The Hunt for Summer

The Hunt for Summer Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master For this reason mastery demands all of a person Layla Summers has run from her past for the last six years

  • Title: The Hunt for Summer
  • Author: D.H. Sidebottom
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master For this reason mastery demands all of a person Layla Summers has run from her past for the last six years, and life is currently peaceful and controlled That is until Hunter, a hot and hard Dom who frequents The Black Panther where Layla works as an erotic dancer, takes an int Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master For this reason mastery demands all of a person Layla Summers has run from her past for the last six years, and life is currently peaceful and controlled That is until Hunter, a hot and hard Dom who frequents The Black Panther where Layla works as an erotic dancer, takes an interest in her.After turning down his offer of a hot night between the sheets, Layla brushes away her intensifying lust for Hunter and continues with her safe but lacklustre life.That is until Layla and Hunter s paths cross in the most awkward of places and Layla is stunned by the different man Hunter is in the club to the man he is away from the club He is rude, arrogant and so bloody cocky that Layla has visions of whipping the man with his own expensive tie.But it soon becomes increasingly difficult to keep their relationship professional and they are soon embroiled in a hot, steamy and dominant liaison.Lucas Hunt has wanted Layla since he first saw her spin the pole in The Black Panther and after her rejection of a night of hot hard sex he is stunned when the sexy little Redhead turns up in his daily routine.The temptation to drag her into his dominant sexual desires becomes harder and harder but he soon finds out just how perfect they are for each other.But Layla comes with dangerous baggage and lots of it, and Lucas is soon fighting against things that could kill their relationship and against people that could basically just kill them both.At the end of the day, is their relationship worth the risk Or is Lucas willing to bite the bullet and endanger his life for the sexy little erotic dancer that has stormed and exploded into his life This book contains explicit sex scenes, violence and strong language oh, and one hot alpha male.

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    1. 3.5I somehow I missed that this was book 5 in the series. Whops. It did read just fine as stand alone however.This one certainly had the authors signature OTT crazy trama-drama. (Which despite my better judgement I seem to love). I actually liked both the heroine and hero this time! This is a first for me for her books, and really made the whole books so much more enjoyable. That said, the nature of the portrayal of their BDSM relationship left me WtFing. Now, I can't speak from experience, but [...]

    2. I started this book absolutely loving it. I loved the idea of this on the run for her life heroine working for this Alpha dominant hero. However things quickly went downhill.Here's what I see went wrong:1) The heroine just happens to "know" everyone in the book. And it's all sexually pretty much, or brought on that way. Everyone's just soooo comfortable with having f'd her. It's like "Oh hey Layla darling! Looking good? How's the vag doing? Great? Oh that's just dandy sweetheart! I'll make my ap [...]

    3. I can't go all gushy and five starry on this book but I can give it a solid well earned 4 stars. This author does have cool penmanship in most places and she brings her stories to life with a gritty prose and vernacular that would curl your innocent toes, it's punchy, evocative, smouldering and downright steamy in places.I still find the heroines in D.H's book are the subject of an overload of mysery and it happened again in the book but, (and I am glad there is a but) Red's character is not mee [...]

    4. After reading the reviews and the blurb I couldn't wait to read this book. It started out so well I was happy and hooked but then way before half way I noticed my attention wandering, so I took a break and tried again, and again the book just wasn't holding me. I read the reviews again and honestly wondered what on earth was wrong with me, I tried again, same thing, it didn't help that I found it too far fetched to be believable but way before half way I was bored.My head was spinning from Lucas [...]

    5. Well, well…first you make me cry in Angel and then you make me LMAO in The Hunt for Summer!!! Well done D.H. Sidebottom! Everyone returned and poor Lucas, he had no idea that everyone knew Layla! Lucas is sexy, dominating and smart, not so tough but that’s what Mason is for ;) Layla has a haunting past, sexy looks and a feisty month. Lucas and Layla want nothing more than to protect each other from her past and that’s when their friends step in to offer their assistants, no, more like take [...]

    6. Well what can I say After reading The heart of stone trilogy and falling hopelessly for Mason Fox I devoured Angel and eagerly awaited this release and I was not disappointed I was fabulous. Loved Lucas ( who wouldn't ) and loved layla two brilliant worked characters . I also loved having Mason,Ava and co so involved in the story (Loved Katie and Georgie made my laugh out loud ) excellent work D H sidebottom cannot wait for the next instalment :-)

    7. This book had everything in it love,loss,hate and even funny at times. It is a stand alone book

    8. This book was recommended to me andwellIt's definitely something I would read according to the synopsis. It was goodjust good. I really wanted to enjoy it more but3.5 **** from me. Here's whyFirst, the synopsis:"‘Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person’Layla Summers has run from her past for the last six years, and life is currently peaceful and controlled. That is until Hunter, a hot and h [...]

    9. This book is amazing ,,, totally freaking A-MAZE-ING people !!! I've read a few books by DH Sidebottom and each one has blown my mind they are awesome ,,, I really don't know where she gets this stuff from ,,, but all I can say is keep doing what your doing Hun coz it worksYou'll read one book and think wow ,,, can't get better surely ,,, then you'll read the next and be gobsmacked coz guess what ,,, somehow it got better ,,, and with each book it just gets better ,,,, this book is exactly the s [...]

    10. I loved this book!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't praise this author enough. Just when I don't think her books can get any better they always do! This story was so raw. Poor Layla is living a life on the run for the past 6 years. Terrified of her past and who's out there looking for her. Working in a strip club and keeping a low profile is her life. Well that is Until she meets Hunter one night while she's working. He offer's her a one nighter which she turns down. She may work in a strip joint but she does [...]

    11. It was refreshing to read from another characters perspective in this book, I adore Ava and Mason but it was a great change. Red Aka Lalya Summers works as a pole dancer where Liam 'Hunter' frequently goes, she's best friends with Mason and adores Ava. Liam is the ultimate player and dominant man and is lusted after by all. Layla has a past, a very troubled and disturbing one filled with many degrees of love and confusion. Liam also has a past that has left him reluctant to get too close to anyo [...]

    12. O.M.F.G!!!!! the books just get better and better and BETTER!!!!! WOW!!!! from Angel,Heart of stones and Room 103 i LUV EM ALL!!!! D H Sidebottom delivers each and evert time and never ever dissapoints, Lucas and Red are such an amazing couple that you just gotta luv em and for once we get a hot sexy alpha male who isnt a total twat!! lol. I seriousley cannot wait for more from D H cos she is fukin EPIC!!! her style is perfect and just my kinda style you get drama, fiesty females, hot sexy alpha [...]

    13. I am a huge Sidebottom fan and for that reason alone couldn't wait to read this book. I was very surprised by some of the very critical reviews especially since many of them were written without completing the book. There were times during the book that were frustrating but reviewing this book as a whole from beginning to end I am very comfortable giving this book 4 stars. This was a quick read and there was not much character development but what we learn about each character gives enough to fe [...]

    14. I wanted to like Layla a lot. And sometimes I did, but a lot of the time I didn't. She seemed just stupid to me. It was dangerous for her and she kept taking unnecessary risks. Putting more people in danger because of it. How many people was she going to be in love with anyway? This just seemed like I love you's came way too fast and then they were just stupid about it. Jumping quickly to conclusions and hurting each other and themselves because of it. I wanted to love Lucas too, but every time [...]

    15. In this book we meet Layla aka Red. Red works as a dancer and also just happens to be Masons best friend. We follow Red as she meets Lucas Hunt and she tries to fight her attraction to the big bad dom. I found this book a lot less intense then D.H.Sidebottoms other books but still just as good. I seemed to swing between loving Hunter in the bedroom to not been too sure out of the bedroom. Although saying that, when Red's in danger Hunt comes to helpwhether she wants the help or not. All the othe [...]

    16. Another gripping instalment from the NSC seriesLayla is a headstrong character intent on protecting those loved ones around her from her demonic ex who knows no bounds when it comes to pursuing to bring her back to him. Another unputdownable read from DH Sidebottom .The characters once again have been well developed through the NSC & Heart of Stone series and marry together perfectly with plotlines overlapping and meshing seamlessly. Absolutely perfect recount of the quadrangle relationship [...]

    17. I did not enjoy this book. It could have been good, but I think it just got caught up in so many sub-plots that at times, it really seemed to just drag on. Hard to connect the dots on all the characters. I haven't read the previous books in the series, so perhaps that is why it seemed so disjointed. Also, for two people in love and in a BDSM relationship where trust and communication are number one, they continually failed. Over and over.Free readThe paragraph formatting was very distracting. I [...]

    18. Wow !! What a amazing read loved it Layla summers was a amazing pole dancer but had a past then she met the charismatic Lucas sexy hot and amazing in bed and he had a thing for the sexy red headed pole dancer then she turn up at his office as the new temp whoop whoop what happens in this book may make u go owww but its a great read and loved that the other characters are brought in and not forgotten love DH wicked author can't wait for more x

    19. What a great intense sexy dramatic painful dangerous romantic touching story and not necessarily in that ordercas a strong male but sometimes needs to wake up and layla such a strong sensitive woman who has had an unfortunate life. They are suited and need each other. lots of powerful stuff diabolo. . but sad as well. funny momentsgood friends who care about each other.A very good strong story and love the ending x

    20. When you feel as though if your life was a season it would be winter, constantly cold and bitter, you can't help but hold on to the hope that one day your life will be Summer full of warmth and happinessHe's the dominant Hunter, she's his willowy prey but with such a terrible history behind her can the hunter snare his prey before it's too late ??Absolutely loved this book and it was nice to see Mason, Ava and the gang back. XXXX

    21. Why do all of these girls have so much crap in their lives?? Geez and none of them go to counseling??? I felt really bad for Lucas throughout this whole book! Obviously Red was messed up if she felt like she loved Diablo!!! I totally understand how Lucas was hurt by it! That's just messed up!! Who is the next book gonna be about?? Hmmm

    22. First time I read a book about a real Dom/Submissive relationship. It is quite different but interesting. I liked the development and surprises we get and specially the characters. However, after readying about Mason, I felt that Lucas wasn t so manly. Dominant that s for sure but during the problematic situation, he wasn t such an action macho man A bit disappointed in this.

    23. The lengths Red had to go to, to free herself from Diablo, he wasn't letting her go and didn't care who he took out along the way!Lucas struggled with his feelings for Red, but they got there in the end, loved the epilogue and the way these characters interact is fab, great writing highly recommended

    24. Red and Lucas' s story has been a roller coaster throughout, what this poor girl had to go through was so awful!! You laugh and cry at times, I loved having Mason and Ava back too, especially when Kade made his appearance!! I love D H Sidebottom' s writing she keeps you gripped throughout, definitely recommended

    25. Really enjoyed this. At first I wasn't a fan of why Mason knew Willow, why does it always come down to that?! I did really enough seeing more of Mason and Ava though. Lucas seemed a bit of a wuss to me, maybe because I compared him to Mason and Nate a bit who have obviously killed before

    26. by far my favourite of the nsc series not heart of stone I know the all interlink but holy s**t Lucas hunt can have me any day of the week preferably every day loved this story so much it had depth to it and emotion and really hot scenes that leave ya lil more the hot under the collar

    27. D. H. Sidebottom did it again. Lucas & Red Relationship was very dramatic to me . I just loved how she brought back some of my favorite characters from the Heart of Stone series. I was lmao sometime throughout the book. I give this book ***4.5. Stars***

    28. Soooo I read this book not knowing that it was #5 in the series. I really loved this book and I want to read about mason and Ava! To anyone who hasn't read it It is a Must! But not for the light hearted ones!

    29. when I started this book I didn't realise it was in the middle of a series so it kind of felt like I was missing a lot. once I've read the other books in the series, hopefully I'll be able to come back and give this one a better review.

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