Black Roses

Black Roses Berlin Warning bells ring across Europe as Hitler comes to power Clara Vine an attractive young Anglo German actress arrives in Berlin to find work at the famous Ufa studios Through a chance m

  • Title: Black Roses
  • Author: Jane Thynne
  • ISBN: 9781849839839
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Berlin, 1933 Warning bells ring across Europe as Hitler comes to power Clara Vine, an attractive young Anglo German actress, arrives in Berlin to find work at the famous Ufa studios Through a chance meeting, she is unwillingly drawn into a circle of Nazi wives, among them Magda Goebbels, Anneliese von Ribbentrop and Goering s girlfriend Emmy Sonnemann As part of his plBerlin, 1933 Warning bells ring across Europe as Hitler comes to power Clara Vine, an attractive young Anglo German actress, arrives in Berlin to find work at the famous Ufa studios Through a chance meeting, she is unwillingly drawn into a circle of Nazi wives, among them Magda Goebbels, Anneliese von Ribbentrop and Goering s girlfriend Emmy Sonnemann As part of his plan to create a new pure German race, Hitler wants to make sweeping changes to the lives of women, starting with the formation of a Reich Fashion Bureau, instructing women on what to wear and how to behave Clara is invited to model the dowdy, unflattering clothes Then she meets Leo Quinn who is working for British intelligence and who sees in Clara the perfect recruit to spy on her new elite friends, using her acting skills to win their confidence But when Magda Goebbels reveals to Clara a dramatic secret and entrusts her with an extraordinary mission, Clara feels threatened, compromised, desperately caught between her duty towards and growing affection for Leo, and the impossibly dangerous task Magda has forced upon her.

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    1 thought on “Black Roses”

    1. This is an interesting novel, set in 1930's Berlin and concentrating on the women of the Third Reich. Clara Vine is the daughter of politician Sir Ronald Vine; but although she looks like an English Rose, her beloved mother was German. Somehow she feels she has never quite fitted into her family's view of the world and is an aspiring, if not very successful, actress. One day, at a party with the long term boyfriend (or possibly 'bore' friend) that she suddenly finds she wants very much to be rid [...]

    2. "ΜΑΥΡΑ ΡΟΔΑ" Αν θέλετε ένα ταξίδι στην προπολεμικη Γερμανια με συνοδοιπορους ,εναν Αγγλο κατασκοπο,μια ηθοποιο που θα παιξει σε ταινια στα γερμανικα στουντιο,το Χιτλερ ,το Γκεμπελς,τα "μαυρα ροδα"θα ειναι αξιοι συνταξιδιωτες .Ενα μυθιστορημα πλουσιο σε γνωση για τα κοινωνικ [...]

    3. Une petite pépite. La 2ème guerre mondiale n'est pas ma période préférée niveau littérature. Mais là, je me suis laissée entraîner pas l'histoire de Clara.

    4. Overall, “Black Roses” was a book that I couldn’t say wholeheartedly that I liked. I realise that I am in the minority but I will try and explain my rating in the following review.One thing I did like about “Black Roses” is the idea behind it, which was my reason for buying it. A story about an English actress living in Berlin in the 1930s, who becomes friendly with Magda Goebbels is an interesting concept – Berlin is one of my favourite cities and I find that period of history fasci [...]

    5. In 1933 in Berlin, Hitler is in power and warning bells are ringing across Europe as a result. Clara Vine is a talented British actress, and she finds herself in Berlin looking for work. As she is fluent in German she quickly secures a job, but she soon finds herself in the midst of a circle of Nazi wives, causing her to feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Then she meets Leo Quinn who is an undercover intelligence agent, and he asks her to spy on these ladies and report back to him. But Clara is now [...]

    6. stonasterismotouvivliouspΠίσω από κάθε μεγάλο άνδρα κρύβεται μια γυναίκα Το ίδιο ισχύει και για τον δημοφιλή συγγραφέα νουάρ μυθιστορημάτων, τον Φίλιπ Κερρ που κατέκτησε το αναγνωστικό κοινό με τον Γερμανό ντέτεκτιβ, Μπέρνι Γκούντερ.(Μοιραία Πράγα ,Τριλογία του Βερολίνου, Γυναίκα Απο [...]

    7. Κοιτάω την περίληψη στο οπισθόφυλλο και μου φαίνεται τόσο λίγη, τόσο ανεπαρκής σε σχέση με το περιεχόμενο του βιβλίου αυτού. Λέει κάποια πράγματα αλλά αποκρύπτει όλα τα καλά στοιχεία, ενώ αφήνει να εννοηθεί ότι πρόκειται για ένα κοινωνικό μυθιστόρημα με φόντο τη Γερμανία τ [...]

    8. Berlin, 1933. The Nazi party have just swept to power and adulation for Hitler is riding high. Meanwhile Jewish business are being persecuted and enemies of the State disappear on a regular basis. Into this world steps Clara Vine, a young English actress who has come to Berlin in search of work. Fluent in German thanks to her German mother and bearing the right credentials thanks to her father's political beliefs, she quickly finds work in the film industry. Before long she has attracted the att [...]

    9. I really really love this book. I had read the second one first, not knowing it was a series so I ordered this book as well after I couldn't find it in any bookshop (how this is not constantly in print and on the shelves is a total mystery to me, but oh well).Anyway it was well worth the wait and I would have read it in one go if I would have had the time but life got in the way. The story starts with a young Clara who feels its time for something else and goes to Berlin to learn more about her [...]

    10. Ένα συναρπαστικό νουάρ μυθιστόρημα,με φόντο το Βερολίνο του 1933.Η κεντρική ηρωίδα, η Κλάρα Βαίν,μία ανερχόμενη ηθοποιός, εγκαταλείπει την πατρίδα της, την Αγγλία, και πηγαίνει στο Βερολίνο, στα περιβόητα στούντιο UFA, προκειμένου να κάνει καριέρα στη γενέτειρά της μητέρας της [...]

    11. Schwarze Rosen indeedI saw Jane Thynne at the 2013 Harrogate History Festival and bought her book on the spot as I am very interested in women’s history in Third Reich Germany. Essentially this story is a well-paced, atmospheric historical thriller packed with glamour, sex, intrigue and violence, upper class English snobs and Nazi bullies, and artistic, slightly louche cinema actors and producers of UFA studio, sprinkled with rather less glamorous and very frightened Jewish Berliners. It kept [...]

    12. I was disappointed with this book. The majority of this novel is taken up with scene-setting, which Ms Thynne does well, but I like a bit of story with my atmosphere. The blurb talks about Magda Goebbels imparting a deep secret to our heroine, Clara, but she doesn't dish the dirt until around 75% into the book. Even then, although it's a surprising secret, it doesn't really create drama.Clara herself is hard to relate to. There's no depth to her character, she's just a mirror, reflecting whateve [...]

    13. ‘What is it like to be married to a monster’ wondered the author Jane Thynne. This novel was set in Berlin during the time the Nazis were coming to power. Heroine Clara Vine, an English actress in Berlin hoping to secure a role in a forthcoming film, is persuaded to model for Hitler’s program designed to promote his revised image of German womanhood. He saw in fashion a way that women might contribute to strengthening the nation by embracing German style – dirndls and plaits and such! Ma [...]

    14. I saw Black Roses in a BookBub email and clicked the link because it sounded like my catnip all the way; plus, a gorgeous cover and interesting back blurb, and I was sold.And for the most part, the reality lived up to my expectations. The story focuses on Clara Vine, twenty-something daughter of English baronet, Sir Ronald Vine. Clara is determined to become an actress in spite of, or perhaps because of, the opposition of her family and friends. At a party, an acquaintance mentions a filmmaker n [...]

    15. Interesting series though it does read like The Real Nazi Housewives of Berlin. An absorbing and fascinating take on the Third Reich and the way it treated women.

    16. Black Roses is incredibly well-researched and detailed.Set in 1933 Clara leaves England, and a boyfriend behind who expects her to marry him and to give up her dreams of being an actress, in search of a part in a new film called Black Roses. Whilst at the film studios she meets two of Goebbels aides who invite her and another young actress to a party where they are then introduced to Magda Goebbels, a woman consumed by the drama of her own existence. As Clara becomes more and more involved in th [...]

    17. If you are interested in preWar Europe this book has a lot to recommend it. The heroine is a well-connected girl who gets in with the Nazi top table - think Unity Mitford with more humanity and brains. Clara Vine gets involved with an undercover British agent and with her connections to the Goebbels and Ribbentrop families, cosy in their mansions eating dainty cakes and considering German culture as the thugs strut their stuff outside is a promising backdrop for a superior historical thriller.My [...]

    18. Atmospheric, fast-paced and tense spy novel set in 1930s Germany, which has been sitting on my kindle waiting to be read for way too long.I only remembered about this after inadvertantly buying book 2 in the series and then getting book 3 from Netgalley without realising the links until fairly late in the day!I really enjoyed this - and I'm not normally a reader of stuff set in Nazi Germany (too depressing) - and that enjoyment was partly because I could relax a little, knowing the heroine survi [...]

    19. Premier coup de coeur de ce début d'année. Ce livre regroupait pleins de choses que j'aime dans la vie: une histoire qui se passe en 1933, à Berlin, en pleine montée nazie. On suit Clara, jeune femme anglaise qui désire percer dans le cinéma allemand mais qui se retrouve à espionner cette nouvelle élite.J'ai beaucoup aimé les descriptions parfois cyniques de l'auteur, ça donnait une âme particulière au livre et qui décrivait bien le sentiment d'étouffement émis par le parti nazi.C [...]

    20. This novel is a truly gripping page turner. It gives the reader a not so common insight on the women and wives of important Nazi heads - how they live, their relationships, their gossip, their involvements etc. The novel is well researched since it's based on actual people like Magda Goebbels, wife of Hitler's Propaganda Minister. The spy novel genre and a sprinkling of a love story makes this book really intriguing. The story revolves around the fictitious actress, Clara Vine, who visits Berlin [...]

    21. What is slightly unusual in this book is that the action focuses on the wives of the Nazi leaders, rather than the more well known men themselves. The pivotal character is Magda Goebbels, who actually has a more complex background and personal history than I ever would have guessed . They say that truth is stranger than fiction and surprisingly, the novel is based on extensive research into the Nazi wives' and girlfriends' real lives.(complete review on my blog : madhousefamilyreviews)

    22. The book is filled with beautiful descriptions, many of which slow down the pace. Some create an evocative image of the era. I find the lead character Clara intriguing and annoying in equal measure but I am equally compelled by the world in which she inhabits. The author has a real mastery of language and the story is engaging but could do with a bit more pace.

    23. Will definitely read more of the Clara Vine series. Loved that the story was told from the point of view of the women behind the men in the Nazi party. Lots of interesting details about the lives of women in Germany in the 1930s, the author had obviously carried out lots of research I was fascinated.

    24. The beginning moves very slowly, but the ending is much more like a quick paced spy novel. The romance is clunky and seems crammed in there. My favorite part was all the researched tidbits about the historical people, like Magda Goebbels and Frank Foley.

    25. Gentle spy story set in the Germany of 1933. Interesting setting with historical characters mixing with fictional ones. Thynne is the wife of Philip Kerr whose books use the same period setting. I enjoyed this more than the Kerr books.

    26. I found this book really hard to get into as at first the characters were sketchily drawn. But I'm glad I persisted because it is a fascinating look at the Nazi elite, particularly the women. It was researched using historical sources and fact & fiction are interwoven in a believable way.

    27. Trying to rate this book is really difficult because although it hit some high notes as a piece of wonderful historical fiction, it was sold as a mystery, the area in which it was very much lacking. The story follows Clara Vine, a young British actress, to Berlin in the years immediately before WWII. She quickly finds herself in the company of many powerful Nazis and their wives and before she knows it, she's being recruited to spy on them for the British.There is a ton of fascinating informatio [...]

    28. This is book one of a series on Clara Vine, actress and spy. She is in Berlin in 1933 being courted by Nazis for King and Country. Sometimes, a book can seem like it will be a perfect fit and just isn’t. That’s the case here: I love WWII, epic novels and the glamour of old Hollywood/film industry. I’ve been working on this one for months, forcing myself to read a chapter here and a chapter there hoping that it would eventually turn good. It did but it was the last 100 pages of a 400+ page [...]

    29. Probably 3.5 stars. I've been trying to pinpoint for a over a week what is was about this book that didn't warrant 4 or 5 stars. I really got a feel for Hitler's Berlin in 1933. I especially found interesting the social interaction with the important Nazi figures and their wives. I think it was the main character, Clara Vine, that never captured my interest completely. I found her and many of the other characters to be superficial. The story just fizzled out at the end.

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