Griefed Haters gonna hate That s what Lexy Cooper Xenon Community Manager tells herself when a hacker friend sends her a link to IHateLexyXenon a site dedicated to unflattering Lexy stories pics and vide

  • Title: Griefed
  • Author: Christa Charter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Haters gonna hate That s what Lexy Cooper, Xenon Community Manager, tells herself when a hacker friend sends her a link to IHateLexyXenon, a site dedicated to unflattering Lexy stories, pics, and video stills But when photos taken from inside Xenon headquarters begin appearing on the site, it s clear that someone is keeping an eye on Lexy someone with a grudge MeanwHaters gonna hate That s what Lexy Cooper, Xenon Community Manager, tells herself when a hacker friend sends her a link to IHateLexyXenon, a site dedicated to unflattering Lexy stories, pics, and video stills But when photos taken from inside Xenon headquarters begin appearing on the site, it s clear that someone is keeping an eye on Lexy someone with a grudge Meanwhile, Detective Mike Malick works a suicide case with questions than answers Why did Fletcher Gray hang himself in the garage of his upscale Gunshy Ridge home, and why did he seemingly set up a neighbor to find him a few hours later What does the beautiful widow know that she s not telling And will Malick s career survive the outcome Griefed follows Lexy and Malick from Redmond, Washington to Roswell, New Mexico as they unravel their latest mystery or mysteries and discover answers than either of them bargained for.

    • Unlimited [Romance Book] ↠ Griefed - by Christa Charter ✓
      226 Christa Charter
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    1. Griefing: In online gaming, someone who takes pleasure in creating grief for an opponent via various "cheap" tactics. This series keeps getting better and better and the third book in the Lexy Cooper series won't disappoint! I always appreciate a book that can seamlessly put together two story lines without feeling like you are reading two different books. From page one my emotions were tossed all over the place as I kept switching alliances as the scenes progressed. I went from Team Ash to Team [...]

    2. Griefed immediately wrapped its dark embrace around me and wouldn't let me leave until I read the last word. By then, I was completely drained from the high speed chase of emotions: happy, joy, relief, annoyance, frustration, surprise, conflict, anger, sadness, shock, and disbelief. Yet again, Christa upped her storytelling expertise and knew exactly how to make me love, loathe, root or cry for her characters. As in previous books, Christa made me laugh in the first pages and subsequently during [...]

    3. When I started reading this, I put myself on a Lexy limit -- I was only allowed to read so much each day. Given how I devoured the other Lexy novels, I wanted to slow down so I could appreciate it even more.I'm glad I did this because this is definitely Charter's strongest novel yet. The writing in this book is tight and I feel like the characters are allowed the opportunity to shine on its pages. One of the things I have always loved about Lexy is that she feels like a real person. Her flaws ar [...]

    4. Xenonline community manager Lexy Cooper returns in a thrilling conclusion to Christa Charter’s Videogame Mysteries trilogy (or should that be saga? I’m looking at you, book 2.5).Griefed, set a few months after the last major instalment, follows Lexy’s life in the run up the the launch of Xenon’s new console, the Aether. Meanwhile a parallel story follows Detective Mike Malick, as he digs in to the apparent suicide of a former Google employee.(view spoiler)[As with previous entries in to [...]

    5. Another solidly good read in the Lexy Cooper mystery series. As with the previous books in this series, there's a murder to solve - but unlike the previous books, Lexy isn't completely in the middle of this one. The detective work is mostly led by His Hunkiness, Uncle Mike Malick of the Redmond PD (possibly a segue into the Detective Mike spinoff Charter plans to publish next?), and just when you think you've got it all figured out whodunnit, the story twists and turns and leads you around more [...]

    6. Sit down and strap yourself in for this ride! No. that isn't a sexual euphemism, though you may certainly feel the need for a cigarette after you turn the final page in this latest Lexy Cooper mystery.It's certainly not easy being Lexy Cooper. Not only is she a woman trying to make her way and mark in a predominantly testosterone laden field, but she's found herself in the midst of multiple murders on the Xenon campus and surrounding area. While this time Lexy is lucky enough to not be directly [...]

    7. Rant: Apparently I missed Lexy's age being stated at the very beginning of the first book and read it under the assumption that she was about 20. I wish I'd never discovered the truth. She's actually almost 30 (stings worse than "29", doesn't it?), and that came as a huge shock to me in book 2. Her whole behavior suggested a young, quick-tempered girl with extremely good looks (look at the cover, dammit), and she is even smart at most things (besides relationships). At 30 this charm brutally fal [...]

    8. Charter upholds her reputation as a writer who can hit you with a one two punch and still leave you yearning for more. And oh, do I want more Lexy. More Mike. More Charter in general. I don't do story recaps, because I feel like you should read the book, but here are some character recaps for you. Lexy Cooper would like to think that she really doesn't care what anyone thinks of her, but she does. She may be irreverent and irrepressible, but she does have her limits. Times when she just needs to [...]

    9. Another excellent edition to the Lexy Cooper series. If you have read the other stories then you already know your in for a treat. If you haven't I strongly recommend starting with the first as there are several ongoing stories wrapped up in this book. Christa Charter has grown as a writer as well relying less heavily on explicit sex and more on growing her character into a realistic person with real feelings. This is another cracking read and if your into video games there are plenty of cool re [...]

    10. As good as the othersChrista has done it again. I loved it just as much as the first two books in the series. You experience a wide range of emotions in this book and it keeps you guessing until the end. I had my moments of hate because of being Team Ash and then ended up switching to Team Lexy and then to Team Mike and back to Team Lexy. So many wonderful characters you want to side with and sometimes you just can't pick.If you haven't read these you need to, they are so much fun to read and pr [...]

    11. A series I never thought I could love, but I doIt's not for everyone, but if you enjoy mysteries and know a little about the video game world, these are an entertaining, fast read. I felt like this one had two separate story lines, and I wish they were a bit more connected, but maybe Christa was preparing for Mike to branch off into his own series? As I was reading the final chapter, I could tell it was going to end with a cliff-hanger, and I hate having to wait for the next one! It was also sup [...]

    12. I was up until 1:30AM finishing off this book. I could not put it down. I figured out the twist in one of the mysteries in the book, but loved the ride. I think this is my favorite book of the three and really opens the door to further adventures (which I hear WILL be coming). I dig that Lexy is not Nancy Drew, she has some major problems in her life, but that makes her supporting cast so very important (and I'm still wishing for more Det. Yi, she rocks!)

    13. Like the previous Lexy Cooper books, there's two almost independent stories in Griefed - a Mike Malick murder mystery and Lexy's private life.The murder mystery is interesting, but the highlight for me is Lexy's plot. It deals with the kind of sexual harassment that is far too common in the videogame world. It's handled very well (although I did catch on to the culprit pretty early) and in my opinion, this is the strongest of the first four Lexy books.

    14. This is the 3rd. book in the series, but still works as a stand alone. It has two main characters, Lexy Cooper and Mike Malick. Lexy works for Xenon as community manger which deals with online gaming, and Mike Malick who is a detective. The story is full of murder and mayhem that will keeping you guessing, and you won't be able to put it down. My only regret is that I haven't read the first two books in the series.

    15. Another 5 star book from one of my favorite new authors. The storylines with these books just keep you guessing who has done it and why. Once again Christa has brought her characters to life and has told a story that is so believable because she has lived through most of it herself. All, I can say is keep Lexy coming (pun intended) and I will keep on reading!! Thank you again for a great read Christa!

    16. Sex, murder, and videogames. While Lexy isn't directly involved in the murder investigation this time, she's still in way over her head, splitting her attention between a Lexy-hating website, videogame console launch, and lovers. Her world is turned upside-down and it may take a few books to put everything right again, so I hope to see many more books from the author.

    17. WOW! This is a good mystery for not just gamers but for everyone who likes a good twisty read. I'm impressed by how the series developed from Schooled through Pwnd, to Griefed. Looking forward to the spin-off of the Mike Mallick mysteries.

    18. The third installment of the Lexy Cooper mysteries was a fun, but intense ride! More scandal, murder, and sex surtound Xenon's community manager. It's all fun and games until Well, read it for yourself. Blame it on Roswell.

    19. Now that I have read this through a second timeI am still wholely in love with this series. The twists and turns still had me on edge and god damn it if it didn't make me cry again. Another well done job by Christa Charter.

    20. Ugh. I thought she'd finally be done with Nate with him moving. And really, Malick complains about her when he's just as bad.Loved the story/mystery, disliked everything Lexy and Mike did. They really are pretty deplorable people. But the stories are fun.

    21. More struggles from the Xenon sex goddess; some good and others not so good. It was nice to share another bit of time with Lexy and uncle Mike. Now I need more!

    22. Christa's best book yet! I could NOT put this one down. Great plot twists, interesting characters, especially that clown at the airport, and a heart-pounding finish.

    23. Good story with some nice twists. Characters become even more likable, and the plot development deepens. Nice read and good information about the video gaming industry, but it is the Mike Malik detective work that really pulls the story along.

    24. I loved the book series butI have read all of them I wished Lexy would have grown more as a person. The story itself was good but was disappointed with the characters.

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