The Pauper Prince

The Pauper Prince nd EditionChanging Moon Book OneAndrew Reed is smart and educated but as long as his people are enslaved to the vampires his options are limited When he discovers a strange young man in his family

  • Title: The Pauper Prince
  • Author: Sui Lynn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 2nd EditionChanging Moon Book OneAndrew Reed is smart and educated, but as long as his people are enslaved to the vampires, his options are limited When he discovers a strange young man in his family s barn, he shifts forms and trails the thief, trying to decipher why he smells familiar with a hint of something Excited by what he discovers, he reveals himself to La2nd EditionChanging Moon Book OneAndrew Reed is smart and educated, but as long as his people are enslaved to the vampires, his options are limited When he discovers a strange young man in his family s barn, he shifts forms and trails the thief, trying to decipher why he smells familiar with a hint of something Excited by what he discovers, he reveals himself to Lance, and they return to Lance s camp in the forest.When Andrew s family takes it on themselves to help by investigating Lance s past, Andrew finds something neither of them could have imagined If they band together, they have a chance to win their freedom and a brighter future for all the races.1st Edition published by Silver Publishing, 2012.

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    1 thought on “The Pauper Prince”

    1. A bit too cheesy for my tastes. When characters start calling each other "my love" nearly every time they address each other and describe the other as the air they breathe and the holder of their heart, it starts getting into the twinkly eyeroll-grimace zone.Also, -rant start-I don't think I can handle another facepalm if I have to read yet another shifter story with yet another funky shifter word for 'beloved'. Seriously, someone should write a story with a funky shifter word for 'beloved' that [...]

    2. A Hearts On Fire Review TWO STARS--To set the mood, let's cue the melodrama and 1000 violins. The angst should be worn like heavy perfume. Are you there yet?Good.Sui Lynn's "The Pauper Prince" is book #1 in the Changing Moon series. It's told in 1st POV (which usually works for me) from the barely legal, Lance Fitz. He just turned 18 and on the run, has had a crap life (rape/abuse which happened off scene) and living like a drifter of sorts. Set in Black Hills, South Dakota, Lance "borrows" some [...]

    3. What do I say about this book, that it was a pleasant surprise, a diamond in the rough, a slow start with a great finish.I am going to say D, all of the above.This book started off like a gormless teenager, with abrupt sentences, grammatical errors, and a lot of telling not showing. I was thinking I made a mistake in buying a book this expensive for the quality of editing and thought of returning it.I am SO glad I didn’t, the ending made up for the rough start, and I have the bags under my eye [...]

    4. I found this book a big surprise. It's one of those stories that sneaks up on you and won't let you put it down.I enjoyed the story a lot. I enjoyed the way the characters - Lance and Andrew - took the time to actually know each other before their declarations of 'mate' and 'love' came into play. I love the fact Lance is emotionally and physically damaged from his life as an orphan. I also liked how Andrew was willing to be patient with Lance. I found it sweet.The beginning of this book was grea [...]

    5. 2.5 stars.An average to good M/M shifter romance, with an interesting take on the relationship between vampires and shifters, yet it doesn't quite gel for me.Lance, just turned 18, is on the run from the foster system and the law. Andrew, a shifter living on his family's farm, finds Lance in the barn one day, 'borrowing' tools and supplies. Startled, Lance flees, with Andrew giving chase, but desperation gives Lance the speed to escape his pursuer, or so he thinks.Thus begins the story, all told [...]

    6. 3 stars. First book in the series, so it's setting up the characters and paranormal aspect of the world. Lots of questions left open at the ending.

    7. I really enjoyed the backstory of the vamps and the shifters. I also enjoyed as Lance came into his own and what he learned of his shifter heritage. Then, the effect on Andrew and their future was also a unique story. Great premise of a long term storyline and plenty of secondary characters as well to have some other storylines.What dropped this some stars for me was the language was too much in some places. Too much of the flowerly language between Lance and Andrew. Yeah, guys can be poetic but [...]

    8. Rating: 2.5The writing was competent. Where it fell short was the lack of world building, as well as the lack of relationship building. I never felt that the two characters connected in a tangible way, in a world I could believe. That would have earned it a 3.What knocked it down into the 2 category is that it ENDED WITHOUT A RESOLUTION. Then I felt cheated for purchasing a half-written book.

    9. 2.5 starsCreating a paranormal race in the real world setting is tricky--creating more than one race is daunting. Sui Lynn's novel, The Pauper Prince sets out to do just that, establish two races, shape shifters (most commonly wolves) and vampires and tell the story of their history from their beginning on the earth. If that was not juggling enough, the author also attempts to pull into her story a thread of child abuse, life in foster homes, and a young man on the run from the nightmare his lif [...]

    10. I don't get it. This thing would have comma errors, among them comma splices, and run-ons, then turn around and demonstrate correct usage of semi-colons.It's got heart-warming parts, and then it's got awkward word-vomit/info-dump parts. Wtf, man.It gets a bit melodramatic laterhistrionic.I mean, it settles after a couple of dissonant moments.It's weird that Lance refers to the wolf as a separate entityMA SPLICES. ASEJFASLKD;FJ2SLKFBADS4JKGNQWEJLKB3DMSNCA.DSKFNDS=6AJFNAKJDSHFBDJKGah. There are ev [...]

    11. Loved it! And even better it's part of a series, so there will be more to come. Which is good because there were a lot of story threads that were left undone, and questions that need answered, but oh, what a lovely start to a bittersweet, sexy, layered, paranormal romance series. Shifters, vampires, old grudges, battles fought, mysteries, new love, old wars and laws that might be fulfilled, beginnings and danger to come.Lance was such a bundle of neurosis combined with extreme courage, independe [...]

    12. 4 1/2 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book ReviewsLance has grown up in the foster system being passed from foster home to foster home and State to State, when a foster father is killed, Lance goes on the run and begins to discover the secrets of his past. When Andrew discovers a young man in the barn he gives chase, when he finally catches up with him he is delighted at what he finds.This is a wonderful story that had me enthralled with its craftsmanship. Sui Lynn has created a world that is c [...]

    13. This novel s a recent rerelease from Dreamspinner Press, and it is well-worth the read. This story is a wonderful new take on a shifter story. In this one, Lance is a loner who happens onto land owned by the Reed family (a family of shifters who live on a rural ranch). Over a short period of time, Lance involuntarily shape shifts into a wolf. Andrew, a young man from the Reed family, is also a wolf shifter who falls madly in love with Lance on first sight. It is a very romantic courtship, and we [...]

    14. 3.5 StarsI really like this story. Which sort of surprised me. Because I’m apt to scoff at insta-love and, more often than not, I’ve got my head hung over a bucket when two guys start declaring undying devotion to each other in flowery ‘I-can’t-face-the-dawn-without-you-at-my-side’ prose. Yuck! But it worked for this story. It really did. Okay, I skimmed some of the mushier hand-wringing parts, but Lance Fitz and Andrew Reed’s almost immediate attraction wasn’t an issue because it [...]

    15. This book has one thing going for it but it just wasn't enough to save the rest of the book. It has an interesting idea of vampires controlling shifters. It is an interesting idea to hang a plot on and I'm assuming the future books might actually explore this idea in more depth. Unfortunately the writing style and flat characters drag the story down way to far for me to continuing on with the series. The romance is like most shifter books an insta-love type. Andrew and Lance take it one step fur [...]

    16. It's good, I like it but didn't love it.The description of the shifter world is superb. This is one of the best book I ever read about shifters. There is A LOT of explanation and talk about how the world is. I like it a lot.Lance is a broken young man and it almost break my heart too. Read about his horrible past and suffering in the foster family system is horrible. If you like stories with a tormented hero this book is perfect to you.Maybe that's why I didn't love this book. I ADORE tormented [...]

    17. Seeing as it's 2 am and I'm exhausted I can't give this title the review it deserves, but I loved it so much I wanted to write a few linesI've seen this around forever and kept passing it by, I don't remember why. So I finally picked it up. When I read The Beginning at the end of this book the smile on my face was huge. What a simply beautiful statement. What a way to end a book. It was their beginning. I also loved all of the suspense and info, that really built it up for me. I'm a HUGE fan of [...]

    18. I don't even know how many times I puked in my mouth. It's just so so cheesy it should be illegal. Urgh, I want to cry and never read anything again."my love blablalba, my sky, blablabla, my angel, i can't live without you please hold me oh no don't leave to pee, just pee with me in my arms oh yes please i'm so lost without you i'll live in your fucking lap forever, we'll just move together as one." *puking*AND IT WAS LIKE THIS EVERY TWO FUCKING MINUTES.WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM. I'm forever damag [...]

    19. This was so-so. It's nothing to write home about, but it wasn't unreadable. I didn't really connect with the characters as the writing style was more about telling me what was happening rather than it happening naturally through the actions of the characters. I know it's called storytelling, but there's a way to do that that lets me fall into the story effortlessly.Still, it was a nice way to pass a bit of time while waiting in the doctor's office. :)

    20. WOW after reading some of the reviews i was kindda hesitant on reading this book So glad that i did, excellent world building for the first book I adore the main characters, nothing cheesy abt them, this is the first sui lynn book that i have read and now I will be sure to purchase a few more.

    21. It's it's like Twilight, except Lance is even more of a Gary Stu than Edward. He's like Edward in Bella's role, except with 10x more angst. I don't even.I guess it says something about what I'll give one star to if this gets two. For the record, that second star is for world-building, which just got totally screwed by the ridiculous characters.

    22. Although I got tired of some of the lovey dovey stuff, I really enjoyed the story itself especially as we learn more about Lance. The author definitely built up the suspense about possibilities for the future, and I can't wait to find out what happens in the next book!

    23. A little on the sweet side for me, but it is possibly the most interesting take on werewolf and vampire mythology I've read in ages. It's always a pleasure to read something this well thought out and developed, and I look forward to finding out more about the characters and the world they live in.

    24. WOW!! This was an amazing book, I will be on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book. I loved, loved, loved the characters and the plot, so freaking cool.

    25. I love this. It's different and beautiful. It's very very rare for a foster child to cross state lines unless going to a parent, specialized group home, or for adoption. It's unheard of for the child to be moved more than once across state lines without major family connections in multiple states. The child is a dependent of the state and what state would willingly take another child into their system who they'd have to pay so much money to keep? It also decreases the likelihood of eventually fi [...]

    26. Rating: 4 stars I bought this book on sale a while back from the DSP. I finally got around to reading it and I really enjoyed it. I am always looking for a new take on the shifter genre and Sui Lynn provided it with the start of this series. I really liked Lance as the MC in this story. I also liked Andrew and even though the book was exclusively told from Lance’s POV, I felt we got to know him as a character through Lance’s eyes.I think my biggest complaint about the story is that some of L [...]

    27. I liked the premise, there are new ideas here about interactions between vampires and shifters. But instead of giving me an interesting fantasy, the author gave me a cheesy m/m romance, complete with lovey-dovey nicknames from another language. Guys, don't do this. Honestly. It ranks right up there with random apostrophes in names. If it's bad to have your MC call his lover "baby" in every second sentence (it is), then it's just as bad to replace "baby" with "leannan". Sorry. Andrew speaks no Sc [...]

    28. Abandoned at birth, foster homes, state homes, and juvenile detention shaped runaway and newly 18 year old Lance Fitz. There are very few happy or good memories for Lance to remember. He's been moved around and through the system so much that Lance is pretty sure he doesn't retain his birth name.Living off the land in the Black Hills beholden to no one gives Lance a sense of peace. Coming across an old derelict shack he's hoping to make it habitable for the coming winter.A few miles away a thriv [...]

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