Joyride Hoping to escape from her abusive ex husband a woman and her lover successfully carry out their plot to murder him only to find themselves at the mercy of an obsessive twisted stranger who witnesse

  • Title: Joyride
  • Author: Jack Ketchum
  • ISBN: 9780425145661
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hoping to escape from her abusive ex husband, a woman and her lover successfully carry out their plot to murder him, only to find themselves at the mercy of an obsessive, twisted stranger who witnessed the crime.

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    1. "You're not going to believe this," he said to Rule. “We got a shooting out on I-89. Lady in a station wagon. Is this piece-of-shit day never gonna end?”~Joyride - by Jack Ketchum (2010) ***There are not many books I give a 5 star too. This is an exception. I put off reviewing this novel for a couple of reasons. One: I'm often one of the first to submit a review before reading other writers' critiques in my SHU program. I decided to do things differently this time. Second: I'm afraid I'm a r [...]

    2. Ketchum is quite satisfying when I reach for his stories; the horror and gore are based on things that with some stretch of really bad luck could really happen to someone which he balances on that too close to comfort crossing line perfectly. Joyride has a few murderers in it and some you hate and despise and the others you root for, crazy yes, you do want some of the characters to be okay, the story is twisted and even though it’s a good read it’s not his most visceral. This goes easy on th [...]

    3. Like most of his fiction, Jack Ketchum blends everyday life with inexplicable horror, usually more realistic psychological than supernatural, and does this just about better than anyone. Joyride involves an abused ex-wife and her lover, and their plans to murder her abuser ex-husband, who continues to harass her. But you know that saying about best laid plans? Needless to say, things go sideways in a very bloody and brutal way. The bonus story, Weed Species, was disturbing and horrifying in its [...]

    4. I'm a horror fan, which automatically makes me a Jack Ketchum fan. This book has Ketchum's thrilling, fast pace with short punchy chapters but the story was lacking a bit, even with the brutal scenes. I almost liked Jack Ketchum's back story on how he created the villain more than how he turned out in the book. Of course, it was still a fun read.

    5. Jack Ketchum delivers an incredible, emotionally devastating novel yet again. Ketchum is a horror writer by title, but his writing is so artful, and rings so true emotionally that I would just call him an amazing novelist period. He goes so deep into the reasons people do what they do, that is the reason so much of his writing is so disturbing. The characters could so easily be real people. The kind of horror Ketchum delivers is based more on the terrible undercurrents in our society, not on the [...]

    6. This book is a box of psychological hell. Savage brutality, nihilistic sadists, and very potent writing await you in this one. Jack Ketchum is a sick man, but he's so damned good at it. You are really thrust deep into terror with no chance to catch your breath. The prose is so deftly constructed, not one word is wasted. The book is about a man teeetering on the edge of lunacy that witnesses a wife and her lover kill the evil husband, then decides that it looks like fun. He kidnaps the two for a [...]

    7. I’m going to be honest in the reasoning in my reasons for buying Jack Ketchum’s Joyride. My cheapness in pages per dollar came into my decision not to buy the very short novella, Weed Species. Looking at the cover and seeing these epically evil plants (and I love my plant based horror, apart from the horrendously frustrating Garden of Evil by Edmund Le Plante – which I hope is a pseudonym!) it was hard to resist.But along comes Leisure who have released an impressive catalogue of Ketchum [...]

    8. JOYRIDE (aka ROADKILL) is not Ketchum's best work, but it's still a solid, entertaining read that rockets along at a fast clip. It's definitely worth a look, but the highlight of this volume is the inclusion of "Weed Species," a bonus novella that's as disturbing, cold, and ultimately insightful as THE GIRL NEXT DOOR or "Right to Life." It's worth the cover price alone.

    9. Joyride and Weed Species are great together! I already had Joyride, but bought the paperback from Mr. Ketchum himself! I had to read Weed Species, as I am familiar with the Karla Homolka case. This is a very short story, but very disturbing. And yes, I loved it!

    10. After _The Girl Next Door_ I went back to my local used bookstore. This was the only other Ketchum on the shelf. It was not as good, and substantiated some of the criticisms that I had of _Girl._ Still, it was good, an engaging, easy read.In the afterword, Ketchum says he got the idea for the book from Zola's La Bete Humaine, which includes a scene in which a man watches two people murder someone and then vows to meet them. I suppose there could a be a lot of Zola in this book--I haven't read mu [...]

    11. Jack Ketchum frequently uses true crime stories as inspiration for his novels. Off Season is based on the legend of the Sawney Bean family, The Girl Next Door tells the horrors that befell Sylvia Likens and this novel, Joyride, is derived from Howard Unruh's killing spree. In Ketchum's afterward, he reveals that he found his story (and the story of Sylvia Likens) in Bloodletters and Badmen by Jay Robert Nash.Usually Ketchum's combination of real-life terror and an interesting "what if" scenario [...]

    12. Definitely shines--since it is a Ketchum book--and contains a great deal of violence that is never cast in a leering, sexualized or remotely exploitative light. Interesting characters and interesting situations, plus lots of Ketchum's signature Rising To The Occasion--characters thrust into horrible situations and then attempting, however they can, to try to hurdle the obstacles set in their path.However, it's not one of his strongest works. Passages are a bit clunky, lacking the smoothly polish [...]

    13. Joyride is the thing nightmares are made of. Yet, they are reality. When a bad situation gets twisted by another bad situation it becomes a life and death journey with a mad man. One that forces the witnessing of horrific and shocking actions that, well, I don't want to spoil it for you.This comes with a bonus. "Weed Species" takes you on a trip with two sadistic people who believe they can get away with anything. Heartless is an understatement here. Their cruelty is beyond the borders of physic [...]

    14. I was expecting to really like this book. I read Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door a couple years ago, and I couldn't put it down. Unfortunately, Joyride didn't have the same pull. The writing seemed off somehow, and I was never able to fully engage in the story. It just wasn't all that interesting.

    15. This book starts off painfully slow. When the action starts off it lacks real terror. It was more of random, scattered events. I would have liked more character depth, and detail. There were hints of sexual abuse, but never really explains. I had a hard time relating to any of the characters. Not one of Ketchum's best works.The extra short story at the end of the book however, was powerful. That is why I gave this 3 stars.

    16. I forgot how harrowing the end of this book was. The first time I read it is was in the Leisure paperback with Weed Species. Although these stories are somewhat similar in tone (very bleak), I think it was a bad idea to bundle them together, or at least, if not a bad idea, the reader should be warned to put some time in between them to properly absorb the full visceral and emotional impact of Joyride. I found that I enjoyed it much more on a second read all by itself.

    17. GoodThis is the 2nd book of Jack Ketchum that I have read so far an I gotta say was pretty good!! The only bad thing I would have to say is that the ending wasn't that great coulda been a lot better but this book was a good quick exciting read!

    18. This was a terrific, fast-paced read. More depth to the characters then you normally see in a book like this. Great pace and suspense and some shocking violence at times, it was a very effective book.

    19. Read this book in four hours on a slow work shift. Is it just me, or did this book have a pretty happy ending for most Ketchum? It was nice.

    20. Not as good as previous novels, however a thrilling building, decent quick read, regardless of the diluted ketchum content

    21. Jack Ketchum’s “Joyride” is a rough, brutal book. Something that could be said about most of Ketchum’s novels. It also moves faster than Donnie Trump at a self-fellating contest. So even as you’re reading these terrible descriptions of violence against complete innocents, you can’t help but continue plowing through.That’s Ketchum’s gift, creating characters you grow to like in a short period of time, and throwing them into the pits of hell while you hope they can somehow find the [...]

    22. A solid and enjoyable outing from Ketchum. The story starts with Wayne, a sociopath, witnessing a murder, which he’s never quite had the guts to do himself. The murder in question was an abused ex-wife (Carol) and her new boyfriend (Lee) murdering the ex-husband who continued to harass and her her even after the relationship ended. Witnessing the murder was the final trigger for Wayne as he kidnaps Carol and Wayne, hoping to make them murder-buddies as he goes on a psychotic killing spree. As [...]

    23. It's not something with a lot of promise. The book has two stories, one is joyride and the other is a novella called weed species. And by God, if I ever understood the ending of the novella! It was sloppily written according to me. Joyride starts off well, but then doesn't live up to the expectations.

    24. Not the best I've read from Ketchum, I felt this could have done with a little more gore and a little less "I killed my husband because I am his victim". Still I enjoyed some aspects of it, and the main guy was quite interesting, wish he went into his past a little more.

    25. Ah Mr. Ketchum. You never fail to disturb me with your work!! (It’s also interesting to note that this is based on true occurrences just like another one of his novels “The Girl Next Door.” That makes it all the more disturbing). This is a very fast-paced novel that doesn’t stop until the end.

    26. Enjoyed this book! Thank god! Can't go wrong with Jack Ketchum. I look forward to reading many more of his books. It's too bad he passed away this January 24th. It's amazing how much he looks like William Dafoe. RIP Jack. Thank you for leaving us great scary books to read.

    27. Joyride by Jack KetchumLeisure304 pages (including a bonus novella Weed Species)Re-issue of 1995 novel (AKA Roadkill)I really enjoyed Ketchum's novel Red, and let me just say that his novel “the Girl Next Door” is one of the most brutal and intense horror novels I ever read. I was excited to crack open this book, but in the end I was disappointed. Joyride is the story of Carole and her lover Lee. Carole's powerful ex-husband wouldn't leave her alone, and no matter how he harassed her, or in [...]

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