The Lure of White Oak Lake

The Lure of White Oak Lake The small town of White Oak Lake Louisiana is home to a group of colorful characters three of whom take their Cupid duties seriously Their pet project is Jaclyn Wyatt a single mother who in their

  • Title: The Lure of White Oak Lake
  • Author: Robin Alexander
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The small town of White Oak Lake, Louisiana, is home to a group of colorful characters, three of whom take their Cupid duties seriously Their pet project is Jaclyn Wyatt, a single mother who, in their opinion, needs a little help in the romance department Jaclyn doesn t agree, but the trio secretly springs into action when a newcomer arrives.Morgan Chassion retreated toThe small town of White Oak Lake, Louisiana, is home to a group of colorful characters, three of whom take their Cupid duties seriously Their pet project is Jaclyn Wyatt, a single mother who, in their opinion, needs a little help in the romance department Jaclyn doesn t agree, but the trio secretly springs into action when a newcomer arrives.Morgan Chassion retreated to White Oak Lake to mentally and emotionally recover from losing her father, being dumped by her girlfriend and the final insult, losing her job The past few months have not been kind and solace is what she needs, but complication is what she gets.Love s potion is being brewed in White Oak Lake The recipe is simple, two lonely hearts, a little time, and a dash of vulnerability Add a little heat and the potion is complete.

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    1 thought on “The Lure of White Oak Lake”

    1. Great read! Enjoyable,funny,good chemistry,well defined and developed cast of characterscommend to all because it's good and there's even a sequel!

    2. Great read! enjoyable,funny,good chemistry,even well defined and developed characters.commend to everyone because it's really good and there's a sequel

    3. This is my fifth Alexander book that I have read. Second one this year. Actually, for that matter, second one today, since I technically finished the prior book somewhere around 2 am this morning. The previous three books were read in August (1 book), and February (2 books) of 2014. 2 years is a long time between books.Of the five books I’ve read by Alexander, I would slot this one in as my second favorite, behind ‘Dear Me’. Mostly because, while both were quite good books, this one seemed [...]

    4. Nice, enjoyable read. I loved all the quirky supporting characters who populate this novel, and all their respective misadventures. No angst here. Even one of the lead character's involvement in the town's biggest scandal was treated in a light-hearted manner. I truly wonder though, if same sex relationships are really that open and acceptable in a small town such as White Oak.(view spoiler)[About 2/3 of the way, I pretty much figured out how the lead character would choose her life path. Howeve [...]

    5. Great book. Unique, sweet characters. A charming place that I would love to spend some time. One of my favorite things about the characters in the book is that they were typical people. They weren't billionaires jet-setting across the world. I don't want to divulge about the story so I will stop there. I do have to say that this author is so dependable on delivering the goods. I don't have to stress about spending my hard earned money on her books because they are so consistently good. Two thumb [...]

    6. One of the few books i really like of Robin Alexander. I get that she is a good writer, one of the best in mixing the right amount of fun and love. This one I enjoyed the most, i don't really know why but it felt more usual i guess? idk it was just good prose and charming characters. Great read.

    7. An amusing, well written story that, like all of RA's books, will have you chuckling at the querky characters and sighing at the sweet romance.

    8. A combination of great humor and great characters. A very good book, definitely worth reading; another one of Robin Alexander's books that goes on my re-read list.

    9. This was so cute, funny and endearing. It make me smile and laugh out loud. I love the quirky and hilarious people and the relationships that developed were heart-warming. I will definitely look at other books by this author.

    10. This is my single favourite Robin Alexander book. I have read most of her opus, but this one stood up among them and has a special place in my heart.Beautiful story, rich caracters, loud-laughing-in-the-middle-of-the-night-and-waking-up-my-partner kind of humor entangled in picturesque southern surroundings.

    11. Well such a great humourous funny story.I like everyone in this book. Even though it is such a small town but everyone is helping each other, support each other and also meddling as well (in a good way). Meddie and her binoculars LOL, she is such a spy and funny and of course including Ida, Betsy and Clarice.Idk but i feel like Morgan's best friend was kinda such a bi***. I know that she worried about her best friend, try to give advices and such. But at least she should support what Morgan deci [...]

    12. Another excellent Robin Alexander book. Funny, heartfelt. Leaving the big city and finding where - and with whom - you belong.

    13. 3.7 starsF/F romanceHumorous and family-centeredThis one opened with such engaging characters and dialogue I thought it was headed for 5 stars. I don't come across very many lesfic writers who can do characterization well. This one knows how to put pictures in my mind. And I really love her humor when it's subtle. She has such a good sense for creating hilarity in the most ordinary of interactions.But when the humor stretched into silliness and slapstick, repeatedly, she kinda lost me there. Bec [...]

    14. Oh this book is more than okI have laugh a lot reading it is truly funny and enjoyable!The plot is about a woman,Jaclyn, that after some really tough months chose to take a brake from her misadventures and go to stay, till be able to find a new work, in a cabin in the little city of White Oak. In this town, and in front of Jaclyn cabin but on the other side of the lake, live another woman, Morgan, that have a 14 years old son. Three older women are sure that Jaclyn is the answer to their prayer [...]

    15. A Fine RomanceFabulously funny small-town takes in Big town high flying girl who has just lost everything. On taking time out at the cabin her late father left to her Morgan sets out to spend time to get her life back on track she finds real friendships among people she barely knows, new hope and happiness and the promise of new life with a woman she loves and her teenage son. Not at all what she had in mind! This whirlwind romance comes to a head at Christmas when family members gather and a ne [...]

    16. This was a nice romance with charming lead characters. I've given it three stars because unlike some of the other reviewers I wasn't as taken by the goings on of the three 'hens' and didn't find them riotously funny. Also drugging people without their knowledge isn't something that should be glorified, as it seems to be here, whatever the intent.I thought Jaclyn and Morgan fell in love a little quickly and as in all of Robin's stories about small towns, it's handy that a newly arrived lesbian wi [...]

    17. I laughed so hard reading this book. It didn't matter where I was I just couldn't help it. I got plenty of people starring at me like I was as crazy as Clarice lol. The characters in this book are hilarious. Like other readers I would love to meet them. The story of Morgan and Jaclyn is one of self-examination, learning to let go, and opening up for the possibility of love. It's a very touching story and this small town crowd will make you fall in love too. Enjoy!

    18. This was a cute book. The secondary characters, I thoroughly enjoyed. Jac's sister is a hoot and Austin reminds me of myself and my sometimes non filter. I liked best friend, Celeste and the coming together of Jac and Morgan made me smile. The highlight of the book, for me was the secondary characters. The whole town is crazy, but it makes me want to move there none the less.

    19. I thought I'd like this more -- the humour didn't really do it for me. I also found it a bit long-winded in places. That said, I loved the setting of the small town, and I enjoyed BOTH main characters. Really enjoyed Austin and the whole wierd-boat part.I'm not sure I'll read the second in this series, but I will read more from this author.

    20. I enjoyed this bookIf you like funny and charming then this book is for you. I always enjoy a good Robin Alexander book.

    21. You can always expect an enjoyable read from Robin Alexander. Morgan the main character finds herself in a most unusual town. Very much in a hurry to take care of business and get on with life. Then the Lure.

    22. Nice book, with very funny moments. There is some some bad too, (hence "only" 4 stars) but not much. I want to read other books from this author.

    23. This book had me smiling/laughing out loud, oftenI had fond memories of reading Rita Mae Brown back in the day. This book is a very similar experience.

    24. I really liked this cute little story. It was so entertaining with its quirky supporting characters and loveable main characters. Thumbs up!

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