Je m'appelle Budo

Je m appelle Budo Aussi longtemps que Max croit en moi j existe Les gens disent que c est a qui fait de moi un ami imaginaire Ce n est pas vrai j ai mes id es et ma vie en dehors de lui Mais j tais l le jour o il a di

  • Title: Je m'appelle Budo
  • Author: Matthew Dicks Marie Hermet
  • ISBN: 9782081288997
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
  • Aussi longtemps que Max croit en moi, j existe Les gens disent que c est a qui fait de moi un ami imaginaire Ce n est pas vrai j ai mes id es et ma vie en dehors de lui Mais j tais l le jour o il a disparu Je sais qu il est en danger Et je suis le seul pouvoir l aider.Budo est un ami imaginaire plut t chanceux cela fait cinq ans que Max le fait vivre Mais MAussi longtemps que Max croit en moi, j existe Les gens disent que c est a qui fait de moi un ami imaginaire Ce n est pas vrai j ai mes id es et ma vie en dehors de lui Mais j tais l le jour o il a disparu Je sais qu il est en danger Et je suis le seul pouvoir l aider.Budo est un ami imaginaire plut t chanceux cela fait cinq ans que Max le fait vivre Mais Max n est pas un gar on comme les autres il est atteint du syndrome d Asperger, une forme d autisme Budo sait qu il vivra dans l imaginaire de Max plus longtemps que les amis imaginaires des autres enfants, mais jusqu quand Lorsque Max se fait enlever par Mme Patterson, sa ma tresse, Budo mobilise toute une quipe d autres amis imaginaires pour le lib rer

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    1. I am a horrible person (ME). I am worse than a horrible person. I am a killer. I am worse than a killer.I am a killer of dreams. My daughter, Marley, was about 3 when she introduced me to Hartluv. At first I thought that there were some hippy parents who subjected their child to this moniker. Maybe someone in her pre-school class but then I thought, we live in Manchester, NH. No one is that bright or weird in Manchester, NH. (we were planning our escape). It went like this:Marley: Mom, Hartluv w [...]

    2. Here is what I know:My Name is Budo.I have been alive for five years.Five years is very long for someone like me to be alive.Max gave me my name.Max is the only human person who can see me.Max's parents call me an imaginary friend.I love Max's teacher, Mrs Gosk.I do not like Max's other teacher, Mrs Patterson.I am not imaginary.So begins one of the most unusual and frustrating books I have ever read, Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend by Matthew Green.Many kids have imaginary friends, who last for v [...]

    3. Started yesterday, and I couldn't put it down! I loved every moment I spent with Budo and his friend, Max, and I just can't recommend this highly enough, especially for people who liked A Curious Case of the Dog in the Nighttime, or Room. I think I actually liked this a little better than both of those! There were some very tender moments, some very sad moments, some very funny moments I went through way more kleenax than I was anticipating!I can't wait to start lending this out to people!

    4. Flipping ahead, like cholesterol, can be bad or good. Bad flipping ahead means I'm losing interest and either looking for a reason to keep reading, or skimming through the rest of the plot before I stop reading.Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend was subjected to good flipping ahead. Part way through, I simultaneously couldn't stand the suspense and didn't want to rush this wonderful journey with Max and his imaginary friend Budo, so I flipped ahead a little, then came back to relish the details.I wa [...]

    5. Damn if this book doesn't get me right in the feels.To my imaginary friend, Tie (I was five, okay?):You were a part of my childhood and I will never ever forget you.

    6. I'm sorry to say that I didn't love this book like I thought I would. Yes, the title is Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend but I thought it would be told from the POV of Max, the little boy, not Budo, the imaginary friend. From Budo's perspective, the story is told, not shown. And, tbh, it came across (to me) as a little preachy at times. It was like Budo was this all-knowing, all-wise "person" who was imparting his wisdom to us imbeciles.I really loved 600 Hours of Edward and The Curious Incident o [...]

    7. Have you ever watched a movie where you knew how it was going to end right from the beginning, but you still cried when the ending came anyway? That's what happened to me with Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend.Budo is Max's imaginary friend. He looks more human than most imaginary friends, can pass through doors and windows, and he loves Max. The bad part is that if Max stops believing in him, Budo will disappear. Max's life moves as smoothly as it can for a child with a mental disability until one [...]

    8. On every level, this book is worthy of five stars. The story is original, touching and memorable. Budo (the narrator and main character) is a captivating mixture of innocence, childlike wisdom, love, wonder and fear. Matthew Green's characters are so vivid that they remain with the reader after the book is finished. Right from the opening page, the novel engaged my full attention, stirring up emotions that grew stronger as the story progressed. Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend is a masterclass in [...]

    9. This review and more can be viewed on my blog at: The Muses Circle"I wish there was a Heaven. If I knew there was a Heaven for me, then I would save Max for sure. I wouldn't be afraid because there would be a place to go after this place. Another place. But I don't think there is a Heaven, and I definitely don't think there is a Heaven for imaginary friends. Heaven is only supposed to be for people who God made, and God didn't make me. Max made me."I normally don't start my reviews with a quote, [...]

    10. I'd read/heard so many people rave about this book and the synopsis sounded pretty interesting too, so I couldn't not read it. However, I really didn't like it. I can't put my finger on what it is exactly, but I just didn't get sucked into the story at all. I didn't feel involved with any of the characters, I didn't like the writing style (it reminded me a lot of Room, a book I started but didn't finish because of exactly this reason) and the plot was borderline ridiculous. Not to mention all th [...]

    11. This book is one of the biggest surprises for me of the year. I was blown away by how emotional and heart-wrenching this book was at times. That might be because of what an awesome job the narrator, Matthew Brown, did with the audiobook. The story was absolutely fantastic, but Mr. Brown brought Budo to life just as surely as Max Delaney did.In Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend when a child creates an imaginary friend they are real. Only, no one but the child that created him (and other imaginary fr [...]

    12. I had several imaginary friends, one was a girl named Elizabeth, one was a girl named Jessica, one was a dog named Bonzo. Bonzo was the best. I miss Bonzo. Jessica was a bit mean, Elizabeth a bit pasty. Sorry, Elizabeth, you did stick around for quite a while, and I don't want you to feel unappreciated. But you were a little bit pasty, in hindsight. Bonzo, on the other hand, was solid and loyal and he persisted. I don't know how long these friends stuck around for, but the times spent with them [...]

    13. A wonderful book. Pitch-perfect narrative voice. It proved impossible for me to set it down once I reached the halfway mark. The ending made me perform an imaginary fist pump of triumph.

    14. THIS BOOK MADE ME CREATE A SIX STARS SHELF. “Maybe we are all somebody's devil” There are no words to describe how beautiful this book is. I've written down so many quotes from the story, it fills up 10 pages in my notebook. And I have small hand writing. “You have to be the bravest person in the world to go out every day, being yourself when no one likes who you are.” After finishing this book I couldn't stop crying for 15 minutes, no joke. It wasn't the hysterical kind of cry. It was t [...]

    15. Budo is an imaginary friend. The boy who imagined him, eight-year-old Max Delaney, had a vivid imagination, so Budo looks much more real than most imaginary friends. He can pass through doors, and travel anywhere he wants to go, but he doesn't ever sleep, and he can't pick things up, because Max didn't imagine Budo doing those things."I live in a strange place in the world," Budo says. "I live in the space in between people. I spend most of my time in the kid world with Max, but I also spend a l [...]

    16. Budo is the narrator of this book. He is the imaginary friend of Max, a eight year old autistic boy who "imagined" Budo 5 years earlier. Budo watches over Max but being imaginary, cannot make his presence felt in the real world. This becomes a problem when Max is in real danger and Budo must find a way to help his friend.Dicks creates a well-imagined (pardon the pun) world for imaginary friends, who come in all forms and shapes and degrees of complexity. Very poignant and thoughtful, I can't ima [...]

    17. En realidad le doy un 3,5. Es verdad que la voz del niño y cómo explica el universo "Imaginario" está muy bien, pero después se hace muy repetitivo y, en mi opinión, un fallo grave es que TODOS los amigos imaginarios excepto el prota hablan de la misma manera. Da igual si es un anciano o un niño-cuchara, su voz es la misma y saben prácticamente las mismas cosas Se lee rápido porque son frases cortas. Y también porque mantiene la curiosidad de saber cómo saldrán del tinglado.

    18. The plot:Budo is Max's imaginary friend. Max has Aspergers, or at leat some mild form of autism; and no one really understands him as well as Budo. Budo is also special because, as far as imaginary friends go, Budo looks pretty human, not to mention that he's also been alive for 6 years, which among his own kind is quite extraordinary. And even though Budo has been around for a long time, Max needs him now more than ever.Despite the fact that the plot is predictable, the premise (that of an imag [...]

    19. This book is about an boy who has autism and his imaginary friend. In the beginning of the book the author prefices it by saying that Budo the imaginary friend knows much more than Max and has more intelligence. I would have thought that the author took that literary license to write in a more adult fashion. I actually looked up the book on the internet to see if it was meant for children to read.The book was written in a childish tone and flowed terribly in the beginning. I almost didn't contin [...]

    20. Muy original, entretenido e impresionante.Es una historia muy tierna. Esta llena de sorpresas y es tan sencilla que se pasa rápido el tiempo leyendo :)

    21. Bienbre todo por el giro de la historia.No me gustó mucho el final, creo que le faltó completar más el perfil de la antagonista.

    22. This book was nothing like author Matthew Dicks' previous novels. Ok, maybe not completely true. The protagonist is not a quirky adult with OCD, but an eight-year-old boy with autistic features. Actually, he's not the main protag, his imaginary friend is.This is a truly poignant tale told through the eyes of Budo, the imaginary friend of Max Delaney. According to Budo, imaginary friends are real. It was a fun concept. Budo can go places without Max, and often wanders off if he's bored. He has fr [...]

    23. This book was perfect. Have you ever read something that ended so beautifully, incorporating even the most minor plot points in its resolution, that you couldn't help but cry as you reached the final page? It's a rare experience, but an amazing one. Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend has earned its place among my favorites, along with a 5-star rating from this stingy reviewer.Written in the simple and repetitive voice of Budo, the imaginary friend of an 8-year-old with Asberger's, this novel sucks y [...]

    24. "Quiza todos somos el demonio de alguien"Que bonito que el primer libro que leo en este año haya sido tan bueno.El final es muy predecible, desde que empece a leer el libro supe que iba a terminar así, lo supuse, pero igual cuando llegue a los últimos capítulos donde efectivamente estaba pasando lo que creía, me dolió.Los personajes son maravillosos y bien pensados, Max, un niño totalmente diferente y tan inteligente, yo me moría de ganas de entrar en el libro y abrazarlo con todas mis f [...]

    25. Increíble. Al principio tenía la sensación de que sería el típico libro infantil, pero derrepente BUM! Empiezan a suceder cosas y más cosas y te acabas encariñando con Budo y te enfadas bastante con Max y. LECTURA OBLIGATORIA."Es el diablo bajo la pálida luz de la luna."

    26. Could not put this book down once I started it. So uniquely and beautifully written! A story of friendship and finding strength.

    27. Spoiler alert: I have not hidden any parts of this review, and although I only write in general terms about the book's ending, this might constitute a spoiler for some.Budo is the imaginary friend of Max, an 8 year old kid who's somewhere on the aspergers/autism scale, but not diagnosed yet. Budo is Max's creation, and exists only as long as Max believes in him. Although the idea of telling a story from the perspective of an imaginary friend is cute and refreshing, I am sad to say that I tired o [...]

    28. 4.5 estrellasOMG, OMG, OMG. Este libro es es Wow. Cuando comencé a leerlo no pensé que me llegaría a gustar tanto, ¡pero me encantó!En las primeras páginas llegué a preguntarme qué giro le darían al libro, qué es lo que harían para hacer de este libro interesante, qué "algo" tendría su historia. ¡Y JAMÁS ME IMAGINÉ QUE PASARÍA ESO! Este libro me tuvo con el corazón en la boca en la última mitad, quería saber qué pasaba, cómo terminaría, cómo se solucionaría. Me gustaron [...]

    29. Reading this book made me feel like a child again. I loved Budo. I wished that I had such a vivid imagination as Max did with Budo when I was growing up. I never really had an imaginary friend growing up but this probably had to do with I had a younger sister to play with. She and I would make things up ourselves. However, if I was an only child, I would have wanted a friend like Budo. It was very creative of Max to give Budo the ability to walk through walls. I do admit that at first I was a li [...]

    30. As a child I never had an imaginary friend, and having read Budo's and Max's story, I now feel as though I missed out big time. Their relationship is so special, so heart-warming and virtually irreplaceable by a friendship amongst normal mortals. As if getting into the hearts and minds of both Budo and Max wasn't brillantly enough, Matthew Dicks then takes us on a very suspenseful adventure, and for a couple of hundred pages I was inseparable from the book (which incidentally was great news for [...]

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