My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things From Maira Kalman the author of the bestsellers The Principles of Uncertainty and The Elements of Style comes this beautiful pictorial and narrative exploration of the significance of objects in our

  • Title: My Favorite Things
  • Author: Maira Kalman
  • ISBN: 9780062122971
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From Maira Kalman, the author of the bestsellers The Principles of Uncertainty and The Elements of Style, comes this beautiful pictorial and narrative exploration of the significance of objects in our lives, drawn from her personal artifacts, recollections, and selections from the collection of the Cooper Hewitt, National Design MuseumWith than fifty original paintingFrom Maira Kalman, the author of the bestsellers The Principles of Uncertainty and The Elements of Style, comes this beautiful pictorial and narrative exploration of the significance of objects in our lives, drawn from her personal artifacts, recollections, and selections from the collection of the Cooper Hewitt, National Design MuseumWith than fifty original paintings and featuring bestselling author and illustrator Maira Kalman s signature handwritten prose, My Favorite Things is a poignant and witty meditation on the importance of both quotidian and unusual objects in our culture and private worlds.Created in the same colorful, engaging, and insightful style as her previous works, which have won her fans around the world, My Favorite Things features than fifty objects from both the Cooper Hewitt and Kalman s personal collections the pocket watch Abraham Lincoln was carrying when he was shot, original editions of Winnie the Pooh and Alice in Wonderland, a handkerchief in memoriam of Queen Victoria, an Ingo Maurer lamp, Rietveld s Z chair, a pair of Toscanini s pants, and photographs Kalman has taken of people walking towards and away from her A pictorial index provides photographs of the actual objects and a short description of them, enhancing the reading experience.As it speaks to the universal experience and importance of beloved objects in our lives big and small, famous and private this unique work is a fresh way of examining and understanding our society, history, culture, and ourselves.

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    1 thought on “My Favorite Things”

    1. Maira Kalman's books (and art) make me feel rapturous. I'm just so glad to be on the same planet - and even be the same species! - as this artist who just gets it. I can't explain what it is she gets. But she does. She gets it. And then she explains it. And you get it too. And then you smile. I bought two copies of this book, one for myself and one for a friend. When I gave it to her, she said - glancing at the cover, "Thanks I'm sure my young kids will love it." So I had to explain, this is not [...]

    2. A charming, moving book that purports to be about the beauty and elegance of things (taken from the Cooper Hewitt museum, the author's life, and memory) but is really about love, loss, and life.

    3. Every time I read a book by Maira Kalman, I want to invite the author over for tea and crumpets. Or maybe a glass of sherry. She sees the world in a way that most of us adults lose touch with as we drape ourselves in our serious-grownup-adult cloaks. And our lives are the sadder for it. This picture book for adults contains paintings, photos, and wonderfully quirky text by the author. We surround ourselves with objects, but how often do we really look at them? The author does just that in "this [...]

    4. Beautiful art and writing as always, but I found the subject matter to be a little hollow compared to her other work.

    5. A student gave me this book as a gift, and I am so grateful he did, not only because I loved it but also because Kalman's rhapsodic quirkiness will now forever be married in my mind with this student's wit, aestheticism, and eclectic memory and imagination. The student and Kalman share the feeling that objects are luminous beyond themselves, not only because they attest to the lives of people who came before us (and thus in some way both memorialize and undercut their loss) but also because they [...]

    6. How much fun would it be to be invited to curate a collection at a museum? This book is about Maira's adventure doing just that. She took an entire year to curate a collection of items that made her gasp. Then she drew and painted them in her book. Granted, my standards for gasping are clearly different than hers but I love the way she tosses in personal stories like the one about her mother being rescued from drowning by her grandfather and his beard. The accompanying picture she painted seemed [...]

    7. Read in one gloomy morning over coffee. Brilliant. Absolutely. “Isn’t that the only way to curate a life? To live among things that make you gasp with delight?”“There are some rooms, real or imagined, some moments, some aspects of light, that haunt you.” - Oh my godddddd.“The ability to take a walk from one point to the next point, that is half the BATTLE won. Go out and WALK. That is the GLORY of LIFE.”

    8. A friend sent me this book for my birthday because she knows me so well. I couldn't put it down. It's beautiful and compelling--a true delight. I read it twice, and now my husband is reading it twice.

    9. This felt like an anthology of things in the author's life and how those things are inextricably linked to memories and stories. Stirred my own memories and stories of things, too.

    10. Here is another countess. The Countess of Castiglione.I cannot take my eyes off her.So exhausted. So broken. And maybe not.Happy and sad.Hopeless and hopeful.We are alive. End of story.We are alive and that is glorious all we have.This is a very odd book.Kalman is hired to curate an exhibit at at Cooper-Hewitt and she takes this opportunity to write a book about objects and what they mean to her.The book is disjointed and doesn't make much sense, but that's supposed to be charming, I guess.There [...]

    11. "If you have a room and you divide it with string, you have all the parts of life you could possibly need.""What happens when you stand for a long time? You get tired.""Before there were forks, there were spoons.The spoon can be used by a baby, by a person eating soup.Watching a person eat soup can break your heart."_________________________________Did you identify with any of the above sentences, or perhaps think they were mind-blowingly abstract yet deeply profound, giving you some stupendous [...]

    12. A fun light read that brings a smile to my face when thinking about it. Not quite a graphic novel but by no means a short story. The literary equivalent of a one act one man performance piece. Good for a nice afternoon or a rainy day.

    13. Maira Kalman got a call from the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum (NYC) to curate her favorite items from their collection. She spent a year visiting the collection, then painted her findings, presented in this book. It gets more personal because she integrates her life story into the framework of the project, including lots of memories and family history (including the time her grandpa used his beard to save her mom from drowning in a river--the illustration is pretty great). She also effec [...]

    14. After completing My Favorite Things, I am still not sure what it is "about." There doesn't seem to be a lot of purpose to it. That being said, it is visually gorgeous. The paintings, mixed fonts, mixed media and just general aesthetic is all really lovely. It didn't matter to an extent if the book was "about" anything, it was fun just to look at, and sometimes that's all a piece of art needs to be. This is good for people who like random and visual books. Not great if you're looking for substanc [...]

    15. A perfect collage consisting of sparse and dreamy language, beautifully expressive drawings, and sharp photographs. Her beautiful mother, museum objects, broken chairs, dancers in motions, and books make for some of the author's favorite things. This book is one of my favorite things right now. It will stay on my coffee table so I can leaf through its pages when I'm feeling bored or down or clever, and smile at this stunning and picture book for adults.

    16. My impressions are a bit different, perhaps, since I haven't read any other Kalman to compare. Many other reviewers seem to be comparing this to her other books. This offers a creative way to document an exhibit, and is generally visually appealing. It would be interesting for someone to do this with their own life. It might be difficult for me to do-- I have too many things! I liked thinking about memorable tickets/numbers, and objects that remind me of special occasions.

    17. I've been dipping into Kalman's book on a regular basis since I received it as a Christmas gift. Family stories are combined with the stories of objects she selects as a curator for a Cooper-Hewitt Museum exhibit, with her usual enchanting illustrations (and also some photos) accompanying all.I love the way the train of association rambles back and forth through her life and the world. A constant and consistent inspiration and delight.

    18. The photographs of objects from the Cooper-Hewitt Museum seem out of place among Kalman's illustrations. I loved her freestyle embroidery, produced while she was mourning her mother's death, and I loved Darwin's letter written on a bad day ('But I am very poorly today and very stupid and hate everybody and everything. One lives only to make blunders. - I am going to write a little book for Murray on orchids and today I hate them worse than everything.').

    19. This is a beautiful book and object, but not my favorite of her books. My favorite by far is The Principle of Uncertainty. The paintings and the photographs are beautiful. The writing is nice, but not as poignant as some of her work. Still, as an avid fan, I am happy to add this to my collection, and it is signed!

    20. Maira Kalman's MY FAVORITE THINGS is beautiful and life-affirming and silly and sad and just perfect exactly as it is. I'm delighted to have gotten my hands on the last signed copy left at Three Lives & Co. on a recent visit to NYC's West Village, and am so in love with just picking it up and looking at it from time to time. A wonderful addition to my own little list of favorite things.

    21. I wish Maira Kalman were my aunt. I'd love to visit her and go explore the world and see it through her playful, thoughtful, colorful lens. Alas, she is not even in my circle of friends (yet?), so I settle for her wonderful books. While this one was not as good to me as her others, it does have her signature in the form of whimsical paintings and insightful words.

    22. I loved how the images were connected to the text, but weren’t too literal in its connection. Her writing is gentle, inviting and open so that the reader can imagine on her own what images arise from the words she chose. In other words, Kalman’s choice in words were not graphic to the point where it leaves little room for imagination.

    23. This volume, constructed around an exhibit that she curated at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum in 2011, is a short conversation with Maira Kalman. Quirky, interesting, and refreshing. (Though familiar in style after reading two of her other essay books.) A quick diversion to add some color to your day.

    24. This is a lovely book. The illustrations are charming. This book would make a great gift. It is also a cool book to put on the bedside table in your guest room. Your guest can finish it in a brief stay. It is sort of like a meditation. I have to give this back to the library so my guests won't get to enjoy it.

    25. A delight. More in spirit to The Principles of Uncertainty (to my mind her masterpiece) than And the Pursuit of Happiness, in which she was perhaps out of her depth. I read it in one sitting after a nice dinner with a little wine in my system, and was transported.

    26. Maira Kalman is one of my most favorite authors. Friends, I love this woman. Her way with words and the things she loves make me (to quote Helene Hanff) want to shout out, "Comrade!" Loved this book. Not my very favorite of her books, but I loved it. Still need to buy it.

    27. Readers may recognize Kalman's art from New Yorker covers or collaborations with authors like Daniel Handler/Lemony Snicket (Why We Broke Up; 13 Words). Here, her art and a number of photographs make up a sort of autobiography in the style of a museum catalog.

    28. Inspiration for life, for life, for creativityA piece of heaven. Love. Passion. Curiosity. Creativity. Life. All in one. Makes you want to live fully, fall in love passionately, laugh loudly, create beautiful things, savor every moment, see beauty in everything.

    29. Five stars because Maira forever! But if I'm being picky, I don't think this collection had as much depth as her other books. STILL, Maira Kalman makes me want to paint and sing and be everything and live everything and do everything and her books always inspire.Also, what a beautiful book.

    30. There's something about the nature of this book that makes me generally happy and at peace with the world. Maira Kalman's style is utterly unique and her writing is unexpectedly witty. There is nothing I love more than this book.

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