Charmed Destinies

Charmed Destinies Three masters of the fantasy genre present a collection of enchanting stories filled with adventure magic and everlasting love that includes Mercedes Lackey s Counting Crows in which Lady Gwynhef

  • Title: Charmed Destinies
  • Author: Mercedes Lackey Rachel Lee Catherine Asaro
  • ISBN: 9780373218332
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
  • Three masters of the fantasy genre present a collection of enchanting stories, filled with adventure, magic, and everlasting love, that includes Mercedes Lackey s Counting Crows, in which Lady Gwynhefar must choose between duty and love when she aligns herself with Sir Elloran, a legendary warrior, as well as Catherine Asaro s Moonglow and Rachel Lee s Drusila s Dream

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      218 Mercedes Lackey Rachel Lee Catherine Asaro
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    1. Mercedes Lackey continues to charm me with her ability to weave fantasty tales. But in the case of her story in Charmed Destinies, I felt that I've read this plot type before. Perhaps it was a bit too predictable initially, similar to historical romance. But then she twists the ending enough to make me love and adore her again.The second story was disappointing. I couldn't wait to pile through to the end so I could get to the third story. Could have been the dialogue. Perhaps. Something about th [...]

    2. I was drawn to this book because of Mercedes Lackey, and she delivered a great short novella that I highly enjoyed, with a strong female character and a happy ending, which I have an addiction to. The other two stories in this collection were good in their own right, but the second one didn't enthrall me quite as much as the first did, or the last one, "Moonglow" by Catharine Asaro. "Moonglow" was beautiful and I was very much happy with how the story turned out, and the path the author took to [...]

    3. This book is divided into 3 novellas by, in order, Mercedes Lackey, Rachel Lee and Catherine Asano. Ms Lackey starts off with "Counting Crows", a tale set in the Age of Chivalry, and does a really good job. My only problem with it is that, on the back cover blurb, it tells of a Sir Elloran, who never shows up in the actual novella. Typos like that irritate me, but the story itself is well-written and interesting.I wish I could say the same for Ms Lee's contribution, "Drusilla's Dream." It has a [...]

    4. Lackey's Counting Crows was enjoyable, but not memorable. There is nothing special or original about the characters, the plot, the setting, etc. Fortunately, Lackey's writing isn't bad here; normally I feel like she "talks down" to the reader, and it's irritating. 2.5/5.Lee's Drusilla's Dream was lame. The writing is awful and is something you'd find typical of a Harlequin novel. The plot is the worst part. Basically the main character and the man she likes at her workplace day dream into the sa [...]

    5. I'd say three and a half stars, really. And someone else might rate them more, but I've never been one for short stories. I know this, so I don't know why I keep trying to read and enjoy them.The Mercedes Lackey short was the best of the three - quite good. The middle story was definitely the weakling of the bunch; I didn't like the main character and the shifting perspectives were hard to follow. The third story should really have been a full book - it was pretty good, but felt really rushed.Sh [...]

    6. This book contains three short stories (probably more novellas by the length but whatever) and I'm going to talk about them out of order because the last one in the book is one of my absolute favorite things.So the third one in this book is by a Catherine Asaro who is one of my favorite science fiction writers, but this was her first little foray into fantasy. I adore it. The magic concept is (or was at the time) so unique and unusual and somehow simple that it fascinated me. Different types of [...]

    7. An anthology of three short romantic stories, which end in a charmed life. Unfortunately, it's not so charming for the readers.Series:"Moonglow" (Lost Continent, 0.5)The StoriesMercedes Lackey's "Counting Crows" is the best of the bunch although it is a bit confusing at first. I kept thinking it was a Valdemar story. It's simply a peek into the life of an unfortunate young woman being used to protect her father's lands by allowing the king to use her as a bargaining chip to encourage a Border Lo [...]

    8. A collection of three short stories.Counting Crows, by Mercedes Lackey: A young woman is sent to the castle belonging to her new husband (whom she's never met) and soon finds out the downside to arranged marriages with people you never meet. I thought this story was okay I enjoyed the parts where Gwyn really came into her own and truly became the mistress of the castle. That was interesting, since most fantasies opt to get their characters out of the castle and such, so it was cool to see what t [...]

    9. I borrowed this book from a friend because I needed a quick read before my Steven Erikson Tale of the Malazan book came in. On the cover it states that it contains "Three new tales of fantasy-filled romance" so I thought, what the hey. I love fantasy and am not opposed to romance. The three stories within the book are very different (which makes sense because they are written by three different authors). Thus, I will take each story in turn. Counting Crows by Mercedes LackeyAs most fantasy reade [...]

    10. This book is well worth the money solely for the last story, which is BY FAR the best. It's so good that I had to go out and immediately try something else by Catherine Asaro. That book was okay, but still not the stunning and mesmerizing story that is "Moonglow." This is also the story that is pictured on the gorgeous cover, by the way."Counting Crows," by Mercedes Lackey, is a mostly good read. I really enjoyed it right up until the end, which - while a "happy" ending - was not totally satisfy [...]

    11. Gorgeous girl, handsome man, both magic, kiss, marry, etc. Lackey favorite, Lee fumbles, Asaro harsh.1 Counting Crows by Mercedes LackeyOne cawing crow bodes ill, as Gwynnwhyfar and plain stick-straight maid half-sibling Robin enter abode of husband-knight, bound by ceremony with his glove. Bretagne is an abusive lout; her childhood sweetheart Atremus limps, injured protecting his lord. Gwynn, beaten and raped, refuses to retaliate until she overhears treason. (view spoiler)[Robin is really male [...]

    12. Three mid-sized stories. Unfortunately all are equally cliche and difficult to read. I have come to expect so much more from my romance novels. The first by Mercedes Lackey was why I picked up the book. The story was basic and the 'twist' was very much predictable from the first minute. The characters were heavy handed and shallow. The second by Rachel Lee popped back and forth between the 'real world' and a dream world that was very Xanth like. I'm not a fan of that series so read this story to [...]

    13. A dry collection. Misty's story was flat. I sympathized with the utterly perfect heroine at first, but when she delayed her "revenge" to drag out the word count, I lost interest. I don't read romance often, but even I could tell this was unsatisfying. We were told that Gwyn liked Sir Atremus, who was misnamed Sir Elloran on the book cover, but we never saw any of it. Their conversations (and presumable developing attraction) happened IN SUMMARY. We got a blow-by-blow of her husband's many abuses [...]

    14. Lackey, of course, is the author that holds star-power here, and draws many readers to this collection of short fantasy stories. I actually found myself liking the work of Asaro better, however, for its novel premise of shapes and colors as orders of magical power. I can't count the number of times I checked this book out from my local library just to read Asaro's story over again. I would definitely recommend this short story collection not only for another Lackey story, but also as a premier o [...]

    15. Picked this up shelf-surfing in the library, thinking it was one I had missed, but nope, was halfway done with it before I went to enter it here on GR and found I had read it before, under a different cover. No wonder it went so fast!It's still only 2 stars, though the last story (by Catherine Asaro is the best of the three. But she ended up turning this novella into a book, and I've already read that as well, so it was very deja vu. =- )

    16. I did not know what to expect from this book. But since I love romances, and have recently read, and liked, some of Lackey's stories, I thought to give this one a shot. And only found it okay. The book includes three short stories about magic and love. I liked Lackey's story "Counting Crows" the best w/ "Moonglow" a close second. Despite the above, I had difficulties getting into the stories, and found myself bored. To be fair, I must admit I have never been a big fan of fantsay books so my opin [...]

    17. I read this book for the Mercedes Lackey Story. I enjoyed that story Counting Crows. It was a little dark/weird though. But it had a cute/happy ending.The middle story by Rachel Lee was actually really weird and I skimmed most of it.But I enjoyed the final story by Catherine Asaro. It was interesting and kind of cute.Overall this book was just kind of old 80s esque and somewhat cute but somewhat blah.

    18. I read this book following Catherine Asaro's Lost Continent series, and got to fall in love with Mercedes Lackey! All three stories are mesmerizing. Lee's short takes you out of the fantasy world for a bit and reflects on how fantasy helps one escape the real world. The other two stories have interesting characters and situations and they are all very well written!

    19. I enjoyed the first and last stories; but it was just an ok quick read. I may look for other stories by Catherine Asaro to see if her stories flow better when she has long enough to fully develop them. The one by Mercedes was very good, though unrelated to anything else she has written far as I can tell. You never know with her! A fun way to kill time.

    20. Charming storiesMoonglow, in particular, is one of my all time favourite short stories ever. I read it once a long time ago, and then went looking for it for months. Drusilla's Dream was fine. I'd rate it a 3 star. Lackey's Gwynfear was so classic (think Arrow's Fall-esque) Lackey that I probably don't need to say more. The book is worth buying for Asaro's Moonglow alone!

    21. Counting Crows has one of Misty Lackey's trademark self-reliant heroines forced into a loveless marriage who takes matters into her own hands.Drusilla's Dream by Rachel Lee blurs the line between reality and cyberadventuring.Moonglow by Catherine Asaro is quite a twist on a combination of Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.

    22. A good selection for this anthology, all fitting well with the theme. I was inspired to pick up reading more of Catherine Asaro's series, though was disappointed that this short story is from a different angle to the best part of Charmed Sphere.However, I found this a lighthearted read. It was a break from lots of violence.

    23. I read this book specifically for Ms. Lackey's story. It ties into the fae stories I force myself to read. It was okay. The other two authors did not do it for me at all. I can't even remember the stories too well.

    24. I bought this book because Mercedes Lackey happened to be featured porminently on the cover. I read all three of the stories inside and enjoyed them. But this volume doesn't rank as one of my favorites. I guess the stories seemed a little dark and less than inspiring than usual.

    25. Counting Crows - a likeable, somewhat predictable romance by Mercedes lackeydrusilla's dream - cute, kept me guessing which reality was handling what. a good pick for anyone who daydreams on the job.Moonglow - already read Charmed Sphere, by Catherine Asaro. So why bother reading this?

    26. Not as good as I had hoped. I am a big Mercedes Lackey fan, and her story was fine. The second story was more of a modern-day daydream romance, and the third one was also enjoyable. I wish I had read this as a library book rather than purchasing it.

    27. * Liked Mercedes lackey and would get more books by her - story was gritty and clever . Rachel lee story was lacking depth and I would not recommend the story.Loved Catherine Asaro and want to read more of her. I will read muller and chimes story in the charmed sphere.

    28. I don't think I've ever found a more unbalanced anthology. One really good story by Asaro, one so-so story by Lacky, and one truly awful story by Lee. That last one was so horrible that I had to force myself to keep reading.

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