I Hear the Sirens in the Street

I Hear the Sirens in the Street A torso in a suitcase looks like an impossible case But Sean Duffy isn t easily deterred especially when his floundering love life leaves him in need of distraction So with Detective Constables McCr

  • Title: I Hear the Sirens in the Street
  • Author: Adrian McKinty
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A torso in a suitcase looks like an impossible case But Sean Duffy isn t easily deterred, especially when his floundering love life leaves him in need of distraction So, with Detective Constables McCrabban and McBride, he goes to work identifying the victim The torso turns out to be all that s left of an American tourist who once served in the US military What was he dA torso in a suitcase looks like an impossible case But Sean Duffy isn t easily deterred, especially when his floundering love life leaves him in need of distraction So, with Detective Constables McCrabban and McBride, he goes to work identifying the victim The torso turns out to be all that s left of an American tourist who once served in the US military What was he doing in Northern Ireland in the midst of the 1982 Troubles The trail leads to the doorstep of a beautiful, flame haired, twenty something widow, whose husband died at the hands of an IRA assassination team just a few months before Suddenly, Duffy is caught between his romantic instincts, gross professional misconduct, and powerful men he should know better than to mess with These include British intelligence, the FBI, and local paramilitary death squads, enough to keep even the savviest detective busy Duffy s growing sense of self doubt isn t helping But, being a legendarily stubborn man, he doesn t let that stop him pursuing the case to its explosive conclusion.

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    1. Adrian McKinty's second novel featuring Detective Sean Duffy is set in 1982, during the time of the "Troubles" in Northern Ireland. As the novel opens, a man's torso is found abandoned in a suitcase. Duffy manages to identify the victim as an American tourist--a retired IRS employee who had come to Ireland to visit his roots.The autopsy reveals that the man was poisoned by a very rare plant, and Duffy can't find a hint of it anywhere in Northern Ireland. His only viable lead comes when he discov [...]

    2. 3.5 starsThe shotgun blast had sent the birds into a frenzy and as we ran for cover behind a half disassembled steam turbine we watched the rock doves careen off the ceiling, sending a fine shower of white asbestos particles down towards us like the snow of a nuclear winter.” (Page 1)Book II in Adrian McKinty’s ‘Sean Duffy’ series starts off with a bang. It is but one bang amongst many in Northern Ireland in the early nineteen eighties, in the period known as The Troubles. But this parti [...]

    3. Adrian McKinty and Sean Duffy strike againFollowing up the cold cold ground A suitcase A torsoAnd an investigation all over IrelandThe writing is page turning and the reader looks at the world of a Catholic policeman in a Protestant station. His interactions and how he goes to solve the crimes and get what he wants. Somehow I feel that Ken Bruen could have invented Sean Duffy and have him as a sidekick to Jack Taylor, who is an amazing character. Off to book 3 in this trilogy that got 6 books ha [...]

    4. I enjoyed reading this book and give it 4 stars for a fast moving plot, and intricate twists in who killed who. However, I give it 3 stars for an unrealistic character trait, i.e. Sean Duffy's regular use of marijuana and hashish. I am retired law enforcement and this is strictly prohibited by all police agencies. My agency instituted random drug screening in the mid 80s. Violators were given a choice: resign or be prosecuted. A few were allowed to retire. All US police agencies now do random dr [...]

    5. Another enjoyable police procedural set in Belfast in 1982 in the throes of the Troubles. Soon after returning to duty after nearly dying during his last case, DI Sean Duffy finds a torso in a suitcase he pulls out all stops to find out who it is and who murdered him. After hitting several brick walls, the case is put on the back burner and Sean is told to get on with his more mundane police work. Sean really should have listened to his boss, as this case has a lot more riding on it than he real [...]

    6. Boreen to a Banshee, Poteen with Sleveen, Then to Smithereens*BansheeBoreenNumber 2 in "The Troubles Trilogy" by Irish writer Adrian McKinty takes a turn to more secular. Compared to #1, The Cold, Cold Ground, this one misses the edginess from the ever-present conflicts between the majority Protestant police force and the IRA/its supporters in Belfast, which surrounded the murder investigation in the first book. Still here is the early '80s setting in the period of "The Troubles" a/k/a Northern [...]

    7. A good read but some credibility issues…This police procedural/thriller is based in 1980s Northern Ireland during the Troubles. When a torso is found in a suitcase, Detective Inspector Sean Duffy has to identify the victim before he can start to work out why he was murdered. The storyline allows the author to look at the divides in NI society and also at US attitudes to the Irish question. The author writes flowingly and the plot is interesting and complicated enough to keep the reader's inter [...]

    8. I Hear Sirens in the Street, Sean Duffy #2, by Adrian McKinty, narrated by Gerard Doyle, Blackstone Audio. Sean Duffy is back as Sergeant Detective Inspector, Carrick RUC, just outside Belfast, 1982.While this book brought back familiar characters, the author took too long to build the real excitement which came in the last 100 pages or so. Of course there is a murder victim, his headless, and appendage-less body found in a suit case. Only this time its an American, WWII vet. The FBI and high le [...]

    9. I decided to listen to the 2nd installment in this series, and it was great fun. The narrator did well with the accents and kept my attention throughout (it goes without saying that I loved his irish accent). There are a few things I enjoy about the Detective Sean Duffy books - the descriptions of Ireland, especially the political situation; the humor; the music and book references throughout the book. I did not enjoy this ending as much as it was very similar to the first book. I will probably [...]

    10. I really enjoy McKinty's Sean Duffy series. This is the second of a proposed trilogy. I read the first and immediately ordered the second. I have just pre-ordered the third. It's 1982 and the Falklands have been invaded, not a good thing for the RUC in Northern Ireland, for it means that Thatcher's retaliation will denude Northern Ireland of half the British troops stationed there, leaving the police woefully undermanned to deal with the IRA terrorists now well-weaponed and funded thanks to mone [...]

    11. This is the second book in The Troubles Trilogy and it is a real humdinger. It is action packed and doesn't give the reader much of a chance to catch their breath. The novel reminds me of the Lee Child's Jack Reacher series. Both Reacher and this character, Sean Duffy, are loners but with a real talent to captivate women. Both series move right along making it difficult to put the book down. You just have to find out what happens next. Duffy's detective team is called in to investigate a bloody [...]

    12. Detective Inspector Sean Duffy and his partner Detective Constable Mcgrabbin are dragged from their endless days of robberies and civil war issues in Northern Ireland in 1982 to a real murder. An American male has been hacked up and found in a suitcase. The pathologist discovers he was poisoned by rosary pea, similar to Ricin. As Duffy tracks down the culprit, there are suspects ranging from terrorists to industrial spies. Some of the secondary characters in this second book are inferior to thos [...]

    13. The second book in this enjoyable series about a Catholic detective in the mostly Protestant police force of Belfast in the early 80's, the height of the 'troubles'. Part of the fun of these books is the 80's nostalgia, and how the story weaves in historical events into what is otherwise a familiar police procedural. In this edition its the Falkland's war as a backdrop to the ongoing low-level civil war in Belfast that overshadows Sean Duffy's attempts to solve a murder. This book picks up the p [...]

    14. This is the second in the Sean Duffy Troubles Trilogy, a series that I'm following with interest, given that it's set in not only the town in which I grew up, Carrickfergus, but also mainly in the neighbourhood in which I lived, Victoria. The year is 1982 and Duffy, a Catholic RUC DI fresh from receiving the Queen's Police Medal, attends a call at a factory where he finds a torso in an old suitcase. And so, in typical McKinty fashion, the action begins.I have to say, I found this a really enjoya [...]

    15. The Troubles series featuring Detective Inspector Sean Duffy, a Catholic cop in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland continues to be one of the best reads in crime fiction. Not only does the plotting run deep, it's a series that envelopes the reader in period brimming with danger and death.I HEAR SIRENS IN THE STREET starts off in similar fashion to the standard crime novel before morphing into something much more involved with Duffy stumbling upon the murder of a male - his remains found in a suitca [...]

    16. A Police Procedural set in Belfast 1982 is always going to have plenty of politics attached to any crime, sure enough there are many agencies involved in this novel.I was unsure about this book for the first few pages, there are lots of references to music along with out of the ordinary vocabulary which made me wonder if this would be one of those books more about the author showing off his knowledge than telling a story. I was wrong, the plot line is intricate and delivered well, and I was soon [...]

    17. Much better than the first installment of the series. In my opinion the best book since his second Forsythe book. The story is full of action, police cynicism, double dealings, great detective work and a captivating main character. In addition it takes place with a captivating backdrop: Northern Ireland in 1982, the Falkland's War and the DeLorean factory.McKinty does a wonderful job converting a mundane detective story into a exciting one by injecting it with actual historical facts, humor and [...]

    18. Amazing book. Great crime story, thrilling plot and fun characters. Also love the historical aspect in the 1980s.

    19. The ending was a bit rushed and utterly bonkers but everything up to that point was rather good. Better than my memory of the first with a sense of the period - 1982 - that was both corny and recognizable. There was some real police work here among all the false leads and dodgy suspects, and politics and religion. Properly interesting and entertaining. Turns out there are already four more in the series for me to read. Yummy.

    20. For a writer who once decried the notion of book series as a tired formula, Adrian McKinty is remarkably good at them. I Hear the Sirens in the Street is the second in a series of three books set during the height of Ireland’s civil war in the seventies and eighties and featuring Detective Sergeant Sean Duffy.Just to recap, Duffy is a Catholic in a Protestant dominated police force in a Protestant dominated town. He’s intelligent, has a nose for trouble and a determination not to back down i [...]

    21. I Hear Sirens in the Street is the second book in the Sean Duffy trilogy. The first, The Cold, Cold Ground was one of my best reads of 2012. This book has many of the same qualities - good historical contextualisation and intertextuality, politically and socially; well-penned, credible characters; a good balance between on and off-duty storylines; and strong sense of place. In particular, the interaction between characters is very good and some of the dialogue sparkles, the prose is often wonder [...]

    22. This is a very cool novel. Set in the time of The Troubles in Northern Ireland and narrated by a Catholic policeman who has a wry sense of humor and almost values interesting things over life. I found it funny and sad and evoked a lot of childhood memories from watching television news about the events surrounding the story. A marvelous read.Just an aside, I read this during Chinese New Year in Beijing and was lying down having a nice quiet read, listening to the gunshots on the streets of Belfa [...]

    23. Sean Duffy is up to his neck in another messy case. A blood trail is discovered by a night watchman that leads to a dismembered body that has been zipped into a suitcase and dropped in a dumpster. No head, arms, or legs, just the torso It does have a rather significant tattoo that leads eventually to the man's identity but something about the whole story doesn't add up so Sean digs a little deeper and ends up finding way more that he was ready to deal with.Loved this one, and of course the endin [...]

    24. While I didn't enjoy the plot (the ending was kinda of convoluted) of this one as much as the last one, the atmosphere, characters, and dialogue were still well done. I was highly entertained by this fast moving thriller. McKinty also shows he has serious writing chops with the well written epilogue. Since Duffy has been brought done a few notches at the end of the book, I'm eager to jump right into the next volume of the trilogy.

    25. Quite definitely not as good as the first one -- and I'm bailing on it after 30% -- n.b no qualms about rating books I haven't read. Having hit on a successful (in both senses) formula in the first volume (Cold Ground), McKinty is trying to reproduce it, formulaically, and with less (not more) authenticity. Kind of a sophomore slump, maybe. I will try the third volume, though.

    26. My first foray into Adrian McKinty's series "The Troubles Trilogy" was a smashing success. This book, as reviewed many times, concerns the police in N. Ireland in the early 80's and the war between Catholics & Protestants-- a backdrop against which McKinty deftly paints our story, or stories, to be more exact.Detective Inspector Sean Duffy, our protagonist, is a delightfully dry and witty copper, who despite directives from above, continues to investigate a murder that just seems more than i [...]

    27. I have not done any parallel research into The Troubles that happened in Northern Ireland in the early 1980's, but I think this author is doing an excellent job painting the frustration, exhaustion, hopelessness and utter lack of options during that time. It does not paint the big superpowers (England, US) in a terribly great light, but I don't know that it should.I don't know if a person can say they liked this book because I would not wish to be say that I like hearing about an area that does [...]

    28. Another good gritty read about Sean Duffy, a Catholic policeman in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. I'll certainly be continuing on with this series.

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