Ikumen After

Ikumen After This is a really cute sweet story about two single dads Asakura and Kentarou whose young sons happen to go to the same daycare

  • Title: Ikumen After
  • Author: Kazuma Kodaka
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is a really cute, sweet story about two single dads Asakura and Kentarou, whose young sons happen to go to the same daycare.

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      167 Kazuma Kodaka
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    1 thought on “Ikumen After”

    1. A sweet story of two dads falling in love and their struggles as single parents. They shared parenting tips and help support each other. For Izumi, it's love at first sight, he was practically drooling all over his child's pre-school friend's handsome daddy. As for Asakura, he found his feelings for Izumi deepens each day without realizing the nature of his affection towards another guy.The story of Vol. 1 ends with a direct brazen confession that left Asakura flustered. I can't wait to follow t [...]

    2. Kodaka Kazuma, what else is there to say?The story is a bit silly, but the characters quite loveable and the kids utterly cute.

    3. I stumbled across this by total accident, and oh god, am I glad that I did. It's a story about two single dads written and drawn by Kazuma Kodaka and it's so supercute and happiness inducing! The only bad thing is that it isn't finished and it looks like it will be a while until there's a continuation, but I don't care that much. It's really a sweet story that's beautifully drawn, and the kids are incredibly cute, and the dads are adorable. I really loved this, can you tell?

    4. I think this book is an exhalent read, and I would recommend it for both veteran and (especially for) beginning BL readers.As an artist and an inspiring cartoonist the art is drawn amazingly and you can feel the hard work and emotion that was put into evey panel, with an added bonus the chins don't look like there going to shank you.The story is cute, hilarious, thrilling, head-aginst-book bashing, and hot -n-steamy rolled up in one sushi role. With the sauce of interesting and compelling charac [...]

    5. One of the sweetest stories/manga's I've read. There is some angst along the way, but the journey of these two fathers and their son's is a very entertaining and "warm feeling" read.

    6. Ikumen After, story and art by Kazuma Kodaka, is a very sweet, on-going manga series first released in 2010 that is not a yaoi. I know, you’re in shock, that I’ve actually read a non-yaoi manga. :P Well, I have, kind of. Ikumen After is a yaoi, but a tame one, which is called shonen-ai, or the equivalent to puppy love within Japanese comics. The relationships are gay and the men may hold hands, kiss, and express feelings for one another verbally, however, physical interaction doesn’t happe [...]

    7. Asakura et Kentarô sont deux pères isolés qui élèvent chacun leur petit garçon. Comme les enfants sont dans la même école maternelle et sont amis, ils font connaissance et commencent eux aussi à se fréquenter.De milieux complètement différents, ils se retrouvent pourtant sur un point, rien n’est plus important que le bonheur de leurs enfants.Ce manga développe des sujets que j’ai rarement vu dans de tels ouvrages. L’homoparentalité est bien entendu traitée à travers le pers [...]

    8. Etant une très grande fan de la très grande Dame qu'est Kazuma Kodaka, je me suis jeté sur ce manga traitant de l'homoparentalité, thématique encore trop rare dans le BL.Tout comme Lovely Teacher de Nase Yamato, les petits fripons sont le capital humoristique du manga. Ils sont adorables, attendrissants et vraiment touchants.J'ai adoré ces deux papas avec des méthodes d'éducation totalement opposées, mais qui se rejoignent dans l'amour inconditionnel qu'ils portent à leur enfant. De pl [...]

    9. ***3.5/5***Premier tome d'une duologie. Assez sympathique, drôle, mais assez peu d'émotions au rendez-vous. En tout cas pas suffisamment pour moi. J'espère que le deuxième et dernier tome corrigera tout ça.

    10. Este manga vale totalmente la pena, es una historia dulce y realista, no es del típico amor a primera vista y todos felices, la relación evoluciona poco a poco y los niños son un amor!

    11. This is such a cute, sweet and funny manga. Quite kitschy, but in a good way :) I liked it a lot. And I do like good manga with kids in them, they are so sweet and funny >.<

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