A Lista da Nossa Mãe

A Lista da Nossa M e Kate Greene tinha tudo para ser feliz um marido carinhoso e apaixonado um filho com quase dois anos e um segundo a caminho Mas num pice a sua vida desmoronou se ao ser diagnosticado um cancro rar s

  • Title: A Lista da Nossa Mãe
  • Author: St. John Greene
  • ISBN: 9789896681654
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kate Greene tinha tudo para ser feliz um marido carinhoso e apaixonado, um filho com quase dois anos e um segundo a caminho Mas, num pice, a sua vida desmoronou se ao ser diagnosticado um cancro rar ssimo ao primeiro filho, Kate entrou em trabalho prematuramente Contra todas as expectativas, as duas crian as sobreviveram e a fam lia respirou de al vio At que, apenasKate Greene tinha tudo para ser feliz um marido carinhoso e apaixonado, um filho com quase dois anos e um segundo a caminho Mas, num pice, a sua vida desmoronou se ao ser diagnosticado um cancro rar ssimo ao primeiro filho, Kate entrou em trabalho prematuramente Contra todas as expectativas, as duas crian as sobreviveram e a fam lia respirou de al vio At que, apenas algumas semanas depois, Kate descobriu que tamb m ela adoecera, com um cancro da mama incur vel.Nos ltimos dias, Kate registou numa lista tudo o que gostaria que o marido, St John, fizesse depois da sua morte para que os filhos, Reef e Finn, tivessem uma vida feliz Sabendo que n o sobreviveria, ela anotou os seus pensamentos, sonhos e desejos, oferecendo fam lia o porto seguro onde encontrariam a for a e inspira o para enfrentar o futuro.Este livro o relato comovedor de como a lista de Kate ajudou a fam lia a ultrapassar a dor e a construir uma nova vida, mantendo a m e sempre viva na mem ria.

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      467 St. John Greene
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    1 thought on “A Lista da Nossa Mãe”

    1. What can I say?I tend to avoid non fiction material because I like something I can read after a long day, but I saw a review for this in a magazine and I HAD to buy it - despite working in a library.From the opening page, this book had me crying and I could feel the goosebumps on the back of my body and all up my arms.Perhaps,the worst thing about reading this book, was that it stirred up the same feelings I had when my mum passed away, so although I could totally understand St John's feelings, [...]

    2. I know this will be terribly unpopular as a review, but whilst I completely empathised with the family and events, the actual writing of the book - by a ghost writer- felt staged and contrived. Reported conversations and analysis of thoughts and actions just didn't ring true which is a shame. I also didn't warm to the rather privileged lifestyle and experiences of the father. A very sad story about a brave family, but not a good read.

    3. Vivendo nós numa sociedade em que a beleza e a longevidade são altamente veneradas, haver um livro que fala sobre a morte, intrigou-me. Ainda mais me intrigou o sucesso que soube que obteve, depois de ter lido uma entrevista com o autor, marido de Kate. Mesmo sabendo que este tipo de estórias pode conter uma componente mais lamechas, coisa que, em momento algum, me agrada, decidi arriscar. E em boa hora o fiz O livro apresenta-se na perspectiva de Kate, uma mulher que descobre que sofre de ca [...]

    4. This is a very hard review to write especially as it is a true story. Whilst I truly felt sympathy for the family and inspired by their courage and strength in dealing with the most tragic circumstances, this book really was badly written and to be honest I skimmed the last 40%. The book went on and on and on about the same stuff and I think had it been condensed into half the pages avoiding the waffle it would have actually been a good book. Nevertheless I wish the family only good health, happ [...]

    5. This book is so touching and wonderful to read and true to life. Singe has a beautiful wife and his has two children but the first has cancer and not expected to live and at the same time the mother gives birth to the second boy. They give treatment to the little boy then the mother gets cancer and she makes a list of everything she wants singe to do with the children when she has gone. So warmer and does he do everything on the list and how does he cope this is a must read really good.

    6. An unpopular review, but I did not like the writing style of this book. The true life story had so much potential but was written in such a way that I never connected with the father. It seemed very contrived with picture perfect responses and conversations even though they were in the midst of a tragedy. I couldn't help wondering how he afforded all the things he was doing and how he could possibly have sooooo much time to do them. I am not judging the real man or events just saying that the wa [...]

    7. What an emotional book! Very sad however also very inspiring especially as a Mum to young boys. I loved Kate's idea of having a list and aside from the unbelievable sadness in the story being told of her illness and death, this is also a beautiful love story. It doesn't dwell on the sadness the children must feel, that goes without saying, but describes Singe's total and utter love and respect for his soul mate from the day he met her. He describes beautifully what he loved about her and their b [...]

    8. The difficult thing about rating autobiographies - especially ones with tragic plots - is that it can be seen as somehow denigrating the life of the writer or his family if you don't give a high score. That's absolutely not my intention. I can see clearly that the Greene family went through more cancer-trauma in a few short years than most people will experience in a dozen lifetimes. I can also see that Kate Greene might have been a bit unusual in leaving her 'list' of instructions for husband S [...]

    9. Its always a hard decision to read a true life story, particularly one that relates to the loss of someone's life and the family left behind. Its hard because you often don't want to read about such potential sadness, or believe that someone's life may ever bear enough resemblance to your own to make it understandable. The 'Its not happening to me so why should I care' mindset Books are generally escapism for people, definitely for me. However sometimes you need to look beyond your own needs and [...]

    10. I was prompted to buy this book having heard a radio interview with St' John Greene which coincided with the release of the film in late 2016.It isn't often that a book brings me to the verge of tears. However this on did. There are many detailed reviews available. Some glowing, some less so.All I will say is that this is a sensitively written book about a real family tragedy. I'm glad that I read the book. I quite liked the style.I usually avoid books turned into films, However I intend to see [...]

    11. Really enjoyed reading this. I started crying almost from the very first page and at first thought I wouldn't be able to finish reading without breaking down at every page but then I found that by the end of the book I was feeling heartened and inspired and not so sad and that's the cleverness of this book right there. You are immediately drawn into the author's personal story and feel and share in his every emotion at losing the love of his life but then go with him on his journey of grief and [...]

    12. The telling of the motions and emotions of a tight knit family going through hardships and the losing of a mother and wife. Reading this inspired me to attack such hardships with courage, happiness, and love. I think that the book was as honest as one would want to be in such a situation. St. John Greene told just enough to convey his memories but not too much so that him and his family wouldn't be vulnerable to the public. I liked the book for all the emotional cries but also for the realizatio [...]

    13. Kleenex alert you will not be able to read this book without one. It was heart wrenching and yet heartwarming at the same time to share in the love of this wonderful couple/family. To read about their lives, the love they had for one another, the trials and hardships, the difficulties they faced and had to face. Finding the strength,courage and faith to continue moving forward I found inspirational and very moving.

    14. I saw the author interviewed on tv- and he's trying to provide the experiences for his sons that his late wife wanted them to have. She left a list with advice and trips and parties she wanted them to have. It was such a sad book.

    15. It's heartbreaking he lost his wife to cancer, but I had to give up on this a third of the way in. It was moving in places but overall it was dry going and tedious, and he comes across as a bit unlikeable. I feel like a bitch for not liking the book though!

    16. Bellissimo. Toccante. Divertente. Una storia triste, commovente ma piena di speranza. Uno di quei libri che quando lo finisci lo chiudi con gli occhi lucidi, ma il sorriso sulle labbra. Assolutamente da leggere/rileggere/avere nella propria collezione!

    17. I had moments where I teared up and moments where I didn't want to hear any more about the relationship or loss. An up and down read for me.

    18. Commending her on writing this heart wrenching book - hence the 5* review. I could not finish it as I found it to hard to read through tears. But what I did read was so brave.

    19. Didn't manage to read a chapter without having a few tears!!! Blame the female hormones!!!Fantastically written, I will definitely be making a list for my girls :)

    20. A very very emotional read but would recommend to my friends, it will certainly make you think about how precious life is

    21. Of course the story is beautiful about a beautiful family and their beautiful way of dealing with the situations. It would've definitely been a wonderful book if only it was written well.The story is everywhere and repetitive. I can barely remember what event happened when. The only moment I can finally feel the feels was the scene where Kate's mother's diary entries were shown The last entry, my goodness, my heart (and eyes) almost couldn't take it.To write a book is to connect yourself, your f [...]

    22. For me this book is such a missed opportunity. I have every sympathy with the family and all they have gone through and would not want to detract from the heartache they must feel. Sadly, though, the book is badly written and lacks structure and as a result, what could have been an amazing account ends up being repetitive and loses 'traction'. Such a shame, all the ingredients were there and I really wanted to like it more.

    23. This wonderful memoir made me laugh, cry and my heart burst on many occasions. I think it serves as a wonderful lesson to us to live life to the full and to think about death in more positive ways. It was a bit intense/full on but you'd expect that from such an emotional subject matter & perspective. Desperate to watch the film now!

    24. A mother's loveSimply beautiful thought provoking book,makes you realise you should never take life or family for granted,Kate was inspirational,and Singe should be proud of himself and his two little boys.

    25. Een aardig boek Ben blij dat ik het gelezen heb maar liet geen diepe indruk naDaarvoor was het te fragmentarisch.

    26. FantasticWhat a fantastic and really enjoyable read.I would definitely recommend this book both a happy and sad story. ☺

    27. Makes you live for today life can be cruel Its true life and you never know what's a round the corner so live laugh and be happy as this family did through sad times

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