Life Reader

Life Reader Fifteen year old Raven Wish was supposed to snatch a cauldron Instead she accidentally blows up a library When Raven s father a spy for Kingdom Quest a secret society devoted to protecting magic and

  • Title: Life Reader
  • Author: K.M. Shea
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fifteen year old Raven Wish was supposed to snatch a cauldron Instead she accidentally blows up a library.When Raven s father a spy for Kingdom Quest, a secret society devoted to protecting magic and punishing magic abusers is charged with finding a priceless cauldron, Raven is coerced into joining the investigation She reluctantly goes undercover at Saint Cloud LibrFifteen year old Raven Wish was supposed to snatch a cauldron Instead she accidentally blows up a library.When Raven s father a spy for Kingdom Quest, a secret society devoted to protecting magic and punishing magic abusers is charged with finding a priceless cauldron, Raven is coerced into joining the investigation She reluctantly goes undercover at Saint Cloud Library, the supposed location at which the cauldron is being guarded Raven in her gum snapping, skirt wearing, ditzy disguise is employed at Saint Cloud, which is ruled by a tyrannical library director who has declared all book sections closed Her coworkers are wary, unfriendly, and unconcerned that the library s magic is taking on the disposition of a chained monster.It gets worse Thanks to a cyber security leak an organization of magic abusers know the cauldron is at Saint Cloud They will burn the library to the ground to get the cauldron if Raven doesn t find it first The only things Raven has going for her is her friendship with the mischievous Montamos brothers, who specialize in breaking and entering, and her dubious magic, the ability to read things to life However, Raven is unwilling to use her power as she knows firsthand that her magic based creations are willing to destroy her Raven must decide if saving the library and recovering the cauldron is worth the personal risk of using her dangerous magic, or if she should let Saint Cloud and its employees fall.

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    1. Another excellent book by KM Shea. The opening scene was aces. It got right to the point and grabbed my attention. Raven is a no-nonsense heroine who has to pretend to be a flighty, ever-popular, girly-girl. I loved her slip ups, when she accidentally expressed her real opinion and then had to cover it up with some vapid comment or inane act. The twins were hysterical and I l loved the way they interacted with each other and the way they brought Raven into their inner circle so completely.I'm ho [...]

    2. 'Twas pretty good. The characters were fun and the plot wasn't bad. If you're looking for a light fun read, I would recommend this or My Life at the MBRC (Which I enjoyed more, but was a bit soppy on the romance side)- Second time through - One of K M Shea's best actually, despite being an earlier book. The writing was pretty decent, and all the characters had a bit of development and interest. The romance was barely even noticeable, while still being really sweet. And the twins are awesome :D

    3. Life Reader by K.M. SheaDuring the past week I have literally devoured all of K.M. Shea's books (excepting the King Arthur series). I started with the two MBRC books and Princess Ahira. Then took a detour to Robyn Hood, (my least favorite), before speeding through the Timeless Fairytale Series. Finally, I finished with The Red Rope of Fate and Life Reader. I saved Life Reader for last because the book description did not seem to make sense. Once again I was pleasantly surprised. Life Reader is s [...]

    4. This book has so few reviews, it's shameful. Here are my two cents: This book is a must-read! <3 It's a clean, enjoyable read with a neatly wrapped-up story arc and a promise for future adventures. Raven is a stellar lead with a good head on her shoulders (though I did want to shake her at one point), and you can tell that she knows what she's doing.The world in which she operates is familiar to her - so, by extension, to us, by the time we're a few chapters in. I'll be honest: my biggest com [...]

    5. K.M. Shea is one of my favorite authors so I jump at the chance to read any book by her I come across. Unfortunately Life Reader isn't one of my top picks from her. I did enjoy the book. I liked the characters a lot and the modern day setting with a hidden magical society operating under everyday peoples noses was also fun to read. But I felt the story lacked a little polish I guess. Even though the main characters were all in high school the book felt middle-grade to me. Raven is a strong femal [...]

    6. This was a fun read but the world felt a bit disconnected, I never really understood the magic or the societies within it, it just didn't feel that well explained. I also couldn't get over how roll-play Kingdom Quest sounds, every time someone mentioned it all I could think of was a group of people in fancy dress waving sword about shouting Hurrah! rather than a serious magical society.The plot was a bit predictable and at times it felt like it was plodding along to the next thing to happen. I f [...]

    7. Loved itI don't usually (really, never) like fantasy set in the modern world, but I loved the crap out of this! Please bring on the next bookl!!Its only 4 stars because of typos. I only noticed a couple grammatical errors, no big deal BUT one (football player) character switched between being Brandon and Brannon. Dude, either name is great but pick one.

    8. This was too good for words!Raven has discovered that when she reads aloud, her characters come to life Literally.There is so much more to the story, but I don't want to spoil it. This is beyond fun and so, so funny!

    9. Fun readThe book could use some editing (it drove me crazy to read ‘Brandon’ instead of ‘Brannon’ multiple times. Otherwise it is a unique and fun read. Kinda wish I could see more of the world

    10. Loved itGreat story with Blairs and loveable characters. Loved the magic and the twins. The interplay between them is awesome. It's set up for more in the series, which would be amazing because i loved the world is set in and how her magic works. Fabulous

    11. Raven Wishmore is a fifteen-year-old reader. Readers can make illusions when they read passages from books aloud, along with a few other magical talents. Yet Raven’s not an ordinary reader…she’s a life reader, which means she can actually create real-life from reading along, not illusions. This is why Raven no longer reads aloud. She doesn’t want anyone to know what she can do or be labeled a freak. When her family is attacked, they go undercover as the McCellen family. Raven’s now Rac [...]

    12. Actual rating: 4.5I wrote a song to Ms. K.m. Shea:Oh K.m. SheaYour books are like delicious hot tea-a (seriously nothing rhymes with shea)I slurp them down so fast, Reading them is a blastI finish them too soonThen I'm left with a pint of ice cream, my tears, and a spoonI love all of your female charactersThey kick-butt and inspireThey shall never expireYour love interests are amazing tooThey make me swoonI have read everything you've written and shall ever writeYour an amazing writerAnd your wo [...]

    13. i read and re-read the (mixed) reviews before i downloaded the book. i love shea's MBRC series, but i think it's pretty hit and miss with the fairy tale series. and while i don't mind the few misspelled words or grammatical errors, the author's usage of the wrong word throws me off at the worst times. i'll be absorbed in the story and then i'll hit a word that's so wrong, i have to stop and reread the sentence (or the paragraph) until i figure out what word she really meant. then i will have to [...]

    14. This was a blast. Raven was such a fun heroine and I loved her unique power. There was lots of intrigue and mysterious motivations to keep things interesting.

    15. More than just a page turnerIn a world where magic exists alongside the mundane, it is the page turners that handle the day to day operations of the magical libraries. Each is gifted with the ability to create illusions by reading from the pages of a book, but they also have other gifts.Raven's father is a spy for a secret society that enforces the rules of the magic community, and hides their existence from the world. When they are attacked at home, Raven is forced to use her gift power to help [...]

    16. I found this book as enjoyable as I find all of Shea's books. They take a bit to get into, but eventually I warm to them and the characters and enjoy the story immensely. What I like about Shea's books is I pretty much always know what I am getting - a fun, quirky, enjoyable story, sometimes with a bit of romance (no romance in this one) with characters I really like. I recommend all of her books, the fairytale series is my favourite!All of that being said, I know the errors and typos are annoyi [...]

    17. Life Reader - Loved this book!I don't even know where to beginWe are given Raven, a YA who can read books to life, but feels her magic is too weird, and scary, and needs to be kept a secret. Raven's family, who offer love and support, but are totally clueless about our plucky heroine. We are also given a set of identical twins who prove to have many talents, including comic relief! As well as other background characters.We are given bad guys that are bad, but there shouldn't be any nightmares.An [...]

    18. Preview: Raven Wishmore has a very unusual type of magic that allows her to read things to life out of books. When she has to go undercover at the Saint Cloud library she has to face not only the dangers of having her identity exposed, attacks of magic abusers, and the hatred and ridicule of the prefect page turner, but also the danger her own magic could pose if anyone were to find out about it.Reader Response: I loved this book! The characters were interesting and had me laughing at their anti [...]

    19. Ever what it would be like to read your characters to life? Well Raven Wishmore is part of the magical community that has all kinds of types of magic users and her gift is that of a reader. Readers generally read from a book and create an illusion, but Ravens can bring them to life when she reads them until she releases them. She has kept this secret from most except for her younger sister. When she is 15 years old she is drafted to go under cover into the St.Cloud (magic) Library and find an da [...]

    20. SO SURPRISINGLY FUNNY! I was sniggering non-stop through the reading of Life Reader and wishing I were Raven in the Mantamos triplet-hood. This book was a free read from 's lending library, but got purchased immediately after reading. FYI, the story was a surprisingly clean read. I'm a mature reader that still enjoys reading young adult fiction and didn't miss the lack of "adult situations." Life Reader was entertaining from page one until the end. Can't wait for a sequel or to read the other wo [...]

    21. It starts a bit rough and felt a little off like pieces of the story were missing. There were even parts i had to re-read to make sure i didn't miss anything. I did keep reading because I really liked the premise. It got getter and better as it went and by the end of the book I was hoping that there were more written and ready to read.I eventually liked Raven aka Rachael once I got passed the fact that there was not a clear explanation for why she instantly hated the St. Cloud staff. I loved the [...]

    22. I love everything K.M. Shea's written. This book is fun and interesting. Raven has the ability to read a passage in a book and bring it to life. That's great if you are reading about puppies, not so great if you are reading about Zombie's. So Raven hides her ability. After her family is attacked they are given new identities and put under cover. Raven is put in a position where she has to figure out who to trust and what she's willing to do to protect the things that are important to her. This b [...]

    23. I enthusiastically enjoyed the world and characters in this book!! I have reread it so many times I can probably recite it in my sleep. I haven't given up hope that the sequel will come out soon even though it's been a few years since this book was published. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well written and entertaining story with great characters and details about the world they live in. Please, please write the sequel to Life Reader soon.

    24. librarian power!This is a sweet young YA fantasy book. The protagonist, Raven, and her friends act appropriately for 15 year-olds. The mystery unfolds well, and in a refreshing change of pace our heroine doesn't have to save the world from annihilation. If you are sensitive to editing mistakes there are many wrong words & double phrases, but the story & characters were compelling enough to me that I didn't mind & I was still able to understand those particular sentences.

    25. The author does a good job of imagining worlds like ours but with magic. In other books she described better how things were hidden from the non-magic community, this just talked about how people ought to be more careful hiding the magic. I would have liked a bit more there. The Characters are fun, The twins particularly. The book is itching for a sequel which I don't see yet. Hopefully soon.And a few editing things that I'm sure will be smoothed out soon.

    26. For me this book was a joy to read. The story was new and engaging. I liked the main character and the challenges she had to deal with both internally and externally. She has to deal with her magic and people's perceptions about her. She works hard to be true to herself and those she calls friends, while being worried about the repercussions of her actions. It is a solid story and characters. I really wish the author would come back to this series and write the second book that she hints at.

    27. Another creative, cute story by KM Shea. I think there are a few writing glitches here and there that would be fixed if this author were published by a major company, but I also worry that her stories would lose their innocence and charm. I hope there are sequels! Definitely recommending this for my middle schooler.

    28. Ok I'm on a Km Shea reading streak. Just finished Life Reader. It was great! Loved the twins! The beginning was awesomely action packed! And what a great power to haveading stories to life! Sweet!

    29. This is a cute story about a girl who can read characters from books into being. It takes place mostly in an old-fashioned library that I wish were real; I would never come out! If you are a true bibliophile, you will adore this book.

    30. Despite the typos, this book rivals with the Robyn Hood series as my absolute favorites!! I love the heroine, I love the twins, and I laugh out loud every time I read it. I wish there was a mini story about the fox of hades as his secret identity. Maybe someday?

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