Gabriel: Lord of Regrets

Gabriel Lord of Regrets A man with a dangerous futureAfter two years in hiding to protect his family Gabriel Wendover Marquess of Hesketh leaves behind the woman he loves and returns home to untangle the plots against him

  • Title: Gabriel: Lord of Regrets
  • Author: Grace Burrowes
  • ISBN: 9781402278754
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A man with a dangerous futureAfter two years in hiding to protect his family, Gabriel Wendover, Marquess of Hesketh, leaves behind the woman he loves and returns home to untangle the plots against him When the lady turns up on his doorstep to paint portraits of Gabriel s brother and sister in law, he s not sure whether it s by accident or design And now she could be in A man with a dangerous futureAfter two years in hiding to protect his family, Gabriel Wendover, Marquess of Hesketh, leaves behind the woman he loves and returns home to untangle the plots against him When the lady turns up on his doorstep to paint portraits of Gabriel s brother and sister in law, he s not sure whether it s by accident or design And now she could be in harm s way tooA lady with a dangerous pastPolonaise Hunt is an accomplished artist who is determined to paint the prestigious Wendover family portraits, but coming upon Gabriel in his new situation changes everything Despite their mutual passion, trusting Gabriel could cost Polly everything she holds dear

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    1. I've read every book that Grace Burrowes has published, and I thought her most recent (before this one) was her best yet. (That would be Once Upon a Tartan.) So I'm truly disappointed to say that Gabriel: Lord of Regrets is just an unmitigated mess. There is a convoluted backstory, a supposed murder plot, lots of sex, secrets. Oh, my God, secrets! Everybody is keeping secrets from everybody else. I note that several other reviewers have loved the book and given it a five-star rating, but I canno [...]

    2. slooooooow burn on this one. I can see why some didn't like it. A LOT of talking and not a lot of action. Well, sexy action there is, but not a huge mystery to solve. And what mystery there is isn't much. But I'm liking Grace Burrowes' writing the more this series goes on. One word of warning, I would NOT read this series out of order. Too much is explained in the early books.

    3. Free today (always check)!Gabriel North intrigued me when he was introduced in Beckman. He and Polly were supporting characters in that book. This is their story, and what an adventure it is. Someone has tried to kill Gabriel several times. He's been hiding at Three Springs, working the land, trying to make it prosper, while he figures out just who might want him dead. He suspects his brother, even though that hurts him.When he comes out of hiding and announces to the world, and his brother, tha [...]

    4. Grace Burrowes' "Gabriel, Lord of Regrets" - #5 in the Lonely Lords series  This one is a bit strange. First of all, don't even think about reading it before you've read Beckman, the previous book in the series. The 2 main characters, Gabriel and Polly, and Polly's true situation in life, are introduced there. This book is written as if it is a continuation of Beckman.  Polly the heroine is a portrait painter who is at the hero's house, unbeknownst to him (like I said, you have to read Beckma [...]

    5. I loved this book---a DIK for me----so much that my husband knows all about it, plus my daughter. I just couldn't say enough about it. For full justice though one should really read "Beckman" first to see where Gabriel and Polonaise begin. Gabriel has been hiding for 2 years, ever since his attack which left him severly injured in Spain. His brother, Aaron, has stepped up, marrying Gabriel's fiance, running the marquesate, and going to Parliament. Gabriel decides to go home, and therefore, flush [...]

    6. 3.5 starsMuch as it pains me to say it, I don’t think this is one of Ms Burrowes’ best efforts. Don’t get me wrong – I didn’t hate it; I didn’t even not enjoy it, but I did find many of the plot points were just too contrived and nonsensical and really, the reason for the “I love you but we can’t be together” in this book bordered on the seriously annoying.Although all the books in the Lonely Lords series are designed to be read as standalones, some of them work best when read [...]

    7. There is no end in sight to the wonders of Ms. Burrowes’s novels. Each one makes me love her families more and more. There have been those who criticize her but I’m not one of them because her wordcraft pulls me in and doesn’t let me go once I start reading.Gabriel, aka Gabriel North from the prior book in the series (Beckman: Lord of Sin), returns home at long last after being in hiding. We finally get to discover why he was hiding (someone had been trying to kill him, he learned) and wat [...]

    8. A semi-murder mystery, a hot romance, and a legal battle come together in this book to make it one hell of a read. Gabriel: Lord of Regrets was a fantastic historical romance that kept me hooked. Loved it!Polonaise was a lovely heroine. She was easy to sympathize for, considering everything she had gone through and was still dealing with. Despite that, she was a tough woman, and nothing could get her down. I liked that she had her head firmly in reality. I find it unrealistic when historical rom [...]

    9. #5 in the Lonely Lords series by Grace Burrowes. I have really enjoyed all of these books so far. It is nice to read about some really sweet, caring, protective men.Gabriel Wendover, Marquess of Hesketh (we met him in book #4)has been in hiding for the last 2 years because someone has been trying to kill him. He was attacked and almost died in Spain when he went over to see about his injured brother who was a soldier in the Napoleonic wars. Gabriel pretends to have died hoping that he can the fe [...]

    10. As anyone who follows my reviews would know, I’m totally addicted to Grace Burrowes’ novels and “Gabriel” is no exception. As usual with a Burrowes novel, the evil plot, in this case someone’s apparent attempts to kill Gabriel, does not overwhelm the novel. The characters are fully drawn and completely engaging. She does a very cool thing with the character names in this novel. Gabriel falls in love with Polonaise whose whole family has names relating to music and dance. Gabriel, an an [...]

    11. I usually enjoy Grace Burrowes but this story was too slow for my liking and I never got fully into it. I skimmed the last third of the book. Her writing is still lovely. The blurb makes this story sound a lot more intriguing and potentially action packed than it is. And, although valid for the time period, it turns out I'm not a big fan of silly women who won't marry a man because he's nobility and she's not. There is no room in my life for that kind of nonsense so it was highly irritating and, [...]

    12. Written as a combined review with the previous book Beckman!4.5 out of 5 for this reader folks!The Lonely Lord series by award winning author (and one of my faves) Grace Burrowes once again did NOT disappoint. This review consists of books number 4 (Beckman) and 5 (Gabriel). These two were just as yummy as Darius, Nicholas and Ethan and totally swept me off my feet once again! If you love a solid historical romance (1800's) where gentlemen were expected to be gentlemen, ladies were ladies and al [...]

    13. Burrowes has excellent writing skills and I have dearly loved most of her books. This one not so much. Many of Burrowes usual skills are displayed here:1. Conversation. No one does conversation better than Burrowes. So much dialogue in genre fiction is tedious, wooden, silly, out of character or, in a variety of other ways, just plain bad. Burrowes’ characters show their complexity and really come to life with her dialogue: she always has me on the edge of my seat throughout her captivating co [...]

    14. After years of hiding and denying himself his birthright, Gabriel Wendover leaves behind a woman he loves to resume his place as the Marquis of Hesketh even now still feeling as though he still had a target on his back after someone had nearly killed him some years back. He felt he could no longer hide and would bring himself out in the open, if only to discover who wanted him dead. However, after leaving behind the woman he loved (in order to protect her) he discovers she, Polonaise (Polly) Hun [...]

    15. Book #4 in Grace Burrowes’ sexy and emotional Lonely Lords series, featuring many of the secondary men (friends and acquaintances) from her Windham series.This book is really a continuation of Beckman, the third book in the series and should be read after that. While I enjoyed that book, I found I liked this one more. We also learn a surprising secret about Gabriel that I hope will be further explored in a later Lonely Lords story.Gabriel Wendover, the Marquess of Hesketh, has been in hiding f [...]

    16. Lots of the criticisms of this book are well-founded. There's a hell of a lot of plot points. The murder story is wrapped up in too a neat moment of WTF, everyone gets over it with staggering ease. The law is hilariously inaccurate, although Burrowes gets bonus points from this English lawyer for working equitable maxims into a romance novel. It's basically a sequel to Beckman and you do need to have read Beckman to understand it and the h/h relationship. All that said, it's still a Burrowes and [...]

    17. Another fantastic book! What I love about books by Grace Burrowes is the depth of emotion she brings to her stories. There was a mystery involving who tried to kill Gabriel, but rather than allow it to become the main focus of the book, it just acts as reason that our hero had to hide on an estate as the estate agent where he met Polly. Burrowes does not shy away from some heavy emotional issues including Polly coming to terms with choices she made as a very young mother and the consequences of [...]

    18. Having a formula is one thing, but having everybody end up with eight children or more is too much in an era where women and children died like flies. This is really a 1.5 and that barely. Two more to go from the library and then I'm going to take a break from her until maybe, I can forget the plot of all of them which happens to be the same.

    19. Gabriel by Grace Burrowes is a well written book, full of suspense, lovable characters, action and sizzle. Gabriel and the sassy Polly's story was a fun read. I enjoyed this book cover to cover and can't wait to read more from the talented Grace Burrowes in the future. Gabriel is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

    20. Difficile à cerner. Je suis mitigée car j'ai eu du mal à entrer dans l'histoire, à comprendre . Puis, petit à petit, je me suis laissée aller , laisser prendre par l'intrigue.Cependant, je n'ai pas vraiment aimé la façon dont l'auteur résout son énigme. C'est un peu tiré par les cheveux.

    21. One of the things that I notice when I read a Grace Burrowes novel is her use of words -- where one usually finds the word "move over", she uses, instead the word "budge up" -- and there's a lot of budging up happening in both Beckman and Gabriel's novels, as our heroes cuddle up with their heroines. It's idiosyncratic, yes, but it also is the perfect word to encapsulate the moment and capture the intimacy that exists between her characters. And Grace Burrowes is very eloquent in how her charact [...]

    22. Another great one by Grace Burrowes! I rated this 5 stars, but it's not among my favorites, even though Gabriel is one of my favorite heroes. Why? Still can't help but be annoyed by Polly. Little Allie had way more sense than Polly. But still, she was great with Gabriel. Dear, dear Gabriel. Very good story with lovely steamy bits.

    23. I couldn't finish it. I didn't get past the first few chapters. ***Spoiler Alert***I thought I could get past her sleeping with her sisters husband. But I couldn't.

    24. A fascinating historical romance that will quickly captivate readers and keep them guessing! Taken from my review at RomanceJunkies:Two years ago, Gabriel Wendover had been at death’s door. Having traveled to Spain to retrieve his brother Aaron, who had been wounded in the Peninsular War, Gabriel was set upon by brigands, who left him seriously wounded. While recovering in a convent hospital, it was set afire and not knowing who wanted him dead, Gabriel allowed his family to believe he had die [...]

    25. Gabriel and Polonaise are meant to be together. I found her a bit irritating, she made too much of her problems and seemed to take what she heard as literal truth despite her supposed sophistication and intelligence. I adored Gabriel though and found his honesty and pragmatism very enticing. Aaron and Marjorie were perfect together and seeing George as the villain was hard because he is motivation was very suspect.

    26. For me Grace Burrowes' habit of telling half a story in one book (in this case, Beckman) and concluding in another is getting old. At least in this book we don't suffer the repetition of half a book, just from a different perspective.As we found out in Beckman, Gareth is not a land steward but instead, for reasons unknown, a nobleman in hiding. He and Polly are clearly in love although their relationship has been platonic.The book starts with Gareth deciding it is time he resumes his old life. H [...]

    27. October 2014: I was wondering whether or not to read this one as some reviewers were disappointed and I've yet to be disappointed by Grace Burrowes. I've still yet to be disappointed by Grace Burrowes. I'm glad I went on to read Gabriel's story. It is a bit different because he was in love from the first page (see Beckett) and the feeling was mutual on Polonaise's (Polly) part. They each had reasons for thinking they were not worthy of the other. I'm usually not very happy with the trope of misu [...]

    28. GABRIEL: LORD OF REGRETS by Grace Burrowes is an exciting Regency Historical Romance. #5 in the "Lonely Lords" series, but can be read as a stand alone. See,"Nicholas","Beckman","Darius",and "Ethan"(not in order). Gabriel Wendover,the Marquis of Hesketh is known as the Lord of Regrets,if to no one else but himself. Regrets, Gabriel, has a lifetime of them. Being stalked half way around the world, wounded,and an danger,or so he believes. He now decides it is time to go home and face whoever is tr [...]

    29. Delightfule brooding Gabriel revealed!I was at sixes and sevens about this instalment of Lonely Lords. Whilst I enjoyed it I felt I did not actually love it as much as I wanted to. I couldn't put a finger on what it is that made it enjoyable rather than an mmm! thoroughly delectable experience.Perhaps I expected more of the brooding Gabriel North. Perhaps I expected too much. Certainly he is warm and considerate of Polonaise on many levels. His internal reflections show his care and depth of fee [...]

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