The Far Dawn

The Far Dawn The Three is a lie The Three will fail Having barely escaped Desenna Owen and Lilly are on their own now two of the three Altaneans on a journey to find Atlantis and protect it from the selfish gree

  • Title: The Far Dawn
  • Author: Kevin Emerson
  • ISBN: 9780062062864
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Three is a lie The Three will fail.Having barely escaped Desenna, Owen and Lilly are on their own now, two of the three Altaneans on a journey to find Atlantis and protect it from the selfish greed of their nemesis Paul and Project Elysium The secrets buried in the ice ahead have the power to destroy not only the earth but the bond between Owen and Lilly, too As timThe Three is a lie The Three will fail.Having barely escaped Desenna, Owen and Lilly are on their own now, two of the three Altaneans on a journey to find Atlantis and protect it from the selfish greed of their nemesis Paul and Project Elysium The secrets buried in the ice ahead have the power to destroy not only the earth but the bond between Owen and Lilly, too As time grows short and darkness overtakes the planet, Owen must face Paul s greatest treachery yet.Full of heartrending decisions, pulse pounding action, and fascinating questions of science and ethics alike, The Far Dawn takes readers on an explosive journey through time and space At the far ends of the earth, Owen must choose does he save the planet, or the people he loves Perfect for fans of Ship Breaker and the City of Ember series, slightly younger teen readers, and classroom library shelves.

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    1. Title: Far DawnAuthor: Kevin EmersonGenre: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Fantasy, YA fiction, RomancePremise:()In The Far Dawn, Owen and Lilly are on their own, two of the three Atlanteans left on a journey to find Atlantis and protect it from the selfish greed of their nemesis Paul and Project Elysium. As time grows short and darkness overtakes the planet, Owen must face Paul's greatest treachery yet. He must choose—does he save the planet, or the people he loves?Perfect for fans of Star Wars, [...]

    2. The Far Dawn was a great conclusion to the Atlantean trilogy and I'm glad decided to give the series a try way back when it first came out. Book one was a pretty good start to the trilogy and continued to get better in book 2 and 3. I believe this book had a great balance of everything especially with the action and the romance. There wasn't too much of one thing, but just a very good mix of everything. I was also glad for the refreshers in the beginning of the book to jog my memory of the previ [...]

    3. Reviews of previous books The Lost Code & The Dark Shore.Actual rating 3.5The action gets amped up again in Far Dawn with this one being the fastest paced and the most exciting of the series.There's not much for me to say about this book that I haven't said in a previous review. I did like Owen more then I did in Dark Shore but not as much as in Lost Code. More seems to happen in this book then in the others which I did appreciate. I worried some about where things were going but I like how [...]

    4. Best book ever.This book is awesome especially because of the starting in action and then calm down and then action again like in any other book of the atlanteans.Another reason why i like this book is because i like reading distopia and sci fi and this book is perfect for these.

    5. This whole series was so amazing. It was exciting and seriously imaginative. The characters were very real and far from perfect, yet you care about them. The writing brought the Fantastical setting to vivid life. I'm sad that I'm done reading!!

    6. It was okay. It is aimed at a younger audience. By this book, I was only interested to see how it was going to end.

    7. ★★★★★(i really wish there were more stars to give!!!!)that's right, i am CURRENTLY READING THIS, MAY 21i got a copy (paperback ARC) last night at the Story Crush tourKevin Emerson had two for the ENTIRE tour, and i fricking got one!!!! sooo freaking ecstatic!!!! oh, and it looks read, and it was in his bag, so it's like i got HIS personal copy!!!i received an ARC from the author at the Story Crush Tour!!!!love loved loved every single second of this book!!!!the ONLY downside to this bo [...]

    8. This book was a bit of a letdown. I wasn't totally captivated by the first book, but the second one was more fast-paced and had a few twists near the end that made me hope this book would get interesting because that book was a pretty quick and entertaining read. Spoiler Alert: It didn't. Actual spoilers are needed to understand what I didn't like:(view spoiler)[Character deathsBy the time Lilly got around to dying, I didn't really care about the resolution much anymore. I assumed she'd either b [...]

    9. Meine Meinung:Im dritten Band laufen alle Stränge zusammen und viele Fragen werden geklärt. Was ich sehr schön finde ist, dass wir dieses Mal auch einen genauen Einblick erhalten, was damals im alten Atlantis eigentlich geschehen ist. Das hat mir sehr gut gefallen und diese Verknüpfung zwischen Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft hat der Geschichte richtig Schwung verliehen. Es ist traurig zu sehen, wie die Menschen immer wieder die gleichen Fehler machen und fatale Entscheidungen treffen. [...]

    10. I fell in love with this series despite the bad reviews from others and after finishing this last installment I am so happy I took a leap and read that first book. The story has a message that anyone can find meaning in. Owen experiences trials that would make men twice his age wither. The first book was a test of believing in himself, the second was a test of his strength as a person and this last one was a test of his belief. Owen Parker is pulled through the mud as Paul, the Terra, the truth [...]

    11. This book killed me emotionally. At one point I totally wanted to kick Kevin's ass but turns out the ending was perfect and I can't wait to re-read it!After reading first two books in the Atlanteans series I was thrilled to find 'The Far Dawn' on Edelweiss a few weeks back. And so, with warnings directly from Kevin about how I would hate him afterward, I went to a local cafe and dedicated my entire day to reading it. I live tweeted while I was reading it in a non spoilery way. It was fun to hear [...]

    12. 1.5 / 5 stars ratingThis review is also posted at readingnookandcranny.I am so happy to be done with this series. I really didn't even want to read this novel after the first two, but I do like finishing out series and not leaving them half read. So I put myself through a little bit of self inflicted torture to get it done.I won't write a lot for this one, since I skim read it at most. If you liked the first two, then you will probably like this one as well. If you didn't like the first two, the [...]

    13. Okay, maybe it was just me, or the mood I was in while I was reading this, but I just could not get into this book! The plot seemed to get more and more ridiculous and far-fetched (and that's saying a LOT, as I really enjoyed the previous two books and the kids grew gills, for crying out loud!) and the ending stretched my ability to suspend my disbelief way too far. It was also predictable and I saw it coming from miles away. I kept saying to myself-no's too obvious, he wouldn't do that! But the [...]

    14. What an amazing conclusion to the series! Wow. It's not often that I like the last book in a trilogy better than the first, but Kevin Emerson pulled out all the stops on this one.Owen and Lilly finally receive the answers they have been searching for, but the problem is, so does Paul. And Paul is always one step ahead. This was such an amazing adventure that spanned time, continents, and space. I loved Owen's struggle and the way his resolve wavered. I loved Lilly's strength and the way she pull [...]

    15. Das große FinaleDie Handlung von Heimkehr in die verlorene Stadt greift auch Elemente der ersten beiden Bände auf. Sodass, sich das Finale angenehm in die Gesamthandlung einfügt.Was mir wirklich gefallen hat an dieser Reihe, sind die Entwicklungen, die an den Charakteren erkennbar sind. Durch die dynamische Erzählweise und die Beschreibungen, wird sehr schön deutlich, wie die Ereignisse der drei Bände auf die Protagonisten einwirken und so hat Emerson auch Owen und Lily mit der Handlung wa [...]

    16. THE PAIN.That's all I can think after reading it, I seriously thought she was dead and having those CP epilogue moments, so so dope!And then she was back and I couldn't care more!! Since she was one of the personalities I loved the most on this trilogy, because let's face it Lilly was the best.On the other hand, we had the lost of hope issue and at last I was like "I don't know how this is ever going to end", and then it did and it was glorious and so filled with love and nature, and memories an [...]

    17. It is hard to say what I really think about this book. At the end of the Atlanteans #2, I was desperate to find out what came next. This one begins in a totally different place and under very different circumstances than #2. It left me very baffled. Then as I tried to read it, there were way too many duplications and oddball things happening. I think if I had the choice again, I would not read book #3 and just go through the rest of my life wondering what happened.

    18. As a sci-fi fan reading about Atlanteans was a no-brainer. But the series ended up being a whole lot different than I expected & better for it. Environmentally conscious, thought-provoking, action packed post- apocalyptic dystopian with a moral compass & the best wink to Doctor Who in YA I have read (the Geronimo cookies)

    19. Way different than I thought and way different from the rest of the series. I usually get frustrated from books that add way too much detail, but this book should have been longer to develop the plot and support the ending.

    20. I recieved this novel for free through First Reads. This is a worthy conclusion to the Atlantean trilogy. Even though the story takes place within the span of just three weeks, the readers see the characters develop immensely.

    21. Great conclusionI really like the way the author brought the story around. I would highly recommend this series to any that like the idea concepts of all things being connected follow the ideas of balance.

    22. This is the third book in the series of The Atlanteans were all the questions are answered first and far most The Legend of the Three. Fast paced and enjoyable story that will have you on the edge of your seat saying "That can't happen!". Readers will be happy with the ending I know I was.

    23. kinda disappointed with this book. It was actually hard to get through but a very good ending to the series.

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