Den of Thieves

Den of Thieves Vive la Revolution In Cat Royal s third thrilling adventure the Theater Royal is closed for renovations Cat s friends plan to spend the summer in France leaving her homeless and alone But Mr Sherida

  • Title: Den of Thieves
  • Author: Julia Golding
  • ISBN: 9781405241847
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback
  • Vive la Revolution In Cat Royal s third thrilling adventure, the Theater Royal is closed for renovations Cat s friends plan to spend the summer in France, leaving her homeless and alone But Mr Sheridan, the theater owner and Cat s guardian, commissions Cat to act as his spy in the French Revolution Disguised as a member of a dance troupe, Cat infiltrates the frontVive la Revolution In Cat Royal s third thrilling adventure, the Theater Royal is closed for renovations Cat s friends plan to spend the summer in France, leaving her homeless and alone But Mr Sheridan, the theater owner and Cat s guardian, commissions Cat to act as his spy in the French Revolution Disguised as a member of a dance troupe, Cat infiltrates the front lines, but when her friends are captured as traitors, her mission becomes perilous Will Cat be able to save them all from certain death Travel with Cat from London to Paris, as she braves dungeons, revolutionaries, ballerinas, and numerous suitors, all in the name of freedom

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      245 Julia Golding
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    1. The third installment of the "Cat Royal" series has all the requisite action and humor that I have come to expect, but I found Golding's representation of the French Revolution trite and inaccurate, presenting only a very tiny facet of what was an enormously complex situation. In Cat's eyes, apart from a few stray killings, of which she was almost one, as were her friends the Avons, the Revolution was a jolly old good time, giving freedom and equality to all. This is far too simplistic a take on [...]

    2. Den of thieves (Cat Royal, #3), 2008, Julia Goldingعنوان: ماجراهای کت رویال جلد 3 : مخفیگاه دزدها؛ نویسنده: جولیا گلدینگ؛ ترجمه: اکرم کرمی؛ نشر: تهران، قدیانی، کتابهای بنفشه، چاپ نخست 1390، جاپ دوم 1392، در 440 ص.، ‏شابک: 9789645365170، شابک دوره کامل: 9789645365217، فروست: ماجراهای کت رویال جلد 3، رمان نوجوانان 134. موضو [...]

    3. (view spoiler)[بیلی؟؟؟؟؟؟ عاشق کت شده؟؟؟؟؟ شوخی میکنی؟؟ (hide spoiler)]

    4. Take Jacky Faber off the ocean and stick her in a London theater, and you've got Cat Royal.It's been about two years since I read the last book in the series, but I was able to pick up exactly where I left off. In Den of Thieves the pint-sized red-head is faced with the destruction of the Drury Lane theater, leaving her homeless, and the French Revolution from the perspective of the Parisian cutthroats and guttersnipeswhat fun! Cat's sense of humor and street smarts get her into one scrape after [...]

    5. Loved it!! Love J-F!! And of course, Johnny. And Frank. And Syd. I LOVE Syd. I actually can't decide who I like best for Cat. I love them all. And Billy is just scary. But, Johnny married, so that narrows it down a bit. She better end up with one of them!!!!

    6. I am a huge fan of Cat Royal. I fell in love with her in the first book, The Diamond of Drury Lane, where she proves to be a tomboy and worthy guardian of the theatre that serves as her home. In the third book in the series, she travels to Paris during the Revolution.

    7. Julia Golding books are always a wonderfully worded to make a world that you feel apart of! Julia Goldind is one of my favourite authors and I would recomened the 'Cat Royal' Series!!!

    8. Cat Royal's stories are so exciting! I'm just swept up in all the excitement. I didn't realize that there are already so many books in the series. I've got a lot of catching up to do!

    9. very fast paced and exciting plot. not really for my age range . yet i still enjoyed how the story ended nicely and wasnt rushed

    10. In my quest to re-read this entire series – which was one of my favourites a few years ago – I decided to pick up the third installment in the Cat Royal series. This book had lodged in my brain as my favourite of the entire series – but considering as I love all the books in this series I can only think this was the case because it is set mainly in Paris and I have an obsession with anything remotely Parisian. As per usual, this book was an extremely quick read despite being over 400 pages [...]

    11. AUTHOR PROJECTI love these books. They are so cute and so funny. Cat is a total charmer and the world never stops being fun and interesting, but also never stops changing and keeping you on your toes. I also love how every book has a different combo of the friends, sometimes more Pedro and less Frank, sometimes more Johnny and less Syd, sometimes opposite. It makes it feel episodic and serial, like a good tv series. I love how they interact with history, but at the same time have the rich type o [...]

    12. Such a purely enjoyable read. Julia Golding has writing charisma to spare. (And, it is always a joy to find another engaging female hero in kids' fiction.)

    13. Cat Royal has grown up as ward of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. Now she's growing up and a parting of the ways is necessary, at least temporarily, for Mr. Sheridan has plans to build a bigger and better Theatre Royal. Cat doesn't seem to figure into the plans for the new theater. Too proud to admit she needs help, Cat strikes out on her own. Not quite ready yet to be totally independent, she finds it difficult and nearly falls into the clutches of Billy Shepherd. Then she's sent on a secret spyi [...]

    14. I really love this series, these characters. I have to say that my review for this is going to be similar to the last one, though, so a few quick comments:1. So, same thing: great, hilarious characters (new and old), constant witty comments, and the fun that comes with all of Cat's problems!2. I did hate the new loss of confidence Cat experienced hopefully that will be out by the next book!3. Okay, so you all know that I have to comment on this: there's more romancy stuff in this book! Syd makes [...]

    15. The theme of this third book in the series seems to be CHANGE. Drury Lane theater is the only home our young heroine has ever known, and when it closes for demolition, however strange it sounds, everybody seems to land on their feet but the "Cat". She doesn't know where to turn, and suddenly she understands how miserable her station in life really is, and has always been, a realization leading to anger, bitterness and yealousy - emotions that feels both real and gripping. But no Her lashing out [...]

    16. This book has Cat and friends heading to France just in time for some revolution. Cat and her friends arrive in Paris the night that Louis XVI and his family flee, and it ends shortly after the king and his family are found. The plot, as seems to be the case with the rest of these books, is a bit unbelievable (seriouslyople are going to think a young girl is a spy??), but I enjoy the characters more and more.Cat is definitely starting to be interested in boys now, and her options seem wide open. [...]

    17. #3 in the Cat Royal series. While I haven't been impressed with the writing in any of the books, the stories have kept me engaged, and this one continued to do so. Cat Royal has lived in the theater her whole life, but when her manager/protector decides to shut it down for a few years to build a whole new theater, Cat doesn't know where she'll go, especially since all of her friends are leaving London--the brawny boxer Syd is off to the country, her royal friends Frank and Lizzie are off to Pari [...]

    18. Set in the 1700's in England the Cat Royal Series chronicles the many adventures of young Cat, an orphan, raised - so to speak - under the patronage of a Parliament member Mr. Sheridan and owner of the Drury Lane Theater. In the Den of Thieves, the company is set adrift when Mr. Sheridan decides to raze and remodel the theater. A few lucky members have employment in a sister theater, but Cat is set adrift and homeless. Too proud to tell anyone that she has no prospects and no money she is buffet [...]

    19. Ah, Cat--always in some kind of jam, this time in a foreign country during a time of revolution! Still ridiculous, still funny, still full of great characters and great adventures. Cat's in pretty serious trouble this time, both in England and in France, and has to do some pretty heavy thinking about who she is and how she wants to live her life. She's definitely more of an insecure, confused teenager in this one than she has been in the first two books, although as mouthy and scrappy as ever, o [...]

    20. The third in a series of adventure stories for 12-13yo girls (?) about 12-13yo Cat, initially living and working in Sheridan's Drury Lane theatre in 1791. Full of life and wit, good and bad characters. A fun pantomime-type novel in London, Paris and in-between."Cat Royal finds herself homeless, travels to Paris, becomes an underground reporter, nearly gets hung for being a traitor to the revolution, and is baffled by attention from numerous suitors - all the while being disguised as a prissy bal [...]

    21. What has happened to our beloved Cat Royal? Gone is our spunky heroine whose optimistic chear and wit gets her in and out of trouble, gone is the self assured young lady who mingles with the poorest of poor, the highest of high, and those in between. Suddenly we have an uncertain, weak, *simpering*, teenager whose hormones seemed to have kicked in! Though scattered references and sightings of people like Marie Antoinette and Rospierre (sp?) may be amusing, the whole 'glory of the French Revoluti [...]

    22. This is an absolutely fabulous book! I love the cat royal series and this book is no exception. After drury lane theatre, cat's home and workplace, is destroyed, the orphan is left stranded and has to make her own way. In this book her journey takes her to Paris and gets her all messed up with the French Revolution. All the classic characters make a reappearance including new ones! This book is my favourite cat royal book and is an adventure not to be missed! As ever cat's classic humour and oth [...]

    23. An interesting adventure for Cat as she finds herself sent on an errand to France. Once there she is caught up in the revolution amidst the Den of Thieves, courted by their 'king'. Along the way Cat finds herself in a mess of trouble, in threat of her life and in general giving us exactly what we expect from our heroine. Not my favourite of the Cat Royal books I've read but still a good read and JG continues to weave an interesting tale about the life of Cat.Everyone should read these books, you [...]

    24. I really like some aspects of these books: they're exciting, easy to read, and I really think they would appeal to the tween audience. At least, if said tween is into history. I just thought this storyline was kind of weak - the gratuitous insertion of French monarchy, the fact that Cat was virtually abandoned by her supposedly loyal friends, brieflyI know it's just a work of fiction, but I like my fiction somewhat believable. The relationships that Golding crafted between characters in the firs [...]

    25. I feel bad giving this only three stars. But after reading Bloody Jack well, let's just say Cat Royal is no Jacky Farber. It was a little flat with everything all tied up nicely in the end, and I had a hard time getting to know the characters. I think this is because it's the third book in the series, but still it should stand on its own. Otherwise just make one big book instead of writing a series. Lots of other reviews mentioned that it's for younger readers, and I think that's a good thing to [...]

    26. Cat Royal Series #3. The series is starting to get a little perfuntory but the characters are still interesting. Cat, a feisty heroine who finds herself homeless, is offered a chance to make some money by spying for Mr. Sheridan at the beginning of the French Revolution in Paris. Caught up in the events, she must rescue her friends the Duke of Avon and his family when they are imprisoned in the Bastille, all while disguised as a member of a ballerina troupe. Suitors beseige her on all sides to h [...]

    27. These books are so good. I love Cat's voice. And it's great that Golding deals with the difficult issues in her books. She leaves no stone unturned--she doesn't flinch from examining the difficult issues. She also ages Cat well--it takes Cat a shorter time now to figure things out than it did in the first book, and Cat is more aware of her own emotions than she used to be. Cat also acknowledges when she has been in denial about her own feelings--in short, Golding creates a believably maturing ch [...]

    28. Certainly not my favorite of the series. Cat and assorted friends set off for France in the midst of the French Revolution. Cat is there on a mission for Mr. Sherridan. Cat is also undercover as a ballerina for all of pretty much nil of the book. Frank finds this highly amusing. Frank, sweet as ever, is in France with Cat. The rest of the Avon family is incarcerated in a French prison for spying. Syd is off on a boxing tour and missing Cat. Billy, as obsessed with Cat as ever, demands that she b [...]

    29. The 3rd book in the Cat Royal series. Cat, an orphan, lives at the Theater Royal in Drury Lane, England. When the owner decides to tear down the theater to build a new one, Cat has no where to go! The books takes the reader on various adventures which are engaging. The characters are interesting, and with a dollop of history and travel, it all adds up to a worthwhile read. Suitable for all, but especially middle school aged.

    30. "You're a pile of rotting offal from a diseased pig." His mouth twitched. I was on to his game. I had better make the last one my best. "You're a lying, thieving" "Now, now, don't spoil it with compliments," J-F said modestly."low-down steaming pile of dog dirt fired from the behind of a rabid mongrel." This got the biggest cheer yet. I heard several "hear, hears!" from the crowd.

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