Bliss & Other Stories

Bliss Other Stories A collection of short stories by Katherine Mansfield widely recognized as one of the greatest writers of her period that capture with accuracy those emotionally charged moments when an individual is

  • Title: Bliss & Other Stories
  • Author: Katherine Mansfield
  • ISBN: 9781853267314
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback
  • A collection of short stories by Katherine Mansfield, widely recognized as one of the greatest writers of her period, that capture with accuracy those emotionally charged moments when an individual is most revealing.Prelude Je ne parle pas francais Bliss The wind blows Psychology Pictures The man without a temperament Mr Reginald Peacock s day Sun and moonA collection of short stories by Katherine Mansfield, widely recognized as one of the greatest writers of her period, that capture with accuracy those emotionally charged moments when an individual is most revealing.Prelude Je ne parle pas franc ais Bliss The wind blows Psychology Pictures The man without a temperament Mr Reginald Peacock s day Sun and moon Feuille d album A dill pickle The little governess Revelations The escape.

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    1. Il piacere delle piccole coseHo iniziato a leggere (in realtà ad ascoltare, trattandosi di un audiolibro) questo libro di Katherine Mansfield assolutamente per caso, non guidato da recensioni o commenti. Pur non essendo un grande estimatore di racconti, questi brevi quadri mi hanno subito colpito, rilassato, emozionato e incantato.Non vogliono necessariamente arrivare da nessuna parte ma si limitano a trasmettere con pochissime parole sensazioni vivide; parole che si trasformano rapidamente in [...]

    2. bbc/programmes/b0671h1qRe-visiting just this one story, Mr Reginald Peacock's Day from the collection, via R4x: A singing teacher ponders the mundane nature of his married life, compared to the passion of his profession. Read by Brian Gear.

    3. It is possibly surprising that I had not read any Katherine Mansfield before now, but I am fairly sure that I hadn’t. I downloaded this collection to my kindle free – there are so many amazing free books to be found out there! I must say that I always find it quite difficult to review collections of short stories, but anyway here goes.There are fourteen stories in this collection, and while there were a couple I couldn’t quite see the point of – the majority I found to be wonderful. The [...]

    4. Having already read Bliss (5 stars), Feuille d'album (3 stars) and A dill pickle (3 stars), I jumped straight to:Prelude - the Burnell family is moving; Stanley Burnell is married to Linda, they have three daughters (Isabel, Kezia, Lottie); Linda's mother Mrs Fairfield and sister Beryl live with them (4 stars)Je ne parle pas français - Raoul, a Parisian, meets Dick the Englishman and they connect through their love of literature; Dick comes back to Paris with a woman and invites Raoul to live [...]

    5. From BBC Radio 4 Extra - Mr. Reginald Peacock's dayA singing teacher ponders the mundane nature of his married life, compared to the passion of his profession. Read by Brian Gearc/programmes/b0671h1q

    6. Katherine Mansfield is a capturer of moments. The stories in this collection do not always have a plot and some of them seem at first glance vague and insignificant, but they all build up images and impressions so that the meaning is deeply felt. The picture on the front cover of this edition is apt: a woman putting on an earring in the mirror, her expression distant (what is she thinking?), a wash of bluey green filling the background.I liked the first story, Prelude, the best. A long short sto [...]

    7. Gente, mas que coisa linda. Sempre tive problemas em gostar de contos como gosto de romances e novelas, mas essa seleção da Mansfield é irretocável.

    8. I'd never heard of Katherine Mansfield before getting this book in a lot of the Great Writers Library (dirt cheap, and commanding my reading over the next year or so). That is nothing less than a crime, as far as I'm concerned.Apparently, this woman is well-known in her home country of New Zealand and her last country-of-residence France (where she died of TB at 34), as well as most points between. It's small wonder to me, though, that a poorly educated American like myself was never introduced [...]

    9. 4½ stars - I think I liked these stories even more than The Garden Party and Other Stories. Mansfield's use of color in her descriptions reminds me a bit of Willa Cather although her people are quite different. The title seems ironic since most of the stories described less than perfect relationships

    10. Mansfield's short stories have this indescribable beauty to them, there's just something about them that brings me a really overpowering feeling of joy. The prose just made me want to weep. I'm really disappointed I didn't get around to reading any Mansfield sooner, this was amazing

    11. Prelude:An easy short story to get lost in and read. A little longer than her other ones though, at least in my opinion. I feel like I've come across these characters before in one of the tales from The Garden Party and Other Stories, but can't quite remember which one. The children in particular stand out in my memory. I really enjoyed the different characters' narrations too as it gave the story more depth, but I think my favourite character is still Kezia she's quite a sweet heart. Je ne parl [...]

    12. Bu kitabı okuyunca anladım ki, hayatı asıl olarak durum öyküleri yansıtıyor. Sıradan insanların monotonlaşmış hayatlarından kesitlerden oluşan öyküler bazen öylesine vurucu bir değerdeydi ki, yazarın yaşadığı zamana rağmen insanın doğasını bu kadar iyi çözebilmesine hayret ettim.Katherine Mansfield'in bütün öykülerinin toplandığı kitapta öykülerin en uzunu 10 sayfayı geçmez. Kısa kısa kesitlerle sunuyor bize insanın içinde yaşadığı çelişkileri, [...]

    13. I have a set of Katherine Mansfield's short stories that I remember enjoying very much 30 years ago but I haven't so much as glanced at them since until reading a review of "Bliss" recently. Blew off the dust and dived in - blimey - !The completeness of each setting, the fine brush strokes, the subtlety, the feelings! And such beautiful brevity.I am haunted particularly by "The Little Governess". (I became her for those few pages.)Wonderful.

    14. Все рассказы объединяет идея о том, что человек закован в рамки условностей и не имеет возможности действовать так, как ему хочется, а вместо этого подчиняется воле другого человека или обстоятельствам. В рассказах Мэнсфилд рассматривает самые разные жизненные ситуации, [...]

    15. Like many of Katherine Mansfield’s pieces of work, Bliss and Other Stories is a series of intimate vignettes. Each of the 13 stories looks at their characters at a moment of personal importance. Many show fractured relationships, and the ones that don’t feature such obvious difference in status and regard that they are clearly doomed. The stories are written from a multitude of perspectives, from children to elders, from New Zealanders to modern Europeans. All of the characters, from main to [...]

    16. Katherine Mansfield'in kafasını çözmek biraz zaman alan bir süreç. İlk bakışta olağan, sıkıcı, manasız detaylara boğulmuş öyküler yazan bir öykücü gibi geldi. Özellikle kitaba adını veren öyküyü yedi-sekiz defa ve hakkındaki bir takım eleştirileri okudum. Ekseriyetle gender based eleştirilere baktım. Türkçe çevirideki "ona aşıktı" diye çevrilmiş kısmın, İngilizce orijinalinde "she loved her" diye yazılışı ve bunun toplumsal cinsiyet açısından, yo [...]

    17. This is a beautifully read collection of some sublime short stories. I only regret that there weren't more of them!

    18. Originally reviewed at emeraldcitybookreviewI don't usually seek out short stories, though I often enjoy them when I do read them. Usually I'm looking for a longer-term reading experience, with characters I can live with over time. But when I read Katherine Mansfield's collection Bliss and Other Stories (having drawn it as my Classics Club Spin book), I was reminded of how a beautifully rendered painting of a few objects, or an insightful portrait, can be a perfect work of art; we don't always w [...]

    19. Some say that at her best Mansfield reminds them of Chekhov and I think there's some truth to that - it's her attention to detail and her ability to capture the small moments most of us overlook. While some of her stories simply went over my head, I enjoyed most of them, for example "Mr. Reginald Peacock's day", "The Little Governess", "Sun and Moon", "Revelations" and "Feuille d'album". The last one's humorous ending reminded me of an O. Henry story and luckily I founda link to it.Here are some [...]

    20. Mansfield could be seen, perhaps, as the prose equivalent of her contemporaries (more-or-less), the Imagist poets. Her work here is thoroughly Modern, less about beginnings and endings than it is about the people who are living somewhere in the middle.The writing can be rather oblique, images captured by the characters and processed (or not) through their own inner life. It tends to observe more than make a point. That’s been done to death in the hundred years since, but Mansfield does it so w [...]

    21. 1.0 out of 5 stars Sadly Lacking in Substance, March 23, 2016Review By Sherrie MirandaThis review is for: Bliss and Other Stories (Hardcover)I have an older book from 1973 though I am sure there are others much older.These stories are all about what's going on in the narrator's head. Nothing that actually happens is of any consequence. In fact, the narrators' thoughts are of no consequence either.Someone else reviewed the book, speaking of Mansfield's tragic life and how she kept writing. I woul [...]

    22. I've been meaning to read some Katherine Mansfield since moving to Wellington in New Zealand (the town where Mansfield was born). OK, so it's only taken me five yearsI enjoyed these short stories. There is often a palpable menace under the surface, something that keeps the reader a little uncomfortable about what is going to happen. This doesn't (always) mean something dramatic, rather that the reader gets the feeling there is more going on than is being read. Clearly a very good thing to have i [...]

    23. Doubtless the precursor to Modernism as we know it, Mansfield effortlessly melds the schizophrenia of the Gothic with the disjointed imagery and stream of consciousness description of Modernism. Mansfield endows her foils with hidden agendas and her narrators with an uncanny paranoia and fear of the unknown. Several of the stories herein feature children, but often presented starkly, as if through the lens of the governess or coquette. A few of the characters espouse lesbian and bi traits while [...]

    24. I really do love this. Mansfield has got it, ske understands, and she sees right through you, without hesitating to reveal herself. She puts all cards on the table and makes life so clear, so obvious, so sad and laughable. Sure it’s depressing at times, but also relieving; it’s not more complicated than this, stop chasing your own tail, hava a seat and try to enjoy yourself, while it lasts.Quotes:“Alice was a mild creature in reality, but she had the most marvellous retorts ready for quest [...]

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