Smart Masturbation for Men


  • Title: Smart Masturbation for Men
  • Author: David Sexguy Williamson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • EXPLOSIVE ORGASMS MIND BLOWING PLEASURE YOU NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE YOUR LOVER GIVING YOU HAND JOBS LIKE NEVER BEFORE YOUR WHOLE BODY ON FIRE GETTING ON TOP OF YOUR SEX GAME, FEELING CONFIDENT AND SECURE A CARING, SMARTER AND MORE OPEN YOU EXUBERANCE AND HAPPINESS FOR EVERYONE AROUNDCan I have all that You bet you can but first you ve got to learn how to jer EXPLOSIVE ORGASMS MIND BLOWING PLEASURE YOU NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE YOUR LOVER GIVING YOU HAND JOBS LIKE NEVER BEFORE YOUR WHOLE BODY ON FIRE GETTING ON TOP OF YOUR SEX GAME, FEELING CONFIDENT AND SECURE A CARING, SMARTER AND MORE OPEN YOU EXUBERANCE AND HAPPINESS FOR EVERYONE AROUNDCan I have all that You bet you can but first you ve got to learn how to jerk off like a pro and get your new lease on a sex life that s intelligent, thrilling and fulfilling Take the trouble to hone your jacking skills for your own kicks and you ll turn into a fantastic lover in the process If you have a girlfriend or wife, teach her and she ll give you the hand jobs of your wildest dreams She ll also let you in on how she gets herself off And there is no shorter road to the most zestful sex ever You ll both have a blast and you ll be glad when she comes first because you know you can last longer and feel happy There s hardly anything that can provide a better daily boost to your physical and mental health than that Great slow sex will give you unreal pleasure all the time.My workout sessions will have you throbbing and raging like fire I ll be coaching you on how to take charge of the one business you ll never stop managing for the greatest possible return your dick I m just an e book, so you ll be perfectly comfortable as I put you through loads of sexual fitness drills that will have your love juices flowing like there s no tomorrow Soon you ll be your own pleasure coach devising even thrills And don t let anyone tell you that self help is not useful for great sex.Should you jerk off once a month or five times a day That s not really the question here Why It s not an issue because quantity is never going to be a substitute for quality More frequent masturbation is not necessarily better, but better masturbation skills will definitely and always give you pleasure Start your pleasure training today with SMART MASTURBATION FOR MEN and you ll know that you never made a better investment towards your sexual fulfillment.Porn will always be there for instant gratification But you ll use it intelligently You ll go beyond porn for the truly intense pleasure you and your lover will get from your unique sexuality When you re done with this book, you ll be a lot astute about your options of sexual satisfaction There is , my friends So much new pleasure in your sex life by yourself and with your lover will boost your capacity for enjoyment in general You ll go through something like a personal and spiritual transformation You ll be blessed with a secure source of happiness and then you ll want everyone else around you to be happy as well And by the time you start spreading your exuberance to others, you ll be a caring, open and smarter human being Believe me I ve done serious research in teen sex education, adult sex therapy, cognitive and applied psychology you ll have better life skills and greater emotional intelligence Here is some of what you ll get inside the book.Chapters 1 and 2 feature 13 different hand techniques you either use, have heard about or could find if you went surfing all over the internet.Chapter 3 has 20 separate workout sessions in which you ll be training or retraining your genitals in order to connect them effectively to the pleasure centers of your brain.Chapter 4 explains why knowing how to jerk off like a pro will add hot spice to your sex life.In Chapter 5 you ll get the gold Here I collected 35 new and entirely original techniques for awesome orgasms I know all 35 are great because they ve been tested and retested countless times.Several chapters continue to show you electrifying ways of producing and experiencing intense pleasure by yourself and with your lover.Here, then, to the novice and the veteran, I wish you all HAPPY TRAVELS AND AWESOME ORGASMS

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    1 thought on “Smart Masturbation for Men”

    1. An excellent, guy-friendly guide to happiness!As a mother of a tweenage son, and legal guardian to a younger brother, I’ve been exposed to many penis-related incidents. There was that hilarious moment my son expressed his concern over his size, and I reassured him that “it” would grow as he grew. And, there were all those awkward moments when I walked in on my brother having fun time with his little friend. You’d think he would have learned to lock the door the first time. The one thing [...]

    2. Eye-opening, tastefully written and very useful if you have sonsSo it took some coaxing to get me to read this book. But the positive reviews by other women convinced me to give it a go. And it turned out to be very interesting and more than a little eye-opening. It’s very well-written and done as tastefully as a book on this subject can possibly be. Very impressive because I’m sure that it took a lot of work and editing to accomplish this. From a practical aspect, I didn’t really read it [...]

    3. It must have taken guts, quite a bit of experience and not a little wisdom to write this book. There are plenty of pseudo-medical and pop psychology books out there that do nothing more than rehearse trite commonplaces about male masturbation. I've got to tell you, this book is something else entirely. As far as the quality of the writing and the insights are concerned, it certainly stands alone in its class and could easily become a model for all so-called sex guides.First of all, it's a really [...]

    4. A very informative and high-quality book, for men or women!I’ll admit when I came across this book my first thought was to buy it for my fiancé as a gift, something lighthearted that he would enjoy. As I read the reviews though I was surprised by how many women had bought/read this book and were recommending it, so I switched tactics and bought this book for myself. I am so glad I did!Since my wedding is coming up I have been thinking of ways to make my wedding night special and this book gav [...]

    5. Every man and teenage boy should have his private copy to read!This book is an educational page-turner. I am a mother of two boys going through mid to late puberty. My husband and I have really enjoyed the read and we both learned a great deal from it. Another thing we took away is the decision to buy a copy for each of our sons. We both believe that having this kind of no nonsense information, delivered in easy-going language adolescents can relate to, will make the sex lives of our boys richer [...]

    6. This is a very important topic. Women get endless books an magazine articles on how to have the perfect orgasm, even classes. Men, we can't stop snickering, making jokes or feeling creeped out by talking about sex with someone we hope we love, ourselves. (yuk, that was too touchy feely). So about touching and feeling yourself, David SexGuy Williamson is the master. And I'm done with puns.See how hard it is to take this subject seriously. As I get older I'm noticing that I either need to make thi [...]

    7. Lots to learn and lots to enjoy for EVERY man and teenage guy!I'll admit it, though only in my early twenties, I've masturbated for almost a decade now and have always felt good about being able to enjoy it. When I'd be feeling really low about myself for whatever reason, it would help me snap back into a good mood. So, for me personally, this book is like icing on the cake. To my surprise, it has actually lifted my orgasms to a whole new level of intensity: it's been awesome with my girl and by [...]

    8. Great book for every male who wants to have pleasure and less shameThis is a great purchase for me. This book on masturbation is surprising and liberating, it really helps a lot with my private sex life. I'm an Asian man and brought up very strictly. Having sex simply to enjoy it was not part of my culture. So just buying the book was a big step for me.I ordered it 1 month ago and I started to use it right away, and the many new techniques really give me a wonderful experience of pleasure each t [...]

    9. This is the Rosetta stone of masturbation! Where has this book been all my life?! This inimitable guide will liberate you from the shackles of routine and enlighten you, leaving you with a smile on your face FOREVER. With a hands-on approach you can master the skill set that’s lain down for you by the guru himself, David ‘SexGuy’ Williamson. This will blow your mind and your lover’s too, not only will you have unbelievable orgasms but you will last a lot longer and command a better sex l [...]

    10. As a female I learned so much in this book about the male anatomy and a ton of creative techniques no woman would ever think of by herself. I will reward my boyfriend with them when he behaves! I already know it will blow him away AND I won't ever tell him who???? or where I learned it all! That will keep him on his toes and begging for more!This book is a wonderful guide for men, but ladies if you want to learn how to turn it from good to amazing in the bedroom, you need to get your hands on th [...]

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