Frozen: A Sister More Like Me

Frozen A Sister More Like Me Explore a wintery world of magic with Disney Animation Studios latest film Frozen This beautiful picture book features an original story about Anna and Elsa the two royal sisters from the kingdom of

  • Title: Frozen: A Sister More Like Me
  • Author: Barbara Jean Hicks Brittney Lee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Explore a wintery world of magic with Disney Animation Studios latest film, Frozen This beautiful picture book features an original story about Anna and Elsa, the two royal sisters from the kingdom of Arendelle Plus, this book is illustrated by one of the artists who worked on the film Children will simply fall in love with Anna and Elsa s story.

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    1 thought on “Frozen: A Sister More Like Me”

    1. If you have a Frozen fanatic living in your home like I do, I highly recommend this book. Well written and beautifully illustrated. I may now have it completely memorized seeing that my five year old daughter constantly asks me to read this book to her. ;)

    2. Este libro nos lo regalaron por ser parte de un programa llamado ADOPT A READER. Donde adoptamos a dos familias, para motivarlos a leer. Mil gracias al HIPPY PROGRAM, por tan hermosa iniciativa.La fiebre de Frozen parece no tener fin.Las imágenes y estética del libro son muy lindas. Girly, lleno de colores y brillantina. Pero la historia no nos dice absolutamente nada.La narrativa es en verso, pero en algunas páginas pierde el ritmo por completo y la historia va mezclando el punto de vista de [...]

    3. This book was incredibly cute! I absolutely loved reading through it. I have to admit that I bought it because I knew that the artwork was going to be gorgeous but the cute rhyming lines won me over, too. Anna and Elsa both have lines in this book. Each speak with a different color and font. They talk about their childhood as well as what they thought of the other when they were growing up together. Siblings can always be difficult with one another and this story really shows how you can be anno [...]

    4. I loved this book. It is a poem with switching point of views between Anna and Elsa about being sisters and how they grew up and just beautiful

    5. I really don't know what family of a small child isn't going through the Frozen craze. I think we heard Let it Go sung 100 times over the course of a month. Our daughter is Elsa crazy and a Frozen fan. We were lucky enough to find this book in Barnes & Noble. I say lucky because any product Frozen related is off the shelves and soon and it's put out. A Sister More Like Me is told from each sister POV, Anna and Elsa. One is messy and the other neat, one is elegant and the other breezy. With t [...]

    6. 4 stars even just for the gorgeous illustration.A rhyming picture book about Anna and Elsa growing up as polar (ha.e it's characters from Frozen*courtesy rimshot*) opposites and eventually learning to love each others' differences. Cute story that probably almost any readers with siblings can relate to.One thing I noticed that might be tricky for younger readers was the text; Anna and Elsa's dialogue are supposedly identifiable by color and font (one is "sloppy and rushed", the other is "neat an [...]

    7. A short picture book with rhymes.Essentially, it's Anna and Elsa from Disney's Frozen saying that though they wish on occasion that their sister could be more like them, they find that what they have is better than anything they could wish for.It's cute and sweet. If you liked Frozen, I say read it, even if you aren't the intended age group. If nothing else, you'll like the fun quirky style for all the pictures. And if you have a sibling, you'll appreciate it.My only complaint is that at the sta [...]

    8. The artwork is gorgeous.Lovely, colourful. Seriously, even ignoring the film it's based on, 'Frozen: A Sister More Like Me' is worth looking at for its style alone.But it's not just that that makes it a beautiful and fun little picture book. 'A Sister More Like Me' follows the story of the hit 2013 Disney flick 'Frozen', but with the two leads, the sisters Elsa and Anna, as the only focus as we see the growing pains (and triumphs) of their relationship. No other character from the film appears h [...]

    9. It's basically about the two princesses from "Frozen" learning to appreciate their differences. I think this book would be very good read for siblings or even kids in general who need to learn about dealing with people who have different temperments then themselves (particularly if they are Frozen fans)For a younger kid it would probably be helpful to be read with an adult, as both the character's talk in first person (with different text to tell the difference) and that might be a bit confusing [...]

    10. Fans of Frozen will love this book. Elsa and Anna discuss how they always used to want a sister more like them while growing up, but now that they're older they're starting to appreciate their differences. You get both Elsa and Anna's voices and the illustrations are beautiful. Plus, this is all told in a musical, sing-song rhyme. I'm only counting this as 4 stars because I don't see this being reread often on my part, but that could easily be different for super fans of the film.

    11. Beautiful illustrations. A very cute story. I like that this story shows a little more of their childhood life than we see in the movie, and the moral is very sweet at the end. This is a good picture book for young and older children because there is something for everyone to appreciate here.

    12. my excitement for Disney has no limits xDafter seeing the amazing new Disney movie FROZEN I had to own this. =Dand I loved this short little story so very much <3 the Artwork is stunningly beautiful.

    13. The kids were captivated by the book. The differing voices and perspectives made it hard for me to follow as I was reading it but the kids seemed to really like that part and caught on much quicker to whether it was Anna or Elsa talking. They loved it and I found it to be okay.

    14. Numpang baca di toko buku gara-gara nunggu bokap nyari tabloid lama banget *alesannya gak banget yaSuka banget sama ceritanya. Gambarnya bagus. Recommended banget buat dibaca ke anak-anak pas mau tidur, atau buat anaknya baca sendiri. Apalagi buat penggemar Frozen.

    15. I myself love this book as well as my daughter. It's a great book for sisters to learn to love each other despite their differences.

    16. Beautifully illustrated story starring the Frozen sisters. Touching on aspects of the movie story and adding in extras to help enhance a child's love and understanding of the movie.

    17. Having just seen Frozen for the first time, I especially enjoyed this book. The illustrations are gorgeous and I loved the way the viewpoint of the story flipped between the two sisters.

    18. This version of Frozen is so much better than the film. It's all about Anna and Elsa without the underwhelming plot and half-baked side characters.

    19. I loved it! It was adorable, a perfect little edition to the movie. But not only that, it showed that differences are good and we should strive to be ourselves. Also - the pictures were gorgeous.:)

    20. This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm. Visit us for new picture books reviews daily!Hello, friends! Our book today is Frozen: A Sister More Like Me, written by Barbara Jean Hicks and illustrated by Brittney Lee, a beautiful companion to the Disney movie that explores the true meaning and value of sisterhood.Told in rhyme, and from both Elsa and Anna’s perspectives, our story begins in a similar place as the movie: when the sisters were very little, they were quite close. And [...]

    21. I don't belong to the Frozen craze, but, the book is cute and great for small children. It's written in rhyme and it teaches kids to love their siblings regardless of they differences in character. It does not follow the story or structure of the movie, but focuses in the relationship of the sisters. The the illustrations of Britney Lee, visual development artist for Disney movies, are super cute, colourful and have this vintage-y spirit to them that give them tons of character.

    22. Poetry/Traditional Literature. 2013. This is about two princesses, Ana and Elsa, from the movie Frozen. Ana wishes to be more like Elsa throughout the story, while Elsa wishes to be more like Ana. Both sisters have lines during the story, which could be used to present a play in class. In the end of the story, the sisters realize they are happy being who they are and to have a sister that is not exactly the same as themselves.

    23. In this clever rhyming text showcasing two voices Anna and Elsa describe their years apart as each longed for a playmate more like themselves, or a sister more like me. The rest is history, as we all know, these two sisters appreciate each other for who they are.

    24. The illustrations are beautiful and charming. The premise would be interesting if the plot actually bothered to explore it, but at least it's more coherent than the movie.

    25. Has anyone missed Frozen mania? My family certainly hasn't.This is my youngest niece during her fifth birthday party. If she sees anything remotely related to Frozen she's like and if anyone asks who likes Frozen the most she's like(You may notice her brother in the top right like "Why am I here??")So if I come across anything Frozen in the charity shops I snap it up. Case in point: A Sister More Like Me. One of the things I personally love about Frozen is that it's a move away from the traditio [...]

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