Heart Murmurs

Heart Murmurs Mia Templeton is dying Or was dying After receiving a heart transplant her world is forever altered Before her eyes open she overhears her donor was a murdered girl of the same age Whispers invade M

  • Title: Heart Murmurs
  • Author: R.R. Smythe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mia Templeton is dying Or was dying After receiving a heart transplant, her world is forever altered Before her eyes open, she overhears her donor was a murdered girl of the same age Whispers invade Mia s head before she s even left the recovery room She develops tastes for foods she once hated, and dreams so vivid, she feels they re someone else s memories Her persoMia Templeton is dying Or was dying After receiving a heart transplant, her world is forever altered Before her eyes open, she overhears her donor was a murdered girl of the same age Whispers invade Mia s head before she s even left the recovery room She develops tastes for foods she once hated, and dreams so vivid, she feels they re someone else s memories Her personality is altered once a quiet doormat, she s now inexplicably flippant, and confident And her unexplained longing for the new boy at school is borderline obsessive.Morgan Kelley is new Adopted by his aunt, a descendant of Louisa May Alcott Little Women , he s thrown into life at a new high school, and as a historical guide for his aunt s store a homage to all things Alcott Conspiracy theories abound about his mangled lower leg but no one has been brave enough to ask Till Mia Something is awry with the Underground Railroad tunnels beneath his aunt s home Mia and Morgan enter the world of a secret Literary Society and are drafted to help bring a rogue Literary giant to justice, solve the mystery of her heart donor, the the real fate of Beth from Little Women.

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    • Best Read [R.R. Smythe] ☆ Heart Murmurs || [Paranormal Book] PDF ✓
      374 R.R. Smythe
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    1 thought on “Heart Murmurs”

    1. Oh my God, this book is a mess. Guys, I don't even know what to say about this. It was the major case of "What the frack is going on?" for me. The idea was interesting, I liked the characters ok, but it never clicked together. Half the time I felt like I somehow missed some kind of explanation for what was happening, like maybe the author forgot to clarify a few things.So there's this court, and upon seeing this word on the page, I naturally thought "Ah, so the fair folk are involved, ok". Right [...]

    2. Heart Murmurs is a young adult paranormal novel full of mystery and intrigue. We follow a young girl named Mia as she struggles to accept the heart she received from a heart transplant. With her new heart she gains some new and odd talents. When she comes home she meet a strange man at her job named Morgan. He isn’t like most people and she is soon to find out he is her destiny. Will their love survive? I really enjoyed this book. I especially loved the twist at the end. This would be a good w [...]

    3. Great readI had no idea what this book was about before I started to read it, but was at once captivated. I read it in one day. Talk about imagination - the author certainly qualifies for the Literati.

    4. While I did not dislike this book, the synopsis is not quite enough to go on. I was expecting what I read in the synopsis, to read about a girl that had some of the inclinations of the person that gave her a heart. Sadly, it's a lot more than that. A lot more.What I did like was the personalities in the story. The characters do seem to jump off of the page. Or out of the headphones since I listened to this one. They are all in high school so it was pretty easy to remember and sympathize with the [...]

    5. Did I enjoy this book: I didn’t hate it. I didn’t love it, and I didn’t quite get it, but I didn’t hate it. Let me explain. No, is too much. Let me sum up. Nerdy high school girl works at nerdy Civil War reenactment site that happens to be NOT a stop on the Underground Railroad, but rather a magical mystery tunnel created and maintained by magical mystery super popular writers who happen to have magical mystery super powers. You know, like Lousia May Alcott’s sister. Oh, and the nerdy [...]

    6. This was a very interesting read. Mia has just undergone a heart transplant, and the changes inside her are pretty scary. She's hearing whispers, voices, feeling rage, and acting much more aggressively than she would have before. Before the transplant. Morgan is a new kid at school, keeps to himself, but he and Mia are drawn to each other. Of course, Mia works at his aunt's store, giving tours about the Alcotts, the real life sisters in *Little Women*. Following Morgan to the underground tunnels [...]

    7. A satisfying YA paranormal contemporary/ historical with some romantic elements. This story is also like a time travel, but not quite. Confused? Don't be. This author has a vivid imagination and an inspired way with her words, weaving a story that pulls you in, keeps you reading and reading until you have to finish the book.The events take place In Gettysburg PA, and yes, events of the past affect this future. The author sets the stage for the second half of the book, which is very imaginative. [...]

    8. I enjoyed it, but not all would. It is fantasy with literary mentions. Mia is fascinated by Louisa May Alcott and her book Little Women. She works for Beth who runs an all Alcott reenactment site. Mia receives a heart transplant and begins to hear whisperings not of her own making. She is brought into a world of underground tunnels and time jumping She also meets authors of the past through these tunnels I would say it is more a teen fiction book.

    9. Full Review at: What's Beyond Forks?This book was completely different from anything I've ever read before. It takes famous authors of the past that we all know and love and adds quite a twist.

    10. Heart Murmurs is an unexpected combination of time travel, Alcott family history, the Underground Railroad, and gothic literature.Read full review in the 2013 June issue of InD’tale Magazine.

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