Cowboy Waltz

Cowboy Waltz A horse stock manager on the rodeo tour gruff cowboy Jed Hastings is in a bind He needs a new assistant yesterday Enter green as hell Booker West Booker spent his childhood dreaming about being a par

  • Title: Cowboy Waltz
  • Author: Cameron Dane
  • ISBN: 9781623004347
  • Page: 173
  • Format: ebook
  • A horse stock manager on the rodeo tour, gruff cowboy Jed Hastings is in a bind He needs a new assistant yesterday Enter green as hell Booker West Booker spent his childhood dreaming about being a part of the rodeo He doesn t have any experience working with horses, but Jed doesn t have options, and gives the newbie a chance.Innocent about the world and secretly gay, BA horse stock manager on the rodeo tour, gruff cowboy Jed Hastings is in a bind He needs a new assistant yesterday Enter green as hell Booker West Booker spent his childhood dreaming about being a part of the rodeo He doesn t have any experience working with horses, but Jed doesn t have options, and gives the newbie a chance.Innocent about the world and secretly gay, Booker works like the devil to hide his attraction to Jed He doesn t just want to be a wannabe cowboy with a crush he wants to learn from Jed Booker craves Jed s respect, friendship, and trust For Jed, he knows an eager young colt like Booker should work his last nerve, yet he finds he has endless patience with the guy He s possessive about Booker too And while bunking together does create intimacy, that doesn t explain away straight Jed s explicit sexual fantasies and growing desire for another man.When a life altering event sends Jed and Booker reeling, a night of raw passion between the men finally explodes But in the light of day, can Booker help Jed accept their love Or will this unearthed attraction send Jed to a dark place from which he can t recover

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    1 thought on “Cowboy Waltz”

    1. Cameron Dane is one of my absolute favorite M/M romance authors. Anything by her is an auto-buy for me. Almost all of her books are on my favorites shelf, all but two have received 5 star rating from me (they both received 4 stars) and her fabulous Grey's Awakening is on my best-of-the-best, tippy top fuck yeah, 5+ stars shelf. I think that gives you a pretty good idea of how much I enjoy and appreciate her work.Cowboy Waltz surprised and disappointed me. The first section of the book concentrat [...]

    2. Urgh. This book was just TOO MUCH. Too much sexual tension, too much sexual confusion/gay-for-you, too much back-and-forth-will-they-won’t-they, too much indecision…and THEN…too much sex (gah!), and too much repetition, and then too much sex! Jed is a horse manager who works the rodeo circuit. Booker is a green rookie dying to get his feet wet. Jed gives him a chance and hires him and not only are they coworkers, but they’re roommates…in a trailer. Booker is gay and a virgin and only 1 [...]

    3. 4.25* OMG! That was somewhat exhausting, I feel like I've been put through a wringer twice but I have to say it certainly kept me glued well into early morning after I started it last night and today, even though I was out for the day, I had to keep picking it up whilst we were driving to and from each destination because every time I had to put it away it was on an emotional cliffhanger so when we got home early evening it was the first thing I picked up because I just had to see how these two [...]

    4. 2.5 StarsGawd, I'm exhausted. Let me start by saying that Cameron Dane is probably one of my top five favorite m/m authors. She is the queen of angst and writes some of the smexiest love scenes EVER, IMHO. Her m/m books are auto-buys for me. Hands. Down. That said, this book was too much. Too draining. Too tense. Too angsty. Too much. I loved Booker but he was too accommodating, too understanding, and too forgiving. I wanted to like Jed but he was too insecure, too moody, and too weak. The first [...]

    5. Reading a book by this author is akin to eating really good chocolate or sipping Champagne. Every time I read something by her, I am amazed at the tales she spins and how she makes me love the MCs. This book was no exception. This is a sweet rodeo story where an older cowboy, Jed, hires a greenhorn, Booker. Booker had just graduated and has only worked in fast food joints. Booker was also a closeted gay. He was so sweet and eager I couldn't help but adore him. Jed was nearly 10 years his senior [...]

    6. Cameron Dane has a new book out July 16th. Oh yes - cowboy, horses, rodeos!!!!I wanted to love this book, but I couldn't. I liked it. I love Cameron Dane's writing and I have read everything she has written but this was not my favourite book of hers for several reasons - The characterisations did not work particularly well for me, and that is a BIG thing for me in books - Jed got on my nerves and Booker, whilst sweet, did not evoke my love.While I thought the sex was hot - that seemed to be wher [...]

    7. I read this a while back and I've forgotten most of it, but this I remember: instead of "Cowboy Waltz" it should be called "The Arsehole and his Sucker."And those sex scenes were exhausting.

    8. There's a lot of angst and drama in this. More than any other Cameron Dane story I've read. It's also pretty gut wrenching right up until the HEA.It's funny, but I almost always forget just how angsty this is until I pick it up again and get sucked right back in to Booker and Jed's story.3.5 stars rounded up because I keep bringing it back up for reread.******************Cameron Dane gutted me with this story. It had all the elements I never knew I always wanted to read. Longing, passion, terror [...]

    9. I really liked the beginning of this book but I don't think the author ever really settled into the character of Jed. I don't know that I can really pin point why I feel this way though. Maybe it was the intense bouts of neediness he showed at times or the intense bouts of selfishness as well that just seemed overly done. There just seemed to be really out of character moves that didn't ring true. When he leaves Colt at the hospital and stops visiting and when he leaves Colt to deal with the aft [...]

    10. Way too long! The misunderstandings between the main characters dragged on and on and I found myself skimming through various scenes just to wade through it. The sex scenes got long and repetitive too. Would have been a great book at half the length that it ended up at.

    11. I needed a dose of cowboy and this book delivered in spades - two hot, but very different men, on the rodeo circuit. Oh, but the tension, too much and too drawn out! I enjoyed the story, I just wanted them to work things out and maybe talk and get things moving. But once they did - smoking!Poor Booker, whom Jed calls "Colt", started working for Jed when he was nineteen, both of them looking after horses for their boss on the rodeo circuit. Booker knows he is gay and falls immediately in love/lus [...]

    12. Ok, so. I was really liking this story untiley started having sex. OH MY GOD, did they start HAVING SEX!!!! Holy humping cowbells-I didn't think the first scene was ever going to end. I can't believe I'm even writing about this, but jeez louise dudes! Give it a rest already. So then, I finally slog through that scene, and end up getting a page or two of story, then it's back to mad dog sex, then a page of story, then yes, you guessed it. It just got to be wayyyy too much. So I'm giving the book [...]

    13. It's Cameron Dane, cowboys, friends to lovers, how could it not be an excellent readI think I realized I was in trouble when it dawned on me that not only was I in awe of the stamina exhibited by these two men, (view spoiler)[or would have been if I could figure out how 2 men who went for 4 years without doing the deed with each other suddenly couldn't keep their pants on for 4 minutes (hide spoiler)]but bunnies the world over would be demoralized to hear this tale.I knew we were heading down a [...]

    14. 3.5 starsWhat I liked:* As In everything what I have read of Cameron Dane, a clear, flowing style and a narration that always carries by the hand the facts with emotions. * A very good design of the characters, they have corporealness and concretely, the psychology of the MCs is solid.* But the gem in this story is the times management, simply wonderful IMO. As much the time that passes with Jed and Colt as friends and roommates to the eclosion of their relationship like the later times. I was d [...]

    15. This wasn't my favourite Cameron Dane story but Colt (a name I much prefer to Booker) might just be my favourite character from one of her books. I love that the man was so determined and unwilling to give up in the fight for what he wanted. Jed, well I wanted to hurt him several times but by the end i understood his issues and I did like the way they finally got together. I also thought the reactions of Jed's family to his relationship with Colt were very realistic.And I'm going to go out on a [...]

    16. Booker West is 18 and yearning to work on the rodeo circuit when he catches the attention of Jed Hastings, a 27 year old horse trainer and stock manager who has an urgent need to replace his lazy co-worker.  He decides to hire Booker and give him a chance, even though Booker is green and inexperienced.  Jed immediately nicknames him Colt, since he seems to be tall, thin, awkward, and all arms and legs.  Over the next four years which spans about 50% of the book, the two become friends, then [...]

    17. 4 stars : I love Cameron Dane, and am a huge fan. I have read every book I could get my hands on and devoured and cherished them all. The pacing was perfect. We meet Booker at 19 and he spends the next four years growing up. We see bits and pieces of Booker as he matures and struggles to hide his feelings for Jed. I think this was handled beautifully. Jed beginning to feel tingles of awareness of Booker was also lovely and exciting. I don't usually dissect a book when I review, but this one has [...]

    18. I can't.I'm going to put this to rest. Somewhere between Booker running down the street while screaming "NO!" in reaction to the thoughts in his brain (much like a five year old) and the 52% mark, I lost the ability to take this seriously. I vaguely remember liking this in the beginning. It had potential. But right now I intensely dislike everything about this book. There are other reviews that do a much better job of actually reviewing this. Unfortunately, I suffered from an allergic reaction t [...]

    19. This is the first book I've read by this author and the writing gave me the impression that they are usually good at this but unfortunately this one got away from them, it's just too over the top with everything. Firstly it took FOUR years worth of story for the MCs to finally get together, and this is living together in close trailer quarters for all of that time (and one of them is a horny-virgin-teenager). The angst is pretty much non stop and the sex scenes just go on and on for page after p [...]

    20. I got a sneak peek at this book; one of the perks of my job. I haven't read the entire thing; I've skimmed, then stopped and read, then skimmed some more. This book broke my heart, make me cry, then lifted me right up to heaven. Well done, Cameron.

    21. I am going to be completely honest and up-front here and tell you that I'm a huge fan of Cameron Dane. I have read every book she has written and loved them all. With that said, you might think I'm not capable of being objective in my review. I'm here to tell you that isn't true. I am completely objective when writing a review of a beloved author. The simple fact is, Cameron Dane's writing, characters, and stories are just that good. Plus, she writes really smoking hot scenes that are not to be [...]

    22. written for mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress/Booker is a young man that has rodeo in the blood. Jed sees that from the start and takes a chance that a greenhorn is better than the worthless hand he has now. He talks his boss into letting him hire Booker. Jed loves nothing more than the rodeo and his brother and mother. His lifestyle keeps him from getting into relationships with women, and he isn’t the friendly type but Booker brings out feelings in him he doesn’t want to face.Booker knows he is [...]

    23. There were things I liked about this book and things I didn't like. Let me start with the things I liked. Booker aka Colt should be nominated for Book Boyfriend of the Year!!! He waited over four years for the man he loved to pop his cherry. He was a saint. I really couldn't find anything wrong with Booker. I liked the angst and chemistry between Jed and Booker. I liked that Jed struggled accepting his love for a man but I also didn't like that it went back and forth all the way up until the end [...]

    24. Booker has wanted to be a cowboy and has been obsessed with the rodeo since forever then one day, whilst hanging out around the horses, he is given the chance of a lifetime and is offered a job by Jed. Booker is so enthusiastic and full of life that people can't help but love him but he hides his sexuality and growing attraction to Jed, knowing the other man is straight and that people aren't likely to accept him if they knew. The two share a trailer as they travel and eventually become best fri [...]

    25. DNF. Stopped after reading 40%.The beginning is quite interesting - young, green man fascinated with rodeo circuit gets the job helping the older cowboy. We have half of the book dedicated to their growing friendship; in case of Booker mixed with hero-worship and love. Booker is a bit naive, goody two-shoes, who keeps his virginal state for his true love. I wished he was more assertive, but I didn't have big problem with him. At least Booker always knew he was gay. Jed however is so cut off from [...]

    26. Cameron Dane is the reason that I read m/m romance. I stumbled upon A Fostered Love about two years ago and fell in love with the genre. I was very excited to see this new book! Booker is a young wide-eyed man who wants to work in the rodeo. He falls into a job with Jed, who Booker quickly develops a big crush on. The first half of this book is a slow build of their relationship over several years. It is wonderfully written; the character build-up is done very well. The first sex scene is explos [...]

    27. While I am a huge fan of Cameron Dane this book just wasn't all there for me, it was close though. I loved that young Booker was so eager to learn all there was from Jed, including how to love him properly. The one thing that threw me off was when they finally did get together (and god that took for ever!) they had sex, rough sex, like 4 times in a row. Now while I am a HUGE fan of lots of sex in a book, this just seemed so unreal to me. I mean wouldn't poor Jeds ass be raw as fuck after getting [...]

    28. Just no. Too much sex, to much repetition, too much drama for no reason. The first 40% of this book was snippet of through the years of Jeb and Colt being friends and growing close to each. The problem with it was all the snippets involved them winding each other up then masturbating to fantasies of each other. I didn't get a feeling of friendship, connection or bonding for the two characters. I didn't get to much a feeling about anything about them. The they finally get into bed together and ne [...]

    29. Truly beautiful story. The MCs capture your heart, and makes you weep for them and their troublesd boy-o-boy, did they have troubles. Booker was so adorable and sweet. His character's compassion was overflowing chapter after chapter. Jed. Wow Jed! Rough hewn cowboy, rooted in his ways. But his rough exterior or penetrable by Booker. So wonderfully done, DaneBrava. But, I couldn't give it 5 stars, because while the sex scenes were HOT!HOT!HOT!, they were just TOO damn longggggg. I mean like 8-10 [...]

    30. Maybe the most intense book I have ever read. I am not sure if I liked this or not. There were times with I absolutely loved it. You have to like Colt and Jed and with such intensity hope for them the whole time. The romance was too slow for me because by the time they go to it, they were getting too old to still be as cute as they were as first described. The sex was a little rough, but since they both liked it, it was hot. I would imagine that Colt's story is the fantasy of many gay men. Was J [...]

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