Boy Next Door

Boy Next Door I d glimpsed the human behind the monster Now I couldn t go back At a busy coffee shop in Houston Mia meets tall dark hot Brandon Levine Brandon s jade colored eyes captivate her His smile beguiles

  • Title: Boy Next Door
  • Author: Emma Clark
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback
  • I d glimpsed the human behind the monster Now I couldn t go back At a busy coffee shop in Houston, Mia meets tall, dark, hot Brandon Levine Brandon s jade colored eyes captivate her His smile beguiles her But what secrets is he hiding behind those eyes and dazzling smile Soon she ll discover Brandon s insidious motives and truths that will shock her And just waiI d glimpsed the human behind the monster Now I couldn t go back At a busy coffee shop in Houston, Mia meets tall, dark, hot Brandon Levine Brandon s jade colored eyes captivate her His smile beguiles her But what secrets is he hiding behind those eyes and dazzling smile Soon she ll discover Brandon s insidious motives and truths that will shock her And just wait till she meets his brother Tyler Themes Stockholm syndrome, sociopathic behavior, bondage not role play , non con, abduction, dark erotic thriller WARNING This book contains controversial themes BND is NOT for everyone REITERATION This book involves offensive content and isn t for everyone I am not being condescending I just want to warn anyone who might be triggered emotionally by non con and dub con I do not want my books to upset anyone Kindle Edition dp B00GWOW3SUSmashwords Edition smashwords books view

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      479 Emma Clark
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    1 thought on “Boy Next Door”

    1. 4 1/2 fucked up stars! lol This story had me enthralled from beginning to end. I know some people will not like it due to the very dark nature of it but I couldn't put it down. It was a page turner. I would classify this more as a horror story than dark erotica. Ok the main characters are.Brandon who is batshit crazy! To give you a little taste of Brandon, click on this lovely quote from him (view spoiler)[ "I want to make sure you don't go to the police. To help ensure this, I'm going to make y [...]

    2. I wish I could go back in time and stop my past self from reading this book. No actually I wish I could go back and stop myself from buying this book.My biggest question is: Why the hell is this called "The Boy Next Door?" My facial expression remained like this while reading this:My thoughts while reading this:EwwwUghhhWhat the fuck!This girl is so dumbIs he serious?OMGI cantPlease make it stop!The characters are all completely insane and should all be shipped off to a home for the mentally dis [...]

    3. Hell to the no! Need to make a book shelf that says that. This book wasI just had to be curious and see what this was all about I ve been reading a few kidnapping stories but this one was just bat sh@t insane Brandon, my first thought oh yeah he's what he did to Mia in the beginning had me thinkingThen what he did to the pizza girl in front of Mia I was like I was ready to kill that fool So then Mia gets away but of course comes back and he tells her finally the reason he's the way he is these a [...]

    4. 'Boy Next Door' is an intense violent read with aspects of horror.I feel the need to warn you, if you don't like violent scenes then you may want to click on my spoiler so that you know what you're letting yourself in forSo please note that this book includes descriptions and scenes that involve; (view spoiler)[Kidnapping, heavy violence against females, heavy mental health issues, incest, sadistic rapes, forced pregnancy, under-age sex and a physically forced abortion. (hide spoiler)]BLURB: 18 [...]

    5. My fear of him waltzed with tentative love for him. Love?? After only 6 days of captivity? Yeah, it's a DNF at 17% for me.

    6. And to think I was on such a good streak here with reading amazing booksWhat can I say about this book other than "WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST READ?!"Hated the charactersl of them were as bat-shit crazy as the nextThe writing was goodbut the story itself was just so not anything I want to be reading EVER again. I felt like the author just tried to fit as much taboo shit as she could into this book and it just DIDN'T WORKt for me at least.Maybe this book was just TOO fucked up for me to handle

    7. ☆☆☆☆ 4.5 Brandon Stars ☆☆☆☆Never talk to strangers. Never accept a ride from strangers. Never take candy from strangers. Never, never, never. Miah is young and naive. She has lived a less than ideal life. Her father left her mom and her, her mother so heart broken commits suicide.Just existing in her life, Miah comes face to face with Mr. Gorgeous. Brandon is rich and knows how to sweet talk a girl. When he sees what he wants, he goes after it and Miah, is what he wants.Miah is h [...]

    8. Call me crazy but i loved this book. I read the reviews about how this book was horrible and how the author must be a wakadoodle. I say screw them,before you even read the book there is a warning that tells you; if your not into this type stuff then do not read. How awesome is that. This damn book had me mentally second guessing myself, i felt like i had some of the syndromes casue i sympathised with the two main characters.What really made this book wonderful is that life is not always about fa [...]

    9. Oh shit that was some dark twisted fuckery right there!! The story of Mia and Brandon were crazy!! There is no good way to sum up this story except that I totally liked it hahaha. There wasn't much development in the characters or the story really it just jumped straight into the action, like you've already known what's going on. Not saying that that's bad!! Well if you read this book prepare yourself for some seriously dark and disturbing shit. I didn't have the feeling of love for the H like I [...]

    10. I really did hate this book. It isn't dark romance, it isn't dark erotica Some of the tags that come up for this book quote 'erotic thriller, pyschological suspense, mystery, thriller and suspense, well the one tag that is missing that definitely needs to be there is EROTIC HORROR! I read the warning heck that's what drew me to reading it, I love a dark book, so this has nothing to do with me not be able to handle graphic and dark situations, I have read many books 'on the dark side' this is not [...]

    11. I'm sorry but I found no redeeming social value in this book and I'm angry at myself that I finished it. I kept waiting for something other than just titillation as the purpose behind this book that shows rape, kidnapping, abortion performed on an underage girl with a knitting needle and finally murder on a grown human with the same knitting needle. All of this I guess because, not just someone, but a number of people were seriously mentally ill. But no reason or redemption was even really attem [...]

    12. !!!!!WOW!!!! Intense book. You have to have an open mind when reading this. If you get offended easy or have a stick up your a** do not read this book. But if you are not afraid to keep your mind open and get totally sucked into a book, if you want to read something that will make you keep turning the pages and forget to go to the bathroom, then this is the book for you!!!!WOW!!!! 4.5 solid stars!

    13. HOLY FUCK BATMAN! This is one twisted, sick, disturbing story. It’s a dark read that will leave you reeling from the implications of it all. Mia met Brandon. Mia accepted a ride from Brandon. Brandon destroyed everything Mia knew.Mia’s car wouldn’t start after work one night. Brandon happened to be there and offered her a ride home. Mia doesn’t know Brandon, but she gets in the car with him anyway. I mean, he looks like the boy next door, so he should be safe right? WRONG!Mia ends up bei [...]

    14. DNF at 15%. What a dud!!! This story is about Mia, who accepts a lift from a stranger who she finds intimidating to begin with. Then he kidnaps, rapes and holds her hostage. I didn't have a problem with the content. In fact, the darker the better. What I did have a problem with was how utterly stupid and defeated Mia was from very early on, and I couldn't relate to her whatsoever. I'd like to think that if I were unfortunate enough to be THAT stupid, I'd at least hate the guy on the inside, whil [...]

    15. Too unrealistic. Not much about this worked for me. I didn't like any of the characters. Hell, I didn't even love to hate any of the characters :-/It was creative in a field of same-ol'-same-ol' but the lack of any convincing plot ploys or characters just made it more frustrating/laughable than awesome for me. Bottom line: felt too much like every dark taboo was thrown together around a core story that could've been good without all the bells/whistles.

    16. Read 5 chapter and waiting no wait dying to read the full book.I loved it till now and for loving this book if anyone thing I am twisted then I am but if u are looking for a dark read this one is for u.

    17. Seriously, this book had it all but in a very twisted way, from romance to obsession to kinky violent acts and mental disorders which made it all the more of a fast paced read. Never a dull moment.

    18. I have mixed feelings about this one. It was definitely interesting, to say the least. I think I'm going to have to spoiler tag the bulk of this so I don't give anything away though.(view spoiler)[So this is basically about a bunch of damaged, messed up people who do messed up things or act in messed up ways. There was not one sane, rational person in this entire book! I mean the main character, Mia, may have had rational thoughts, but her actions and words were anything but rational (except at [...]

    19. This book is not for the faint!  Do not read it if you need a definite good guy ending or if you can't handle rape and torture and most of all mind-fucking.  I was recommended the title by a friend that knows I love truly dark reads.Boy Next Door is probably the best, truest anti-hero book I've ever read.  Not only does it deal with all of these super taboo subjects and fetishes, but it also contains true psychological disorders.  In most dark reads, even though one of the leads starts out a [...]

    20. I'm not sure what to say about this book. It was weird, violent, insane, and twisted. The writing was simplistic and the dialogue could be off the wall and unrealistic but I'm not sure if that emanated from poor writing or silly/demented ass characters. What I will say is that I was fully engaged, rarely put the book down and even when I was rolling my eyes I didn't stop reading because I wanted to know what would happen next. Sometimes events happened and moved along pretty quickly and that pre [...]

    21. What a wonderful unconventional love story. Brandon is 'the boy next door' and he definitely has a few issues. Mia is his loved interest and against all odds she falls in love with Brandon. This is defiantly a book for adults only and gets into some very controversial topics including kidnapping and rape. It is well written with a good plot and more than a few surprises. I love this author's work and look forward to more from her.

    22. So I just got finished reading the first 45 pages and one word comes to mind Intense!! Can't wait to read the rest of it.

    23. Well, I liked it. It was twisted and dark. Hard to stomach in some parts, but I couldn't put it down. Worth a read if you are into very dark reads.

    24. DNF @ 16%First, the tiniest gripe of all. Whole sentences were italicized for emphasis regularly, not just words. Which…pulls me out of the story, because I’m like, “Why is this whole damn sentence italicized?” Better to emphasize one word, or add dialogue tags to specify if the whole sentence is being said that vehemently. I understand--and so do most people--that things said during sex might have a certain inflection; I don't need fully italicized sentences to alert me to it. That's ju [...]

    25. This is one of those books that you will either love or hate! I was very close to hating it but eventually, I actually liked how it turned out.Mia is an ordinary girl who works at a cafe. One day she encounters a tall, handsome but broody man. Brandon Levine is a mystery from the first moment she sees him. When her car breaks down outside her work place, Brandon offers her a ride home. How dangerous can a beautiful man be?As it turns out, very dangerous. Brandon is cruel and he has issues.Abduct [...]

    26. This book is a dark psychological erotic thriller. However it has everything to make a good story.Mia is a young impressionable girl who happens to draw the attention of a disturbed young man. I think Brandon wants to be better though and I think Mia and the baby they are expecting are enough of a reason to want it enough. The real question is; is it to late for Mia to forgive the past horrors he put her through.The character development in this story is good. As the reader I got a sense of wher [...]

    27. 12/10/13 - I really don't know what to make of this novelally have to think on it. I'm torn on so many levels1/2/14 - Okay, where do I begin? Well, this book was definitely a hard read. So much going on in only a seemingly short novel. Yes, some things were difficult to read. But, I wouldn’t say it was a horror story per say, with fictional monsters like vampires or zombies. But, there was a monster present, and his name was Brandon. He was just so delusionalntally unstable. Tender one minute [...]

    28. Oh my FREAKING god!! This is one brilliant FUCKED UP bookHmmmHmmmmm.d a even bigger HHMMMMMMMMMMMI really don't know how to start this I am utterly flabbergastedWhen looking this book up I readI'd glimpsed the human behind the monster. Now I couldn't go back.At a busy coffee shop in Houston, Mia meets tall, dark, hot Brandon Levine. Brandon's jade-colored eyes captivate her. His smile beguiles her. But what secrets is he hiding behind those eyes and dazzling smile? Soon she'll discover Brandon's [...]

    29. The BND is certainly different and that's what makes it entertaining to a point. Reading BND is rather like watching a soap opera directed by Rob Zombie. The action starts immediately with 18 year old Mia kidnapped and raped by Brandon; who is an official card carrying whack job. Unfortunately Mia develops a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome very early on. I get the concept in theory; I don't get why it persists after Mia gains her freedom or why she willingly goes back to psycho-boy. I don't get w [...]

    30. So, I usually really like my dark reads but while story itself was alright, I had problems with the execution.This story contains many dark and twisted topics, so much in fact that it became too much to be realistic. Rape and dub-con is one thing, diverse fetishes another but why add incest on top of it? The horrendous topics felt stacked on top of each other for nothing else but the 'shocking effect'. The same problem as it came to the psychological problems: a narcissistic, bi-polar sociopath [...]

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