The Old Cape House

The Old Cape House The Old Cape House is historical fiction that follows two Cape Cod women centuries apart In the spring of Maria Hallett falls in love with Sam Bellamy He leaves her behind on Cape Cod to find hi

  • Title: The Old Cape House
  • Author: Barbara Eppich Struna
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Old Cape House is historical fiction that follows two Cape Cod women centuries apart In the spring of 1715, Maria Hallett falls in love with Sam Bellamy He leaves her behind on Cape Cod to find his fortune in the West Indies and promises to return Maria finds herself with child and unwed Left alone to face the wrath of church elders, she longs for Sam.In present daThe Old Cape House is historical fiction that follows two Cape Cod women centuries apart In the spring of 1715, Maria Hallett falls in love with Sam Bellamy He leaves her behind on Cape Cod to find his fortune in the West Indies and promises to return Maria finds herself with child and unwed Left alone to face the wrath of church elders, she longs for Sam.In present day, Nancy Caldwell moves into an 1880 house on Cape Cod with her husband and four children In her backyard, she uncovers a root cellar and at its bottom she finds a baby s skull, gold coins and evidence that link her land to the Bellamy Hallett legend The author, Barbara Eppich Struna uses alternating chapters between the 18th and 21st centuries, to unfold a mystery that has had the old salts of Cape Cod guessing for almost 300 years This is the first in a series involving contemporary Nancy Caldwell and her innate ability to uncover historical secrets.

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    1 thought on “The Old Cape House”

    1. I loved the premise of the book - I love old houses and they all have a story to tell. For example, I live in an old house (1780) and I know that a baby was born here "out of wedlock" around 1815 - but I know that I could not write a book about it. This book was a string of cliches, disjointed dialogue and shallow characters. I have a theory that when an author first publishes a book, she/he has their friends and acquaintances provide reviews - maybe even make up new friends to get good reviews. [...]

    2. Just finished reading The Old Cape House and thought it was a great book. Two story lines come together blending history with mystery. One story chronicles the life of Maria Hallett -- her young adult life, stuggles and decisions during the early 1700s. The other story is about a modern day family taking residence in Brewster, MA and uncovering clues linking the past and the present. Part of the reason why I selected this book is that it takes place on Cape Cod, one of our favorite places to vac [...]

    3. This story had it all: pirates, buried treasure, love and even a couple of steamy scenes. :) It took a bit for it to hook me; I found the start to be overly descriptive at times. However, that is most likely due to the fact that I am a Cape resident and acquainted with what the author was trying to portray. Perhaps someone not familiar with the area and history wouldn't even notice. After a couple of chapters, though, I was hooked. I have heard many presumptions over the years about Maria Hallet [...]

    4. Mediocre historical novelPirates and witches and old cape legends come together with a contemporary family, telling a reasonably good story set in Eastham and Brewster in 1715 - 1718 and today. I love historical novels, especially set in places I know, so was looking forward to reading this; however, it was poorly written. There was way too much telling not showing. Words were misused; for example, as she found him respectful clothing (sic). The contemporary narrator went from one emotional extr [...]

    5. Genre: Historical FictionAuthor: Barbara Eppich StrunaBook: The Old Cape HouseMy Star Rating: 3.5 out of 5Will I read I read it again? YesI was given this book to read and give an honest review. This review is my honest opinion and I have fully read this book. This book has two different tales into it that intervenes with each other. It starts off in the present day in Cape Cod. The Caldwell family is moving into their new “old” house. The story goes from present day to 1715 telling us the s [...]

    6. The author's last name caught my eye even before the beautiful cover art by her husband Tim Struna--I have a number of his prints from Cape Cod vacations a number of years ago. For me, this book is an example of vacation (not just "beach") reading. It's (almost) always a pleasant pastime to read about a place when you're actually visiting there. You may pick up a bit of history, recognize some of the places and things being described, or just feel the local color. It doesn't have to be great lit [...]

    7. This is a compelling read that imagines what happened in a pirate's legend from colonial Cape Cod. In the 18th century, Maria Hallett falls in love with the pirate, Sam Bellamy. Sam heads off to plunder gold and leaves Maria pregnant, unmarried, and impoverished, an outcast in her town of Eastham. A parallel story in modern times tracks Nancy Caldwell. Nancy finds a baby's skull and some gold coins in her cellar, and unravels the history of the two lovers, even as she courts danger in doing so. [...]

    8. History, folklore and fiction - A great combination.Being a Cape Cod resident, I was intrigued by the storyline right away. I was not disappointed. A very nice way to intertwine history, folklore and fiction. A "might have", "could have" been angle swirling around the Whydah, Captain Bellamy and Goody Hallett.Loved reading a story set in the familiar Cape Cod towns along King's Highway. Thank you Ms. Struna. Looking forward to reading The Old Cape Teapot.

    9. Set in Cape Cod, stories unfold in alternating chapters of a family buying a new home in Brewster MA and the settlers who lived there in the early 1700's. There's treasure, romance and mystery. Somewhat predictable and not the most creative prose, but suitable for a long day at the beach- preferably on the Cape!

    10. I love books about Cape Cod and my family has been to the Whydah museum. I loved the combination of old Cape Cod with new Cape Cod that this book offered. Throw in some romance, pirates, and pirate treasure and it ended up being a really great summer read (even for a summer when I'm not going to Cape Cod). :-)

    11. I had a great time reading Barbara's book, in large measure because I love the technique of telling two stories from different periods that become connected. William Martin's Cape Cod introduced me to this type of storytelling and Barbara has done a fine job with the techniques also. If you love stories about love, history, pirates, treasure, greed and local history, dig into this one.

    12. Very enjoyable book with a solid storyline! I loved the back and forth timeline between the 1700's & present day! I had a difficult time putting it down - always one more page! Cape Cod history is wonderful and Barbara does a great job at enticing the reader to want more and to go explore!!

    13. The present day Back in time esent day, was a little off putting at first But once the story developed it wasn't as distracting. Both stories present day and past were great. Great Cape lore story, so much fun.

    14. Bought this one at the actual Pirate Ship Museum in Ptown and read it while we were at the Cape this year so it was especially delicious but this was just the kind of book I love that weaves two tales of modern and past eras

    15. I hated to put this book down in order to get on with my day. Part folklore, part legend, part mystery all wrapped up into one. I found this book by chance at my local library, and I was pleasantly surprised that it was such a wonderful story!

    16. This a fun 'back in time' read! The pirate story is exciting and you can't help but worry about, and root for the young Maria Hallet. The author puts her own spin on this Cape legend.

    17. Writing style was very simplistic, but that didn't take away from a good story. I enjoyed this book.

    18. I liked the story but the characters were shallow. The writing seemed less developed than I would have liked. She could have done more with this story.

    19. Loved it!An absolutely fun way to read about Cape Cod history! Well written with great characters! I couldn't put it down!

    20. Let me start by telling you the reasons why I wanted to love this book so much. First it was a gift from a dear friend. It's about an area I love and spent summers when I was a kid. Now that I have a family of my own, we go back, though not as frequently. I was lucky that my grandparents lived in Provincetown and my mom, a teacher, had the summers off so we stayed in the area for more than 2 months at a whack. The last reason is the subject is something I have a lot of interest in. In fact, I wa [...]

    21. This is two parallel stories woven together by the location. I enjoyed it especially because my family has lived in that area.

    22. As a lover of Cape Cod, I liked the references that I know to be true. I felt that the story lacked depth, however. Too many things were just skimmed over, and the writing was very simplistic.

    23. Interesting storyI have vacationed in Eastham and live very close to Cape Cod. This was a nice bit of history and when I next go to P-town I will go to the Whydda Museum.Though I enjoyed the history in the book I gave it just 3 stars. I felt it was "amateurish" when reading of the people involved. I admire the talent to write the story but there were places involving the characters that bothered me. As Nancy speaks to Paul once she can call him after her ordeal she states she can't wait to feel [...]

    24. Insight into 1775 and same area present day mystery.Cape Cod, Mass. Maria and Sam become lovers in 1775. He leaves on a ship be for learning she is pregnant. This was a punishable offence of the time. Giving birth alone after being put out by her drunkard father the baby delivers dead. Present day.>> Paul and Nancy find what they believe is a great location for their art and antique business. Cleaning the property reveals clues of present owners, then the baby skull is discovered. What was [...]

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