Coming Home

Coming Home Leah Marino hasn t been on a date in two years After discovering the man she loved had manipulated and deceived her she refuses to even entertain the idea of a relationship Instead she focuses her a

  • Title: Coming Home
  • Author: Priscilla Glenn
  • ISBN: 9781493530687
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • Leah Marino hasn t been on a date in two years After discovering the man she loved had manipulated and deceived her, she refuses to even entertain the idea of a relationship Instead, she focuses her attention on taking care of her family, a role she s assumed since the death of her mother and the one place she knows her kindness won t be taken advantage of again.When a nLeah Marino hasn t been on a date in two years After discovering the man she loved had manipulated and deceived her, she refuses to even entertain the idea of a relationship Instead, she focuses her attention on taking care of her family, a role she s assumed since the death of her mother and the one place she knows her kindness won t be taken advantage of again.When a nostalgic trip back to her childhood home results in a chance encounter with Danny DeLuca, a smart mouthed mechanic who s as attractive as he is mysterious, Leah s carefully cultivated walls begin to crumble She finds herself unexpectedly drawn to Danny, despite his unreliable behavior and mixed signals But Danny has a secretOne that could shake Leah s already precarious foundation and bring her world crashing down around her Suddenly, she s faced with an incredibly difficult decision is she willing to risk everything for the chance at finding the love she s always wanted Or are some obstacles just too big for the heart to overcome

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      286 Priscilla Glenn
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    1. Holy WOW -- this book was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!! Coming Home was a captivating, beautifully written and deeply heartfelt romance that left me with the powerful message that love is stronger than anything. This is the kind of story that grabs a hold of your heart and doesn't let go. It was a joy to read and I loved every single word -- from the first page to the very last. I honestly can't even describe how full my heart felt while I was reading this. Throughout the whole story, there was this qui [...]

    2. 4 to 4 1/2–Wonderfully Written and Character Driven–Stars This beautifully written and touching story was exactly what I needed to help get me out of my book funk!!! Coming Home has so much to offer its readers in terms of an unique and emotional plot, a powerful and poignant love story, and characters so richly developed that they breath life into each and every page. I fell in love with this book, its hero and heroine, and its ability to make me feel. I love when I read a story and the aut [...]

    3. DNF at 25% If I had read this a year ago, I'd probably be singing Ms. Glenn's praises and recommending this book to all my GR buddies. Unfortunately, time flies and tastes change. Though I loved both Emancipating Andie and Back to You, this book didn't make enough of an impression for me to want to finish. Reason?If you are a hopeless romantic and enjoy reading slow-building romances, then you may very well like this one; however, for a dark reader who prefers fast-paced, action-packed stories, [...]

    4. ★★★★ 4.5 stars!"I could suffer through anything if you were my reward.""I just don't know how many times I can bend before I break.""But it's okay if you bend," she said earnestly. "It's okay if you break. I'm not going anywhere."Coming Home is a beautifully written, heartbreakingwarming story that I really enjoyed reading. I'm not going to give away too much about the story in this review because there are some things you better not know before reading it. I will say though that even th [...]

    5. 6 STARS OF PERFECTION!!!I am so full of emotions right now, I feel like I could start twirling, arms stretched out, and start singing about the hills being alive…! This book was my undoing, cover to cover, every word, every genuine emotion it provoked in me taking me further and further from reality and keeping my mind safely tucked in one of the most exquisite, deeply moving, but also truly uplifting stories I have ever read in my life. This is a story that didn’t just touch me – it owned [...]

    6. 3.5 - 4* 'Stand By Your Man cuz he has a BIG OL' SECRET!' Stars COMING HOME was such a sweet and emotional romance. If you like the tortured hero and a heroine who stands by her man plot, and you don't mind a slower paced romance that takes its time to really bloom, you will enjoy this one. I had some issues with the slower pacing and low angst level, and got pretty darn frustrated with the BIG OL’ SECRET, but it was undeniably a solid love story romance I won't soon forget.Danny has a secret. [...]

    7. DNF. There's probably nothing wrong with this book. It might be me cos I was bored out of my mind. Onwards…

    8. What a beautiful and unique story ❤️❤️❤️ my heart just about shattered and now it's healed !!! Nothing I say in a review can do this book justice ! It was amazing !!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    9. 3.5 "My Sweet Girl" Stars!(BR with Patty & Denisse)Leah Marino is a 27 year old 10th grade English teacher who spends most of her time caring for her family. Her mother passed away and ever since she tried to take on her mother's role in the household.She misses her mom terribly, and every year around the holidays she returns to her childhood home. She hasn't lived in the house in 15 years but still holds her memories there close to her heart. She moved out of the house when she was 12 after [...]

    10. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer says:

      *****3.5 Stars*****(BR with Dee and Mel)Leah Marino is a young woman who suffered a great loss when she was a young girl. Her mother was killed in a car accident and her father was so devastated that he packed up Leah and her siblings and moved to a new town. The family home was just filled with too many bittersweet memories of her mom.Now Leah is 27, and for the past several years, she goes back to her old family home around the holidays out of feelings of nostalgia. This year the woman who liv [...]

    11. ABSOLUTELY, STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL! ♥ ♥ ♥ Priscilla Glenn takes us on yet another breathtaking, emotional journey. I laughed, I swooned, I cried sobbed, and I fell in love - and I loved every freaking minute of it! Leah and Danny’s story is absolutely amazing. They are incredible characters – I love them individually and I love them together, and from the very beginning, I knew that this book was going to be something very special. So prepare for much gushing!Leah is wary of relationship [...]

    12. 2 starsThis is one of those books where the girl has been cheated on in the past, the guy has some huge secret and pushes the girl away storyline.I love the Author's previous 2 books but I felt apart from Leah and Danny, everyone were too cheerfully happy. My main problem was the story didn't hold my attention and I nearly DNF a handful of times. The big reveal wasn't shocking either.Because for her, being in Danny's arms felt like coming homeI think if you like a sweet read with a touch of angs [...]

    13. ****4 Heartwarming Stars****(BR with Mel and Patty)This one is one of those books that even though you enjoy and find the story beautiful, you still feel like something was missing. The plot was promising and the writing style was good but it was too slow paced, making the reading experience a heavy one. I still liked the book, specially the last 30%, I got more emotion out that percentage than I did the whole bookDanny and Leah meet under very fateful circumstances and the attraction is instant [...]

    14. Coming Home was simply captivating and brilliant. It was such a touching story. Leah and Danny meet by chance when Leah comes back to visit her childhood home. When their world collide together, they need to decide whether they can move forward together, will they be strong 'nuff or will they just give up?Danny with his mess of inky black hair took Leah's mind away.And Leah with her strong, sweet and caring character couldn't get out of Danny's mind.The thing is Danny wants to hide all his emoti [...]

    15. ~~~ 3.5 TO 4 STARS OR 7/10 ~~~Coming Home was a sweet and different contemporary romance. Why I thought it was NA? I have no idea. Needless to say I was happy to find it wasn'tt that I don't like NA but after the last one I read, I didn't think any others could top it. But this was really good even if it felt a little NA-ish. Leah is a high school teacher that's sworn off men since the betrayal at the hands of her ex. She loves her job and loves her family and friends even more, only making time [...]

    16. Coming Home is a very sweet romance that depicts two very different individuals who are given a rough set of cards. Leah, is still reeling from a heartbreaking betrayal and the loss of her mother. She basically mothers her younger brother while contributing to him and her father but things are still hard for her.Danny, on the other hand, is a mysterious mechanic facing the harsher reality of the consequences of his actions stemming from one drunken night at the bar.When he meets Leah at his gran [...]

    17. Perfection!! An orignal plot with extremely likable characters. I experienced the entire gamut of emotions. I went from laughter to angst to tears many times over. What more could you ask for? I also love books where you can witness the hero and heroine genuinely falling in love with each other over time and this fits the bill. I highly recommend!

    18. 4.5 Beutifully Written Romantic Stars.Coming Home was truly a great romance from the characters found within its pages to the actual story line itself. This contained the gamut of emotions that a great romantic read should have from that initial attraction and giddy expectations to the deep abyss of soul stealing, all consuming love. If you are a fan of a legit love story that is so well-written, then look no further than Priscilla Glenn."I could suffer through anything if you were my reward.” [...]

    19. 5+ Amazing Stars!!This book was just amazing! It was such a deeply beautifully written book that truly captivated me from the very first chapter. This book is why I love to read books! I experienced so many emotions throughout this journey. I was touched beyond words, at the utter passion, strength, loyalty, and love Leah and Danny possess. Every bit of it was nothing short of perfect. Leah, is a young lady who has had her fair share of heartbreak in her past. Losing her mother at a young age, a [...]

    20. There are so many great reviews on this book that I don't have much more to add. Suffice it to say that I thoroughly enjoyed and loved every minute spent reading this one.This new-to-me author weaves a beautiful and passionate love story that captures both the darkest and brightest sides of life’s challenges. It snagged my heart from start to finish. There are surprises throughout this book including one of the sweetest proposals ever made by a hero who will most definitely win a place on your [...]

    21. "Being in Danny's arms felt like coming home."Priscilla Glenn has me wrapped around her literary finger with her newest novel, Coming Home. Beautiful, enthralling and impassioned, Coming Home drills into you the message of love can conquer all, no matter what obstacles stand in your way.Glenn has this unique ability to pull on my heartstrings and toy with my emotions in a way that keeps me coming back to her novels over and over again after reading them. The tone Glenn sets with her description [...]

    22. First Impression What a nice cover. I've loved both of Glenn's books, and hope the streak continues with Coming Home.The Story When Leah Marino revisits her childhood home, the kind owner befriends her, and introduces her to her grandson Danny DeLuca. Danny and Leah part ways, but don't want to let the connection go. A friendship forms, but Leah soon wants more. Danny runs hot and cold, and seems to have the weight of the world on his shoulders. Danny promises to tell Leah his secret, but knows [...]

    23. I will not be able to give this book the credit it deserves. It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!I am completely in love with this book! Great storyline!All the characters were perfect, every single one of them!It was funny!It was so devastatingly sad!It was steamy! It was heartfelt!It tore my heart out!When someone can write a book where I feel like I am right there watching and feeling every emotion, that is what makes a 5 star book! The scene of her birthday night, wow! It was written beautifully!The s [...]

    24. Priscilla Glenn is a fantastic author and don’t let this review tell you otherwise, okay? Because there will be some ranting, but let me tell you this: BACK TO YOU—Priscilla’s debut novel is one of my absolute favorite novels and Emancipating Andie was a good read as well. So these little occasional, very mild rants that are waiting for you in this review? Don’t take them that seriously ;)“I don’t mind a little disappointment now and then. It just means you’ve got high standards. I [...]

    25. Reviewed @ Enticed by BooksSweet, heartfelt, romantic and hopeful are just few words the describe Coming Home. I started this book thinking it was just another romance novel, but what I ended up getting was much more than that. The relationship between Danny and Leah is the most honest and loyal one I've read in a long time. I can't thank the author enough for writing a book about a couple who I'm sure are very common in real life regarding their struggles and hurdles, but as far as fiction goes [...]

    26. MAGNETIC LADY BITS!! I'm pretty sure I'm weird…Priscilla Glenn writes words that flow together so intricately it almost hurts. Intricate, but with ease, an ease that reads delicate and natural. She…is a writer. You get the very same quality of writing we have come to expect from Priscilla Glenn in Coming Home."I just want to make you feel good." She glanced up just in time to see his dimples appear."Leah," he said through a laugh. He circled his fingers around her wrist and guided her and be [...]

    27. Wow!I have been meaning to read this book for some time, and I vowed that I would not start a new year without first getting this book off my "to be read" shelf. I'm so glad I finally took the time to read this, and didn't wait any longer to experience it's brilliance. Touching, emotional, and filled to the brim with love, this book took me on a journey with MANY unexpected twists and turns.Leah Marino meets Danny DeLuca on Christmas when she stops by her old childhood home. His "grandmother" no [...]

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