Queen and Country: The Definitive Edition, Vol. 2

Queen and Country The Definitive Edition Vol Queen Country the Eisner Award winning and critically lauded espionage series from acclaimed novelist and comic book author Greg Rucka is back in a new series of definitive editions collecting the e

  • Title: Queen and Country: The Definitive Edition, Vol. 2
  • Author: Greg Rucka Carla Speed McNeil Jason Alexander
  • ISBN: 9781932664898
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • Queen Country, the Eisner Award winning and critically lauded espionage series from acclaimed novelist and comic book author Greg Rucka, is back in a new series of definitive editions collecting the entire classic series in just four affordable soft covers In this second collection, SIS field agent Tara Chase is put through the ringer as she must contend with espionQueen Country, the Eisner Award winning and critically lauded espionage series from acclaimed novelist and comic book author Greg Rucka, is back in a new series of definitive editions collecting the entire classic series in just four affordable soft covers In this second collection, SIS field agent Tara Chase is put through the ringer as she must contend with espionage of the industrial kind, ghosts from her director s past, and politicians eager to use the service to their own ends

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      402 Greg Rucka Carla Speed McNeil Jason Alexander
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    1 thought on “Queen and Country: The Definitive Edition, Vol. 2”

    1. A good deal more personal and political than the first volume had been. This is on point for me, but I imagine more than a few people would rather have the more action-fueled first volume back. I'm very grateful that, this time around, none of the artists felt the need to overly sexualize Chace.

    2. One of the big selling points of James Bond is how much every James Bond movie can be your first James Bond movie. There isn't (for the most part) overarching continuity. You can pick one, jump in. It'll follow the same basic structure just about every time. The Bond girl will always be there, but different. I mean, Austin Powers referenced its first movie in its first sequel and it was honestly more lip service than you see in most James Bond movies.But I digress.Queen & Country is the "no [...]

    3. I liked the stories- they were exciting and well written. But the way the style of the illustrations kept changing from book to book and story to story, felt schizophrenic. The main character, Tara, went from a normal-looking woman, to a super-sexy one with a completely unrealistic body, to someone not good-looking, and so on. Same with the other characters. Made it hard to know who was who and kept me from fully enjoying the stories.

    4. I quite like this series, but the one frustrating thing is the change of illustrator from operation to operation. I like the idea in general since you get a nice showcase of each illustrator's interpretation of the same brilliant work by writer Greg Rucka, but it always takes a few panels to acclimate to the new illustrator's style and recognize the characters you were familiar with in the previous story. Thank goodness there is a roster before each operation.

    5. Tak dvojka dostává očekáváním. Pokračuje s menším důrazem na akci a větším zaměřením na vykreslení postav a fungování jednotky. Celá série jde dobrým směrem.

    6. Another fine collection of Spy adventures. Still reminds me a bit of Strikeback, and now maybe even Atomic Blonde. Not action all the time, good plots and story developments. Looking forward to Queen and Country: The Definitive Edition, Vol. 3.

    7. This was a revelation to me. As a book I stumbled on and impulsively purchased, I came with no particular expectations. In the end I loved it and read it in one sitting, enjoying the mix of illustrators, and how this added different shades and nuances to the characters. Greg Rucka's style is taut, pacy and has enough procedural detail to feel authentic. I'll be hunting out all the other Queen & Country collections and novels.

    8. This book collects comics 13-26 of Greg Rucka's "Queen & Country" series. Like the first volume in the series, it centers around an elite operations group in Britain's intelligence service, especially the exploits of Tara Chace, one of several people sent abroad to tackle covert assignments when official channels won't do. Whereas the first volume focused heavily on international Islamic terrorism, which interludes to dwell on domestic political pressures in London, this book takes a differe [...]

    9. There are two volumes, and 3 "operations" in this volume: Operation: Blackwall and Operation: Stormfront and Operation: Dandelion (The definitive editions are comprised of two 'regular' volumes, and issues 13-24 of the monthly issues.)Operation: BlackwallThe first 3 pages, of agents watching two people have sex, which is shown, is in FRENCH. Both the agents and the lovers… The scenes are in translation at the very end of the book, NOT the segment, btw. Tara Chace is on the case again; this tim [...]

    10. Much improved over the first volume, although the art in the third included arc is sadly just flat as can be, lacking even Fernandez's gonzo commitment to the grotesque from the first book.But the first two-thirds feature some truly fantastic artists: Jason Shawn Alexander's manic, sketchy line is a perfect fit for Rucka's more intimate tale of Tara and her erstwhile friend, dealing in paranoia and victimization. Aboard for the second arc is Carla Speed McNeil, who also letters the dialogue/SFX [...]

    11. Rucka continues to tell the story of the Special Operations Section of British secret intelligence largely through the character of Tara Chace. As in the first volume, there are three stories of the agency versus various enemies/issues: fighting French blackmail of a rich telecom industrialist; finding the rich Russian victim of Georgian kidnapping; and investigating a possible overthrow of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. So, a lot like the first volume.But this volume was much more enjoyable because [...]

    12. I had a little trouble getting into this volume, after being immediately swept away by volume 1. My main problem was the art in the first third of the book; I didn't really care for it and, as this is a graphic novel, that really affected my ability to get into the book. I found myself counting pages until I got to the second story and a new artist. That said, I of course enjoyed the characters and the plot. I must say that I am really looking forward to (view spoiler)[getting to know Poole. And [...]

    13. This collection has less action and more politics and intrigue than Vol 1. You get a better view of the inner workings of the SIS and its interactions with other agencies. The writing is still engaging and it is definitely worth reading.The artists for Operation: Blackwall and Operation: Dandelion, Jason Shawn Alexander and Mike Hawthorne respectively, were quite good. The former had a sketchy, heavily blacked style that was quite evocative. He had some excellent character renderings and express [...]

    14. My problem with this series is that it reads like a 16-year-old learning to drive a standard transmission car. When it's good it's amazing, reads fast, and can raise a person's blood pressure. When it's bad it hurts. It drags to a screeching halt making the reader question if he should keep reading. This is due in part to the constant abbreviated agencies whom I (and I assume most Yankee readers) have no idea are. Slogging through the story does have it's rewards by the aforementioned spy intrig [...]

    15. SIS agent Tara Chance returns in this second collection of the Queen and Country series. Tara Chace finds herself assisting an old friend at the center of a French government conspiracy in Blackwall. In Stormfront, Tara's partner and lover Ed Kittering is found dead in a hotel; Chace must contend with a kidnapping plot and a new agent all in one shot. Finally, Dandelion deals with the newest replacement for the SIS pit agents (following the latest agent not surviving his first field mission), an [...]

    16. Pretty similar to the last volume (see Queen & Country: The Definitive Edition, Volume 1)> However, the gritty realism of this volume is on a level all its own, and really make for some depressing stories. I also really like Rucka's use of a different artist for each operation. The various graphic interpretations subtly let you think about Tara in totally different ways, despite her dialogue and character being the same.

    17. Another stellar volume, Greg Rucka is an amazing writer and I love the artists that he chooses to use. The story lines are so epic and mind blowing I just love getting completely absorbed into the story. Chase is such a kick ass character and each character besides her is so well built that after each story you feel like you get to know a little bit more about how each character works and what makes them tick. I feel like sometimes Tara is a little bit too kick ass for real life, but it's a grap [...]

    18. I really enjoyed the first volume, but the second volume was even better. For one, there was no annoyingly overly-sexualized art by any of the artists. And secondly, while there's still some action here, there's a lot more of the relationships and politics in this volume. It also managed to hold my attention at 5 in the morning after about 24 hours without sleep, so that's probably a positive sign. I'm really interested to see where this goes in the third volume, and I'll be picking up the novel [...]

    19. Siguen la historias de espionaje y en este tomo ocurre la muerte de un personaje que me venía cayendo bastante bien, cosa que me molestó un poco. Lo bueno del tomo es que Rucka nos cuenta un par de secretos del pasado de ciertos personajes y la acción no para un segundo. Increíbles los dibujos de Jason Shawn Alexander, el cual se encarga de dibujar el primer arco contenido en este tomo. Su dibujo queda muy bien para este tipo de historias. No lo conocía pero fue una grata sorpresa.Una serie [...]

    20. Volumes one and two in this series are the strongest but this one was let down with haphazard art and disappointing errors that should have been picked up in the final edit. In the Georgian story, Chace was said to have been tortured, but when? There didn't seem to be any panels to that, and when it could have happened, the succeeding panels offered no proof. In another, Chace's name plate on the door to 'The Pit', said 'Chase'. Surely this stuff can;t be hard to get right?

    21. In this second delve into Greg Rucka's gritty cloak-and-dagger comic series, the threats to the British secret agents of Queen & Country just keeps intensifying. Although episodic in structure, there is a ongoing story arc to Q&C, so be sure to work your way through the series in the intended sequence. Recommend if, like me, you're compelled to keep tearing through Rucka's intense, harrowing interpretation on the spy thriller genre.

    22. More about the inner workings but still an awesome story nonetheless. Still have to know what's going on in the world of espionage. It has so much depth in the setting that it's crazy to not think that this is the kind of stuff that is happening. Maybe not so much action, but still. Don't like the jump between art styles during a run but it's easily to follow for the most part. Now onto Volume 03.

    23. Erik warned me I’d read these all three right in a row and look what’s happening. He knew. He just knew.This story continues to be great, excellent and above average. Rucka continues to whup ass. The art’s still all over the place and the effect is what I like to think of as batsh*t crazy. I like a lot of it, but if I name names, someone’s feelings will get hurt and then where will we be?I can’t believe I only have one more volume to read. That stinks.

    24. Increible lectura, en la que los personajes no hacen mas sino crecer, lo que siento por Tara Chace es simplemente amor literario, la chica le enseñaria un monton de cosas a james Bond. El segundo tomo del recopilatorio es simplemente perfecto , sinque los otros sean malos , pero es que el nivel es muy alto. Ya uno entiende porque rucka termino escribiendo Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman , Wolverine y demás, aunque aca es donde el tipo realmente despliega su talento.

    25. Very nice collection of Queen and Country Series. Greg Rucka does an excellent job with the international espionage story lines. I gave this collection 3 stars mainly due to the artThe various artists depicted the main characters in such wildly different ways, at times it was hard to figure out who was who.

    26. Not exactly light-hearted reading here. Almost no happy endings at all and plenty of stories left hanging. But still just devastatingly good stories. I think Rucka is about to overtake Brubaker as my favorite comicbook writer. I'm a bit sad that there's only one volume of the main series left for me to read. (I believe Vol. 4 is just prequels and the like).

    27. Three different illustrators worked on this, one good, one mediocre and one unskilled one. The plot was OK, but once again I was turned off by the artwork in the last 2/3rds of the book. While it's an interesting approach to use a different artist for every original comic, they need a bigger stable of good illustrators to carry this off.

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