instead of going through an official procedure Romily takes a tube of Ben's sperm and inserts it herself. She [...]

    8. Originally posted on Le Book ChroniclesIf I am going to be completely honest with you, and I am because that's just how I roll, I have absolutely no idea what to say about this book. Going into Dear Thing, I had certain expectations of what I thought would happen in the book and I'm just not sure if I'm disappointed or not. Because while the book didn't go in the direction I thought it would, it definitely ended in a much better way than I anticipated. You would think I would be happy with that [...]

    9. You can read this review on my blog: makingdaysbetter.wordpress** I received an e-copy of this book from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange of my honest review **Well, reading the synopsis of the book I thought it would be like in the movies I'd seen about surrogates but I still wanted to read because I'd never actually read something like this ☺Dear Thing was a really sweet and touchy read, the story for me was incredible and the way is narrated is pretty cool but the issues I had were t [...]

    10. Dear Thing turned out exactly how I expected it to be; messy adult drama. Romily essentially offers to become a surrogate for her best friend Ben and his wife Claire. The hitch, Romily has been in love with Ben for years. So although Romily might believe she's doing this help her friends have what they so desperately want, deep down it was never going to be quite that easy. Dear Thing is a story about feelings and how they develop and change. At least that's what I took from it. Ben and Claire b [...]

    11. Kitap için değerlendirmem; 2/5Ve sonunda Julie Cohen'nin kaleminden çıkmış olan kitabı bitirdim. Kitabın konusunu değinecek olursak, evli bir çiftimiz var. Uzun süredir çocuk sahibi olmak istiyor ve birçok kez deniyorlar ama başarısız oluyorlar. Pes etme noktasına geldikleri anda arkadaşları Romily, taşıyıcı anne olma teklifinde bulunuyor ve hikaye bu noktadan itibaren başlıyor.Aslına bakarsanız konusu iyi seçilmiş ama böyle konu içeren bir kitaba göre hiç duygu [...]

    12. Full review on I Heart Chick Lit.iheart-chicklitWhat I thought about it:OK, I was wrong to neglect this book. What with more and more coming my way, I forget that I've got a copy on my bookshelf. So, while I was clearing my shelves, I found Dear Thing, nestled in my bookshelf. Since I didn't feel like reading a light, fluffy title, I picked this up and I was so happy I did!Dear Thing follows the story of a married couple, Ben and Claire who have been trying for a baby for a very long time, but e [...]

    13. I have just finished reading Dear Thing by Julie Cohen and all I can say is wow!Desperate for a child Claire and Ben are devastated when they fail at each and every way to conceive. Feeling beaten Claire decides she cannot put herself through the heart break any more. Ben’s best friend Romily offers them a very generous alternative, a way to have their longed for baby without Claire having to go through any more trauma. Ben is over the moon but will things be as straight forward to Claire and [...]

    14. I’ve been waiting for this book to come out in paperback ( I don’t hold with buying hardbacks). I love Julie Cohen’s books and this one sounded particularly intriguing.Dear Thing is about parents – single parents, reluctant parents, wannabe parents, the lot. Claire and Ben want a baby. Romily, their friend, agrees to be a surrogate parent to Claire and Ben. Of course, it’s not that simple, because Romily has been in love with Ben for years.This is an interesting love triangle (quadrang [...]

    15. 4.5 Stars. I really, really liked this book a lot. I don't know why, but I kept letting it sit there on my TBR pile, passing it by for yet another book. Finally it came down to almost crunch time and it was next on the list. I could pass it up no more. What an eejit to have let this book sit there so long. I loved the story, the characters were so believable and I found myself going back and forth. One minute I was for them, the next I wasn't. And it was all because of human emotions and how tha [...]

    16. I liked this book rather than loved it. I didn't particularly like Romily at the start, but I really warmed to her character with her relationships with Posie and Jarvis. I didn't like Claire as a character at all and just did not warm to her. I found the ending to be really rushed, predictable and far fetched be honest. I have problems with characters who say or do something that in reality just wouldn't happen and I feel this way about the conclusion of this book.I thought the subject matter o [...]

    17. I picked up this book whilst on holidays, mainly because I loved the cover and the blurb on the back instantly drew me in. I wasn't disappointed. It's a page turner that required all my strength not to flick to the final chapter and see how it would all pan out.Great read. Great characters. Loved it.

    18. Çok duygusal bir romandıHer kadının özellikle çocuk sahibi olmak isteyenlerin okuması gereken bir kitapÖnyargısız okuyun

    19. Read & reviewed for The Bookbag thebookbag/reviews/iEveryone hopes for the happily ever after, and Claire and Ben expected that once they were married, once they had the house with a garden big enough for a swing, that the babies would naturally follow afterwards. So what happens when the babies don't? How long do you try to get pregnant? How long do you endure IVF? At what point do you say enough is enough, and let go of the dream? And what if, at that moment of feeling you simply cannot ta [...]

    20. What makes a family? Julie Cohen digs deep into the heart of her characters to help us find an answer to this question. Dear Thing is a precious, human, heartfelt story, not just about surrogacy but about human nature, love in all its guises, and about children. Dear Posie, dear sweet Posie who for me, in her own way, is the central character around whom everyone else circles. It's not about Posie but it's about Posie. It's about Ben, Claire and Romily but Posie is the star. This story deals wit [...]

    21. Claire and Ben are desperate to have a child. Despite numerous fertility issues, Claire finally becomes pregnant and ends up miscarrying right away. Enter Ben's best friend Romily, a single-mother who volunteers to have a child or them. Dear Thing is the nick-name for the child that brings them all together in a triangle of hurt and anguish. Author Cohen keeps the plot moving rapidly, and you feel and angst of each of the characters. It was a quick and entertaining read filled with provocative i [...]

    22. I was intrigued by this book from the very beginning, the blurb on the back of the hardcover copy is a letter written to ‘Thing’, and it gave me enough information to have an idea that the book will be about family, and perhaps a baby, but is mysterious enough that it sparked my curiosity and made me keen to start reading.Ben and Claire have a wonderful life, they have a nice house, stable jobs, and they are very much in love. The only problem is that they can’t have a baby. After endless [...]

    23. What a treasure! The emotions jump out of the book, grab you by the hand and drag you in. Perfecly chosen title, beautifull cover, wonderful story, fluent read. It's hard to put it down.

    24. This was a seriously amazing book. Happily married couple Ben and Claire can't conceive. After many failed attempts and another painful miscarriage, Claire gives up. Ben, however is determined for them to have their baby and vows to find a way. One drunken evening in the pub, Ben's lifelong best friend Romily offers to have their child FOR them. But little do any of them know, Romily is in love with Ben. Always has been. My own views on surrogacy remain the same - a selfless, wonderful act but c [...]

    25. When I read Getting Away With It by Julie Cohen back in 2010, I loved it. It was an absolutely amazing novel. It was fresh, it was fast paced, it had a plot I’d never read before… It was everything I wanted in a Chick Lit novel and so I had high hopes for Cohen’s next novel The Summer of Living Dangerously, which, for me, sadly fell flat on its face. So when I heard about her new novel, despite the disappointment of her previous novel, I was really excited about Dear Thing. It sounded like [...]

    26. 4.5 stars.Dear Thing by Julie Cohen is an emotional, poignant and thought-provoking novel about infertility and surrogacy.Ben and Claire Lawrence are the perfect couple. Happily married and successful, they have been trying unsuccessfully to conceive and after their latest IVF ends in a miscarriage, Claire is ready to give up. Upset over Claire's decision, a drunken Ben confides in his best gal pal and single mom Romily Summer. Romily impetuously suggests that she be their surrogate and Ben does [...]

    27. I have spent the last couple of days (between working of course!) with my nose firmly between the pages of Dear Thing by Julie Cohen which will be published by Bantam Press, an imprint of Transworld on 11 April 2013.Claire and Ben are the perfect couple, they adore each other, both have great careers, they live in their dream house and to most people they appear to have everything they want. Those closest to them know that the one thing that would make their life really perfect is a baby, and th [...]

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