Facing Ali

Facing Ali Experience for the first time what it felt like to face Ali in the ring through accounts of the people that were there up close

  • Title: Facing Ali
  • Author: Stephen Brunt
  • ISBN: 9781447211594
  • Page: 491
  • Format: ebook
  • Experience for the first time what it felt like to face Ali in the ring, through accounts of the people that were there up close

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    1 thought on “Facing Ali”

    1. A cautionary tale about the fight game. Though it is not a tale, but true accounts of the lives of 15 fighters that at some point had faced Muhammad Ali in the ring. So make that 16 fighters since you include Ali himself. The fight game is not glamorous and also not like watching an underdog story like "Rocky" -- but more like watching "Raging Bull" or "Champion." The majority of the fighters in the book had major health issues, be it memory, physical or both. Most had major financial issues bei [...]

    2. Facing Ali is more or less a collection of 15 mini biographies of 15 Muhammad Ali opponents with an emphasis on their fights with Ali. You have some of the great fighters that Ali squared off with but also some of the no hopers and opponents that he faced also. It starts with Tunny Hunsaker, who he fought in his pro debut and ends with Larry Holmes who he fought in his second to last fight. Some of these guys ended up in not the best shape financially or neurologicly but others seem to be doing [...]

    3. An interesting approach to the Greatest, interviewing a cross-section of his opponents.The book is more interesting for the biographical snapshots of these (mostly unknown) opponents than for the insights it provides about Ali. Boxers as a group are not known for their penetrating insight, and the author/interviewer does little to coax them into meaningful reveries.An interesting B-list read on the Sweet Science.

    4. "I done wrestled with an alligator, I done tussled with a whale; handcuffed lightning, thrown thunder in jail; only last week, I murdered a rock, injured a stone, hospitalised a brick; I'm so mean I make medicine sick."- Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali's shadow has loomed over boxing since the first time he stepped into the ring. No other individual has made more of an impact on the sweet science in the last seventy years than the man who called himself the greatest. Ali wasn't just legendary in the ri [...]

    5. I read the first 3 chapters and its a readable interesting book. Chapter 3 is on George Chavulo began well but later goes into Chavulo's family problems. to what end? Seemed far removed from what the author says in the preface he intends to do. I almost quit at this point but the remainder of the book was engrossing and filled with insight about boxing, Ali and the fighters included who fought him.Great first chapter on Tunney Hunsaker Ali's first fight and the sweet relationship that developed [...]

    6. This was an interesting take on Ali's career because the focus was on his opponents rather than Ali himself. And whilst I've read many great books on Ali and already knew what some of his high profile opponents thought of him, this book contained background information and insight into and from some of the journeymen who are just a footnote in history and that is what I liked.

    7. What would it have been like to stand across the ring from one of the greatest fighters of the twentieth century? How does fighting a legend change or influence a person? Those questions are at the heart of Brunt's Facing Ali, which traces Ali's career not through the man himself, but through the men he fought.Brunt begins chronologically, starting with Ali's first professional opponent, and moving through until he comes to Larry Holmes, the man who beat Ali in Ali's final night in the ring.Each [...]

    8. Stephen Brunt is hands down, Canada's best sports writer. True, that's a bit like being the most handsome guy in AC/DC. But let's give the man his dues. This is an interesting read, looking at some of the lesser lights/also rans who took on The Champ, Muhammad Ali. These include Jurgen Blin, Joe Bugner and of course, The Bayonne Bleeder Chuck Wepner, whose life story inspired (*cough*) Stallone. For an interesting look at the latter and the associated lawsuit against Sly, ESPN did a documentary [...]

    9. I have to say that this book was one of the best books I could have ever read. I loved the way it was formatted but what it did for me was get me back into reading books. I had read a good number of books and then all of a sudden stopped. Then my roommate picked me up this book for X-mas and I pounded thru it before January 1st. I was back on my reading bing. This book has a cool format as it is broken into 15 different chapters and talks about 15 different opponents that Ali faced in his storie [...]

    10. This book covers 15 of Muhammad Ali's opponents over the varying stages of his career. The book seeks to give a voice to some of those who were over shadowed by the Legendary Ali. It is a good read and has some fun fight fan friendly anecdotes. This is a book that is especially appreciated in conjunction to watching the fights featured within.69 %

    11. My husband read this book last month and thought I would enjoy it and I did.I had only heard of about five of the fifteen boxers but it was still interesting to read their stories where they came from and where they are now. Some knew going in they would get beat and did it for the paycheque.

    12. Great read--interviews with 15 boxers who fought Ali, tomata-cans to other champions. You get wonderful insight into the various men, fascinating, introspective looks by each about their lives Fun read for any boxing fan, especially fans of Ali.

    13. I don't know if this is any good. But I said I'd take up a sport, and Dustin's got the football covered, and baseball dies with that whole steroid thingy for me. Oh and I like violence so boxing it is

    14. 15 rounds, 15 magazine length chapters about 15 boxers who faced Muhammed Ali at various points in his career. How it, and the fight game, affected them before, during and after.

    15. If you love the golden age of boxing, and especially if you love the Champ. You must read this book.

    16. Years ago, my kids gave me this book as a Fathers Day gift. It is still one of my favorite reads. Of course it comes to mind again as I ponder the loss of this great man.

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