Book of Shadows

Book of Shadows Morgan thinks witchcraft is laughable when her best friend Bree drags her to a meeting of the Cirrus Coven But during a cermony led by Cal Morgan s long time crush Morgan feels a shock Suddenly ever

  • Title: Book of Shadows
  • Author: Cate Tiernan
  • ISBN: 9780141310466
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • Morgan thinks witchcraft is laughable when her best friend Bree drags her to a meeting of the Cirrus Coven But during a cermony led by Cal, Morgan s long time crush, Morgan feels a shock Suddenly everything looks brighter, clearer Morgan doesn t want to get involved with witchcraft but she feels like witchcraft is choosing her.

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      189 Cate Tiernan
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    1. This review is really about the whole Sweep series, but I'm putting it with Book One because that's where people will go to find out whether all of them are worth reading. I started out really enjoying the series, then HATED WITH A PASSION what seemed to be going on, and then am left now feeling really sad and cheated. I've never started out liking a series and then turned around and felt so angry and disappointed and sad after it ended. Firstly, I have to say that I really enjoyed books 1 - 6. [...]

    2. This was an okay story about teenage witches, and it reminded me a bit of The Secret Circle. I was shocked at the way Morgan’s best friend Bree treated her, and the love triangle was fairly predictable. It was an okay story overall though, which left us with a bit of a cliff-hanger.6.5 out of 10

    3. This was a re-read for my October TBT video but life got in the fucking way last week and I got literally nothing productive done. There won’t be a video on this because life is hard and I dropped the ball but just know: I still LOVED this. Will definitely carry on and re-read more of the series over the next few months.

    4. I have nothing bad to say about these books. These are the books that started it all for me, this is the series that made me want to be a reader. When I discovered this series, I was about 12 at the time and I was so fascinated by Wicca and Paganism and Spellcraft that it amazed me to read so much about it. I was so intrigued and bewildered by these books and the knowledge they held and the impeccable storyline. I read every single one and it has been a good 8 years since I discovered these book [...]

    5. Why did I love this???Objectively this book is so so bad. Insta-love, very juvenile writing, crappy character development, infinite etc. But, I. JUST. COULDN'T. STOP.

    6. 3 stars - It was good.The writing is only so-so, average at best with shallow cardboard characters. However, the plot moves along nicely and is engaging enough that I am interested in seeing what happens next. It does seem to be well researched and it is interesting to see many of the myths about Wicca confronted. -------------------------------------------First Sentence: Years from now I’ll look back and remember today as the day I met him.

    7. This was a super quick audiobook and I listened to half and read my physical copy for the last half. I am a sucker for witch books and this quick read was perfect for my mini-slump. I studied up on Wicca for a few years in my late teens early 20's so I understood a lot of the terminology otherwise it could have been pretty info-dumpy. I enjoyed the read and the characters even if it was insta-everything. And it was, instant everything. Instant introduction to Wicca, to a new love interest, and t [...]

    8. Reviewed by Michaela Pallante aka "Mickey" for TeensReadTooMorgan Rowlands is a normal teenage girl. She gets good grades, hangs out with her friends, and goes to church with her family on Sundays. Nothing out of the ordinary ever happens to her until she meets Cal Blaire. Cal is the new cute senior who has just transferred to Widow's Vale High. His looks aren't the only thing that sets him apart from other boys. He's Wiccan, a different religion than Morgan and one that she has never come into [...]

    9. Wow! What can I say without completely ruining this book?In previous reviews; I have complained about books with way too much page filler but not this book! It is a small, quick, easy and entertaining read!Unlike a lot of the other Urban Fantasy books I have been reading lately, this book seemed really lifelike! I could see how this would make someone curious about Wicca. I don't believe in "Wicca" or White Magic but I could see how this book could make someone really want to study into it.Morga [...]

    10. Ok so I start reading book #1 and read straight through. I couldn't stop. I did't think that all 15 books were going to be all soo good. I loved, loved, loved them all! They kept you on the edge of your seat through the whole series and I didn't want them to end but what a great ending to a great series.

    11. I don't get it. This book has no actual plot or major conflict to speak of, the characters are unconvincing and inconsistent, there's no action, no suspense, no romance, and very little logic or explanation about how anything works (like the MC suddenly waking up clairvoyant). There's also quite a bit of repetitive exposition and, overall, the whole thing is poorly executed. The very little that could be foreshadowed is blatantly obvious from the start and will probably somehow take several book [...]

    12. Scale of 1-10: 4Pros: Tiernan's writing does not suck, and she might be able to get decent mileage out of her story, as the books are short and quick reads.Cons: Struck me as a Harry Potter retread with an older, female heroine.Synopsis: Morgan Rowlands finds out she's got a talent for witchcraft after superhot, supernatural Cal Blaire moves to her small, upstate NY town and starts slingin' the magic mojo aroundt that anyone seems to notice or think it's weird. My take: In a nutshell? Tiernan is [...]

    13. I finally found my "guilty pleasure" book series!It was very entertaining and I loved the story so much!At first, it was really difficult for me to memorize all of the characters but once you read the first 10 chapters, this feeling is gone!I am glad to see that this book series has a huge number of books because I am so curious where it will go! I DIDN'T EXPECTED THIS ENDING AND I AM STILL IN A STATE OF SHOCK BUT SO HAPPY AT THE SAME TIME!Oh and I really want to learn more about Cal in the next [...]

    14. 3,5 ⭐️ - Das Buch befasst sich mit dem Thema 'Wicca' und ich finde dieses Hexenthema wirklich sehr spannend und interessant. Leider wurde es mir etwas zu unrealistisch und suspekt, sonst hätte ich sicherlich noch einen Stern mehr gegeben. Dennoch ließ sich das Buch super schnell und flüssig lesen und ich habe das Gefühl, dass noch ganz viel Luft nach oben ist - ich werde also Band 2 auf jeden Fall lesen und hoffe, dass mich dieser Band noch etwas mehr begeistern kann.

    15. I just breezed through this. It reminded me of The Secret Circle. Annoying romance but it was fun and interesting.

    16. This review was originally published on Blogs of a Bookaholic.A fantastic first book full of magic, mystery and discovery. This is around the 4/5 time I've read this book now and it never disappoints! I first discovered this series aged 14, and in a weird way, I almost feel like the books chose me. They came to me in a point in my life where I really needed them, and held for me some key advice and life lessons that helped me deal with several big changes going on at that time. These books are i [...]

    17. The writing is solid and the story is interesting. I am not a fan of clogs so I try to ignore the authors descriptions of the heroines attire. I subtracted one star for that.

    18. Read in 2017Read in 2014Read in 2009Read in 20032017- This marks my 4th time reading this book. For the new reader I must emphasize that these books mature as you read. They start off seeming like cheesy teenage fiction on a cringe worthy level, but they evolve into a truly grand, wonderful and epic story of the coming of age, and the realization of remarkable heritage.A plain unassuming wallflower finds she is anything but ordinary. In fact, she is extraordinary! As she follows a path seeming d [...]

    19. 4/5I really liked this book, I love stories about witches so I am biased though haha. The only downside to it was that it was pretty short and involved quite a bit of world building but I love the premise and romance and I am so hooked

    20. First off, let me say that if you are looking for a true to life portrayal of the Wiccan faith, look elsewhere. Yes, the author has taken great pains to stay as close to the actual practice as possible, but she still takes several liberties in order to make for a good story. Even so, this is one of the very few mainstream series I've read that actually gets the main gist of the Pagan religion. Now for the story. The story focuses around Morgan, a somewhat normal girl. When the cute new boy in sc [...]

    21. Nononononono T_T I wanted this book to be good. But then again, what was I thinking? If a book is 160 pages long and also a part of a series with three gazillion other books it just can't be good.I don't know why, but recently I've been interested in wicca. It's probably cuz I've been re-watching Charmed. The TV show.Anyway, that's why I bought the first three books in this series. I wanted to read about witches. This book is about a bunch of teens who get involved with a wiccan witch dude who j [...]

    22. A wonderful start to 'Sweep'/'Wicca'. *Spoilers books 1-4*Tiernan has an incredible talent for creating uniquely vivid characters. Normally I shy away from books written in the 1st person, but this was pleasantly different. The vulnerable nature of the main character means we can begin to empathise with her unusually quickly. This also blinds us to simple truths such as Hunter and Sky's true natures. We stand united with Morgan against them and we too feel crushed at Cal's betrayal. The ending i [...]

    23. *** Spoilers *** Spoilers *** Spoilers ***First,This series was on my "to read" list for awhile and I decided to read it.There were a few confusing issues and scenes that I did not like.I want to say that I do not understand how old Cal isI thought it was mentioned that Cal is older than Hunter and Hunter was mentioned to be 19 years old and the youngest of the Witch Council,with that saidif Cal is older than Hunter and Hunter is 19, why is Cal still in high school???However, his age goes back a [...]

    24. In deze reeks maken we kennis met de wereld van wicca door de ogen van Morgan, een geboren bloedheks die afstamt uit een lijn van sterke heksen. Echter weet zij niets van haar erfenis en lot af tot op het moment dat de nieuwkomer op school Cal Blair haar inwijd in de wereld van Wicca.Dit is het begin van een hele reeks van avonturen en krachtmetingen.Ik heb enorm genoten bij het lezen van deze reeks. Het is vlot geschreven en de boekjes zijn vrij dun, dus je vliegt er zo doorheen. Het verhaal lo [...]

    25. Depois de um longo e terrível inverno, finalmente voltei a ler um romance sobrenatural. Se eu disser que não estava sentido falta de me debruçar sobre uma história paranormal - mesmo aquelas mais simples, estaria mentindo epicamente. Pois sim, eu estava louco para voltar a ler alguma aventura com um toque de mistério e um pé no outro mundo. Infelizmente, hoje em dia, o foco do mercado literário jovem são as distopias ou os romances Novo Adulto - e isto não quer dizer que eu não gosto d [...]

    26. Let me start off by saying that I admit to being a very picky reader. I don't do well with school-settings and when it comes to Magick it's usually very very lame.And when my bud told me that I should read the SWEEP Series I must admit that I was afraid. What do I do if I don't like it? I mean it's at this school and told from the pov of a girl who goes to a school and is learninging about Wicca from a new boy in town.Ummmm. Is this going to make me roll my eyes?Well, I took the plunge and ZOMG [...]

    27. Original Review found at: awesomebooknutsOkay, I like a good witch story as much as the next guy but thisThis just was a disappointment. I don't mind short stories but there was no reason for this to have 4 or 5 books in the series. The writing seemed a bit lazy as there was no real descriptions, just enough to fill in the blanks and a bit of back ground just on Morgan and Cals side not really in any of the other characters.Morgan is a regular girl and doesn't know she has special witchy powers, [...]

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