To Honor You Call Us

To Honor You Call Us The Terran Union is engaged in a vast interstellar war against the Krag ruthless aliens intent on exterminating humankind In the wily Max Robichaux is given command of the USS Cumberland a des

  • Title: To Honor You Call Us
  • Author: H. Paul Honsinger
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Terran Union is engaged in a vast interstellar war against the Krag, ruthless aliens intent on exterminating humankind In 2315, the wily Max Robichaux is given command of the USS Cumberland, a destroyer with state of the art capabilities but a combat record so bad, she s known as the Cumberland Gap Capt Robichaux s first mission to take his warship to the Free CoThe Terran Union is engaged in a vast interstellar war against the Krag, ruthless aliens intent on exterminating humankind In 2315, the wily Max Robichaux is given command of the USS Cumberland, a destroyer with state of the art capabilities but a combat record so bad, she s known as the Cumberland Gap Capt Robichaux s first mission to take his warship to the Free Corridor, where the Krag have secretly been buying strategic materials, and to seize or destroy any ships carrying enemy cargo Far from the fleet and under enforced radio silence, Max relies only on his determination and guile and the support and friendship of his chief medical officer, the brilliant Dr Sahin.Because even as he deals with the ship s onboard problems and the stress of carrying out her risky assignment, Max and the doctor discover that the Cumberland and her misfit crew are all that stands in the way of a deadly Krag attack that threatens to end the war and humanity once and for all.A far future story in the tradition of ships of wood, men of iron novels, To Honor You Call Us and the Man of War series combines the adventure of exploration, the excitement of war, and the dangers of the unknown through the eyes of a ship and her crew.

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    1. This could be a slightly lengthy review so let me give a thumbnail for those who simply want to know if I like and recommend the book. Then I'll give a few details and impressions.YesI greatly like and recommend the book. Good military science fiction, military fiction, action and simply a good novel. It get's my highest recommendationW, if you know my taste and my reviews then you know that means the emphasis is not on romance or a love story. Bottom lineere isn't one. Okay let me say a little [...]

    2. In the somewhat distant future, the Terran Union is engaged in a desperate war against an alien foe, the Krag. The Union's goal is survival. The Krag's goal is exterminating every last human. A rising star, the newly promoted Capt. Robichaux is assigned to the the USS Cumberland and tasked to harass, interdict, destroy, and disrupt the shipping of the Krag in the sleepy interstellar regions of the war. Robichaux and his crew find themselves engaged in a pivotal engagement where they all that sta [...]

    3. I've read and love many books with the premise of Horatio Hornblower in space, but this one leans on the template of Aubrey/Maturin, which I loved! There's the same sense of character, but the friendship between Captain Max Robichaux and Dr. Ibrahim Sahin is both familiar and a thing of its own. There's a warmth here, the sense of a navy that relies heavily on the tradition of the Napoleonic British with a dash of Cold War submarine warfare, but done in such a way that it takes into account what [...]

    4. H. Paul Honsinger's To Honor You Call Us is on the softer side of Military SF. Rat-faced aliens religiously motivated and determined to exterminate humans play the role of villain. The stage is the stars, and the stars teem with alien life. Some species resemble catfish; others appear to mirror carnivorous teddy bears.The year is 2315. Rough and tumble Max Robichaux is promoted to Captain, and the story follows his journey into deep space to fight the dreaded rat-faced Krag. In this era of FTL ( [...]

    5. I read the first half of this book quickly and then paused whilst I read a "book club read". I can't deny that I read the second half just as quickly but not so much because I wanted to find out what happened.The was lots of suspense and it was written in a very military way but nothing seemed to go wrong. It was just too convenient that everything seemed to work out and the end of the back just seemed to be the final nail in the coffin for me, when congratulated on how well they had done. It wa [...]

    6. Patrick O'Brien in SpaceThe first book in the series, the reader is thrust into an intergalactic war with a rat like species. There are battles, mutiny, and interspecies politics. If you like Honor Harrington or the Lost Fleet series you'll enjoy this series.

    7. *I received a copy of this novel through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*This review can also be found on my blog: courtneysreadsWhile it took me quite a while to finish this novel it was by no means due to a lack of interest. I was hooked from the first page. The prologue was brilliant. This novel is set in the year 2315 where Earth, along with its allies, is fighting a war against the Krag-an alien race set on the destruction of humankind. The main events of the story take place ab [...]

    8. Wow, I must say I am impressed. After reading a lot of mediocre Space Opera over the past few years, I have finally found another series I actually like. Excellent series so far. The smaller scale of the books felt a lot more like early Honor Harrington, with only a few ships and small scale diplomacy against a larger backdrop, but without the "single ship charging into the unknown and getting into and out of all sorts of trouble" that I have come to hate. The series is told from the perspective [...]

    9. This is a book that I stumbled on via various recommendations on & Kindle. I am glad I did pick it up. It is a great book. Just my cup of tea. It is a very enjoyable space adventure about two main, rather heroic, characters that quickly form a bond and proceed to, not only get the USS Cumberland back in shape, but also to save The Terran Union. At least temporarily since this is just the first book in what I hope fill be a reasonably long series.The book is very well written and you really [...]

    10. More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/I love a good old fashioned military sci fi but it's the space opera subgenre that I truly enjoy. This book by Paul Honsinger, previously self published, is now getting a glossy release with a great cover.Although the book is decently written, I have to admit I did not find myself engaged by the characters. Dialogue seems to always be presented, rather than spoken, and it ended up making the characters feel either pompous or smug. I [...]

    11. Combine Longknife, Harrington, Scalzi, and a little bit of Nathan Lowell's Quarter Share, remove all of the women, and start a big war, and you've got this book/series.And those are all good things (except maybe the lack of women).A solid mix of tactics, tension, politics, and creative solutions. Somewhat predictable if you are well-versed in this genre, but still well written.I will read the other books in the series.

    12. Askeri Bilim Kurgu romanlarına erkekler için Romans demişti biri internetlerde. Romans okumasam da ne demek istediğini anladığımı sanıyorum. Çoğu askeri bk'da belli bir şablon vardır. Güçsüz bir uzay gemisi, gezegen ya da askeri birliğin başındaki genç subayın o birliği savaşabilir hale getirip, kendinden büyük bir düşmanı yenmesini anlatır. To Honor You Call Us da böyle bir roman. Şablona uymasına rağmen neden dört yıldızı hak ediyor derseniz cevabı yaratı [...]

    13. Yeah, I'm four chapter ruling this one. I have a rule that if a book can't interest me within four chapters, there's plenty of others out there that can, and I shouldn't waste my time with one that can't. I can usually sit down and enjoy the most terrible of Military Sci-fi, but this one just isn't doing it for me. Most of all, it's just really, really boring, and all of the characters are just so bland and lacking anything resembling personality. And there's so much made up military jargon, and [...]

    14. This is the first military sci-fi/space opera book I have read (I listened to the audiobook) and I was surprised at how much I liked it. The influence of the seafaring novels was there (Aubrey/Maturin, Hornblower, etc.) and I really liked that. I liked the historical references and thought the characters were well-developed. There were a few spots that were a bit over-the-top for me, but overall I really enjoyed it. I have the next book in the series on audio, and look forward to it.

    15. 6.7.2016 - 5* - strašně se mi líbí autorův styl psaní. Jeho vedení postav.8.11.2015 - 4,5*Děj, atmosféra příběhu, militantní prostředí.Rasy, jejich zvyky.Nebylo to dokonalé, stále mi u všeho nějaký ten kousek chyběl, ale rozhodně to bylo zatraceně nadprůměrné a psaní mě stejně tak chytlo, že jsem si to prostě jen užívala.A postavy si tak oblíbila. .)

    16. There's nothing like bad sci-fi to remind you a) just how hard it is to write sci-fi and b) just how good good sci-fi is. This book isn't just bad sci-fi; it's highfalutin, overblown prose makes it a really terrible book to read. Not to mention that you'd be quite happy to blow the supposed hero out of an airlock within the first few pages.

    17. Great, ship to ship combat, ground assaults, navy crews, fighting an epic war that spans hunreds of star systems. good tech, good military lingo, very convincing

    18. Honsinger joins the short list of military sci-fi authors that I think not only can write in an entertaining way, but come across as actually knowing what they are talking about. Set 300 years in the future, To Honor begins a series that follows the experiences of Max Robichaux, a battle-tested 28-year-old lieutenant, then lieutenant commander, who inherits command of a new destroyer in the Union forces caught in a war with the Krag, a rat-like race who are intent on destroying the fleet, captur [...]

    19. To Honor You Call Us is a must read for any Military Science Fiction fan. Honsinger takes some familiar themes and gives them a new twist.To Honor You Call Us starts with our hero, Max Robichaux, leading a successful raid against the enemy and ending up the senior officer left alive on his spaceship making him the acting Captain. Fast forward another chapter and Max is given command of the Cumberland, a problem ship that when faced with action against the enemy was noted to come, see and run. Ce [...]

    20. I must admit, I liked the book. It's a unique book in several ways. Those ways might be good, or bad depending on your preference. First of alle book has no true downs. Usually, you have some ups and some downs. The hero (or heroes) are tested, and you learn that they are awesome, but have yet a long way to go. In this book, we are basically told everything is bad except for this guy, who will fix everythingd that's exactly what happens. It's a nice change, and surprising in it's own right, that [...]

    21. 4,5*A gripping military sifi book, that feels like a mix between the Lost Fleet Series by jack Campbell and Das Boot. With a lot of thrilling battle scenes, great worldbuilding and okay character development. You get your stereotypical characters for this genre, but as it's heavily plot driven, you can overlook this weakness and enjoy the rest.I just hope we get to see at least one female character in the following books, even though the author quite cleverly circumvented to use any through a pl [...]

    22. First read May 28th 2014: Great fun. I love the references and the wordplay most of the characters engage in. The worldbuilding is a little bit cookie-cutter. I'm troubled that the author decided to include the Gynophage rather than have female characters other than one or two background characters. Second read: Jan 13 2016. When the third book came out, I found that I wanted to reread books one and two, because I had retained shockingly little of the plot. I'm not sure why because it's totally [...]

    23. I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review. Well, now that is out of the way, let me say that I loved this book. It's a mix of Horatio Hornblower, Jack Aubrey, and Honor Harrington with a dash of Star Trek. Great action, characters you grow to love, just a really awesome read. I am really looking forward to reading the next book.H. Paul Honsinger has been added to the list of my favorite authors.

    24. Man of War SeriesExcellent tale interstellar with humans losing for more than 30 years. It is also the story of courage, honor, brotherhood and the redemption found in competent leadership and example. Great story with great meaning. Read the first two books of the trilogy, you'll be glad you did.

    25. A very satisfying story of an underdog crew forced to pull together under the command of a new captain. Feels a little like Star Trek, but in a grittier war-ravaged universe. Thrilling climax. I recommend this book and will be returning to the series.

    26. Don't expect much action from this book, rather it's a tale of how Max becomes the leader he was always destined to be. And how he turns a motley bunch of people into a proper crew that any skipper could be proud of.

    27. Kept me on my toes and very engaged. Loved the characters and all the action of the space war. Looking forward to the second book.

    28. Chronique tirée de mon blog :Bon je vais le dire dés le début, ça n'a pas été une excellente lecture mais je ne peux pas dire non plus que je n'ai pas aimé ce roman, on est vraiment entre les deux. Une lecture mitigée en fait, d'un coté j'ai bien aimé l'action, le scénario global et certains des points abordés que je trouve relativement originaux, alors que je n'ai pas trouvé crédible d'autres points que je vais détailler ici.Je pense qu'une partie de ma déception vient justement [...]

    29. While my first love is fantasy I have also grown to love military science fiction. I constantly look forward to the latest Honor Harrington novel from David Weber or Lost Fleet novel from Jack Campbell. When it comes to my military science fiction I tend to enjoy those that most strongly resemble naval warfare novels though instead of sailing the sea the ships sail between the stars. It’s a bit odd since I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have the patience to read say a C. S. Forester novel, but s [...]

    30. At a glance:Plot: * * *Characters/Character Development: * * * * *Grip/Feeling: * * * * *Original concepts: * * * * *Summary/Verdict (Not an average): * * * * *A few words about the book This type of novel (light sci-fi/space opera), includes thousands of titles, most of them ranging from abysmal to mediocre at best. So, it was with trepidation that i approached this novel at the behest of a friend. You see dear reader, my time is limited and i am not getting any younger. So, when i have time, i [...]

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