Brimsby's Hats

Brimsby s Hats When the friend with whom he has enjoyed tea and conversation each day goes off to sea a talented hat maker devises a creative way to make new friends

  • Title: Brimsby's Hats
  • Author: Andrew Prahin
  • ISBN: 9781442481473
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When the friend with whom he has enjoyed tea and conversation each day goes off to sea, a talented hat maker devises a creative way to make new friends.

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    1. I gave Brimsby's Hats 5 stars because I feel an extremely powerful connection with the book. I'm not sure if this is because the themes of friendship, empathy and proactivity that run through its pages resonate strongly with me, or if it's because I created the book.In my opinion, you should purchase multiple copies of Brimsby's Hats.

    2. Oh the fine line books must walk. Or should I say lines. The line between contemplative and boring. The line between quirky and precious. The line between charming and cloying. And there are a million more where these came from. It ain’t easy. With debut picture book Brimsby’s Hats, Andrew Prahin manages to walk those lines, delivering a fresh take on the friendship trope in the process. It’s a timeless story with a modern presentation that’s easy to love.Brimsby is a hat maker. Every da [...]

    3. For a children's story, this is a marvelously nuanced tale of friendship and helping out others unconditionally, a lesson I submit we could all use time and again in our lives. I had a wonderful time sharing this with my two boys who are 2 and 4 as my 4-year old was captivated by the story and the illustrations. Brimsby and his home are wonderfully drawn as welcoming and full of warmth, an illustrative metaphor for his personality we gather in this short tale. Author Andrew Prahin makes a gentle [...]

    4. such a charming book. brimsby finds joy in being a good friend. the illustrations are so nuanced and original. what a rare treat to find a luminous story with illustrations that rise to the level of the text.

    5. Brimsby was a hat maker and he had a quiet life. He had a best friend and they had wonderful conversations together over a marvelous cup of tea. But then his friend decided that he wanted to be a ship captain and left for the sea. Brimsby’s life changed suddenly and he was all alone. He set out on a walk when he was feeling particularly lonely and came upon a tree full of birds trying to remove snow from their nests and keep warm. Brimsby thought they would make marvelous friends, but the bird [...]

    6. A charming story of friendship and unconditional kindness, with equally charming illustrations.When Mr. Brimsby's only friend leaves to become a sea captain, Brimsby gets lonely, and sets out to make new friends. It's a deceptively simple story, and it's Brimsby's compassion, proactive kindness, and patience that makes it work. The illustrations make you pour over them, savoring details, and the story is full of warmth (without preachiness). Kids will be charmed and parents will love the lesson [...]

    7. Wow! It's a little, quiet story, and yet filled with delight and the satisfaction of a perfectly rounded story arc. Also perfectly rounded clouds, tails, teacups, and bowler hats. A little milliner with his sleeves rolled up who reminds me of Bob Hoskins if Bob Hoskins were kind of quiet and a beaver. A palette of off-browns, warm grays, dusty blues, a sweet pink and a couple of really delicious olives. Brilliant composition. Solid line weight. Everything about this book is marvelous to me.

    8. I really loved this book. Delightful and deceptively simple illustrations combined with a story with the same qualities make this a perfect little book. The digital illustrations are warm and cozy and perfectly fit the story. I love the Brimsby is only lonely for a little bit before he solves his problem. You have to be a good friend to have good friends. I hope to Brimsby and pals in a future book.

    9. Sweet, quiet story about 2 friends who part ways when one goes off to be a pirate. The hat maker becomes lonely and goes for a walk in winter and finds a group of birds having a rough time of it. He is able to help the birds and gains their friendship as a result. This is a lap book and I don't think would hold up well for a group reading.

    10. crisp illustrations. sweet sweet storyline. talk to kids about HOW to make friends, how life changes and people grow and how to do nice things for others. 70s-esque color palette.

    11. The story is a little too long/quiet & the illustrations are a bit too small for Storytime (at least for the attention span of the kindergartners who come to the school library) - but I loved this story & was surprised by how cute & sweet it was!

    12. Super cute book about making new friends and keeping old ones - with the added bonus of birds living in hats and wearing tiny hats. So many adorable hats!

    13. I really liked this book. The illustrations were so sweet and the story was touching. Well done Mr. Prahin! You nailed it with your first children's book!

    14. A charming tale of friendship. My first grader described the story as "short and cute". A quick bedtime story with a sweet message.

    15. A hat maker sets out to make new friends after his best friend moves away. Charming story to talk about helping each other and making new friends.

    16. Narrative:“Boys and girls, let’s take a look at the cover of this book. Talk to your partners. What do you see in the cover? (snow, a hill, trees, a colorful sky, something carrying a bag) There is a lot of snow in this picture. What do you know about when it snows? What does that mean? (it’s cold, it’s winter time) I know that when I’m going outside to play in the snow, it’s going to be cold. So I usually put on clothes to keep me warm. What kind of clothes do we put on to keep us w [...]

    17. Let’s do a picture walk of the book Brimsby’s Hat written by Andrew Prahin. On the front cover is the main character that is carrying a stack of hats. It is taking place during what season? Winter. Why? The snow is coming down. By looking at the main character, the wind seems strong. As we continue the picture walk think what the story is about. What do you see or feel? How does the main character act? The main character looks lonely and needs a friend. What about the birds? He wants to help [...]

    18. This gentle story of friendship is just perfect. I love how the ending is more "realistic" about what happens when friends move away. I LOVE the page where the birds cozy up in their new little homes. The illustrations are just lovely and this book is an all-around favorite.Here's my more official review: Brimsby is a hatmaker. Each day, his friend (an unnamed badger) comes to visit and they share a pot of tea until one day the friend announces that he has decided to pursue his lifelong dream of [...]

    19. Brimsby's lifelong best friend leaves one day to fulfill his dream of being a sea captain, and after weeks of quiet and lonely days, Brimsby heads out to find new friends. He comes across some birds too busy to chat (they are shoveling snow out of their nests and keeping their stove fires from going out), but he returns home with an idea. He works through the night making hats and returns the next day to attach them to the nests. The birds finally have enough free time to chat with Brimsby! Now [...]

    20. Date: November 30th, 2014Author: Andrew PrahinTitle: Brimsby's HatsPlot: Brimsby is a hat-maker that enjoys spending time with his best friend who makes tea. When his best friend decides that he wants to travel the world, Brimsby is suddenly alone and remains so for many months. When it becomes winter, Brimsby finds himself to be awfully lonely and seeks out friends. Will Brimsby be successful in finding a new friend?Setting: Various Locations (Brimsby's home); Bird's Nest; Sea-TownCharacters: B [...]

    21. Seriously you will die from the cute. I saw another blog feature some art from this the other day and was filled with immediate want. So when I was helping someone shop for picture books and saw it on the shelf I just had to read it. Seriously I don't think that there is a cuter picture book out there. The style of the art is fresh and lively, even the page layouts are cute. The story will also make you squee, especially how Brimsby makes those new friends. I'm smitten. This is another one that [...]

    22. Fantastically quaint and unique! The pop of geometric shapes and the matte colors make the visual journey a delight, and the text fills the reader with curiosity. My only question is why is Brimsby's name only mentioned once? He is mostly referred to as the hat maker. Since the name is in the title, and especially since it's such a neat name to say aloud, I just wish it was used more in the book! That is a small critique, however, and does not keep me from giving a thumbs up to this story, which [...]

    23. Grades K-3. Brimsby and his friend are content. They spend the days talking and sipping tea while making hats. But one day his friend moves away to follow his dreams. Brimsby is lonely and ventures out of his house to find new companionship. He tries to be friends with a group of birds, but they are too busy shoveling snow out of their nests to hear him.Brimsby helps the birds in a creative way-- and they become friends and are content. But even though he has new friends, he still takes time to [...]

    24. I can’t wait to share this with other teachers who can then share it with their students. What a sweet story about friendship, creativity and ingenuity. Brimsby has spent a long while making hats and having tea and conversation with a friend, until his friend goes away to become a sea captain. Brimsby is lonely, and goes looking for friends. He finds a tree full of birds, yet it doesn’t work out so well because they’re too busy keeping warm, digging snow out of their nests, and so on. Brim [...]

    25. Brimsby’s Hats tells the story of the friend left behind. Brimsby is a hat maker, and every day he and his best friend get together to have tea and conversation. But then his friend goes off to find adventure at sea, and Brimsby is left alone. One day, he sees some birds frantically trying to shovel snow out of their nests and to keep the winter wind from blowing out their fires. Brimsby has an idea: his hats could help the birds stay warm. His thoughtfulness gains him many new friends.Origina [...]

    26. Brimsby's Hats is a book about friendship and what happens when your best friend moves away. I know how Brimsby feels because I have had to move away from friends before, it can be painful but it can also lead to new adventures. You can grow as a person or in Brimsby's case a bear. Brimsby was able to help others in need with his hat crafting talents. I loved the colors and the simplicity of the pictures. It did not take attention away from the story. The bright colors helped blend in the season [...]

    27. Charming book about Brimsby the hat-maker. When his friend leaves to become a sea captain, he becomes lonely. When he searches for new friends, he finds some birds. The birds are too busy shoveling snow out their nests to pay attention to him. Brimsby re-fashions his hats to make cozy little homes for the birds and they become friends. This one came in just in time for my "Hats" storytime on Wednesday evening.

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