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Search Me In the beginning Detective Andrew Carmichael and paramedic Nick Swain barely escaped Nick s delusional stalker with their lives Now months later the physical scars haven t quite healed and neither

  • Title: Search Me
  • Author: L.A. Witt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the beginning, Detective Andrew Carmichael and paramedic Nick Swain barely escaped Nick s delusional stalker with their lives Now, months later, the physical scars haven t quite healed, and neither have the emotional ones Lingering guilt and resentment threaten to tear their relationship apart, but Andrew isn t ready to give up He s nearly lost Nick once, and he s noIn the beginning, Detective Andrew Carmichael and paramedic Nick Swain barely escaped Nick s delusional stalker with their lives Now, months later, the physical scars haven t quite healed, and neither have the emotional ones Lingering guilt and resentment threaten to tear their relationship apart, but Andrew isn t ready to give up He s nearly lost Nick once, and he s not giving him up this time without a fight In a last ditch effort to keep them together, Andrew suggests a weekend away, but is that enough time to find a reason to keep their relationship alive Or is it time to let Nick walk away

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      294 L.A. Witt
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    1 thought on “Search Me”

    1. The cover me series is wonderful and I have loved the characters in both books. But, finding out Andrew and Nick we’re getting a novella I didn’t know what to expect. And OMG It tore me apart So real so raw and I wanted to desperately to just hold them both. Their love had to overcome PTSD ongoing injuries and the WHY? Why are we still trying? Why does it hurt so bad? Two men who don’t know how to communicate have to figure out how to make it work and is it worth it!

    2. This review was originally published on my blog Joyfully Jay.Search Me is the third book in the Cover Me series and continues the story of paramedic Nick Swain and detective Andrew Carmichael. The story picks up after the events of Trust Me and focuses on the relationship between the two men, rather than a police investigation like the first two stories. When we last saw Nick and Andrew, they were recovering both physically and mentally from an attack by a mentally ill drug addict who tried to k [...]

    3. Wow! I expected a lot more from this book. All of a sudden they have these problems that I didn't even understand half of the time. Then, after some time, the author just ended the book with a short chapter. Too bad, I really liked Andrew and Nick and this was a let down :(

    4. This book is supposed to pick up the story of the two MC's in Cover Me, Nick and Andrew. The book opens and they now have all these problems and conflicts for which the author gives the reader no insight. The books is literally a couple of hundred pages of wallowing. Nick and Andrew were great characters and they (and we) deserved a better story than this.

    5. Andrew and Nick have been having problems ever since Andrew took a bullet meant for Nick, following Nick almost being killed. They both feel responsible for the others injuries and the guilt is killing them. Here's a tip -- getting counseling does not mean you're weak. And boy do they both need therapy -- together and alone. Instead of doing that, though, they assumed that their normal "don't think about it, don't talk about it" method would work. Um Instead, they are tearing each other apart be [...]

    6. Short. Heartbreaking. Painfully real. Loved it! I wanted to know how Nick and Andrew - the two worst communicators in the world - would deal with everything they've been through. Because it's just not enough to love someone, you have bare yourself emotionally as well. And these guys do NOT do that. Witt really hits all the right notes in this one, Cover Me could only have been an HFN, not an HEA, and Search Me explains why and what they do about it.Seriously. Perfect.

    7. Oh my! This was SO PAINFUL to read! Nick and Andrew were such a perfect fit for one another and it really broke my heart to read about them having problems and thinking of saying good bye to their relationship. And yet it was all worth it as the writing really got to me and I genuinely liked reading it. I have no idea why I waited so long before reading it because it was totally worth it.

    8. Probabilmente poteva anche non essere scritto questo libro ma Andrew è adorabile e l'autrice scrive di emozioni e sentimenti in un modo unico L A Witt ti adoro

    9. Dopo l’adrenalina del suo prequel “Coprimi”, questo libro ha tutto un altro ritmo, ma ormai ho imparato che la signora Witt riesce a spostarsi agevolmente in ogni spazio dei sentimenti umani, e in ogni situazione, raccontandoli con realismo e coinvolgimento.Ho finito ieri il primo libro, che ci lasciava in ospedale dopo il ricovero di Andrew, e devo dire che è stato interessante ripartire da lì, anche se un anno dopo, anche se attraverso un sogno-ricordo. Mi è piaciuta particolarmente l [...]

    10. 4.5 starsThis audiobook is fairly short, but it is a must-read for fans of this series in my opinion. When we left Andrew and Nick in book 1, they seemed to have their HEA. However, readers of the second book will have realized that they are constantly fighting. SInce they were just secondary characters in 'Trust Me', I was glad the author decided to explore what went wrong in their relationship in a third book and I was surprised to see in what a serious condition their relationship is.This boo [...]

    11. bianchianita1971/2Avevamo lasciato Andrew e Nick alle prese con problemi di coppia, dati soprattutto dai traumi (fisici e mentali) subiti nel caso che li aveva fatti conoscere. Ora è passato un po' di tempo ma, anche se l'amore è forte, la quotidianità è troppo dolorosa per entrambi. Dovranno arrivare vicini a perdersi per potersi ritrovare e riappacificare, sia tra di loro che con le loro emozioni.Il primo romanzo dedicato ai due era stato molto intenso e pieno d'azione e colpi di scena, fo [...]

    12. After everything that happened in the first book it's uderstandable that the relationship between Andrew and Nick would take a hit, so I see why the author decided to write this novella. Was it believable ? Yes. Was it satisfying? I don't think so. It's a short story and there was a lot of internal thoughts, nightmares, sex and not enough resolution. You can't possibly expect me to be happy with something that got addressed only in the last two chapters and was sealed with yet another sex scene? [...]

    13. This is a short follow up of Nick and Anthony from the first book, Cover Me. Their relationship is in shambles and on the verge of ending because neither of these doofuses want to talk about their feelings. Ugh! There is an HFN here, don't worry, and they do finally start talking about their emotional baggage in a constructive way, which is good. I liked it but would've preferred a more HEA feel if this is the last in the series, and less focus on sex since it is short.

    14. I wish I had never read this book. I felt awful while reading it. 90% of the story is spent with Andrew and Nick fighting and talking about breaking up or Andrew being introspective about breaking up. The resolution seemed a bit cheap after all the build-up. The writing was competent which is why I’m giving 3 stars.

    15. Well, this is just a pitiful rerun of the first part of the series (Cover Me) but without a crime plot, only two men who are apparently in love with one another, have great sex but who can’t communicate although their problems are so futile that they can be solved within two sentences at the end. Very convincing. Duh….

    16. Feeling a bit disappointed. I wanted to love this book as much as I loved the first 2 books in this seriesbut it just wasn't to be. I see others have given it 4-5 Stars and that's fine. Not everyone is going to love a book the same way.

    17. It was a really sweet, small novella. TBH I felt like author added this book for no reason because we did not needed it. She could have done that in the first book but I am glad Nick and Andrew figured things out. 3 stars!

    18. This was really the last three chapters of Cover Me. I guess they just wanted another $2. This is how Nick and Andrew deal with the trauma of their first two months. Yeah!

    19. Sarà che questo terzo libro è troppo corto, sarà che questa serie mi è piaciuta tantissimo, ma l'ho appena finito e vorrei già rileggerlo!

    20. 3.5A coda that almost needed a coda. I have mixed feelings about this book because while I enjoyed it, and thought that if any couple needed to be revisited after the ending of their book it was Nick and Andrew, the revisit could have been handled a bit better. One the one hand, I’m glad L.A. Witt chose to return to Nick and Andrew; not only did they meet during a high tension, traumatic situation, the entirety of their relationship happened under some seriously stressful conditions and ended [...]

    21. Cover: As bad as the first and the secondTitle: A good one. Not brimming with imagination, but nothing shabby either!Story/My thoughts: It's a little novella and the third installment in the "Cover Me" series. Centering around the couple of the first book, we see that after all they have been through, silence found it's way between them and nothing is like it should be anymore. After one leaving the house they have shared for good, we follow them on their way back together. It's nice when we see [...]

    22. Short, this is basically the epilogue to a HFN which looks like it will turn into a tentative HEA.I was glad LA Witt didn't give Andrew and Nick a glossy romantic ending, it would have been wholly unbelievable.Instead we see them struggling to deal with the traumas of the aftermath of their respective injuries and suffering with pretty clear PTSD which is going untreated.However, all is not doom and gloom and this well crafted novella does a superb job of showing them trying to work through thin [...]

    23. This was a 4.5 star read for me. It was hard to watch these two guys tearing themselves apart not talking about their issues. They've been through some crazy traumatic things together, but those sorts of scars don't heal easily. Unfortunately those scars are driving these two apart at the moment. I kept waiting for them to just talk to each other. Ultimately the love is there and helps these two find a path through the dark. Really wonderful conclusion to these men's story.

    24. It was nice catching up with Nick and Andrew again even if they are going through a rough patch. The issues seemed to be resolved pretty quickly, but it was obvious that sex as a means to deal with stress wasn't a long-term solution for these two.

    25. Nick and Andrew, both suffering from PTDS are having relationship problems. They agree to go away for a weekend and try and work things out but it goes the other way. The dialogue is endless and circles around and around in a tiresome manner. Not a great read.

    26. 4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book ReviewsAndrew knows that his relationship with Nick has hit a really rough patch and has been for that way for a while, he is desperate to save what they had but it seems like Nick is retreating further away from him. Nick accepts a last ditch attempt to save what he has with Andrew but he doesn’t have high hopes as there is just too much that has happened.Andrew and Nick are struggling after everything that happened in Cover Me they are both suffering f [...]

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