Shakespeare in Love: A Screenplay

Shakespeare in Love A Screenplay The screenplay to the critically acclaimed film which New York Newsday called one of the funniest most enchanting most romantic and best written tales ever spun from the vast legend of Shakespeare

  • Title: Shakespeare in Love: A Screenplay
  • Author: Marc Norman Tom Stoppard
  • ISBN: 9780786884858
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
  • The screenplay to the critically acclaimed film which New York Newsday called one of the funniest, most enchanting, most romantic, and best written tales ever spun from the vast legend of Shakespeare Marc Norman and renowned dramatist, Tom Stoppard have created the best screenplay of the year according to the Golden Globes and the New York Film Critics Circle.

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    1 thought on “Shakespeare in Love: A Screenplay”

    1. The pre-shooting screenplay from the Academy Award winning film.Book Review: At first glance the published screenplay for Shakespeare in Love is a throw-away movie tie-in, worth no more than a bemused chuckle. But on reading (especially while watching the film -- I mix the two media here), it's an eye-opening learning experience for any prospective actor, screenwriter, or director. It's fascinating to see what was changed, dropped or added, between writing and filming. Some improvements, some mi [...]

    2. For years I avoided Shakespeare in Love, mostly because I find Gwyneth Paltrow insufferable. I finally watched the film earlier this year, and over a decade after everyone else, I get why this film was such a big deal. It's beautiful and smart and funny and all of the best of what Hollywood aspires to be. Heck, the film is so good it even balances out the insufferability that is the Paltrow. This might be the best I’ve ever seen her (although she didn’t deserve an Academy Award, and Fiennes [...]

    3. This is my second time to read a screenplay after Alfred Hitchcock's "Dial M for Murder"Reading screenplays can be tricky especially after seeing the piece, but sometimes it can turn into magical experience, filled with wonders, moans and souls of the characters.Marc Norman's screenplay is without a doubt funny most enchanting, most romantic, and best written tales ever spun from the vast legend of Shakespeare can't be compared but the original wonder itself "Romeo and Juliet".The original text [...]

    4. This was a good screenplay, although a little hard to follow at some parts. If nothing else it has interested me in watching the film. I am glad I finally got it off my to-read list as I have owned it for close to ten years now. Overall enjoyable.

    5. This screenplay is almost as charming as the film. The story construction is easier to spot here in the screenplay. Very smart work.

    6. SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE (2 hours 17 minutes)The language used in this screenplay is rather powerful in demonstrating the emotion of love while also making allusions to Shakespearean writing. Shakespeare In Love isn’t just a film that you fast forward through on VHS cassette tape to see Gwyneth Paltrow’s bosoms. Italics are used to describe scenes.There is a typo on page 38: “intotwo”(VO) = voiceover(cont’d) = continued Some of the few film directions include: INSERT MANUSCRIPT:, ANGLE ON W [...]

    7. Funny romantic story written in screenplay form. I found it a quick read but would like the original story better I think.

    8. This is the imagined story of how William (“Will”) Shakespeare’s one true love helps him overcome writer’s block to convert what began as the shipwreck comedy Romeo and Ethel the Pirate’s Daughter to the romantic tragedy Romeo and Juliet. It is everything a Shakespearean comedy ought to be. Mistaken identities. Gender-role reversals. Comic coincidences. Biting wit. Star-crossed lovers (of course). And, “a bit with the dog.” Much as the real Shakespeare must have reflected contempor [...]

    9. Es handelt sich hierbei um das Drehbuch zum gleichnamigen Film mit Joseph Fiennes und Gwyneth Paltrow. Ersterer spielt darin den jungen William Shakespeare, der eine kleine Schreibblockade hat. Erst die bezaubernde Viola kann ihn wieder inspirieren. Viola andererseits liebt das Theater über alles - vor allem mehr als den Typen den sie bald heiraten soll - und würde gerne Schauspielerin werden. Allerdings dürfen das in der damaligen Zeit nur Männer, also verkleidet sie sich als junger Mann un [...]

    10. Funny and Tragic. the perfect combination of creating a story about shakespeare himself.i wonder if the story has some truth about Shakespeare's lifei am sure Shakespeare had Muses or else how can that man write so many Epic legendary plays? eyes tear at the end, no doubt about it. i'm wondering what happened to Viola at the end? maybe they banished her like they did to Will, cause he obviously couldn't reach her anymore.William Shakespeare: You will never age for me, nor fade, nor die.just like [...]

    11. Somehow, I think this is one of those situations where Marc Norman wrote a screenplay, Tom Stoppard came in and made it awesome, and the WGA/contracts gave them equal writing credit. Because this is not a Stoppard script. There are moments of Stoppard awesome, and I don't want to suggest it isn't a witty, fun script, but it is not a Stoppard script.(I sekritly love this movie a lot, even through Paltrow's frankly disappointing performance. Everyone else is delightful.)

    12. Tom Stoppard and Marc Norman crafted a really splendid screenplay, and it only gets better the more of Shakespeare you have at your mental fingertips. Almost every line is a reference, the plot itself works around the idea that Twelfth Night is the foil of Romeo and Juliet and it works astonishingly well.

    13. I love Tom Stoppard. When I read the screenplay of Shakespeare in Love, I couldn't help but marvel at how very Shakespearean it was - the banter, the wit, the pace, the mistaken identity, the innuendo. Since there is nothing I love more than Shakespeare's comedies, this is pretty much the highest praise I can heap on a playwright.

    14. Loved it. Yes it's fiction. But written beautifully. If you liked this book, and are in the small minority of people who hasn't already seen the flick, you should definitely watch it too. It's one of those rare films that does justice to the book. Fiennes and Paltrow do a fantastic job.

    15. This was so beautiful! I had already seen the movie, which I also loved. I remember reading this during a very long bus ride in England, and it was perfect!

    16. I enjoyed reading this screenplay because sometimes you miss poignant lines in movies, but I'd say rather just watch the movie.

    17. A must-see movie for any Shakespeare buff, and the screenplay is what makes it. Stoppard does an amazing job weaving lines from various Shakespeare plays into the screenplay. Genius.

    18. A wonderful piece of writing i would say again and again; it's not a good idea to read the book after the movie --

    19. Actually a pretty smooth romantic comedy. Enjoyable read. Makes me wonder what the years of Shakespeare was really like.I don't usually read screenplays, so this is a new experience for me.

    20. For fellow English majors and romantics.We read Marc Norman's early draft in my screenwriting class. It was terrible. Almost everything witty and clever in it comes from Tom Stoppard.

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