Interference SOMETHING wants in To your head Through this audiobook Ethan a digital sound engineer in Los Angeles becomes aware that his life is unraveling when the audiobook he s listening to reveals his deepes

  • Title: Interference
  • Author: Eric Luke
  • ISBN: 1478242213
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Audiobook
  • SOMETHING wants in To your head Through this audiobook Ethan, a digital sound engineer in Los Angeles, becomes aware that his life is unraveling when the audiobook he s listening to reveals his deepest, darkest secrets, escalating until the narrator addresses him directly, threatening to destroy him from within Vivian, a single mother running an antique store in San SOMETHING wants in To your head Through this audiobook Ethan, a digital sound engineer in Los Angeles, becomes aware that his life is unraveling when the audiobook he s listening to reveals his deepest, darkest secrets, escalating until the narrator addresses him directly, threatening to destroy him from within Vivian, a single mother running an antique store in San Francisco, listens to her audiobook to distract herself from missing her young daughter, but is shaken when the narrative is interrupted by her daughter s voice, faintly calling for help Ethan and Vivian are drawn together as they fight to solve a generation spanning conspiracy that begins with a boy listening to the Orson Welles broadcast of War of the Worlds in 1938 and evolves through the latest innovations in digital technology, unearthing the mind bending concept of a POSSIBILITY PARASITE bent on unleashing an explosion of APOCALYPTIC META HORROR From Eric Luke, screenwriter of EXPLORERS, and comic books GHOST and WONDER WOMAN an experiment in audio horror INTERFERENCE Just click PLAY I found this as a Free release over on iTunes.

    • ☆ Interference || ñ PDF Read by ↠ Eric Luke
      299 Eric Luke
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    1 thought on “Interference”

    1. I listened to the audiobook. The author does a great job reading it. To be honest, it started out slow, and didn't find too much appreciation in the characters until much further in the book than I'd expected. Once it got deeper into the storyline, I was hooked. I spent my entire evening routine in shocked silence as the book progressed. I was rather satisfied with the ending, intense and more meaningful than expected, Luke did a good job personifying the differences of love and allowed the char [...]

    2. Never in my life have I been so immersed in an audiobook like I was with Interference. This time, it was hard NOT to pay attention to what I'm listening to. There were some moments that made my skin crawl. It exposes some dark fears you never knew you had.The book is read by the author and he does an amazing job. I hope we'll see some new material from him soon.

    3. I just finished listening to the podcast, and WOW, what a ride!Excellent story-telling blended with Lovecraftian horrors make for a fun, entertaining, horrifying listen.I'm impressed by Eric Luke's ability to tie together as many different storylines as he did. Normally when authors do that it fails and I end up bored, confused, or both. "Interference" left me feeling as played as one of the main characters, and I loved every minute of it. I always love reading a story where I can tell the autho [...]

    4. Not bad. Not great, but not bad. I got the podcast/audiobook version of this, read by the author, because I was looking for some good scary stories to listen to over Halloween. I wonder how the experience of it might have differed had I picked up the ebook instead. Just as far as the recording itself (not the story or writing quality) goes: it was okay, erring towards good. More good than bad, really, but suffering under the pitfalls of a, perhaps, too exuberant narrator. The author/narrator doe [...]

    5. Though there are parts of the book I find problematic, I still believe it deserves five stars.I'm a loser for authors who play to the medium, mangling and throwing it against the wall like a child with clay when the teacher isn't looking. Even though I despise postmodernism, there's something about blurring the line and taking a peak through the crack in the fourth wall that amuses me. As long as it's not pretentious.Mr. Luke has written a fantastic piece of audio horror fiction. Tangentially, i [...]

    6. I very inventive idea, especially for an audiobook, however I never found myself caring about any of the characters (except maybe for the villain). Had there been some way for it to be even more interactive (like putting in your own name at the beginning and having the narrator repeat YOUR name over and over that would have made it even creepierybe in the future we'll be able to do things like that). I think if there were fewer characters I might have had time to understand them better.

    7. Riveting. This book truly comes to life in audio. (Maybe not the best book to listen to while jogging alone at night) The stories of seemingly unconnected people intertwine and come together as the audiobooks they are listening to take a sinister turn. The story is very difficult to put down for about the last third. I highly recommend listening to this book as read by the author.

    8. Brilliant concept, horrendously executed. The vignettes of people finding they are listening to audiobooks that are bizarrely about them is a novel approach to story-telling. The problem? The characters are horrible. I have no idea if Luke's concept comes together anywhere beyond 2 hours into the audio version since I bailed.

    9. Warning: short review contains spoilers!The book rests on a nice concept. Especially, when you consume it as an audio book: An audio book that knows your future. An audiobook, that kills people. It is powered by a "possibility vampire".As promising as the book starts out, it drags after the first few chapters. As a short story, this would have been awesome, but a lot of the story is dull to me. And that is especially sad, as the ending is again really good. It's fast-paced with dramatic cuts, sh [...]

    10. I listened to the free audio podcast version of the book, though I would be happy to pay the price of a paperback novel. This is a gripping, pacey, well-characterised narrative, performed by the author in a great audio presentation that would stand alongside the terrific audio podcast novels by Scott Sigler. The narrative link to and sampling of audio from the Orson Welles radio production of H.G. Wells' "The War of the Worlds" adds to the narrative's dark foreboding atmosphere. This is a smart [...]

    11. Not sure what drew me to this book. I don't typically go for science fiction. This book had a Twilight Zone feel to it and that may be why I liked it so much. It was somewhat predictable but for me it didn't matter. I loved this book

    12. Ok story. Definitely could feel who he was inspired by at times. Really liked the early part of this novel as the town focused on performing the War of the Worlds.

    13. 4.7 StarsIncredible story. Loved every minute of it, and the podcast version really set the tone with the sound effects and the author himself reading it. The ending was really good too. Bravo!

    14. I don't usually read horror, but the premise of this seemed so outlandish (basically, it's an audiobook about an evil audiobook), and it seemed like the author might do some interesting / clever things with the format, so I decided to give it a try. Frankly, the fact that it was free also was a big part of what convinced me. I also knew that Luke narrated it, and was very impressed by his narration of some short stories I'd heard elsewhere (which was actually how I heard about the book)."Outland [...]

    15. Well this book got the lowest I have given to any book for a very very very long time. I am so sorry, I know you put a lot of hard work into this book but it was not narrarated properly. he stopped and started abruptly, could not keep track of who was who and then the story itself, well it lacked a lot. First of all you threw us into a story with NO backstory at all, and I could not tell who was a kid, if it was the adult who used to be the kid, I mean really, I think I need the book in print to [...]

    16. One of my brilliant former graduate students recommended this to me as a Lovecraftian story, and it's sublime. Don't miss this! The podiobook unfolds in twenty-four episodes, and then it's done. Described as "an experiment in audio horror" (oh yeah!), here's the tantalizing blurb: "SOMETHING wants in. To your head. Through this audiobook. Ethan, a digital sound engineer in Los Angeles, becomes aware that his life is unraveling when the audiobook he's listening to reveals his deepest, darkest sec [...]

    17. I think I would give this audiobook 3.5 stars if I could, but I bumped it up because I think the quality you get for a self-published work deserves it. Interference advertises itself as "a meta horror audiobook about an audiobook that kills!" on Eric Luke's Twitter page. The writing is decent, the characters are decent, and the horror creature/monster was effectively mysterious, impossible, and somehow fallible. The narration is good, I'm a big fan, and the production is VERY good. The story is [...]

    18. Believable and likeable characters behaving exactly as the listener/reader would behave given similar situations with one of the most ingenious ideas for an audiobook I've encountered. Imagine you were listening to an audiobook, maybe one very similar to this one, and it starts to describe your own life -- your own life at the very moment you are listening, and eventually it speaks to you personally. That is only the beginning of the creepy Lovecraftian apocalyptic goings on in this riveting sca [...]

    19. I really wanted to like this. As an audiobook fan, the idea of audiobook paralleling my life was a great hook. Unfortunately, the author read this himself (why, oh why, do they do this?? Authors and narrators are two completely different skill sets!). And the story, while engaging enough to begin, was too difficult to follow. The author/reader had limited voice capabilities and when the story switched, I didn't catch on quickly enoughd this persisted through the entire book. Honestly, the only r [...]

    20. He knew now that the world was a nightmare that could burst open at any moment, that the life he had known was the illusion, that there were other things behind it that were much more real. Things waiting to come through.I downloaded this audiobook as a podcast series, in 25 episodes. I would class the story as a crossover between horror and science fiction, as it is a Lovecraftian tale of cosmic horror whose plot is triggered by Orson Welles' radio production of the War of the Worlds. I enjoyed [...]

    21. What if the audiobook/podcast that you're listening to is about you? Right now. Weird, huh? What if the War of the Worlds wasn't just some great scifi story/radio drama but tied to a REAL alien invasion? Three people trying to escape by listening to podcasted stories that they realize are suddenly not fictional fripperies but are manipulating their lives for something more. The greater evil. It has a few bumps along the way but overall I found I didn't want to stop listening to the story. Fun ri [...]

    22. I really wanted to like this book, because I love it when authors take risks and try new things. This one just didn't work for me though. Also, a character's Prius is kind of a key piece of the narration, and it felt like the author had never been in a Prius before. References to the Prius's key being "the largest on the key ring" (they use key fobs, not regular keys), and the Prius's "roaring engine" were distracting and just bad writing. One example of the many editing issues with the book.

    23. This was a delightfully creepy story. I liked the premise of an audiobook that begins to speak to its listener, especially since I listed to this as an audiobook. The characters were believable and I honestly really just liked the story. It bopped from present day to the past and between different characters' stories really well.

    24. It's very hard to write a book (or podiobook) which effectively breaks the fourth wall. This one comes close to complete success, hindered only by a weak climax and a slight issue with the internal logic of the horror.Really creepy in parts. Nice use of redemption imagery.

    25. Great idea and story, even though a bit slow at the beginning. The audio version sounded a bit too dramatic at first but afterwards I liked it. The characters are not very likeable and not too complex. Still quite an enjoyable read.

    26. An interesting concept, but it didn't quite come together right in my opinion. Since I listened to it as a podcast, it was easy to be carried along and I think I enjoyed it more than I would have if I tried reading it, wading through the interaction of generally unlikable characters.

    27. This book must be listened to because its premise is set in a world controlled by audiobooks. The sound effects are a definite part of the overall experience. I'm not sure the ending was-- well, I won't say so as not to spoil it.

    28. I'm not a Sci Fi person, so some really good & fun books always fall apart at the end for me when the supernatural crescendo peaks. But, I really enjoyed it but I'm incapable of buying the third act of this or any other sci fi yarn I've read so far. My personal cross to bear.

    29. It didn't work all that much for me so I won't rate it. And instead of trying to type a review, I'll just link to this one, which said everything I thought about the book/podcast: /review/show

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