Did Someone Order Room Service?

Did Someone Order Room Service GAME SET MATCH Has American Tennis Pro Matt Stanton finally found his match in uptight hotel employee Layla Jones Find out in this deliciously naughty novella the second book in the Do Not Disturb Ser

  • Title: Did Someone Order Room Service?
  • Author: CharlottePhillips
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • GAME SET MATCH.Has American Tennis Pro Matt Stanton finally found his match in uptight hotel employee Layla Jones Find out in this deliciously naughty novella the second book in the Do Not Disturb Series

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    • Unlimited [Ebooks Book] ✓ Did Someone Order Room Service? - by CharlottePhillips ¸
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    1. 4 Stars.I have to say that the “Do Not Disturb” series by Charlotte Phillips is definitely one of my favorite discoveries of 2013. I loved book one (Your Room or Mine), and was lucky enough to be provided with books 2 and 3 by the publisher.Did Someone Order Room Service is Layla and Matt’s story. Polar opposites in pretty much everything Matt being a hot-shot, playboy, high profile tennis player, while Layla is struggling in every aspect of her life as well as having to deal with an erran [...]

    2. As can be seen on : The Accidental ReaderSo here is the deal- This one is just another romance novella, like many others written before and after. Plot-wise, it does not stand as unique. Fun-wise, it's good, but once I finished it I moved on without a single though. I can say now, 2 months after I read it, that I hardly remember reading it. it did not affect me at any way. Maybe I'm harsh. Maybe not. I love romance books and novels very much, and I expect them to invoke some sort of feelings fro [...]

    3. Matt Stanton can sign my bra anytime!Oops did I say that out loud? I enjoyed book 2 in the Do Not Disturb series as much as I enjoyed book 1. It's witty, flirty and temptingly steamy. Tennis pro Matt Stanton and hotel employee Layla Jones are the perfect pairing. Layla works hard to provide a life of normality for herself, after all the upbringing she had was anything but. Matt embraces the life he has now and lives it to the full. When he is sent to stay at the hotel where Layla works, Matt is [...]

    4. I really loved this next book in the Do Not Disturb series - it was even better than the first.I wasn't sure whether I'd like the hero, Matt first of all - but as he got to know the heroine Layla he grew on me fast! I connected with Layla straight away - despite her unusual upbringing which most of us would have nothing in common with - though family dramas possibly!I was actually a little sad that this wasn't a little bit longer.

    5. That story was the other side of series like One night with Sole Regret and other rock bands. Layla is the daughter of an now ageing groupie and a rock guitar player, probably conceived backstage after a concert ! After having been raised not by a mostly absent mother, but rather by relatives and friends, she dreams of one thing : a steady job and a place of her own. She's got her feet on the ground, is a reasonable grown-up, all the contrary of her parents who criticize her for that.When she me [...]

    6. ARC provided by Publisher, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review This is the second book in the Do Not Disturb series and I have to be honest, I haven't read Book 1. Having said that this is a nice, albeit short, story that works well as a stand alone.Layla is the very sensible and practical only child of a has-been musician father who vanished from her life many years ago and an irresponsible, rock groupie mother who was too busy following her favourite band around to actually do much [...]

    7. Jane Hunt writer First Steps Jane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google +This contemporary,fast-paced romantic novella set in a chic boutique hotel is a lovely escapist read if you have a spare couple of hours. The second in the 'Do Not Disturb series' it has plausible characters that experience their worst nightmares and best dreams within the microcosm of hotel life.Layla a diligent guest services person becomes the very personal assistant to Matt a celebrity pro-tennis star who appears to court the [...]

    8. I seem to have been reading lots of romantic fiction recently, and Harper Impulse is right up there as the frontrunner in contemporary publishing. Totally escapist romance, and with a diverse range, if you are looking for some books to woo you then I definitely recommend trying some of their titles.Did Someone Order Room Service? is part of the Do Not Disturb series, and is an entertaining, light-hearted rom-com romp.When Layla Jones heads to work in an upmarket hotel the last thing she expects [...]

    9. This was surprisingly good considering the short length. Layla Jones was never likely to meet Matt Stanton in the normal run of things. She had good reason to despise the sort of cult celebrity that brought groupies to his door.Thrown together at her hotel, the attraction is instantaneous. The emotions came after. Matt is the epitome of the playboy one night stand celebrity tennis player. After her childhood, watching her mother trail after rock stars that kind of life repulses Layla.I liked how [...]

    10. This was a lovely fast read and perfect for a beach read on holiday! I loved Layla as a character and watching her develop from the careful, reserved type to the girl throwing caution to the wind. Matt's character also developed a lot within the story when he realised his shallow celebrity life style was everything and that underneath that celebrity mask he has the same need to feel accepted as Layla. I really enjoyed this read, the only thing I would have liked to see is for Layla to have put u [...]

    11. Another great story in the Do Not Disturb series, which *sigh* means i'm just going to have to buy the third one, now. The author "writes sex" really well, without leaving you cringeing and the pace was fabulous. Once started, it was hard to put down.I did find the character of Layla occasionally unappealing, although it was not hard to understand her sharp edge, given her childhood. Matt the tennis player was totally GORGE, in looks and personality! If you're searching for a sensuous but sweet [...]

    12. A fun and flirty read, but with characters that have unanticipated depth. I had GREAT empathy for Layla - working all the hours of the day and unable to save a mortgage deposit, LE SIGH - and even ended up feeling sorry for the millionaire sportstar, Matt Stanton.Definitely recommended if you want a snappy, steamy read.

    13. I liked Matt and Layla very much. I quickly got into the story, and I enjoyed seeing Layla slowly become more open and free, while Matt came to realise he'd not only met his match in Layla, he'd found something vital he'd been missing. This is the second story from the "Do Not Disturb" series, and I've now bought the first one as I enjoyed this so much.

    14. A lovely read. This second book in the 'Do not disturb' series is a seemingly simple story but with a complex background. Characters with depth. It did not disappoint.

    15. 3.5 starsI'm really happy about "discovering" The “Do Not Disturb” series by Charlotte Phillips.Like the first book, this one does not stand as especially unique. Basically its more or less like so many other romances written before.But! It's good and I enjoyed the hell out of it.

    16. I read the first in Charlotte Phillip’s Do Not Disturb series earlier this year and I really enjoyed the short novella so I was looking forward to reading the rest of the series. This is book two.The story is set in a hotel where Layla works and her hotel is about to put up a high profile celebrity for a week.This is another short novella and can be enjoyed within an hour. The thing with short stories is in the name – they’re short. They have a lot of story to cram into 100 odd pages and t [...]

    17. I really enjoyed the first book in this series but this one didn't work for me, mainly because I didn't warm to the heroine.

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