Driving Blind

Driving Blind Over the course of a long and celebrated career Ray Bradbury has traveled many roads cruising down country highways that wound through the unseen heart of small town America exploring rutted backwood

  • Title: Driving Blind
  • Author: Ray Bradbury
  • ISBN: 9780380973811
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Over the course of a long and celebrated career, Ray Bradbury has traveled many roads cruising down country highways that wound through the unseen heart of small town America exploring rutted backwoods paths that led to dark and dangerous places racing at mach speed along shimmering celestial turnpikes as limitless and exciting as the unbound imagination The Dean of AmOver the course of a long and celebrated career, Ray Bradbury has traveled many roads cruising down country highways that wound through the unseen heart of small town America exploring rutted backwoods paths that led to dark and dangerous places racing at mach speed along shimmering celestial turnpikes as limitless and exciting as the unbound imagination The Dean of American storytellers, Bradbury cherishes the worlds he envisions through his windshield And with incomparable skill and an infectious wonder undiminished by years, he shares what he sees so that we might also appreciate the view DRIVING BLIND is a stunning new collection of short fiction the first since the publication of Bradbury s critically acclaimed Quicker Than the Eye With a steady hand on the wheel, the master once again transports us to remarkable places and to warm and achingly familiar destinations of the heart, revealed as we ve never seen them before in the brilliance of day or gloom of night Here are unforgettable excursions to the fantastic, glorious grand tours through time and memory interspersed with strange, unexpected side trips to the disturbing and eerie where surprises are waiting around every curve and just beyond each mile marker.These are new roads we have never ridden before sprawling interstates and lush, twisting rural routes fraught with dangers and delights of all manner, shape and substance With Ray Bradbury in the driver s seat, the journey promises to be a memorable one Come along and enjoy the ride.

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      491 Ray Bradbury
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    1. Като изключа „Марсиански хроники“ и „451 градуса по Фаренхайт“, няма нещо на Бредбъри, което да съм подхванал и да не ме е очаровало. „Нощен влак за Вавилон“ е приятен сборник с 21 разказа. Не всеки от разказите е шедьовър, но удоволствието от вълшебното перо на автора се ус [...]

    2. A fairly balanced later-Bradbury collection, with a few clunkers. I was happy to have another story from the October family and Heeber Finn's Pub. I only wish that the number of stories left to read by Bradbury was not limited by his recent passing. I enjoy the nostalgic, pragmatic, and naive nature of the characters he creates. It's clear, Bradbury was a responsible child at heart.

    3. The master at his best. These stories are little gems, for the most part. A few felt pedestrian and forced, thus the 4 stars. Bradbury's writing is infused with unbridled optimism, with the continually renewed joy of discovery. The best of the bunch is 'Someone in the Rain', heart-wrenching and nostalgic in the Ray Bradbury style. The other favorite of mine was 'That Bird That Comes Out of the Clock', a story loaded with humor, but rife with a truth that many a henpecking wife should heed.If you [...]

    4. Un libro escrito por Bradbury a la edad de 76 años lleno de nostalgia, melancolía y deseos por el pasado, son cuentos aparentemente sencillos con un final en apariencia sencillo y un desarrollo incluso más mundano pero con un toque fantástico, son el tipo de cuentos que se digieren tiempo después de leídos y dejan una sensación agradable.Al menos Bradbury —al igual que yo— tampoco sabe conducir.

    5. Sweet and melancholy nostalgia embedded in gorgeous prose . .That's how I would describe this collection of short stories from Ray Bradbury.They're also quirky, introspective, and surrealistic, and I loved every one!

    6. (This will not be an actual review. This will be more of a light rant.)Oh, RayI'm sad because out of 4 books I have read of you, I didn't like 2 now. Fahrenheit and this. And you were my favourite author back in the day. The first full book in English I have read was from you. I wanted to permanently paint my hands pink through an injection (well, some people want to have tatoos at 16, I wanted whatever that was), that because of you. But as I grow up I just can't get myself to like what you wri [...]

    7. И оставаш с пръст в устата в края на разказите . изключителен разказвач!!!! <3

    8. Not a bad book. Kind of slow moving. So e of the stories seemed unfinished to me. Others just did not have anything to grab me a and pull me in.

    9. Night train to Babylon is a nice tale of a man onboard a train that tries to save some naive young men from the tricks of a cunning gambler. James Cruesoe, our protagonist, ends up being kicked off the train with a deck of Queens of Hearts as a last present from the gambler.If MGM is killed, who gets the lion? tells the story of Jerry Would's office building being tore down by Hughes Aircraft. The story is told from a humorous perspective, so it's entertaining. Hello, I must be goingis the story [...]

    10. Ревюто в блога:knizhenjor/2014/01/noshtenЕх, Бредбъри, Бредбъри…Често споменавам името му по различни поводи. Дали ще го цитирам, ще го спомена в контекста на най-добрите фантасти и разказвачи или ще препоръчам някое от десетките интервюта, където с детски плам говори за очарованието [...]

    11. Adam C. Zern shares his thoughts . . . "Due to so many books being written each year and by so many different authors, I often find myself shying away from reading multiple books by the same author. I think there is value in spending precious reading time with a diversified group of authors because they all, by nature of their individuality, bring their own peculiar set of knowledge and experience. Yet, every once in a little while, an author so impresses me I'm willing to spend a hugely disprop [...]

    12. A stunning new collection of short fiction by the beloved Dean of American storytellers, "Driving Blind" takes readers on unforgettable excursions to the fantastic, glorious grand tours through time and memory--interspersed with strange, unexpected side trips to the disturbing and the eerie. From Library Journal Following his Quicker than the Eye (Avon, 1996), Bradbury, author of such sf classics as Fahrenheit 451 (1953), returns in top form with another new collection of 21 short stories, only [...]

    13. Когато чуя името на Рей Бредбъри се сещам за безбройните разкази, които този писател е написал през живота си. Трябва да призная, че не всички от тях ми допадат, но има и такива, които са истински шедьоври. Бредбъри е известен с невероятните си идеи, специфичния си емоционале [...]

    14. As the Bradbury reading project nears its final quarter, I am coming across more and more of his material that is unfamiliar to me. However, as mentioned in my review of "Quicker than the Eye," many of Bradbury's later stories still feel familiar. And certainly his themes remain consistent.This book is more focused than any of the other collections I have read. Almost every piece here is about memory and/or loss. The stories deal with the losses that come with aging (physical, mental and emotion [...]

    15. Driving Blind features 21 stories, some of which were inspired by events in Bradbury's life. Most of the stories take place in the 1940's and 50's in small-town America. I was expecting an anthology along the lines of Steven Spielberg's TV series Amazing Stories, but the tales in this book are far less fantastic. Driving Blind is more of a celebration of a simpler time, when television was in its infancy and people connected with each other on a more meaningful level. As Bradbury illustrates, ou [...]

    16. I think everyone has a niche. The short story format is not the Ray Bradbury's.Here is this tower of science fiction, late in his life, trying to write non-science fiction short stories, and it just isn't working. His writing style does not lend itself to the short compact prose needed for a successful short story. No, you cannot teach a old dog a new trick.Nothing if not consistent, every short story immediately jumps right in, without giving the reader a proper introduction. The dialog is jarr [...]

    17. This book was a big letdown for me, because my expectations were so high from the other Ray Bradbury short stories I've read (and I've read a lot of them). While reading this, I kept thinking "since when did Ray Bradbury forget how to write an ending"? Some of the stories captured my interest, like there was a germ of a good idea there, but then didn't take it anywhere. And some of them were just downright boring and pointless.My favorite stories are probably "The Mirror", "Mr. Pale", and "That [...]

    18. I love Ray Bradbury, but this is not the best. In fact I found myself tuning in and out of this. I love the medium of short stories, I like getting the satisfaction of an ending without too much delay (another sign of my drastic lack of patience) but this was a bit meh. They had great titles like, "If MGM is killed, who gets the lion?" but it kind of failed to deliver. Especially the last story which was called "The Bird That Comes Out the Clock" which is an extolment to women to let their husba [...]

    19. Not my favorite Bradbury book, obviously. It's an odd read, since it's not Bradbury's usual flat-out fantasy/sci-fi, but also has a lot of his familiar themes and images. I think I just prefer him writing in the fantasy vein full-out. I think to me it almost felt like there was an odd juxtaposition of trying to be "modern" in terms of more realistic subject matter, but winding up still seeming old-fashioned because the characters are. So rather than the characters seeming like they live in Bradb [...]

    20. In Driving Blind science fiction legend Ray Bradbury provides a series of short stories centered around the theme of those seeking to recapture or relive tender, if half-forgotten, memories and events from an earlier time. Trying yet failing. I can’t help but apply the same theme to my reading of Bradbury. As a student in junior high and high school I immersed myself in works by Bradbury like The Martian Chronicles, Fahrenheit 451 and The Illustrated Man. Books that evoked a spirit of discover [...]

    21. It's been years since I read Bradbury, and this collection was like talking to an old friend. Even though this is latter-day Bradbury (his last mostly-new collection, I think), the language is as rich and the stories as inspired as ever. Reading him, though, is sort of the literary equivalent of the insect trapped in amber. All his stories seem perpetually trapped in the 1930's (even when they're not set there), and his characters continue to speak with quaint formality regardless of who they ar [...]

    22. - This old Bradbury is a pale shadow of the great writer he once was;- Some good stories, one or two very good, but most don't go beyond average;- Bad and misplaced edition: it's a (mostly) mainstream book included in a science fiction series. As if the publisher didn't bother to read the book and went automatically with the Bradbury => science fiction trope;- The overall atmosphere is one of melancholy, of looking back in sadness at the good old and lost forever days;- Which is to say, an ol [...]

    23. Ray Bradbury is the first sci-fi writer that I've ever read when I was young, and I have fond memory of his books. It was his death and the memory of which, that prompts to pick up this book from library. I must admit that I'm somewhat surprised by how short the short stories are in this Bradbury collection. Writing is right down to the point in the first couple of sentences. There oftentimes isn't as much a setup. Writing style is crisp and sharp which is good. The very short format, though, le [...]

    24. What a disappointment. Ordinarily, Bradbury is at his best with the short story; it is truly his forte. This novel, on the other hand, is not at all typical of his usually thought-provoking and clever plots. There is only one story worth mentioning and that is "Mr. Pale." Maybe I went into this the wrong way because I was hoping for another "Frost and Fire" or any of the other hundreds of science fiction-oriented stories he's written. His mind and imagination are genius; this collection of his s [...]

    25. Mais um livro de contos de um autor de que não me canso de ler. Contrariamente ao que a capa sugere, não são histórias de FC naquele sentido do tecnológico ou espacial. Há elementos de fantasia, sim, mas muitas delas são apenas viagens por mentes alheias e outras são simples histórias de pessoas vulgares que decidiram fazer algo de diferente com as suas vidas. Um pequenino livrito que hei-de reler com prazer.

    26. This is a hard book to review. Without a doubt, Ray Bradbury is a fantastic writer. This is a collection of short stories. They remind me a bit of Roald Dahl who is one of my favorite authors. The stories are twisty and compelling. My only complaint is that they all end quite abruptly. I'm sure it was intentional but I often found myself just getting into the story only to turn the page and find that it was over. Still, a great book written by one of the greatest writers.

    27. Not bad, but not great, either. The stories in this collection left me feeling nothing but indifference, which was a bit of a shame. They all had nifty titles, but the stories themselves were so bland that on more than one occasion I found my attention wandering to other things. I've not had a lot of experience with the author, but it does seem to me that short story collections may not be his forte.

    28. I believe Stephen King once said that short stories are sometimes more difficult than novels and its always great to read a collection by one of the masters.Reading Bradbury is so much fun and the pure imagination and writing style is amazing. I find myself amazed at the talent that some of the greats bring to us, the faithful reader.21 stories that are just part many things- social statement, wit, humor, observation, etc.You can't go wrong.

    29. Like all of Ray's short story collections, this one feels like I'm sitting around a campfire while a very prolific, spontaneous spinner of yarns hogs your attention, imagination and lifelong appreciation. A bonus: on the last few pages, Ray explains the inspirations, or sometimes the mundane reasons, on how some of these stories came to be. A mooch from Jade of Japan.

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