Plague Zone

Plague Zone There are a million zombies in the Seattle Plague Zone Tim needs to find and kill just one In the midst of world wide apocalypse there are still some things a man has to do Like get vengeance for his

  • Title: Plague Zone
  • Author: David Wellington
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There are a million zombies in the Seattle Plague Zone Tim needs to find and kill just one In the midst of world wide apocalypse, there are still some things a man has to do Like get vengeance for his lost family.From the author of the acclaimed MONSTER ISLAND series comes a whole new zombie tale full of gore and action and the quick paced suspense David Wellington s rThere are a million zombies in the Seattle Plague Zone Tim needs to find and kill just one In the midst of world wide apocalypse, there are still some things a man has to do Like get vengeance for his lost family.From the author of the acclaimed MONSTER ISLAND series comes a whole new zombie tale full of gore and action and the quick paced suspense David Wellington s readers have come to expect.

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    1 thought on “Plague Zone”

    1. This was a two star book until the last ten chapters, then it just went beyond absurd. The best way I can describe this book is 'American'. The everyone and everything is absorbed, illogical and self righteous. Tim, a librarian (who was off having an affair at a conference) walks across the country after he sees his wife and son attacked on TV during the zompocalypse with the intention of killing the offending zombie for JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY. In his travels he lies, betrays, manipulates [...]

    2. I wanted to like this book. But the driving force of the main character is just so ridiculous, I ending up not caring if he lived or died. Otherwise, I did like the apocalypse-related part of the story and the action scenes. But without a character to care about, it's just wasted.

    3. A disease that causes people's brains to decay within their skulls has turned areas of the US into "plague zones." The infected remain alive only to feed, transmitting the infection onto those that get bit. Seattle, WA is the site of patient zero, and the largest PZ in the nation. Reference librarian, Tim Kempfer, watched the plague sweep through Seattle on CNN while attending the ALA Chicago conference. He watched his wife get bitten, and assumed that his young son, strapped to a car seat in th [...]

    4. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyI read this book so quickly, I could barely believe it. The main character’s drive consumed me the way the zombies in the book consume the living.Tim Kempfer if not a warrior. He’s a librarian on a very simple mission: kill the zombie that murdered his wife and son, and if needed, end them as well. How does he know which zombie he needs to kill in a post-apocalyptic, quarantined Seattle? Easy: his wife’s death was on the news, and it was so graphi [...]

    5. Wow, I am colossally disappointed. I have read several other stories by David Wellington and have always come away from them satisfied. The best quality in Wellington's other work is his ability to work within genres that have been beaten to death and somehow find something new and original to share with the reader. Plague Zone had so much potential, but failed to deliver. Also disappointing was the embarassingly terrible dialogue combined with a cast of both cliche' and under-developed characte [...]

    6. I really enjoy Wellington's writing and his books. His earlier books (MONSTER ISLAND and the other Monster books) were delivered as part of a regular blog. A chapter a week type of thing. It kept the chapters pretty short and centered on one piece of action. PLAGUE ZONE keeps that same pattern of short chapters focused on a small piece of the story. For me, it made it hard to stop: five chapters of "Just one more chapter."For this story, Wellington goes back to zombies but a different zombie tha [...]

    7. I am a big fan of David Wellington. Thoroughly enjoyed his Overwinter series and the Monster Island series as well as having more on my TBR. However, this was a disappointment.The main character, Tim, is a librarian from Seattle. He was in Chicago attending a conference and about to get it on with another librarian when he sees a news report of a plague outbreak in Seattle. This plague turns the infected into zombie and one of the zombies (a repairman named Phil that Tim knows) is shown on the n [...]

    8. Plague Zone, by David Wellington, begins with Tim, a librarian, at an American Library Association annual conference in Chicago. During the conference an extraordinarily virulent plague that turns people into flesh-eating zombies began spreading throughout the country. Despite the efforts of the military and other authorities to evacuate people from infected areas, only a small portion of the people in infected areas can be saved. Tim happens to see a TV news report about Seattle, his home town, [...]

    9. I got Plague Zone free on because zombies are so in right now. Seriously though, I do love a good zombie story and this one felt like it would be a great read. While the premise of the book had an awesome hook, I thought it was, as a whole, not all that good. Here are my thoughts:The things that I liked:The hook. That's what drew me in. I totally wanted to read about a guy that was willing to enter a zombie infested city so he could track down the exact zombie that killed his wife and boy. That [...]

    10. I read this online, and it was a pretty good zombie story. It helped that the chapter setup online really let you feel the fact that it had been written as a serial. I can't pinpoint why that made a difference, but I think it did--the chapter breaks were fairly significant. Some elements of the driving force of the story seemed kind of contrived to me--the main character's big objective is to kill the specific zombie that killed his wife, which doesn't quite make sense, but okay. He's mourning. [...]

    11. I am a huge fan of David Wellington. I fell in love with his Monster Island, Nation, and Planet books. Thenhe decided to explore other elements. I am not against a horror writer in the zombie genre toying with other ideas, but I also think "you dance with the girl what brung ya" and this story just felt like it was thrown together to shut up his zombie fans. His heart just didn't seem to be in this. His story telling was mediocre and he gave us characters that were flat, unlikable, and uninspiri [...]

    12. I liked the non-supernatural aspect of this one. There is a tendency to make zombies all spooky ooky, but I like it best when they are explained by "science".

    13. For the past month I have been reading zombie novels, and I've been really surprised and satisfied with the results. A genre I thought would be stale, overdone and unoriginal, has impressed me.This book, not so much. It isn't bad, it's a decent enough book. If you read only one zombie novel, this free kindle one isn't going to ruin zombies for you. It's just pretty bland, pretty vanilla stuff.People in reviews have been crapping on the premise, a guy is on a mission to kill the zombie that ate h [...]

    14. This was free and I got what I paid for so I can't complain. I read this because the author had gotten good reviews for some of his other stuff. Well, the story was okay enough but nothing to write home about.(Although, I guess I am writing about it now.) This is pretty standard zombie fare, you will find much better storytelling on TV right now. (See The Walking Dead.) Reading this felt like I was reading my high school student's papers. It was someone trying too hard to be an "author" instead [...]

    15. I was so close to four staring this book. So closeAnd then, I read the ending. Yep, you can lose a star for an ending. First of all, I get that zombies aren't all that realistic. But, how much more realistic is it to have a 6 year old be able to survive for MONTHS in a CAR all alone? Yeah, yeahhis mom had just packed the car with all the supplies in the worldenough to last a six year old for months? I call bull on this authors ending and boo him. How can you write such a great story and then jus [...]

    16. 2% page 3 - first typo (Time instead of Tim) hope this isn't a sign of things to come be fair there weren't that many typos which is one good thing about this book. Although Time/Tim slipped passed the editors more than once. The whole premise of the book just didn't grab me at all. I love zombie books but this fell short on many levels. Firstly the whole idea of revenge just seemed ludicrous. The last quarter of the story just seemed ridiculously rushed and far fetched. And the ending, well it [...]

    17. I'd read this writer's work before and was looking forward to digging into this book. I was not disappointed. Although Mr Wellington does sometimes seem to put too much effort into specific scenes, the book was interesting, the characters and dialogue believable and the plot moved non-stop. Read this in just a few hours.

    18. Interesting premise with a nifty, gritty set-up. Overall, this one felt rushed and more abrupt than his other works and probably could have done with better pacing and slower world building. I wanted more background and then a hint of how things went after the book's climax. If you like his earlier work, I'd probably give this one a shot as well.

    19. David Wellington is a very consistent writer. My personal favorite series is his werewolf franchise. I believe fewer zombies and more werewolves are in order in this genre.I enoyed this free-standing novella, however. A little more cohesive than the Monster series.

    20. Kindle freebie. Nice little tale about one man's desire to kill the zombie that killed his family. That's dedication!

    21. RevengeSometimes revenge is enough to move you forward. The world has fallen apart people are killing and eating each other can we move forward

    22. Updated Review, as seen on my blog, The Booknaticsebooknatics/201This was my first read by David Wellington, and I can certainly call myself a fan now and will indeed purchase more of his stories! This was an exciting, dark thrill that had me on the edge of my seat, white-knuckled just anticipating the worse that could possibly happen. But Timn this guy landed a rank in my book-boyfriends list, let's just say. He's nerdy and quite intelligent and his personality in the book is rather believable [...]

    23. This was my first introduction to Wellington, and I was satisfied with it. Although the character was a little silly with his motivations, the story itself was good. I guess not every zombie apocalypse survivor needs to be completely normal in the head with a strong will to survive. He felt a little suicidal, and possibly insane with his motivations. The end part with his son was a little unbelievable, but I suspended my disbelief and just went with it. I kinda liked how the government stayed to [...]

    24. I'll say this - it is a fast paced action read. For sure. One can certainly feel the desperation Tim feels throughout the entire story; and on some level identify with his tunnel-visioned purpose. He is an ordinary man trying bent on accomplishing something near to impossible. But, I do fear, that the overall feeling after reading is one that is half-empty and dissatisfied. For me. The book ends just as quickly as it read. There are loose ends and it doesn't feel "tight". However, I do commend t [...]

    25. When the "Russian flu" begins to show up in the US, panic ensues. Roadways and airways are shut down, entire cities are closed off. People are told to stay home where they are safe but how safe is home when it is in the epicenter of the first plague zone in the US. This novel follows a Librarian on his quest to get home and exact his revenge on the mindless 'monster' that killed his wife and son. I found this book to be so engrossing I could hardly stop reading and yet now that I have finished I [...]

    26. 1 star for this if i could give half star i would have. Very boring book no action, very little zombies, he wants to kill a zombie for killing his family but unless the zombie is going to wait on a street beside the dead wifes body i doubt it will still be there a month later. He sees a surviver but says yer your on your own see you around? If the guy was alive yes you probably want revenge but if hes already a walking dead then what is the point in trying to find hi to kill him? I wanted to fin [...]

    27. A zombie serial novel - a first for me. The serialization of the writing style was a little difficult to get in to at first - short, staccato chapters that ended with cliff-hangers every couple of pages - but eventually the story started flowing. Our hero is a librarian who is out of town at a conference, hooking up a one-night stand, of all things, when his family is attacked and killed in Seattle in a zombie outbreak. The story is the librarian's quest for vengeance against the one zombie he r [...]

    28. Well written, mostly typo free, and a quick read. I would have rated the book higher if the characters had been more interesting and well-rounded. The main character's only motivation was revenge against a zombie, which was not that believable. He also should have died many many times over due to the careless risks he took. The rest of the characters were fairly two-dimensional. The ending was also very abrupt and unsatisfying.

    29. I am a big David Wellington fan. That's why I am shocked that I really wasn't blown away by this book. It had non of the tense action that his other books have. It was actually a little on the dull side. Plus, the abrupt ending? We went through all the searching (even though the main character Tim was looking to avenge his wife and sons death. Not find his son alive-which is what happened)to not know what happened at the end? Blah.

    30. Good read, but I preferred the monster series, this book felt long, so long and the pace was up and down through out, but still a good read, had to make sure the ending I had was the end, it felt left open and felt like more was still to come, but I'd recommend it to anyone, David Wellington is one of my favourite authors, now on to read the rising selected scenes by another favourite author Brian Keene

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