The 47 Ronin: A Graphic Novel

The Ronin A Graphic Novel A graphic novel version of the most dramatic example of bushido the samurai code in Japanese history In the eighteenth century forty seven samurai avenged the death of their master in a plot that wou

  • Title: The 47 Ronin: A Graphic Novel
  • Author: Sean Michael Wilson Akiko Shimojima
  • ISBN: 9781611801378
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • A graphic novel version of the most dramatic example of bushido the samurai code in Japanese history In the eighteenth century, forty seven samurai avenged the death of their master in a plot that would take over two years to complete After succeeding in their mission, the masterless samurai known as ronin all committed ritual suicide The story, which is a nationalA graphic novel version of the most dramatic example of bushido the samurai code in Japanese history In the eighteenth century, forty seven samurai avenged the death of their master in a plot that would take over two years to complete After succeeding in their mission, the masterless samurai known as ronin all committed ritual suicide The story, which is a national legend, remains the most potent example of Japan s deeply rooted cultural imperative of honor, persistence, loyalty, and sacrifice The historical event has inspired many writers and artists over the years and numerous fictionalized versions and adaptations have emerged In The 47 Ronin, Sean Michael Wilson has created a historically factual portrait, enhanced by evocative and often lyrical drawings by Akiko Shimojima While there are other depictions of the story in manga form, this version stands out as being the most accurate and most compelling Wilson and Shimojima have made the characters nuanced and relatable.

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      308 Sean Michael Wilson Akiko Shimojima
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    1 thought on “The 47 Ronin: A Graphic Novel”

    1. Where do I start with this book? I want to love it. It feels like a really old manga comic with all the artistic trappings of that style; movement lines, over exaggerated faces, badly translated languages, oversized text boxes where the English takes up less space than the Japanese. But wait, this is a brand new graphic novel released this year. The artist is Japanese, but the writer is Scottish? Actually, I had to do some research on this one, although by birth he is from the UK, he lives and w [...]

    2. I was provided a copy of this graphic novel by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.I had never heard of the 47 Ronin before, and the release of the graphic novel is timely with the movie releasing theaters now starring Keanu Reeves. The beginning sucked. I couldn't tell who was who and had to keep going back and rereading parts and trying to figure the story out. It seriously needed a prologue for people like me who didn't know the story and couldn't keep track of the similarly named [...]

    3. Relata muy bien lo hechos ded la historia de los 47 ronin, lo que en occidente diríamos fue su venganza, pero para los japoneses es una por demás admirable muestra de apego y lealtad la espíritu del Bushido. El arte y las gráficas son un poco básicas y más que relatar la histia, sirven para ilustrarla; pero cumple admirablemente su cometido de contar una historia lineal fluida y con buen sentido del ritmo literario.Una característica adicional que la hace más atractiva: la mayoría de lo [...]

    4. This is a successful attempt to accurately depict a legendary historical event. Someone as fascinated by Japanese culture as I am will love this graphic novel for that fact, but anyone expecting it to be similar to the upcoming movie where Keanu Reeves literally sword fights with dragons will be seriously disappointed. The beautiful artwork and sparse text made it a fast read and gave the revenge tale an ethereal feel, and while I would have liked to see the revenge plot fleshed out in greater d [...]

    5. Decent art, but overall a very slow story. The history itself is interesting, but for a graphic novel this did a lot more telling than showing. The end result is rather dry and hardly as exciting I'd hoped.

    6. Hi all, I am the writer of this visual version, thank you all for your reviews. Some reviews I've notice include:"The 47 Ronin is a dignified telling of a dignified story. It’s violent when it needs to be, precise and calm when it’s called for and never once loses focus. This is a tightly focused, perfectly pitched retelling of the story and a perfect entry point for anyone coming to the story for the first time. The Keanu Reeves version may have all the spectacle, but this version has all t [...]

    7. I received a free copy of this title from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.I admit that when I began this story, the tale of the 47 ronin wasn't exactly fresh in my mind. I kept thinking about the film Seven Samurai which ALSO features ronin, and I kept wondering where the put-upon villagers were, etc. Gosh, I am out of it.I really enjoyed the way that the setup for the revenge was done: it was very clear that what Kiro was doing was very offensive to the feudal lords [...]

    8. Starting up my reviewing for Library Journal again. This is the story of feudal lord Asano in 18th century Japan who's insulted by another lord, Kira, and is ordered to commit ritual suicide after attempting to kill Kira in the shogun's residence. Asano's samurai, rendered masterless ronin, take revenge for their master's death, and are consequently also ordered to kill themselves honorably.It sounds like this is an extremely famous story in Japan, consisting of historical fact that has been emb [...]

    9. Many thanks to Shambhala Publications, Inc. for approving my request for this title on NetGalley. It was a bit difficult to rate The 47 Ronin, I have to say, because while I did like the artwork, which felt quite fresh and original, I had trouble distinguishing between the different characters most of the time, and that certainly affected my rating. As to what could have been done to avoid this issue, though, I can honestly say that I don't know. It is difficult, especially when they are dressed [...]

    10. The 47 Ronin adapts a classic Japanese story of Bushido, the Samurai code of honor. This particular adaptation is in graphic novel form, having been written by Sean Michael Wilson and Akiko Shimojima handling the art duties. It follows the tale of a group of samurai, disgraced and left leaderless after their lord had assaulted a court official in Edo castle and committed seppuku. The samurai, believing that their lord had borne great offense from this official, set out on a plan for revenge.The [...]

    11. I saw previews for the movie before I heard of the book. I enjoy watching films like "The Last Samurai," or reading books with samurai in them like Ghost in the Tokaido Inn. For modern Americans, it may be hard to imagine that all the samurai loyal to a lord who has been disgraced would also share that dishonor, or that the shogun would disband the domain rather than appointing someone else to rule it. The strict adherence to their code of honor set the samurai apart from other professions, even [...]

    12. Overall this is a good introduction to the story of the 47 Ronin and I will be buying it for my library. I have no doubt that Americans who've never heard of this event in Japanese history will find it interesting. The art is particularly well done and I found the story compelling. My teens will probably really enjoy it.Yet in my opinion there is something about this that just doesn't quite hit. It doesn't really explain the Bushido codes or why the actions of the Ronin are seen as honorable and [...]

    13. In feudal Japan there is a famous story of 47 ronin who avenge their master. There is a recent Keanu Reeves movie that tells the story, but adds supernatural elements. This graphic novel tells the story without these sort of elements and it's a pretty compelling story on it's own.A cruel shogun pushes a young lord Asano to the point where Asano attempts to kill the shogun. The shogun demands the young man's death. This shocks and outrages Asano's samurai, but rather than take immediate revenge, [...]

    14. I received a free copy through NetGalley. "The 47 Ronin" is a graphic novel adaptation of one of Japan's oldest and most famous stories in samurai history. When their master, Asano, is dishonored and forced to commit seppuku, 47 now master-less ronin plot together to avenge their daimyo.The graphic novel starts out prior to the confrontation between Asano and Kira, the court member who dishonored him. It took a little bit to get into not being as familiar with the story as there isn't a lot of b [...]

    15. In the 18th century, forty-seven masterless samurai masterminded a secret plot, spanning over two years, to avenge the death of their master. Claiming to be the first historically accurate graphic novel accounting of the famed event, The 47 Ronin explores the deeply rooted Japanese engagement with honor, loyalty, sacrifice, and above all else, the bushido. Writer Sean Michael Wilson, editor of the groundbreaking Ax: Alternative Manga, and artist Akiko Shimojima stumble their way through the icon [...]

    16. This graphic novel depicts a historically accurate version of the tale of the 47 Ronin. Set in feudal Japan, the story is an actual incident in that country's history, where a group of now-leaderless samurai patiently plot revenge on the noble responsible for their master's death, against the directive of the ruling shogunate. A glimpse into the unique culture of this storied country and the Bushido code, the code by which all samurai follow, The 47 Ronin brings this national tale to an internat [...]

    17. This is a great dramatization of a true Japanese legend, of 47 samurai who plot for two years to avenge the death of their lord, and then committing ritual suicide afterwards. The artwork is in the manga style and the story, although a bit slow to start, accelerates forward to the exciting conclusion. The only problem a reader might have is keeping track of all the Japanese characters! This graphic novel will appeal to history buffs and those who love adventure and superhero-type graphic novels. [...]

    18. I found this graphic novel confusing. I found the offense of the initial incident some what muddled, perhaps it is because I am outsider to bushido and do not grasp the entirety of the disrespect. I had read another version of this done by Mike Richardson and Stan Sakai which provided a fuller explanation of how Kira Yoshinaka goaded daimyo Asano Naganori into attacking himself, yet the full offense escapes me in both versions. Perhaps others find more in the story than I do or I just was not mo [...]


    20. I like the artwork much better in this one compared to the Richardson/Sakai version. This one had less background details and I think it would have been harder to follow if I hadn't read the Richardson/Sakai version first, especially regarding Kira's corruption and insult to Asano. Overall though, I liked this version better.

    21. 47 Ronin was an interesting graphic novel depicting the true story of 47 men who sought avenge their master and his honor. The novel was a very quick read and the artwork was great. It was amazing to see how the ronin in this true story came to life within the pages and to be able to experience the trials they faced. Overall, it was a fairly decent novel.

    22. The story of The 47 Ronin is beautiful, however I did not enjoy this graphic novel much. There was not enough character development and sometimes I felt like I was missing something, because some parts were very confusing and not very well explained. I liked the art but I found it quite troublesome to tell the characters apart.

    23. The 47 Ronin is a famous story from the history of feudal Japan. A corrupt official causes offense which destroys a family. The leaderless samurai must work in secret waiting for their revenge. This 47 Ronin graphic novel is a faithful adaptation of the narrative. Amusingly it seems to have a greater focus on the initial offense then it does to the climax.

    24. Another for my collection of historical graphic novels--this is good at using visuals to enhance the political and ethical debate within bushido about the obligations of the 47 Ronin, but the brevity of the work doesn't allow for any larger context and the epilogue is pat and unreflective.

    25. Keanu Reeve's 47 Ronin brought me to Wilson's graphic novel because I felt that the 2013 flick was so bad, I needed manga to bring me some calm back into my life. Wilson's graphic novel is way better than the Reeve's movie because there's actual blood. What a relief!

    26. The story of the 47 Ronin is a trully beautiful story. This doesn't do it justice. You can't even tell the characters apart. I mean, I didn't expect them to have pink and purple hair to stand out but I think that the illustrator could have done a better job with this.

    27. See my full review on my blog, The Itinerant Librarian. Click or copy and paste the link on your browser. Link to review: itinerantlibrarian

    28. It's okay, a quick little read. I'd love to see this art used to depict a longer and fuller account of the story, but this book is fine for what it is.

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