Rose by Any Other Name

Rose by Any Other Name Don tcha just hate the way you get caught up in stuff without really wanting to You make a wrong move and before you know it you re in some weird scene that isn t you how do you get out of it Rose is

  • Title: Rose by Any Other Name
  • Author: Maureen McCarthy
  • ISBN: 1741754261
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • Don tcha just hate the way you get caught up in stuff without really wanting to You make a wrong move and before you know it you re in some weird scene that isn t you how do you get out of it Rose is all packed up She s got a van full of petrol and a stack of CDs She s got a surfboard in the back and a secret that won t go away But that s okay She also has enough aDon tcha just hate the way you get caught up in stuff without really wanting to You make a wrong move and before you know it you re in some weird scene that isn t you how do you get out of it Rose is all packed up She s got a van full of petrol and a stack of CDs She s got a surfboard in the back and a secret that won t go away But that s okay She also has enough attitude to light up the nigh sky.Then her mother decides to come along and Rose s road trip takes an unplanned U Turn, straight to the heart of last summer.

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    1 thought on “Rose by Any Other Name”

    1. This is a 3.5 to 4 star. Aussie YA fiction about a nineteen your old girl named Rose who has had a shit year,has just cut off all her hair and is now embarking on a road trip with her mother to see her dying grandmother one last time. I was down with most of Rose's reactions except the cutting off of the the hair, NEVER THE HAIR.What if your neck is actually really fat? Have you considered head shape? Your ears could stick out!What if it grows back funny?I am not picking on Brit Brit,I love Brit [...]

    2. Another excellent Australian author, another excellent voice. I want whatever it is those Aussies are drinking.

    3. This book has me in two minds, if i liked it or not. Mostly this comes down to the character Rose rather than the writing itself.The writing was great, the way the story was laid out giving us the journey Rose was physically taking along with the internal journey where we got shown parts of what happened the summer before & as to the reason Rose is the way she is.The only thing is I didn't like Rose, she was a self centred, rude, selfish, narcissist bitch. She had little to no empathy toward [...]

    4. Rose by Any Other Name by Maureen McCarthy starts off in Melbourne and then travels along the coast of Victoria to Port Fairy. Rose O'Neil is 19 years old and moved out of home a year ago. Her Gran is dying and has asked to see her so she's planned a road trip only her mum wants to come along. She reluctantly agrees and they set off for Port Fairy.The book is told from Rose's point of view as well as through flashbacks to the previous summer when she and Zoe were still best friends, when she met [...]

    5. I wasn’t sure hundred percent sure whether I would like this book to start with but after I read the first page I loved it. I loved the may Maureen slowly gave us about the protagonist and the circumstances she had been through and was under.It drags you into the characters way of thinking gently, while giving you just enough information you need to love it without giving out to much. I thought the Protagonist named Rose was a very good character that grows on you with every word you read of t [...]

    6. Honestly, I was slightly disappointed with the novel - it would have to be one of McCarthy's weaker books plot wise. The entire novel's context was teen angst expressed through a self-destructive path of self-ostracisation, self-blame, and anti-social habits towards family & friends. Rose, as a character, lacked depth. Therefore, when it came to the crunch of resolving her issues there was little sympathy on my behalf. Rose's narrative irked me, and the story was somewhat stagnant due to the [...]

    7. I really enjoyed reading this book - being written by Maureen McCarthy, one of my very favourite authors, it was always going to be enjoyable. I love reading about lives and events that change characters feelings outlook and themselves, the events being not too dramatic - just everyday events, and McCarthy is an expert at showing us through her characters that we are constantly evolving with everything and everyone we connect with in our ordinary lives.

    8. The cover of this book shouted two things at me: ROAD TRIP! and SURFING! (Quietly, of course, because we were in a library at the time.) Two things I am a big fan of in books. And Allen & Unwin, the Australian publisher, put out a lot of good stuff, including some really good young adult novels I've read in the last year. I was sold.About ten pages in, I wondered if I'd made a mistake in picking this up, and this is why: Rose. Rose is perhaps the most aggravating, frustrating, bad-attitude-l [...]

    9. Some aspects of this book are done very well. The author only slowly reveals details about the characters' past, giving the reader little teasers along the way, which creates a sense of mystery that really drives you on to keep reading. The main character is utterly unlikeable at the start, but as we learn more about her past, we really start to engage with her. Much the same can be said for other characters too. The author uses constant flashbacks to excellent effect - each strange inexplicable [...]

    10. I enjoyed this book very much.It amazes me how easily the author of this book can cut into your emotions and make you addicted to the book. Rose by any other name touched me and taught me lifelong lessons just like her other amazing book somebody’s crying .The Sydney morning Herald said that this book was “Raw and real and utterly compelling” I agree 100% Maureen McCarthy has a way of getting through to a reader and making them empathise with her characters even though they despise them. F [...]

    11. Rose was on top of her game last year, with the best test scores in her class, a supportive family, a solid best friend and a budding romance. One year later, she’s traded law school for a low-paying job, ruined her relationships, and is living in an anonymous flat. When her mother unexpectedly joins her on a road trip, Rose is forced to confront the changes that have eroded her once-comfortable life. Alternating chapters between present day and the previous summer allow author Maureen McCarth [...]

    12. I think I'm way too old for this book and I'm really not sure how I came to posess it, i just fished it out of the piles and piles of books under my bed.I've not really been enjoying it and I'm sure I wouldn't even if I were younger, I think it's poorly written.I feel like Rose is self centred and rude, I'm really not enjoying her character or her mental comentary.But on the other hand, I understand her and this book taught me something about myself.Rose mad a bad decision, one she never expecte [...]

    13. Where do I even begin?I have read McCarthy's books before, and liked them. However,Rose by Any Other Name wasnotamong them.Basically, the book follows a nineteen year-old girl on a road trip to visit her dying grandmother with her mum. Amongst this are flashbacks to "Last Summer" when her father left her mother for a woman young enough to be his daughter, she (Rose) ends her semi-toxic relationship with her best friend Zoe and starts a relationship with Zoe's father, Ray (who at 52 is old enough [...]

    14. Rose By Any Other Name is a story I won’t forget.Maybe it’s the whole quirkiness with a girl getting involved with her best friend’s father, but there’s something really creepy and addictive about this book. I love the main character. She has a good head on her shoulders, and I also love how she shaved all her hair off –it just adds that sassy character into her.There isn’t much to say. Also, it’s one of the best divorce books I’ve read, because it portrays the aspect of affairs/ [...]

    15. Wavering between 3 and 4 stars, probably tending towards 4 more than 3. :)Loved, loved, loved the setting - Melbourne and country Victoria, mostly Great Ocean Road and Apollo Bay. It's awesome to be reading something where you know the setting so well.It's a tender, touching story of somewhat prickly Rose and two summers. The first one with events that shape the rest of the year, and the second one where she's trying to face what's happened. Found it really easy to relate to her (even though I d [...]

    16. Reading for consideration for Association of Children's Librarians of Northern California's Distinguished booklist. My final assessment is that while the book has high additional value for a library collection, it is not worthy of "outstanding" status, for the several reasons. McCarthy has attempted to draw too many charachters, and there are too many extra plotlines that could have been cut back. The story itself is compelling-a young woman in Australia with an outstanding student achivement re [...]

    17. Rose by Any Other Name is a compelling book of secret pasts. Rose is planning a road trip to say goodbye to her dying Grandmother. She has it all planned out, first she’ll do some surfing, and then try out some cool café’s. But when Rose’s mother comes along on the trip, her plans change, and suddenly she is forced to face her past and try to pace the bits back together of her broken family, her broken friendships, and most of all, her broken heart. Can Rose move on from these dark secret [...]

    18. This was such a weird and depressing story I stopped halfway through but had to force myself to read the rest. I doubt I could reccomend it to anyone, because all the events forteshadow each other, and it just hangs a depressing curtain on the 'last summer' reflections, beacuse you know that all the good things that happen then are sure to end, given Rose's current state of total depression and oblivion. Honesty?I hated this book. One of the worst I have ever read, and I skipped whole sections, [...]

    19. I found myself identifying with a lot of Rose's problems, (view spoiler)[except for the creepy affair with the older man :S(hide spoiler)] which caused me to find the first half of the book a bit distressing. I figured the resolution would resonate with me in a similar way so I hung on through the depressing part. The conclusion did have me feeling better, and I'm glad I finished the book so I wasn't just left with the awful feeling. I didn't find it as cathartic as I had hoped though. The messa [...]

    20. "Don'tcha just hatee way you can never do enough for some people? It's like they really believe life owes them, big time, and because the big, bad world isn't exactly listeningen you'll have to do. You can be the one to fill in the bits that they're not getting, until someone better, richer and more important turns up" And that, ladies and gentlemen, sums this glorious story up perfectly!!

    21. My final assessment is that this book is not worthy of "outstanding" status, for the several reasons. McCarthy has attempted to draw too many charachters, and there are too many extra plotlines that could have been cut back. I think teens would struggle over the Aussie slang. A solid choice for young adults who may be trying to process the transition to adulthood, and the sometimes impulsive choices they may make along the way. Overall good story idea but poorly executed.

    22. Don'tcha just hate when you don't know how to rate a book. Should it be by the quality of the writing or your emotional response to it? Because I didn't like this book. The characters were all bloody annoying and I was bored and often confused. Then again, McCarthy's writing is just plain old brilliant. She is an amazingly talented writer and I don't want to lower my rating only because of me. Review to come, once I figured out how I am going to go about this review.

    23. It was an ok read, took me a while to get into it. I really liked the setting, I went to Melbourne and did the Great Ocean Road almost a year ago so it was fun to picture all the beaches etc. I wasn't that keen on Rose in the beginning, but she grew on me and I appreciated her character even if I still don't really 'like' her. Quite liked her Mother. It was a ok road trip and self discovery story if a bit dated.

    24. I did, I really got hooked in this story, but the only thing stopping me from giving it 5 stars at the end, was that I needed to kow more of what happened how was Zoe, was rose going to go to Uni? ehat about the colection, the boy and the mother. It felt like a short story or an exerpt from a complete story.

    25. YA Australia Fiction Alternating chapters between last year and this, 18-year old Rose tells how she got into trouble and how she eventually works her way out of it. It sort of started when her father left his family of a wife and 4 daughters for another woman. Rose is smart, thinking, and thoughtful and her outlook is a pleasure to listen to.

    26. I enjoyed this book very much. I tend to actually become the character that is in the book and in this particular book the transition from myself to the character was rather easy and enjoyable :)Overall, this book is about a girl's journey to find herself and although it was a bit of a shocker (some weird moments) it was also rather fantastic!

    27. loved it.loved it the way i loved wally lamb's "she's come undone".if i was still in my 20s this would've been 5 stars, so i must've mellowed by now, and have learned that as important as privacy and independence was to me, that it was selfish and pushes family way. life lessons, right?

    28. I love Maureen McCarthy's books so much!!! This is the second one I've read and it was so good! It was also really good that I didn't figure out the plot twist before it was revealed. My only complaint is that the cover design, especially the girl didn't fit Rose AT ALL!!!

    29. The unique premise grabbed my attention--what other YA book consists of the teen going on a road trip with her mother, and it's a positive event? However, it was just too slow to get going. Perhaps this is why other authors have steered clear of this particular plot idea.

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