Rio Abaixo

Rio Abaixo Adam Chase passou por um per odo violento e n o sem raz o Na inf ncia viu coisas que nenhuma crian a deveria ver foi profundamente ferido ficando com cicatrizes O trauma tornou o apaixonado e incomp

  • Title: Rio Abaixo
  • Author: John Hart Claudete Soares
  • ISBN: 9789723325256
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback
  • Adam Chase passou por um per odo violento e n o sem raz o Na inf ncia viu coisas que nenhuma crian a deveria ver, foi profundamente ferido, ficando com cicatrizes O trauma tornou o apaixonado e incompreendido Depois de quase ter sido condenado por homic dio, foi afastado do nico lar que conhecera devido a um crime que n o cometera Desapareceu durante cinco longos anosAdam Chase passou por um per odo violento e n o sem raz o Na inf ncia viu coisas que nenhuma crian a deveria ver, foi profundamente ferido, ficando com cicatrizes O trauma tornou o apaixonado e incompreendido Depois de quase ter sido condenado por homic dio, foi afastado do nico lar que conhecera devido a um crime que n o cometera Desapareceu durante cinco longos anos, rosto an nimo na imensid o da cidade de Nova Iorque Agora est de regresso e ningu m sabe porqu a fam lia, a pol cia, os inimigos que deixou atr s de si, todos se interrogam porque o fez Mas Adam tem as suas raz es Poucas horas depois do seu regresso espancado e amea ado, confrontado pela fam lia e pela mulher que ainda ama Ningu m sabe como encarar o seu regresso, mas quando crimes violentos voltam a acontecer, a pequena cidade levanta se contra ele e Adam encontra se subitamente envolvido na batalha mais importante da sua vida, n o apenas para provar a sua inoc ncia mas tamb m para reclamar a nica vida que sempre quis ter.

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    1. 4 tender, emotionally connected stars to John Hart's Down RiverThis is my third John Hart Novel in as many months. It’s safe to say I’m a fan. So much so, in fact, that after reading The Last Child (still my reigning favorite Hart novel), I bought his entire backlist. Adam Chase is an enigma. He’s angry and even violent at times, but he’s also fiercely loyal and sensitive. Writing a complex main character is one of John Hart’s biggest strengths. Another is setting. Down River takes pla [...]

    2. Down River is the second book I have read by John Hart. What a storyteller he is. Set in Rowan County, North Carolina, Adam Chase returns home after living in New York for five years. Acquitted of a murder charge prior to leaving, and abandoned by his family, he finds the county and his family still unforgiving upon his return. And then the bodies start showing up.Hounded by the police who consider him a prime suspect, Adam starts hunting for the real killer or killers. The author expertly takes [...]

    3. It is such a pleasure to read John Hart's books. Yes, they are mysteries, but they are also "literature." The North Carolina setting is atmospheric, and the characters come alive.Adam has come home after a five-year exile. He had been accused, tried, and acquitted of a murder he did not commit, but still not very many people believe him. There are a lot of skeletons in Adam's family, and John Hart deliciously and slowly lays them bare. There are more murders, deceit, and heartbreak, but also str [...]

    4. No. No, no, no. Overwrought, overly dramatic, justo much. I read the first 100 pages, was irritated, then read the last 20 pages and felt like i did ok with skipping the rest.The main character is accused of killing a young man 10 years ago and is totally sold out by his stepmother. His father doesn't back him and he can't figure out why. He leaves without a word to anyone, goes to NY, leaves his detective lover behind (who is VERY ANGRY THAT HE LEFT) and then comes back (don't know why) to mend [...]

    5. Adam Chase left home 5 years earlier after he was acquitted of a murder where his step mother was the star witness for the prosecution. It is obvious the townspeople still view him as a murderer as he is brutally beaten shortly after arriving back in town. His Father, who sided with his wife is not sure how to behave to his son he had lost. His old girl friend is a cop who begins helping him find the true killer. This Edgar Award winning novel is absolutely outstanding. What a fantastic and lite [...]

    6. Some writers just have that wonderful flair of being able to explore characters, set a theme that is addictive, and thrill you with their words. I am finding John Hart is such a writer.In this novel, we meet Adam Chase, who narrowly escaped being convicted of murder, accused of such by his step mother, and condemned by the town he lived in. Adam left the town, left the woman he loved, and left behind the land he loved along with leaving his father and step siblings. For five years, he stayed awa [...]

    7. I’m officially a John Hart fan. He’s got me hooked.I got Hart’s novel The Last Child as a birthday gift last October and pounded through it, enjoying it immensely (see previous review). When looking for a book as a gift for my dad earlier this April, I stumbled across The King of Lies and purchased it for him, and soon thereafter, I picked up Down River, my thought process being that we’d read our books and then swap. Both of us were done with our respective novels in less than three day [...]

    8. I have been taken by all things John Hart. This is my third book by this author.Adam Chase is The Angry Young Man. Hart portrays his character as the wayward son returning home to a small North Carolina town after a five year absence. Previously, Adam had been arrested and tried for the death of another young man in that same town. Although acquitted, his own family and the town itself still believe that Adam committed the crime. As Ricky Ricardo would say: "There's a lot of 'splainin' to be don [...]

    9. I wasn't too thrilled with this one. I was never eager to pick it up, the story wasn't all that original and I'll most likely forget everything I read in a few weeks bummer3 stars

    10. I bought this book because it was an recommendation and received very good reviews from readers. It goes to show that you should take reviews with a grain of salt and ask questions such as, "what other books did you think were as great as this one?" If the answer includes John Grisham, then tread carefully. While John Hart is a better overall writer than Grisham, I can only describe this book as 'grishom-esque', i.e a pre-screenplay. Southern gothic in a predictable pedestrian sort of way, the [...]

    11. Down River's protagonist, Adam Chase, returns to his southern home after a five year exile, following his an acquittal of murder charges. Adam and his family are pariahs: his father, a wealthy farmer with substantial land holdings is resisting the power company's attempt to acquire land to build a plant. This novel centers around Adam's family and their friendships. I enjoyed the novel and the tension as bodies continue to pile up, with many thinking Adam is the culprit. I think the comparisons [...]

    12. Why am I just now discovering this author? This book was a real page turner. I am anxious to discuss it with other book lovers at the Troy Community Center on June 1. I will definitely be checking out some of his other booksIron House, The Last Child and Redemtion Road for sure.

    13. Oh HELL yes. John Hart is very quickly becoming one of my favourite authors. He's doing what Dennis Lehane used to do back in his Mystic River days. That is, offer a mystery that's also gorgeously written. To be fair, I find Hart's mysteries aren't necessarily all that hard to figure out, but you know what? With writing like this, with characters like this, I don't care. I'll read anything the guy writes.

    14. Two five-star reads in a row when did that ever happen? I really tried to make this one a four-star, but couldn't do that in all honesty.

    15. This gets two stars instead of one only because I was entertained for the short term. It only took me two days to finish it, and it was entertaining. Like a movie, starring Ashley Judd, that I might watch on tv someday a few years after it hits the theaters.

    16. Adam Case returns to his home town in Rowan County, North Carolina five years after being found not guilty of murder. One of the reasons for leaving home was that the main prosecution witness against him was his step mother. He was also saddened because his father didn't take his side.Adam's former girlfriend, Robin Alexander is now a detective on the local police department and still cares for him.No sooner has Adam arrived in town then he is beaten by Zeb Faith and two others. The message is c [...]

    17. I really enjoyed King of Lies a lot, and was under the impression that Hart gets better with each novel.I lasted 84 pages before giving up in exasperation. I'll use some spoiler tags even though they occur early and are pretty minor:(view spoiler)[I could not buy into no one giving the guy the benefit of the doubt. So he was acquitted of a crime for which it seemed only circumstantial evidence and his stepmother's word were against him, yet it seems everyone still thinks he got away with murder. [...]

    18. This was an excellent book! I liked The King of Lies, but this far surpassed it. The King of Lies was wordy and not tightly writtn. Hart really worked on tightening up his writing and did a great job on this one! I can't wait for the third book.I absolutely could not put this down. The suspense started at the beginning and continued through the whole book, not ever letting up.Read this one!

    19. I have created a new shelf b/c of this book. My central response after finishing it is a clear "Ugh!" This book, if the cover can be believed (has propaganda reached the level now where even book covers of fictional novels sport blatant lies?), won an Edgar Award. I believe this only if it won in the category of "Standard Red-blooded Privileged White American Male Makes Attempt At Literature." Or in the category of "Literature For Upper-Class Men Of Conservative Patriarchal Western Cultures."I w [...]

    20. John Hart's sophomore novel is hearty Southern Gothic fare, lush and lyrical, seething with a sense of injustice, a barely controlled rage. At it's centre is Adam Chase, an angry young man with plenty of reason to be angry. He had a tough upbringing, then was falsely accused of murder as a teenager, then saw his father side with his stepmother, who testified for the prosecution, over his own son. Banished to New York City following his acquittal, Adam returns to his North Carolina roots followin [...]

    21. A compelling story, a mystery, suspense, a family…Adam Chase returns to his family after five years of exile, imposed by his father. He is not welcomed by family or his lover, as he searches for the friend, a childhood and high school mate who has called him back, asking for his help.The author states, "I write about families." It is true that he does this. He has an eye for the family drama, the family secrets, the pain and angst that almost obliterate the small joys: the river, the memory an [...]

    22. I would give this 2.5 stars. It was ok and parts were good. But overall it wasn't great. The characters were just ok and each had a zillion problems to the point of ridiculousness. It was a bit hard to determine "who done it" since so many of them were screwed up! Big build ups of all these issues and then the character would fizzle out. When you finally figure out the killer…'s a let-down. Once again this author was formulaic and just tried to put too much into the story instead of building c [...]

    23. Won the Edgar, huh? I agree with the review that said it was like a movie starring Ashley Judd. Totally, right on, absolutely. Much of his language is really nice, and there are some terrific characterizations, but it really seemed like he just worked so damn hard at making it Southern, rather than having it flow like it should.but, it killed an evening when I couldn't sleep, so I added a star for that.If I still worked in a public library I would recommend it to mystery fans but I wouldn't RAVE [...]

    24. This is the second book I've read by John Hart and its probably better than "the king of lies". This author knows so well how to develop his characters and his descriptive analysis of each scene puts the reader immersed into the scene. This is the saga of a young man aquitted of murder in his town and the results and the discoveries he makes when he returns five years later. Mind boggling. Could not put this book down until I was finished. The 325 pages could not have been written better. Amen.

    25. I thought this book was absolutely wonderful. It was a nice paced mystery involving family relationships that was similar to Mystic River for me. I admit that the boring cover turned me away from it for awhile but that is why one should not judge a book by it's cover, of course! I will definitely read more of John Hart and look forward to THE KING OF LIES and his new release THE LAST CHILD.

    26. I loved this story although at times I was worried how it was going to turn out. The Southern setting was perfect as was the dysfunctional family. John Hart is a talented writer, I need to read his earlier book now that he's on my radar. Dark and powerful -- great story and I did not see the ending coming at all. Great ending.

    27. I fell down the rabbit hole. I didn't want to eat or work or sleep. The characters were real and raw. I fell in love with this book until the very end when I predicted the ending but thought I was wrong. That was the one flaw for me, but otherwise I loved it.

    28. This could have been really good, but it ended up being too melodramatic for my taste. Every scene is written for maximum emotional impact and that gets tiring after awhile.

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