The Plague Tales

The Plague Tales It is history s most feared disease It turned neighbor against neighbor the civilized into the savage and the living into the dead Now in a spellbinding novel of adventure and science romance and

  • Title: The Plague Tales
  • Author: AnnBenson
  • ISBN: 9780440225102
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is history s most feared disease It turned neighbor against neighbor, the civilized into the savage, and the living into the dead Now, in a spellbinding novel of adventure and science, romance and terror, two eras are joined by a single trace of microscopic bacterium the invisible seeds of a new bubonic plague.In the year 1348, a disgraced Spanish physician crosses aIt is history s most feared disease It turned neighbor against neighbor, the civilized into the savage, and the living into the dead Now, in a spellbinding novel of adventure and science, romance and terror, two eras are joined by a single trace of microscopic bacterium the invisible seeds of a new bubonic plague.In the year 1348, a disgraced Spanish physician crosses a landscape of horrors to Avignon, France There, he will be sent on an impossible mission to England, to save the royal family from the Black Death.Nearly seven hundred years later, a woman scientist digs up a clod of earth in London In a world where medicine is tightly controlled, she will unearth a terror lying dormant for centuries.From the primitive cures of the Middle Ages to the biological police state of our near future, The Plague Tales is a thrilling race against time and mass destruction For in 2005, humankind s last hope for survival can come only from one place out of a dark and tortured past.

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    1 thought on “The Plague Tales”

    1. The is two interconnected stories about outbreaks of the bubonic plague in England--one set in the near future and one set in 1348. The stories were somewhat interesting with characters you might care about, but somehow I just couldn't suspend belief enough to get into this. And things just got more outrageous as the story progressed--especially the near future story. For starters, characters fell in love and changed long-held beliefs at the drop of a hat. Then they did totally unbelievable thin [...]

    2. Wow. A big, reverberating WOW! Wow. Wow. Wow! I was up half the night because I couldn’t put it down, and when I put it down, I’d still be up with the creepy-crawlies. Pretty scary stuff. Pretty gross. And pretty Fan-tatty! What really knocks me out is that this is Ann Benson’s first novel; all her other works have been about beading! Yes, I said Beading. How does a beadweaver just sit down and write this incredible medical thriller?!Two parallel stories, two parallel characters, linked by [...]

    3. So here ya go—a book that’s both a fascinating historical novel about a Jewish physician during the plague AND a futuristic medical thriller about a contemporary outbreak of the bubonic plague. You’ll love the characters, and both halves of this story are first rate.

    4. A very absorbing book- the two tales intertwined were well crafted, though there were times whe I would be caught up in one and hated switching to the other. The details, especially regarding the story set in 1348 were especially fascinating to this nurse and lover of history.From the PublisherFourteenth-century physician Alejandro Canches, caught performing an autopsy in Spain, flees across Europe at the time of the Black Death to escape execution for his heretical deed. When he arrives in the [...]

    5. Really good book. Combined two of my favoritesdystopia with historical fiction. I kept putting it down to look up info on it and to me that really makes a book.

    6. I found this book at the librarby (hurrah for libraries!!!) and thought that maybe I had read it before, but, since it intrigued me and I couldn't really remember the storyline, decided to give it another go. About 50 pages in, I was sure that I had read it before, but was interested enough to read it through again, since I couldn't really remember the story anyway.The plot was intriguing-- some of the other reviewers were troubled by what they viewed as "medical inaccuracies" in the current/fut [...]

    7. I really wish I could give this 2 1/2 stars.The book tells two stories at once, one in the past and one in the "future," in which both characters are trying to deal with an outbreak of the bubonic plague. The author could write some gripping scenes, but I found myself intensely disappointed by the ending - both story lines had several major contrivances to get them to the end, and then the end felt like a copout. And the author couldn't decide what type of book she wanted to write - is it a dram [...]

    8. Como en tantas ocasiones tenemos una muy buena premisa y una novela mediocre, lo que viene siendo un quiero y no puedo, y claro, al final pues no puede. La peste bubónica y la corte de Eduardo III de Inglaterra, el siglo XXI y la amenaza de un brote de la mortal peste negra, no podemos tener unos ingredientes más prometedores y sin embargo, tal parece que han cogido una coctelera y han echado todo dentro dando lugar a una historia con muchas lagunas y más errores que aciertos, así como algú [...]

    9. I'm usually not a fan of books where you really have almost two separate stories told in alternating chapters that barely or never intersect but it wasn't as much of a problem for me in this book as it has sometimes been. I thought both stories were engaging and entertaining. I do have several issues though:I've just read a few books on the black plague in the 1300s and it's clear that the author did some research, unfortunately, it also feels like she felt a need to mention all the standbys. Th [...]

    10. COVER BLURB: It is history's most feared disease. It turned neighbor against neighbor, the civilized into the savage, and the living into the dead. Nowo eras are joined by a single trace of microscopic bacerium -- the invisible seeds of a new bubonic plague.In the year 1348, a disgraced Spanish physician crosses a landscape of horrors to Avignon, France. There he will be sent on an impossible mission to England, to save the royal family from the Black Death.Nearly seven hundred years later, a wo [...]

    11. The Plague Tales takes the reader through the distant past and the near future. It’s a future where germs and viruses have created a new way of life. Gone is the freedoms people have always known. They are replaced with a low current of fear underlying everything. Travel is difficult because each country fears receiving some new, deadly contagion.In the future, bodyprinting, a new, somewhat-invasive, technology is rampant in countries outside the US and the heroine of this story, Janie, fears [...]

    12. This book was recommended on the Seattle public library website under "if you liked the DaVinci Code", but it really isn't all that similar to The DaVinci Code, if you ask me. Actually, I think Ann Benson is a much better writer than Dan Brown. Her characters were interesting, and the premise is believable, if set in a future that is "post-outbreak" and regimented by contagion-reducing laws and patrolled by "biocops", and she threw in just the right amount of sexual tension and romance to keep t [...]

    13. PROTAGONIST: Alejandro Canches, 14th century physician Janie Crowe, American medical archaeologistSETTING: 1348 Europe and future United KingdomRATING: 3.0WHY: The narrative alternates between 1340s Europe, in which Jewish physician Alejandro Canches is trying to fight the bubonic plague and a future setting featuring Janie Crowe, an American physician, who has come to UK and inadvertently unearths a bubonic plague microbe that ultimately threatens to reintroduce the disease. The plot is initial [...]

    14. The Plague Tales is comprised of two distinct narratives; one set in the 1300s, about a Jewish doctor charged with keeping the English royal family safe from the Bubonic Plague and the other set in the future (2005!), as an forensic archeologist unwittingly releases the ancient bacteria. While Alejandro, the Jewish doctor’s story is engaging, the futuristic story falls flat. Janie, the forensic archeologist, is shrewish, selfish, and shortsighted. Ann Benson would have been better served dumpi [...]

    15. Ah this book was so beautifully written and wove the time periods together well. We have two stories taking place here. One is present day and one in the 14th century during the black plague. It's a tale of mystery, romance and of course death. The characters are richly described and you can't help but get wrapped up thier story. All of this of course is not to be overshadowed by the black death that is a mystery to old in the 1300's and that is killing everyone in it's path.

    16. The premise behind the story was good: the bubonic plague uncovered in modern day England. The book was almost 700 pages long. I think it could have stopped at 500 pages. The story had a mystical element, but for me this made the story not believable.

    17. This is two stories about the Plague. The historic tale from the Plague in the 1300's was fascinating. The sci-fi futuristic tale was not. There were some interesting ideas for what the future might hold, but too much of sci-fi story was driven by fantastic reactions to too many crises.

    18. Ok. I liked the medieval story but wasn't that interested in the modern day. There is a part that really bothered me. Benson uses the word "panties" when Janie is packing for her trip to leeds. Do women actually say that word?

    19. Taking place in both the 14th and 21st centuries I found this to be entertaining and suspenseful. I might have given it 4 stars if I had liked the main character of the 21st century more but she grated on my nerves and some of the plot lines were too unbelievable. Still, an entertaining story.

    20. Llegó el momento en que se me hizo pesada la lectura y respecto al final esperaba más, de cualquier manera, es un libro entretenido.

    21. The vision of an antibiotic resistant future is all too plausible, and the parallels to plagues of the past make that possibility even more horrifying. Compelling.

    22. It has an excellent storyline and a promising opening. The idea of a bubonic plague as the center of a thriller is a great hook. The split between two eras with 600 years apart yet ties together in the story is smart too. However, the old and tired characters and their soap operas like emotions and actions kill all the great things. It is unfortunate because it has so much potential. *I listened to the audiobook version. #theplaguetale #annbenson #thriller #bubonicplague # #audiobook #bookreview [...]

    23. The story passes back and forth between Europe during the Black Death and a near future world where various pandemics have terrified the populace. The story follow two American women doing scientific work in England. They stumble across an ancient bubonic plague microbe. The premise was intriguing but the story really didn't end up being all the exciting. There's some mystical elements thrown in, but I wasn't too engaged by the end of the book.

    24. Very interesting how the tale progressed parallel in times. The connection was satisfying, although not entirely surprising. While I loved the tale of Alejandro, I wasn't as invested in the story of Janie. Felt as if she had learned very little about contagion despite of her background as a surgeon.

    25. I found it entertaining. Lately I have had little patience with female protagonists, and unfortunately I spent a good part of the book thoroughly annoyed with Janie and her responses to the events in the book. However, the quality of the content kept me going.

    26. Two stories about the bubonic plague, 650 years apart, told in alternating chapters. Both stories were fascinating and I'd want to keep reading about one story until the new chapter started and I was like, 'Oh yeah! I wanted to keep reading THIS one!' Loved the ending.

    27. Good readep in mind, the futuristic part was written in the 1990s so some of the advances in technology are a bit retarded. Still, I had a hard time putting it down to sleep.

    28. Jumping between stories was difficult. I wanted to know how each ended without reading to the end of the book.

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