Old Mother Hubbard

Old Mother Hubbard Old Mother Hubbard goes to the cupboard to get a yummy bone for her dear dog But the cupboard is totally empty and Mother Hubbard feels guilty She starts running back and forth to town to bring the do

  • Title: Old Mother Hubbard
  • Author: Jane Cabrera Sarah Catherine Martin
  • ISBN: 9780823416592
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Old Mother Hubbard goes to the cupboard to get a yummy bone for her dear dog But the cupboard is totally empty and Mother Hubbard feels guilty She starts running back and forth to town to bring the dog gifts of questionable nature.

    • ↠ Old Mother Hubbard || ✓ PDF Read by Ø Jane Cabrera Sarah Catherine Martin
      108 Jane Cabrera Sarah Catherine Martin
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    1. Cabrera is a great author for the younger crowd. My twin 3 yr old's loved it. Colorful fun pictures that helps get the child engaged and keeps them engaged. The illustrations were paintings that had a unique brushstroke and the colors were so vibrant! Cabrera has a style all her own. Loved the paintings especially! Also, many of her books have themes that are popular children’s songs, so immediately her books grabbed my preschoolers attention. A great addition to any children's library.

    2. For my nursery rhyme book I chose Old Mother Hubbard. This book is about an elderly woman who goes to the store to buy her dog a bone and she ends up buying him all sorts of other items like a hat, a wig, a coat, etc. but she never comes back with the bone. Whenever she comes back from the store with one of her purchases she always catches the dog doing something funny like riding a goat, dancing, reading the newspaper, etc. Finally at the end of the book she goes to give the dog his supper and [...]

    3. Title: Old Mother HubbardAuthor: Jane CabreraGenre: Nursery RhymeTheme(s): Rhyme, HumorOpening line/sentence: “Old Mother Hubbard went to her cupboard to give her old dog a bone.”Brief Book Summary: Old Mother Hubbard goes to her cupboard to get her dog a bone, unfortunately she is out of bones. She then goes shopping to find thing for her dog, while the dog has his own fun when she leaves. Professional Recommendation/Review #1: Cabrera, Jane Old Mother Hubbard32 pp. Holiday 2001. ISBN 0-823 [...]

    4. The main characters of this story are Old Mother Hubbard and her dog. The point of view of this book is third person and because it is a picture book it would be best for preschool readers. The setting of this book is Old Mother Hubbard's house and places around her town. The plot of this story is that Old Mother Hubbard wants to get her dog a bone, much like the nursery rhyme, but when she looks for one she discovers that she does not have any. Instead she decides to go all over town to get her [...]

    5. Comments on the Story:The continuation of this classic nursery rhyme is also very well-done. It is humorous which maintains the essence of a mother goose nursery rhyme. It provides a resolution to the old nursery rhyme what happened all we knew was that the cupboard was bare, we did not know if the dog ever got a bone. The part where the dame makes a curtsy and the dog made a bow signals that the game is over and the dog has finally done enough to earn his bone. Recommended Uses for the Book:Thi [...]

    6. This book is one of the many great rhyming books. This book also gets the students to start noticing patterns. In class I would use this book in the dramatic play area, placing hats, shoes, bones, etc so that the students would have the chance to reenact the story and possibly make up their own stories. When reading the story, once the students got the hang of the pattern, I would ask them questions such as, "what do you think the dog is doing now?", before I turned the page.

    7. This book is created from the popular classic nursery rhyme: Old Mother Hubbard. It is colorful, easy to predict and read. The illustrations were humorous and cheerful. This book is also good to help children learn simple rhymes. I liked the story and had learned the nursery rhyme many years ago when I was child but some of the lines were changed and it just so funny now but very good. Adults can also engage children with this book by encouraging them to make predictions.

    8. This may be silly, but I never knew that there was a book about Old Mother Hubbard! I knew the nursery rhyme, but I didn't know we were lucky enough to have a story as well! This would be a great book to use in during a rhyming lesson. Children can also predict the next section of the story using the ending sounds of the words.

    9. Old Mother Hubbard is a quick and cute book about Old Mother Hubbard's dogs. Though I was a little dissapointed with the plot (it seemed a little pointless), I did love the illustrations, which I know would catch any child's attentions. (Plus the fact that kids love dogs!) The book is short and sweet, and has rhyming words, so this book would be ideal for beginning readers in the primary grades.

    10. This book has very large and engaging illustrations. It is a good book to practice rhyming words and to help children understand what it means for a word to rhyme. Although it doesn't really have a moral or theme, it is still a fun read that can show children that reading can be done just for fun and doesn't always have to have a purpose. A good way to show books can be read just for fun!

    11. I enjoyed the illustrations in the book. They were bright and large. I would use this book in my classroom when my students are learning about repeatative text structure. I would read the story and then have my students create a short story with illustrations using repeatitive-text structures in their story. I would allow my students to share their story, if they wanted to.

    12. I like this book because i it written by one of my favorite authors. The pictures in this story goes very well with the setting of the story. The language in the book is very child friendly and uses a lot of phonemic awareness.

    13. This book would be a good way to help children learn how words sound and rhyme. The new reader will learn new words like dame is a woman.Curtsy and bow are other words children may not know so they may need a dictionary to look it up.The age could start from four to ten.

    14. This is a very cute book, a well-loved nursery rhyme coupled with animated illustrations, injecting just the right zest into a classic story. The board book format is perfect for reading aloud to youngsters and for little hands eager to turn the page.

    15. This cute story is about a little old woman named "Old Mother Hubbard" who goes off to the store to get things for her dog. This story is a poem and its great for readers beginning and learning to rhyme.

    16. Cute book to use for rhyming. It also has a great connection with Silly Sally because they use similar rhyming words like "jig." The students will love the book and laugh throughout. You can also do a picture walk with them and discuss the rhyming words.

    17. This is a fun book that could be used to teach rhyme. It could possibly used in the beginning of the school year when trying to get to know students and their interests by finding out what they do when mommy, daddy, grandma, etc. is away or even when they are away from school.

    18. didn't make sense. dog is hungry but there's no food. so she goes to the store for shoes, hats, etc etc, but he's bathing the cat etc etc and somehow that means he doesn't need a hat and finally she buys him a bone. Stupid. It all rhymes though.

    19. I loved when my mom read this too me as a child. After just a few times I was able to recite the book by memory. I think this book would be good for young students because of its fun and repetitive nature.

    20. This book is very cute. It has great pictures that set up good predictions for the children. There are a few words that would need to be explained to younger children though, such as "dame." Even so, I would still use this in my classroom.

    21. funny book about Old Mother Hubbard who buys various things for her dog and comes back to find her dog doing something silly. There are a bunch of rhyming words in this book that would catch children's attention.

    22. My all time favorite version of this classic rhyme. I love the ending when the dog gets a huge bone! For added fun, act out what the dog does and sing the words while reading them.Guaranteed to be a book your little one, and you, will want to read over and over again!

    23. I'm a big fan of Jane Cabrera's books, especially her illustrations! So loved this simple book with classic great rhymes and fun artwork!

    24. A lively retelling, cheery fun, great art. Terrific endpapers too with doodled dog photo art (would make a great craft for a pet themed day).

    25. Good humorous book. Perfect for lesson on sequencing and rhyme. The humor would definitely hook the children. Pictures are very appealing to the eye.

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