Betrayal in the Highlands

Betrayal in the Highlands Pursued relentlessly by goblin hunters for the ancient secret he knows Edmund the stuttering librarian fights back in the fast paced sequel to the epic fantasy novel RIDDLE IN STONE Edmund s old bo

  • Title: Betrayal in the Highlands
  • Author: Robert Evert
  • ISBN: 9781626810792
  • Page: 495
  • Format: None
  • Pursued relentlessly by goblin hunters for the ancient secret he knows, Edmund the stuttering librarian fights back in the fast paced sequel to the epic fantasy novel, RIDDLE IN STONE.Edmund s old, boring life is gone forever Knowing the answer to a cryptic riddle that, if in the wrong hands, could destroy all of humanity, Edmund is hiding in a sleepy coastal town as farPursued relentlessly by goblin hunters for the ancient secret he knows, Edmund the stuttering librarian fights back in the fast paced sequel to the epic fantasy novel, RIDDLE IN STONE.Edmund s old, boring life is gone forever Knowing the answer to a cryptic riddle that, if in the wrong hands, could destroy all of humanity, Edmund is hiding in a sleepy coastal town as far from the frozen mountains of the Undead King as possible For a moment, he believes he s finally safe Then he learns that Molly, the woman he s loved since childhood, is telling stories about him stories that will get him and his friends killed Edmund is forced to embark on a perilous journey home to confront the woman who broke his heart If he fails, all will be lost.

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    1. A book which show how much the author has improve in his writinge story shouldnt work with the hero been middle aged, overweight and speaks with a stutter I can identify with edmund on all 3 things. Lolsats why I like this story that Robert has written with a great deal of understanding of the emotional trials the characters go through in the book to dates very dark with nasty things going off, killing off of characters grimdark, is a good word for this book.highly recommended. Robert didnt take [...]

    2. With goblins hot on their heels after escaping the Under King’s clutches, Edmund, his loyal friend Pond and the unruly puppy named Becky try to maintain their tenuous hold on freedom, only to come face-to-face with the troll Edmund met when he’d started his ill-fated search for Iliandor’s treasure. But if there’s one fantastic thing about Evert’s atypical hero, its been Edmund’s journey from middle-aged, stuttering, self-doubting librarian to middle-aged, stuttering, one-eyed survivo [...]

    3. The Riddle in Stone series continues to be a fantastic tale of how an average man becomes a hero.Edmund is not a hero. At least, he is not what most people consider to be a hero. Most heroes have several things in common: they have incredible strength and they’re skilled in combat. Edmund, on the other hand, is an overweight librarian with an unfortunate stutter. Not exactly hero material by any definition. Nevertheless, as the story unfolds we see how an average man can become something more. [...]

    4. Robert Evert's new book in The Riddle in Stone series Betrayal in the Highlands is a good sequel.Once again the story is full of unsuspected twists and turns, strong characters and interesting new characters.Ed and Pond (Ed's companion from pits) keep running from goblins. On their way they kill a troll and get some new travel-companions - Becky (fun young bloodhound, who is ready to chew everything and everybody, and play all the time, but she'll also defend her friends with her life), Fatty Mo [...]

    5. I am loving this series! Excellent array of characters with a writing style/plotline that is all at once creative and accessible. This book and the previous one have been my staple on-the-train/in-bed reads for the past week :)

    6. Oh I forgot to review it here , but I read it in December. This review is from: Betrayal in the Highlands (The Riddle in Stone Series - Book Two) (Kindle Edition)rating:4.7In order to write this review, I re-read Riddle in Stone and then read again Betrayal in the Highlands.You can really feel the difference in the writing. In Betrayal in the Highlands, you can see that Robert Evrett has found his pace and that the hesitancy in his writing is gone .In this second part, Edmund comes into his own. [...]

    7. Picking up with Edmund and Pond after their adventures in Riddle in Stone was as easy as relaxing into a comfortable armchair at the end of a hard day. That is to say it was effortless.Edmund remains the most abused of main characters as talented author, Robert Evert puts him repeatedly into challenging circumstances with a plethora of adversaries. Edmund is tested again and again physically, mentally, magically and emotionally. And as the rapt reader you’ll be put through the wringer right al [...]

    8. The exciting adventure continues in the Betrayal in The Highlands. Edmund, a one eyed Historian of sorts and spell caster continues to team up with Pond Scum and Becky (his feisty dog) to outrun the Goblins and witches chasing them. Evert introduces another character, Abby, into the adventure, who is full of life and sass and open the hearts of Edmund and Pond. Together they try to head to safety, eventually to Rood, to protect themselves and the town from the goblins. This book is full of unexp [...]

    9. The adventure continues with Edmund and his buddy Pond and their faithful sidekick Becky! A great fantasy book with epic sword fights, magic and even a troll. Can't wait for book 3.

    10. Outstanding sequel and terrific twists, turns, keeps you hooked like the original. I cannot recommend enough! I cannot wait for the final book!!!

    11. This is the second book in Robert Evert’s epic fantasy series, The Riddle in Stone and it pretty much picks up where the first book left off. Edmund, the middleaged stuttering hero, is on the run from the goblins with his pal from the pits, Pond and Becky, the rambunctious puppy. The Undead King is determined to recapture Edmund to retrieve the secret he holds, a secret which could spell the end for the entire human race. While trying to evade their pursuers, they encounter a troll and, almost [...]

    12. Betrayal in the Highlands was a a very worthwhile read that continues the "legend" of my favourite stuttering protagonist. While I have a little criticism of this sequel, I think I'll start with some positives of the series since I would forget to mention them otherwise.The thing that I most love about the riddle in stone series is the world it takes place in. It is refreshing to read about a world that is only inspired by fantasy elements and not just completely copied and pasted from D&D o [...]

    13. I originally forgot to write a review! With the newest one ready to be devoured I wanted to write this before it clouds my judgement of this one. Intentionally vague so I won't spoil anything. There is a spoiler for the first book at the end. I'm going to start by saying this does not start off as good as the first book. It's still a fantastic book, though!The first was much darker(A good thing!), but I knew this one was going to be a bit tamer so I shouldn't complain. I understood this one had [...]

    14. The story of Edmund and Pond continue with Eds "faithful" dog Becky. I really like Becky, such an awesome dog (most of the time, lol). The story commences with our heroes on the run still. Their predicament takes a turn for the good? Well, better anyhow. Eventually Edmund and Pond have to go back to Rood to "quiet" Norb before he puts them in more danger than what they are already in.This story, just as in the first book "Riddle in Stone" is very enjoyable. There is not as much action or running [...]

    15. An unusual novel but very interesting. When I read the 1st book I was taken aback by the fact that the main character, Edmund, is 1/in his forties, 2/fat, and 3/has a stutter. I must admit that I found it surprising at first but got over it as it's not important, and as I was swept away by the story.The author is not tender with Edmund as he faces lots of hard ordeals, suffers a lot, but it's hard not to feel for him. It's obvious from the beginning that he's likeable, and no matter what he goes [...]

    16. Betrayal in the Highlands is the second book in the Riddle in Stone series. In this installment, the main character, Edmund, the most unlikely hero you've ever met, is being chased by evil goblins and Magic Users, because they want the secret that Edmund knows. Tired of running, Edmund and his constant companions Pond Scum (an ever optimistic human), Becky (a destructive and personable puppy) and Abby (A beautiful woman who is a new friend) decide to start fighting the goblin hunters while also [...]

    17. Anytime the first book in a series is as intense as Riddle in Stone was, picking up the sequel makes me a bit nervous; will it be weaker than the first, will it be a filler novel to get us to the next book, will the characters lose their edge, etc.? All those fears are unfounded in this case!Betrayal in the Highlands is a very strong second book in the Riddle in Stone series. Being written in the same upbeat, friendly manner as the first book makes the book enjoyable to read even when it is deal [...]

    18. Much less dark as the initial book, Betrayal in the Highlands follows Edmund and sidekick, Pond Scum, as they flee from the cruel, but polite, goblins, Kravel and Gurting. Realizing that his former friend, Norb, is telling stories about him, Edmund makes a beeline back to his beloved hometown to confront Norb and his wife, Edmund's former love, Molly. Tired of running, Edmund and Pond (and their hyperactive puppy, Becky, and new love interest, Abby) decide to start fighting back. I love this boo [...]

    19. This series has some of the most 'real' feeling emotional conflict I've ever read. Edmund's thoughts feel genuine, and it really draws you into the character. A lot of first person writing feels like the character is recalling the events while Riddle in the Stone feels immediate and unfiltered. I got the audible edition of the book, and while I prefer to buy from Downpour, the audiobook is certainly well produced and acted. Edmund does stutter, so I think some listeners may find it a little frus [...]

    20. Betrayal in the Highland was a great continuation of the first book in the series Riddle in Stone. The hero Edmund definitely grows into his hero shoes in this book, but he is definitely still not your typical cookie cutter hero. The antics of Edmund and his eclectic group of friends kept me interested from start to end.The right amount of humour, grit, adventure and goblins left me with a book that I did not want to put down. This series has put Robert Evert into my list of favourite authors al [...]

    21. This book brought more depth to the series and is not just more of the same, but it also didn't have the same pull as the first one had. In this spellbinding tale you get to see how the formerly middle-aged, fat,stuttering and frightened librarian from the previous installment has changed into a middle-aged and stuttering adventurer that is pressed to become a leader. The moments of action are broken by beautifully crafted descriptions and dialogues, and not to forget Edmunds sardonic inner voic [...]

    22. Good continuation story, I think sometimes in trilogies (I think this is going to be a trilogy) the second book sags a little as it's basically the instrument to get the character to where he needs to be for the last book. This book though teases just enough about what's to come to keep you interested, but still frustrated because the larger back story remains unknown. Can't wait for the 3rd book.

    23. The second book was even better than the first! I wish the third was out so I could start it now! I really enjoyed the new characters that were introduced and I hope I see a lot more of them in the third book. Betrayal in the Highlands was a bit less dark than the first but just as action packed. I had a hard time going to sleep at night because I wanted to keep reading and find out what was going to happen to Edmund next.

    24. The story develops further in this book, and it is even more Edmund-centered, so the reader follows the events like thru the lens of Edmund's behaviour and feelings. The writing style is always nice and the pace more evenly-distributed than the first book.I enjoyed this much, and all the loose strings point to the third installment of the trilogy, leaning towards the grand finale. So, now out with the 3rd book, I want to read it!!

    25. This book continue telling the story of our unlikely hero Mr Filth, and it does so marvelously. Robert Evert continues to be one of my favorite new authors, as he tells the story of Edmund of the Highlands and his stuggle with both the rightful ruler of the land, and the goblins living in the mountains next to his home. Though the story is dark, it focuses more on story than violence, and the results are wonderful.

    26. Once again, Robert Evert has written a book that was a joy to read. The second installment in the Riddle of Stone series continues the thrilling and occasionally humorous adventures of our unlikely hero, Edmund, and his companions. This is a well written story with an interesting mix of characters and an increasingly complex plot - just the kind of book that keeps me reading until late at night and leaves me wanting more. Bring on book 3!

    27. Very good fantasy series, picks up right where book 1 ends. Edmund, the mild-mannered librarian, is still on the run from the goblins, and learns that they aren't the only ones seeking him out. Evert has really put together a group of likeable characters in this series. My only real grievance is Edmund's almost teenage infatuation with the female characters. Otherwise, an enjoyable series and I look forward to book #3.

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