Redwork Teenage Cass feels an inescapable psychic link with his incredibly old landlord Mr Magus whose secret experiments in the garage reflect his preoccupation with finding the wholeness of life

  • Title: Redwork
  • Author: Michael Bedard
  • ISBN: 9780380716128
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • Teenage Cass feels an inescapable psychic link with his incredibly old landlord Mr Magus, whose secret experiments in the garage reflect his preoccupation with finding the wholeness of life.

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    • ☆ Redwork || · PDF Read by ì Michael Bedard
      456 Michael Bedard
    • thumbnail Title: ☆ Redwork || · PDF Read by ì Michael Bedard
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    1 thought on “Redwork”

    1. This is one of my favorite books. I love the story, the writing, the mood, the characters, everything. It is everything I love in a book: real characters, great setting, a hint of creepiness and mystery and other-worldly-ness, and a lovely-not-lame ending. I'm sad it's out of print.March-April 2017: Re-read with Maxwell! I loved sharing one of my very favorite books with my son and talking about it with him. He really got it! I have the best kids. 5 stars again for Redwork!

    2. I don't know to class this book, but I've loved it for years. It's a bit other-worldly, a bit raw, and a bit mysterious. It juxtaposes ordinary teenage experiences with alchemical experiments -- long before Harry Potter made sure that every kid had heard of the Philosopher's Stone. The parallels between the lives of Cass and Mr Magnus are expertly and sutbly executed, and they are worth looking for while re-reading. There's also a focus on obsessions, whether they are about old movies, William B [...]

    3. This book is little known, but well worth the time it takes to find a copy. I found this from the glowing recommendation of a friend, and now I must recommend it in turn.Weaving together disparate elements, the story is compelling at every turn. Alchemy, William Blake, classic movies and WWI trench warfare: all the different things layered into this story seem like they should be overwhelming. But the writer never lets the ambitious imagery get away from him. Each element fits in perfectly, ever [...]

    4. Redwork was an obscure favorite of mine, first encountered at a library, and then, to my delight, found used elsewhere. I haven't read it in a while, but I remember:The book had a great atmosphere, built up rather than undermined by the sense of humor (in describing the squalor of the movie theater where Cass worked, for example, or the degree of his mother's obsession with Blake), and the ending "felt" right. I liked Mr. Magnus a lot as a character, with his prickliness, supernatural obsession, [...]

    5. There are a few stories involving alchemists and it would be interesting to compare the various approaches taken by authors. This teen fiction version has Cass and his mother moving into the upstairs apartment in Mr A Magnus' run down house. Cass is desperately holding on while his mother writes her dissertation on William Blake. He barely holds off the gang of bullies who are shaking down the neighbourhood children for protection from Mr. Magnus who 'eats children'. Cass gets a job as evening u [...]

    6. I recalled reading this book in grade 6 with my class, and I had fond memories of the detailed and interesting writing, so I went looking for it again many years later. I was not disappointed. I was again easily and immediately drawn into the protagonist's world and enjoyed the read.

    7. This is a young adult novel I read back when I was around 15. By that time, I was reading books for mature audiences, however, this one really pulled me in, in more ways than one. It's very descriptive and has somewhat of a mystery and a supernatural flare. I loved it!

    8. This was one of my favorite books during junior high and high school. I read it until the book fell apart and I've only just found another copy. Definitely worth a read if you can find it.

    9. This is one of my favorite children's book. It's more for pre-teens or teenagers, but it's a quick read on a fascinating subject.

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