For Now, Forever: MacGregors: The MacGregors

For Now Forever MacGregors The MacGregors The story in which the head of the MacGregor clan woos his wife now available digitally for the first time Self made millionaire Daniel MacGregor has a perfect life that s only missing one thing the p

  • Title: For Now, Forever: MacGregors: The MacGregors
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The story in which the head of the MacGregor clan woos his wife now available digitally for the first time Self made millionaire Daniel MacGregor has a perfect life that s only missing one thing the perfect woman And though he s sure he s found her in Anna Whitfield, the dedicated medical student is quite sure of her future plans ones that don t include an overbearing mThe story in which the head of the MacGregor clan woos his wife now available digitally for the first time Self made millionaire Daniel MacGregor has a perfect life that s only missing one thing the perfect woman And though he s sure he s found her in Anna Whitfield, the dedicated medical student is quite sure of her future plans ones that don t include an overbearing man like Daniel But Daniel s attempts to woo her will change her mind and heart, lead to a forty year marriage and launch a formidable dynasty

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      317 Nora Roberts
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    1 thought on “For Now, Forever: MacGregors: The MacGregors”

    1. Estoy entre el 3.5 y el 4. Creo que la nota ideal sería un 3.75.A pesar de que el libro anterior ha sido el que más me ha gustado de la saga hasta ahora por todo lo que expliqué en su review, este libro también me ha transmitido mucho. Volvemos a tener una historia corta, aunque algo más larga que las demás, y los personajes vuelven a estar poco desarrollados. Me hubiera gustado que la autora hablara un poco más del trabajo de Anna, sin embargo el libro me ha encantado.Un mensaje que vuel [...]

    2. AMAZING.If you've read the MacGregor series so far, you know that Daniel and Anna the parents and patriarch of the family play a major role at cajoling their kids to find their soulmates.We finally get their incredible story. (I always adore flashback parent tales!)The book begins in the present where an injured Daniel lies in the OR while Anna has her family to support herFlashback to 40 years prior when Daniel is a young and charming self made billionaire who's finding his niche in the rich so [...]

    3. Kehidupan yg tidak mudah di tanah airnya membuat Daniel kuat. Sebagai seorang bujangan yang kaya, dengan otak encer, dia menarik perhatian semua wanita.Tapi Anna tidak semudah itu takluk pada pesona Daniel. Dengan Cita2 yang tidak lazim pada jaman tersebut, Anna tetap bertahan pada prinsipnya untuk tidak memenuhi lamaran Daniel saat itu, tetapi dengan berani memutuskan untuk tinggal bersama dengan Daniel.Pada jaman tersebut, tinggal serumah dengan pria yang bukan suaminya masih menjadi gunjingan [...]

    4. Cute i like Ana and Daniel's story more than Serena's. Not sure about others in between - haven't read them yet!

    5. I am a great fan of Nora Roberts but mostly of her longer books. Her category romances are not in my taste. For Now, Forever was too old-school and too eye-rolling to me. It was lacking in the character and relationship development.I didn't like Daniel. He is bossy and much more alpha than I can stand. He decides that Anna will become his wife and he completely doesn't care that she has other plans. He tells her that he will not change for her but expects for her to do otherwise. And Anna, she f [...]

    6. Amaaann Anna ne uğraştırmış Daniel'ı yaaaa inatçı kadın :D Daniel'e olan aşkım daha da perçinlendi bayılıyorum kendisine Şu ana kadar serinin en iyi kitabı buydu benim için bayıldım Yeni bir bebiş geldi diğeri de yolda :D Şimdi seride baya gerilere gideceğim yeni kitapta ama daha sonrakiler sanırım torunlara kayacak gibi :)

    7. 4.5, which technically should be 5 because I cried, but I have to take out half a star for the arrogant, manipulative "my way is the only way" male lead. I think the reason I did love it so much is that the heroine doesn't give an inch over the course of the entire novel. She knows what she wants, she won't settle for less, and her man has to yield to her.

    8. Another Nora Roberts series I missed, The MacGregors. And again, what can I say? She writes with many twists and turns with great character development. Love her books as she usually ends all her books with a warm, fuzzy feeling. Looking forward to rest of series.

    9. Um livro que desde o início que já sabemos como termina, no entanto a autora foi bastante inteligente que quando pensamos que o livro será sobre os netos de Daniel e Anna, esta surpreendo-nos com algo completamente indiferente e que nos prende desde o início ao fim

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    11. The MacGregor Serisinin Beşinci Kitabı idiÇok sevdiğim Daniel MacGregor'un kırk yıl önceki halini görmek çok zevkliydiSerinin ilk dört kitabındaki kahramanları görmek çok zevkliydiDaniel MacGregors sıra dışı inatçı bir adam ama Anna Whitfield'inde ondan geri kalır bir yanı yoktuHikaye önce Daniel'in trafik kazası geçirdiği hastanede başlıyorSevimli İskoç'umuz ağır yaralıAnna başında çocuklarını yanına çağırıyorDerken Anna kocası ile tanıştığı kır [...]

    12. Daniel MacGregor is a force to be reckoned with and when he sets his sights on Anna Whitfield as his wife he has to fight the immovable object as Anna only wants to be a surgeon.

    13. Nora Roberts gerçekten kalemine hayran olunacak bir yazar Hele ki MacGregor serisi muhteşem Serinin diğer kitaplarında Daniel'i okuyorduk ama bunda Daniel'in gençken nasıl olduğunu ve Anna ile nasıl tanıştığını da okuduk.MacGregor serisinin 5. kitabı ve bu kitapta Daniel kaza geçiriyor ve karısı Anna onun yanındayken tanıştıkları günden evlendikleri zamana kadar olan anıları anımsıyor Kitap inanılmaz akıcıydı nasıl başladım nasıl bitti anlamadım. Gerçi MacGr [...]

    14. Kitaba bayıldığımı söylememe gerek var mı? İçinde Daniel olur da sevilmez mi? O adamın en büyük hayranı benim ve bu değişmedi hatta arttı diyebilirim. Mağara adamı tavırlar birine ancak bu kadar yakışabilir. Hayır yani normalde öküz ya demem lazım ama diyemiyorum ki. Çooook tatlıydı. Saçımı başımı yolmam gereken sahnelerde bile güldüm. Anna'ya gelince ona bazen kızdım ama daha çok hayran kaldım amacından hayalinden hiç vazgeçmedi aşık olunca hatta ada [...]

    15. I disliked this book since the beginning because it began with what happened 50 years later and when i read a book I like to read what is happening at the moment and if there is something written for years since now it shouldn't be more than five. So in the begging and in the end of this book I read about 80 years old people and their children and their grandchildren, how am I suppose to like it? It it is nice to see that even after so many years they still love each other but still??? And even [...]

    16. Desde o primeiro volume desta saga que fiquei fã de Daniel Macgregor; apesar de ser um personagem secundário, é o meu preferido, sem dúvida e quando leio um novo livro, estou ansiosa que apareça. Saber que este livro é a sua história e de Anna, há tantos anos atrás, foi uma surpresa, não o sabia. Curiosamente, não foi uma surpresa bem vinda. Não gostei de "andar para trás no tempo" e não gostei do Daniel jovem; o Daniel que eu adoro, é o Daniel pai de 3 adultos, recém-avô, que t [...]

    17. I am totally enjoying this series and to finally find out about Daniel and Anna's romance was an eye opener. We already knew through reading the previous books in the series that Daniel was bossy and demanding but how does Anna put up with him? By being as strong willed as he is but in a much quieter way when she really feels strongly enough about something there is no way Daniel can move her and in her own quiet way she shows him that a bulldozer isn't always needed, that you can work around th [...]

    18. Well well, Anna sure are head strong as ever. Their attraction is instant and mutual. That's a great way to start. Daniel has a very sad background. With no one by his side, he still manage to make a fortune of his own. I salute that strength. ANd then, he met Anna. Anna is a soon to be doctor and she's in her last year of egree. Marrying him might cause trouble for her studies and internship. ANd This is where Daniel try all his best to woe, court and persuade her into marrying him. Anna is fam [...]

    19. I really enjoyed reading this story even as a re-read. Daniel remembers what happened when he met Anna, as he is lying in hospital recovering from a serious car crash. It helps us understand how Daniel and Anna got together and how they fought in the beginning. I loved how they struggled to adjust for each other. It was funny reading how Daniel had to adjust his idea of the perfect wife to win Anna. It also gave us a catch up about the couple's from the previous books. Definitely a good story th [...]

    20. Love the Series!Like with all of Roberts' books, tradition, family and "good stock" play a significant role in the storyline. I had read this book a long time ago and still it thrilled me. Daniel MacGregor, the patriarch of the clan is quiet a character. Although I have all the books on my shelf, I was still enthusiastic enough and bought the ebook. I've grown use to my kindle. This is a happy story with a beautiful ending and a glorious continuity. I highly recommend any MacGregor book! Nora Ro [...]

    21. Daniel MacGregor ka sama karakter yang satu ini ^*^. Idealis. Tahu apa yang diinginkan dan bisa memandang jauhhh kedepan. Seakan impiannya terhampar bagai kepingan puzzle yang dia buat sendiri. Memilih Anna sebagai pasangan hidup. Sejak awal yakin bersama wanita inilah dia akan bahagia For Now, Forever. Dan wanita inilah yang akan dijadikan ratu untuk kerajaan yang akan dibangunnya.Buku pertama seri MacGregor yang aku punya. And the result is I Love It.

    22. Daniel MacGregor and Anna Wittfield, two of the best characters Nora Roberts has ever created. Between them, they've made some impressive children and grandchildren, thanks to Daniel's scheming. In this look back, we get to see how these two incredible characters, met, fell in love, almost lost each other and then began their life.You will fall in love with both of them, and thank goodness Roberts continues the tale of the MacGregor clan.

    23. RemarkableLove this family . glad Daniel and Anna's story is done now too. I have read and reread this complete series twice and am on third time. now.Happiness is always in fashion and good for the soul. I have all the books in hardback and they are well-worn from loaning them. I not only recommend themI give the first of each series as gifts to friends at different times of their lives. Always with a special note to share them.

    24. CONSIDER THIS TITLE FOR A DELIGHTFUL EXPERIENCE.I chose the rating for this book for the very interesting details the author gave on the two main characters. Both the handsome large male with the ego plus the spirited beautiful lady he chose to spend his life with. The storyline was up and down for them. It keeps your attention through out the book.Thanks, Nora Roberts

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    26. Daniel MacGregor has been in a terrible car accident and is in surgery fighting for his life. His wife,Anna is in the waiting room with their children. Daniel is brought out of surgery and is ICU while they wait the memories of how they met and how they fell in love is on their minds.This is Daniel and Anna's love story and it is a great one.

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