The Steel Wave

The Steel Wave General Dwight Eisenhower commands a diverse army that must destroy Hitler s European fortress On the coast of France German commander Erwin Rommel prepares for the coming invasion as the F hrer thw

  • Title: The Steel Wave
  • Author: Jeff Shaara
  • ISBN: 9780345461421
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Hardcover
  • General Dwight Eisenhower commands a diverse army that must destroy Hitler s European fortress On the coast of France, German commander Erwin Rommel prepares for the coming invasion, as the F hrer thwarts the strategies Rommel knows will succeed Meanwhile, Sergeant Jesse Adams, a veteran of the 82nd Airborne, parachutes with his men behind German lines And as the invasiGeneral Dwight Eisenhower commands a diverse army that must destroy Hitler s European fortress On the coast of France, German commander Erwin Rommel prepares for the coming invasion, as the F hrer thwarts the strategies Rommel knows will succeed Meanwhile, Sergeant Jesse Adams, a veteran of the 82nd Airborne, parachutes with his men behind German lines And as the invasion force surges toward the beaches of Normandy, Private Tom Thorne of the 29th Infantry Division faces the horrifying prospect of fighting his way ashore on Omaha Beach, a stretch of coast heavily defended than the Allied commanders anticipate From G.I to general, The Steel Wave carries us through the war s most crucial juncture, the invasion that altered the flow of the war and, ultimately, changed history.

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    1 thought on “The Steel Wave”

    1. In fiction the middle book in a trilogy often suffers. It is a transition from point A to point B. The first book introduces the crisis. In the second book the main characters suffer a set back. In the final book the crisis comes to a head and the good guys emerge victorious. This doesn't really apply to Shara's brand of historical fiction. The Steel Wave, I think, will be the best of the three books. It is the tipping point. The Germans have been rocked back in Africa and Italy and are sufferin [...]

    2. I'm a Shaara fan because of the way he makes war personal. You feel like you know and admire and respect the main players in his books, and understand their motivations for the decisions they make. This book had none of that. Every character sounded the same to me--no personality. I also felt like there were a lot of boring details that made it hard to see the big picture of what happened on D-Day. It ended up being a hard book to get through for me.

    3. Jeff Shaara’s father famously authored the historical novel, “Gettysburg.” Since, fils has written a prequel and a sequel to his father’s opus, as well as similar historical novels about the Revolutionary War, the Mexican American War, the First World War, and the Second World War. This is the second of a World War II trilogy, the first having focused on the American war in the Sahara. The focus here is D-Day.Much has been written about D-Day—fictional and historical. Is there still ro [...]

    4. This is considered a historical novel because rather than being a history of the D-Day landings it focuses on some of the key participants and tells their story and conversations in a narrative format. But the author did his research and got the details right. The main characters it follows in alternating chapters are Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, Gen. George Patton, Sgt. Jesse Adams of the 82nd Airborne and Field Marshal Erwin Rommel for the German viewpoint. There are a few other characters included [...]

    5. Heh, I just noticed that I finished reading this book about the Normandy Invasion on D-Day.I had more difficulty getting into this Jeff Shaara novel than I usually do. I think it is because I already knew a lot about the build-up to the invasion. Once D-Day rolled around in the book it got much better. Shaara does a good job describing battle scenes and also does a fine job going over the tactics of the commanders.I actually felt sorry or the Germans near the end of the book, especially Rommel a [...]

    6. The second book in the World War II series gives us the build up into D-day and the aftermath in the battle in France. You get the points of view of all the key players, Eisenhower, Bradley, Patton, Rommel, as well as, paratroopers, such as Jesse Adams.These soldiers are all real players, Shaara does a wonderful job interweaving their thoughts and actions throughout this story.

    7. This is the second of Shaara's trilogy on WWII-ETO. His books are novels based on research and focusing on both the soldiers and the leaders, so we get a look at war from the top-and the bottom. This one covers the massive preparations for the D-Day landings, D-Day itself, June 6, 1944, and the Normandy Campaign which lasted into August of 44. The two soldiers that are in focus are a paratrooper and an infantryman who goes ashore on Omaha Beach on D-Day (both are based on actual persons). I woul [...]

    8. Having heard about the D-Day invasion all my life it was great to finally learn how it happened. I have enjoyed many of Shaara's books and this is no exception. He does a great job of the "novelization" by looking deeply at the men and presents a good sense of their characters. It's not text book history but is still an excellent way to learn history.

    9. Another great Jeff Shaara novel. Really enjoyed this book. Was pretty shocked at the ending to find the main German character over the first two books was forced to commit suicide with a cyanide capsule for supposedly plotting to kill Hitler ( which he did not plot)!!!

    10. Author Jeff Shaara incorporates two real-life quotes in the early pages of his World War II novel, "The Steel Wave", that help set the tone for their respective country's approach, aims and well-known results:"In war, there is no prize for runner-up."U.S. General Omar Bradley"We Germans have far greater and more urgent duty towards civilization to performWE, like the Japanese, can only fulfill it by the sword. War is a biological necessity."Friedrich Von Bernhardi"Steel Wave" is the second in Sh [...]

    11. "I realized that the greatest drama here is not the event but the raw and frightening uncertainty for everyone involved." So states Jeff Shaara in his introduction to the second volume in his WWII trilogy, and wow, did he ever come through! Though the events of this horrendous war have been chewed over for more than half a century, Shaara brings a sense of immediacy to his recounting that stimulates genuine anxiety in the reader. He's definitely hit his stride as historical novelist, bringing to [...]

    12. "Dundee nodded, slowly, tried to see Henley's face, gone now, as though he never existed. The word came to him again, the word they all understood: expendable. He put his hand on his waist, felt for the pouch, the rocks. He pulled the pouch around in front of him, unfastened the strap, held it up. Mission accomplished. Those bloody engineers had better make some use of this. We lost a good manr a bag of rocks."The second novel in Jeff Shaara's trilogy of World War II begins with a covert operati [...]

    13. The Steel Wave is so realistic that I have to wonder if it is actually fiction. I suppose that Shaara decided to go for that classification to give him more leeway in creating thoughts and conversations of his characters. However, the attitudes and language and all the details appear incredibly well researched.The book is about D-Day. Nevertheless, it starts before D-Day itself, covering a lot of the planning. I liked very much how the very first section covered a group of men several months bef [...]

    14. This is the second book of a trilogy by Jeff Shaara (the first being "The Rising Tide) of what's being called "fictional history". The topic for this book is the events leading up and after D-Day (January thru September 1944) seeing through the eyes of the aggressor (Eisenhower), the defender (Rommel), generals (Bradley, Patton, von Rundstedt) and an ordinary soldier (Sergeant Jesse Adams, a paratrooper of the 82nd Airborne.). The beauty of these books is the way the author weaves the contrastin [...]

    15. I'd love to give this novel 5 stars, but I feel I should leave some room for better books to come. I only have two complaints. First, Shaara went into great detail of the planning and preparation of the D-Day invasion, unfortunately he didn't choose to spend much time on the actual beach landings. Secondly, no fault of Shaara's, but due to Pattons uninvolvement of the D-Day invasion, his presence was missed in this story until the very end. I suppose that makes me want to read the 3rd book that [...]

    16. This book follows the author's "The Rising Tide," which I previously reviewed. The same general comments obtain here. This novel is largely about the invasion in Normandy, but covers considerable time both before and after 6 June 44. Again, the characters include the high (Ike, FDR, Winnie) and the low (a German machine gunner, jump troopers with the 82d Airborne). Fortunately, in this story the good guys always prevail in the end, but there are many moments when one feels blessed that our oppon [...]

    17. I enjoyed this book much more than Shaara's earlier WWII book. My criticism of Shaara (and this may be unfair) is that his dialogue does not ring true. If you've spent time in the company of men in either the military or on a sports team you know the language is much more colorful than Shaara portrays. Maybe he is trying to reach a broad audience and doesn't want to offend the more prudish reader or the very young but I find the lack of realistic dialogue a bit detracting.

    18. This is an excellent book. As with all of Jeff Shaara's books it provides the history through the words of those who lived it. His ability to build the events using historical documents from those who lived it makes his works come alive. I highly recommend this and any of Shaara's work to people who are interested in learning more about the various struggles our nation has been involved in.

    19. Good story about D-Day, its planning, execution and aftermath. Seemed a little drier than volume 1. Looking forward to volume 3.

    20. This is a book of epic proportions - the epic story of the Allies landing in Normandy, and the epic size of the book (800pp). The Steel Wave covers the events leading up to the Normandy landing, the landing itself, and the aftermath as the Allies surge through northern France. The book is particularly strong in the way it presents all the complicated and often conflicting factors that went into this world-changing operation, both from the Allies and the German points of view. Shaara singles out [...]

    21. Interesting look at Eisenhower, Churchill and Rommel.Rommel just wanted to fight for his country and do his job right and didn't realize too late that Hitler was not the same "sane" fellow from the African Campaign.Eisenhower realized he couldn't can "Monty" because he was a "Hero" to the Brits.Would've liked Patton to run wild w/the war but not his mouth.Churchill knew Ike was the man for the job.Another look at D-Day invasion.I'm just amazed at what we did, a lot of casualities, however could [...]

    22. When you think of the benchmarks for a good novel-character development, fast paced, good plot, hard to put down, Jeff Shaara's books always pass the test and this one is no different. After a recent tour of WWII sites in Europe and watching films The Longest Day and Patton again after many years, I really felt I was present as real characters experienced D-Day and the following months in Europe. The individual stories really brought that world alive.

    23. This one suffers from a flaw common to a number of historical novels: The research is thorough but the writing is lackluster. Near the end the author feels compelled to reveal his political views. It's a killer for me when an author is convinced that a grasp of military affairs carries with it an expertise in political matters. It does not. War is a tool of diplomacy, not the other way around, and at best is the tool of last resort.

    24. The continuation of the trilogy of Jeff Shaara's WWII novels. Based on fact Shaara's detailed story of the invasion of Normandy is detailed---the planning, the implementation and the aftermath. Personalities and egos have great power over men at war. How do men keep on going?? Only thru great men do we have the freedoms of today. I feel privileged to have walked on hallowed ground secured by these brave men. I hope we have learned from these soldiers.

    25. Very entertaining! After being a bit disappointed with Gods and Generals, I am pleased to report Mr Shaara has definitely improved his game over the years. This was an interesting and entertaining read.

    26. As literature, this isn't the greatest. But as history put in a pleasing, easy to understand, and entertaining form, this is a really good book. My teenage son loved it, and listened to it several times. There are no great surprises. We all know about DDay. But the story is told well.

    27. The second of the war in Europe Sicily, Italy. the conflict between Patton and Montgomery. Jeff Shaara does his good work letting you feel like being a fly on the wall so to say as the leader and the grunts fight day to day.

    28. WWII masterpieceWith all the WWII remembrances, this is a great book to gather the facts. Although some parts are factionalized, the author details the invasion of Normandy in remarkably vivid detail.

    29. Shara’s best book! For historical fiction it doesn’t get much better than this. The dialog is taken from the historical documents and put into a narrative form that retains its accuracy and total believability. Truly a page turner. Damn hard to put down!

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