Miriam's Song: A Memoir

Miriam s Song A Memoir Mark Mathabane first came to prominence with the publication of Kaffir Boy which became a New York Times bestseller His story of growing up in South Africa was one of the most riveting accounts of li

  • Title: Miriam's Song: A Memoir
  • Author: Mark Mathabane Miriam Mathabane
  • ISBN: 9780743203241
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mark Mathabane first came to prominence with the publication of Kaffir Boy, which became a New York Times bestseller His story of growing up in South Africa was one of the most riveting accounts of life under apartheid Mathabane s newest book, Miriam s Song, is the story of Mark s sister, who was left behind in South Africa It is the gripping tale of a woman represenMark Mathabane first came to prominence with the publication of Kaffir Boy, which became a New York Times bestseller His story of growing up in South Africa was one of the most riveting accounts of life under apartheid Mathabane s newest book, Miriam s Song, is the story of Mark s sister, who was left behind in South Africa It is the gripping tale of a woman representative of an entire generation who came of age amid the violence and rebellion of the 1980s and finally saw the destruction of apartheid and the birth of a new, democratic South Africa Mathabane writes in Miriam s voice based on stories she told him, but he has re created her unforgettable experience as only someone who also lived through it could The immediacy of the hardships that brother and sister endured from daily school beatings to overwhelming poverty is balanced by the beauty of their childhood observations and the true affection that they have for each other.

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    1 thought on “Miriam's Song: A Memoir”

    1. This book is a memoir of the writer's sister called Miriam. While Mark Mathabane leaves to America in the time of Apartheid, his family stays behind, encountering the hardships that blacks face during the time. Miriam, the one who speaks in the story, aims her goal of being a nurse, and she continously reach for this goal despite the hardships she faces. The Bantu education was way behind compared to those which whites had recieved, but Miriam had a strong goal to achieve, and this gave her stro [...]

    2. Loved it! This is the story of Miriam growing up in South Africa during Apartheid. It's a slightly different perspective than Kaffir Boy in that Miriam is younger that Mark and so most of this book is written after Mark leaves home. And, it is different in that girls and boys are treated differently. Still, I am amazed as the resiliency of the family and the desire in Miriam to continue her education and do everything in her power to realize her dream of becoming a nurse.

    3. If you want an understanding of South African apartheid, this is the book for you. An incredible true story of a woman finding her strength during apartheid and how she lived day to day. Wonderful book. Changed how I viewed and engaged the world around me.

    4. Second book I read on my Kenya trip.I have wanted to read this one for a very long time, but was never able to find it in any book shop or library. So when I saw a copy at Capitol Hill Books, I had to get it!I was a bit nervous to read it when I found out that Mark Mathebane wrote it, since I am not a fan of his personality (at least what I can see from his books). But, I liked the perspective that it would offer of his younger sister who stayed in South Africa during the turmoil of the 1980s an [...]

    5. Mark Mathabane has written this story on behalf of his sister, Miriam, who stayed living in Alexandria, South Africa, long after her oldest sibling, Mark, went to America. Miriam and the rest of her family suffer continued abuses of apartheid. Miriam is a strong student of the Bantu education, which is far less equal than white education in South Africa. Miriam has dreams of going to America to become a nurse under Mark's care in America, who has married a white woman and has become the writer o [...]

    6. This book was moving, gripping, intriguing, striking, and a revelation of the treatment of black women in apartheid South Africa. I loved Kaffir Boy but the story of Miriam, Johannes' sister that was left behind in South Africa, was able to grossly illustrate the abusive and violent lives of black women in Alexandra. Miriam is a strong women determined to stop at nothing to achieve her dream. I have nothing but appreciation for her as a human being and a woman. This book describes the apartheid [...]

    7. As I knew so little about South Africa's immense struggle with the injustice of Apartheid, I found this book incredibly eye-opening, if not somewhat shocking. With each chapter I thought, "How could young Miriam possibly endure more?" - and then she would. Knowing that this is a memoir containing all facts rather than "loosely based on" or "partly fictionalized" scenes made it difficult to read. I often found myself needing to take a break from the book to process the inhumane and horrific thing [...]

    8. If you liked reading "Kaffir Boy: the True Story of a Black Youth's Coming of Age in Apartheid South Africa," you will enjoy reading this book. It could be called Kaffir Girl because Mark Mathabane and Miriam Mathabane are siblings and were raised by the same strong, determined, long-suffering, patient mother who managed to keep all 7 of her children alive under apartheid. By the end of this book, you'll be eager to know how Miriam is doing. I won't give anything away because Miriam is my "skwiz [...]

    9. The biography of Miriam Mathabane, sister of Mark Mathabane , during the years that Mark described in Kaffir Boy and Kaffir Boy in America. Having read all three books, it is striking to me how different the lives of African men and women are, how disparate their expectations and opportunities. Mark's autobiographies give a chilling picture of life under Apartheid and, later, the long adjustment of settling in a foreign land. I think Miriam's Song is better written than either of his earlier boo [...]

    10. What an amazing, sad, inspiring book. Miriam's story gives a first hand experience of the extreme hardships the black people in South Africa faced under apartheid and the violence that preceded the fall of apartheid. What I loved most about this book is how simple the wiring is. It doesn't read like a scholarly, heavy-worded text. Mark, writing his sister's story, doesn't try to "smart" the story. The events are laid bare for all to understand and it makes for a better emotional connection to Mi [...]

    11. A great companion book to 'Kaffir boy'. I never learned much on apartheid in school so a lot of the content was shocking to me. For those who read mathabane's first book this follows it by telling the story of his sister (and family) who was left behind when he left for america. (not a spoiler by the way, it says so on the back cover) Recomended to anyone interested in knowing more about him and getting a closer look at africa.

    12. This memoir is from the perspective of Miriam, sister to the author, Mark. Mark's story is chronicled in *Kaffir Boy*. I found Kaffir Boy to be much better written. However, this book makes a good companion piece to Kaffir Boy. I especially appreciate hearing a girl's perspective. Even though I am a bit critical of the book, I am incredibly glad I read it. In an easy way, it helps one understand better life under Apartheid. For that reason alone, it could be more than 3 stars.

    13. My rating is only about my personal response to the book, and not in any way a reflection on how well it was written. Mathabane did an excellent job of telling his sister's story. And that was the problem, I hated all the things she went through and just wanted to finish the book and think about something else.

    14. This was one of my favorite books in the begining of the year because it is a memoir of an Afican American girl and how she suffers throughout her life. Not only because of her family condition, but also how she gets bullied at school. This book taught me that we should be happy with what we have right now because many other people suffer to survive and deal with a hard life to live on.

    15. This companion/sequel to "Kaffir Boy" provides another detailed and realistic account of life inside apartheid-era townships--including the 1976 student uprising and the 1986 Alexandra Rebellion. The author writes from his sister's perspective, which offers a unique insight into the treatment of women. Despite all the problems and suffering, the ending offers an element of hopefulness.

    16. This was a really good memoir about a young girl coming of age in South Africa around the end of apartheid. It was really moving to me that despite living among squalor and violence, Miriam was deeply religious and wanted to realize her dream of being a nurse. This is the first book where I actually looked up the website to see if I could contact the author…I’m definitely considering it.

    17. I love this book, it talks about the things the went on in Alexandra, a small city outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. This book also Talked about historical figures that Started Racial Movements. Example, Steve Biko, who was killed by the police, but they said he died from starvation which was a lie. Overall this is a amazing book to read I would recommend more people to read it.

    18. This is a Memoir written about a girl named Miriam, and her life growing up in the ghetto of alexandra during the Apartheid in South Africa. I found this book interesting. If you have any doubts about the importance of education you should read this book. Education is freedom.

    19. Excellent first person accounting of life as a girl and young woman living in a ghetto area outside Johannesburg, South Africa, during apartheid and at the end of that era. Very disturbing the cavalier attitude people take to rape but an excellent read.

    20. Mark Mathabane has an incredible descriptive caphability.Deeply engaging descriptions and accurate analysis of his characters feelings and movements make his books an absolute must for non-fiction readers. 5 stars.

    21. read in five days a week ago. very good. read Kaffir Boy when 30. This is his sister's story.

    22. This wonderful written biography really touched my heart.Miriam is such a strong woman. I really hope she has now found her luck and is able to live a happier life!

    23. i dont know the writing is good but fyi there are triggers in it such as rape ( see my teacher doesnt warn you)

    24. Love this story. Beautiful, tragic, and true. Helped me understand the issues around urban poverty and South African history.

    25. When I think about the trouble Miriam went trough to get an education and succeed in general, it inspires me to keep pushing forward witht the things I'd like to accomplish in my life.

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