A Gallagher Wedding

A Gallagher Wedding None

  • Title: A Gallagher Wedding
  • Author: Ally Carter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 187
  • Format: ebook
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    1 thought on “A Gallagher Wedding”

    1. It was a short story so I didn't have high expectations. I just wanted to read about Macey, Cammie, Bex, Liz, Mr. Solomon, Zach, Aunt Abby and Cammie. Aw The series is over. Officially. It's sad. Really sad. But what a cute story it was. It wasn't as detailed and didn't satisfy my need for more Gallagher-ness but it sufficed. It felt like visiting an old friend. It wasn't meant to be the Holy Grail of all Gallagher books. It was just a short story and I enjoyed it no matter what. I still miss th [...]

    2. OH MY GODS! IT'S PERFECT! And Cammie's last line is really perfect. And Zach in a tux is perfect. Did I already said that this short story is perfect? No? Well, IT IS PERFECT! :D

    3. A cute 12 pages. Her mom and Joe Solomon getting married with Cammie and Zach as their maid of honor and best man. hidingbehindalegend.tumblr

    4. i'm not crying there's just an amazing series with diverse characters, girl power and hella cute guys in my eye

    5. If you've read this series then this short story is a MUST! It is super cute and updates you on how the characters are and what they've been up to after the series ended. It's a must-read for any fan of the gallagher girls series

    6. This story is only 12 pages long and it's really just a deleted chapter. If you're smart and can piece things together then you already know whose wedding this is. I can't really review it because it's so short but one thing I didn't like was that the actual wedding and I do's aren't in the story. It's just the getting ready part that we read about. Overall, I'd recommend getting it just because its a nice thing to have if you've been with the series a long time. If you can't or don't want to ge [...]

    7. This is the most absolutely charming ending to the series the author could've come up with. I love zach and cammie! I wish that we could continue reading about them forever. They are that couple that stays together despite the odds like distance or Murder and lies in their case. I mean, his mom tried to kill her. Talk about evil mother in law The author should write another series of their adventures(missions) as adults or even of their kids! Omg that'd be so cute! I'm content though(: I'm even [...]

    8. What I wouldn't give for Cammie to say those last two words to Zach someday. I hate this series for making me feel way too freaking much!

    9. "All that was left of the mansion was stoneand ash, but my home was there. Forever." AAHH MY HEARTEU

    10. *******SPOILER******I was so overjoyed with the release of this book! I love everything Ghallagher Girls and honestly just wanted to read anything involving them, not caring what it was or what it was about; but this short story was PHENOMENAL! I mean Cammie's mom and Mr.Solomon got married- how much better can you get?! Also, I hadn't expected the short story, so it was just added perfection to the series. READ THIS IMMEDIATELY- YOUR LIFE WILL IMPROVE IMMENSELY IF YOU DO!

    11. Awwwwwwww!!!I needed closure from the Gallagher world and now I got it. This is an adorable extra little thing and I'm so glad Ally Carter wrote it.P.S. I actually wouldn't mind having Macey plan my wedding if it means I can have the "best mobile sanitation units money could buy."

    12. This was a cute little additional story inside the sixth Gallagher Girls book. Not too long, but long enough for a cute Zach/Cammie moment and a nice mother-daughter moment. It's a nice little treat from Ally Carter to us. Be grateful.

    13. After reading the last book I needed this but it was so short :'( So sad the series is done but the ending was so good (Y)Especially cammie and Zach :))

    14. Sighading this just made me sad all over again that the series is done. At least we still have the Heist books.

    15. Well that was quick and cute. I was happy to see another little glimpse at the characters! Nothing too groundbreaking of course.

    16. I just love this book. It is so perfect and wonderful and it wraps everything up so perfectly ☺️☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    17. I want moooooorrrreeeee!!!Awesome to see all the characters again and find out how things are getting on in the world of the Gallagher Girls (Cammie and Zach! Swoon!). It brought me back to all the books I'd loved. Sigh, couldn't it have been a page or two-hundred longer??Personally, I think it'd be cool to get one more full book set a few years in the future so we can find out what the spies are doing now that they've all graduated (and, you know, maybe a wedding for Zach and Cammie? :D)Anyway, [...]

    18. Dammit it was too short! I was honestly hoping we would see several years into the future to Zach and Cammie's wedding, but alas, I was disappointed. I'm still glad we got a little snippet into the "after" of everything (besides the last chapter of United We Spy).However, I REALLY wish for some more Zach/Cammie short storiesMaybe one of their co-dependent missions? Or maybe something new in their relationship? I don't know, I just want MORE Zach and Cammie! They are in my top 5 YA couples and I [...]

    19. This was sooo cute it was a much better ending than the last book. I wish we had a little more though it was too short.

    20. 3.5 stars I guess? It’s super cute of course, and I loved a sneak peak back at our fave spies, but it’s a short story - more of an epilogue really. I can’t believe I’ve finally finished this series. It feels like ages.

    21. This was a really good short novel. I loved how it told me how Rachel's wedding was and what it was like. I recommend you do not buy the book because it is so short. I searched it up online and it gave me an online version of it. I recommend this book and that you should really read it.

    22. I'm petty and giving it 3 stars because I want more closure and details. Maybe even just another book. But I've read this series too late so complaining for more is a lost cause. *cry*

    23. Oooh! Loved it! Don't want the series to end :'( I Love Zach! <3 And Zach+Cammie are sssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooo perfect and impossibly sute together! *sigh* ***SPOILER!***So, since I read this online, I accidentally scrolled down to the absolute last page and saw what Cammie said, (view spoiler)[ "I Do" OMFG! I was like, Da F-? Like, I knew it was Joe and Rachel's wedding, but umm You only read that sentence in a novella with the title wedding in it and WHAT IS THE FIRST THING THAT YO [...]

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